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WGR550>Topics>>7/29 Stephon Gilmore on his second training camp experience in the NFL

7/29 Stephon Gilmore on his second training camp experience in the NFL

Jul 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What -- took it literally got like three and a half minutes with -- because he's got to get the 8 o'clock meeting thanks for coming in first double so you're never too often running for you you had a really good night last night looked like that you were covered everybody that was common action how how comfortable you feel. That your year number two a theory kofia mailer that left the season. The alert network of -- so with that year what did you -- what are some of the most important things. This. So laughing series. Political news that he techniques. Payment or. Techniques. It -- -- -- his -- What's that like having a guy who played DP in the National Football League coach right now what's that tell you have will live with them. He'd been evidently he knows -- He's is is so well he -- we will -- theories my game OK so everybody wants to know Stephon brand new system brand new coordinator. We're all hear words like aggressive and attack tell us what Mike patton's team is all about this year. It's for the Becky this is mostly. Animated. -- -- The -- -- our enemy is a lot of them going. Lefties. The they please equity -- is a lot of them is these dolphins. How much. If you haven't had ballpark figure last year how often do you think you were -- man to man coverage. Been mostly. Like quarters the laser goes. Sometimes you view. Lose so. I think -- ago. Mostly. So in that secure and you'll still be kind of the same -- this year if she'll be mostly man is it -- -- Different. Different. How does what their -- and up front does that make your job easier you think this year -- -- because the court vacancy -- Do whatever -- -- get -- -- about it the ego. -- -- -- a quote makes it knows that they -- you prefer a man given the choice and you what you like the opportunity -- of course because. Be like -- -- -- So. Like this it making it the old days for now how about in home help vs no help your comfortable this. On your own via beard very -- I like looking at the game so. That's. You gave her receivers present different challenges like some guys are better against zones some guys are better against Manuel one full year and lead. You know Howard asked what you learn like what did you learn. Is different altitude maybe the most integral to man up against. But they -- issues the most active whose suit goes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nose guard him he was he -- goers you. Was he -- you give them or so ago realized. -- If she's definitely quick strategy question for minutes ago. Are you going to be flip flopping like river the best receiver is are they gonna say step on -- with that guy are you on one side of the feelings stale ones are really don't -- away -- Anderson it. He is it is it is Lenovo and so. Though -- you -- he has the -- ago. Can you tell them that that coach would really like to flip flop wherever the best guy is -- shadow him all game long the Apatow. -- coast. He made suit could tell that Howard Jimmy said how do you think I should be able to flip flopping and now that would he had. OK and I don't you got to get to -- Stephanie thank you get a few minutes had a great thank you I got it Stephon Gilmore.

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