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WGR550>Topics>>7/29 HR 1 Howard and Jeremy discuss the first day of training camp

7/29 HR 1 Howard and Jeremy discuss the first day of training camp

Jul 29, 2013|

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It's not always Simon she go I think where is all of us us professionals to. You know you work that mess in and whoever whoever biblical quotes that have to play QB there was a road that was really an exciting atmosphere. A lot of fans here with great enthusiasm by them you know we've got to -- off -- -- start. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we just got to concentrate on getting better each and every day yeah. Sports Radio five. Don't know what terrorists and we'll this afternoon look for being here right now gases here it's got to grow so -- what -- -- Really you can get you know ten to twelve days prior to that first game that's when you gonna get pressed for time that they. The decision on quarterback but that's one is probably gonna start preparing notes and they -- -- Only those the ball far right so those -- -- underneath and that's pretty images. People when he gets in -- -- I've seen a couple times. Is pretty good they've got a really strong arm really did team and. It's not always I mean -- you know. York and the campus of -- saint John Fisher College it is training camp 2013 Howard Simon Jeremy White alongside here as we get written -- built football for you are wall to wall coverage. Of bills training camp on WGR brought you by Yuba college educated -- by New York's only outlet liquor what's your outlet and by energy bank the official bank. The Buffalo Bills and it is 60 yes there early enough. And eject eject eject it. Though -- -- voted down a little bit. Yeah. It was thought. Try to and I do you mind. Stevie Stevie -- eight. Couple really good this just yet he's really good. He's been real Jesse has been really good. I don't even I don't even watch the -- camp I know what I'm getting Stevie. I need TJ Graham we hear from him a moment in the -- yet to the bigger plays last night -- Emanuel wants that now. That's his last night. About CJ CJ he's done right there you sit in the -- the camp. Got one practice in the air about him I am worried about him maybe they could have been like a protective shield for treating him well what went -- got a lot talk about people wondering what haven't practiced last night to -- will be tuning us in. Around the NFL there were a bunch of injuries over the weekend season ending injuries these three guys -- difference making players. And in the bills open their camp and the coach talks about a lot alive -- lives imaging. And full on tackling and my thoughts go to. OK but just done to really be careful that guy because if he were to be hurt. We would have a problem he's the full. Point of the offense if you weren't sure about it. Chris Brown had a piece of Buffalo Bills dot com in the direct quote from it that thing Hackett -- exactly that. Talking about TJ Spiller he is the focal point of the office of Chris wrote a story the other day today that the you know 2000 yards for CJ Spiller is attainable. Well it's attainable that means he did -- get the ball over 300 times this season. So perhaps he is in line break a heavy heavy workload this season. The pilot -- to put that piece that percentage is at the bill's website it was amazing as a reminder of -- elusive. Spiller is how -- it's because we -- we remember but. Just he he's electric. And average average as the ball last year it was electric he would turn nothing into fifteen yard gains in ten yard gains in the fifty yard gains. Yeah. It exciting or about just yet but I -- -- gonna be a developing story -- -- goes on. He is clearly the most exciting player last year but last night. Guys were number three there was nothing else going to training camp there's concern. I watched. Number three with a redshirt who outline which in the game I didn't keep its now commodity reps that it keeps that yet. I should have I didn't but we were keeping you know how many pets that copy content worked with the -- the first guy out all night long. He was constantly the first guy out manual with the second guy in. Tool did not Jeff tool did not get a regular third rotation sometimes they would go cop -- -- tool. -- so they've they've rotated like that -- got more snaps than -- at the end of the night. I mean I got almost all of the reps with the first team -- got handful of snaps with them. But definitely cop got more snaps. But Doug wrote said after practice that they are working EJ in to get to the point where it's 5050 cents. I was gonna and I was asking that question if you think that today they've got an afternoon practice if the plan will be yeah I'd today's EJ stating it more snaps because it's true 5050 or true competition. You would think that OK Kevin Cobb gets 65% in the -- they want. BJ gets 65% date to when they go back I thought Andy Dick gets more time at what he barely got on the field at the ones last right so. I guess he's got a long does that mean he's got a long way to go to -- he's got a all of the right to even practice with the ones that that should tell you that. There there're there're couple things that work here it's possible he's that far behind it's also a possible never -- this from. Other coaches that you wanna create a scenario that even if he doesn't necessarily win the job the rookie exceeded. You ready to give it to begin with. But to let him think that he won the job because that'll be good for his company is going to be good for his teammates the team exactly right that everybody sees it happen even though you know it's there you still make it happen. He he threw some nice passes last -- -- it was a fun night to see him on the field place is packed with a huge crowd. Lot of folks were saying -- practice his -- are usually. Packed. But a lot of folks -- saint as the largest crowd they've ever seen it was an an empty seat. To be a hat in the main stand your ground -- stadium they had there's a second set of bleachers. On the next to the practice field -- crowded stadium in this practice fields on the other side of that there's -- second set of bleachers by the practice few people were sitting in those looking back. Over to -- stadium there's -- set up there were standing room only at the end of the field. There were bodies all over the place it was huge crowd last night and it it was exciting. I stood here. At the entrance of the to the field where the bills came out locker room they ran on the field about five to six whatever was. And all that TV for two BR refers everybody with their cellphones are all stating their weight ST two people come out dug around and EJ Manuel. And Manuel ran out alongside Kevin Cobb went out on the field and it would. It was exciting it was there was definitely a buzz it's time Manuel stepped up. You know he'd be back waiting for German cup -- getting the reps any time Manuel would step up under setter or you know go up and play shotgun. You definitely sense that people in the crowd there is applause and people were watching everything he did. He threw. Some of the nicer passes of the night when they did a drill that included some fly routes -- -- sideline routes and some 35 to forty yard passes. He threw two beautiful that's is that TJ Graham for touchdowns through another one instructor Robert Woods who dropped it. But any time he stepped up to do anything on offense every you know -- stopped and watched everything he was doing and and you could actually feel the excitement it was. That which one the end of the night. It was odd they finish practice you know and and it goes over signs autographs. Over by the tents the other side where the with a VIPs are. -- he walks over across the field to the main Stanton Pete what are shout and chip in his name and they're going crazy we sign an autograph some. Actually for the first in my life felt like I was a member of the paparazzi chasing down like some movie star. Like Irish TMC looking for quick shot somebody coming out of a restaurant -- gotten to a cab. Because everybody's. It could eject an average volume over to the stand he stayed there you know signing autographs and that to overall -- trying to snap pictures of people getting video -- There was starlet here -- -- star excuse me if you are training camp it was exciting was exciting and deceit we did an opening night was a great well. There's a nice passes through pick. Threw behind guys a couple of times that a ball batted at the line you know we got sacked or would have been sacked a couple of times last -- so it was okay. But nothing you know it felt like he came out it -- you know exploded onto the scene and set the world on fire. Biggest star your sense. I I that's I mean TO came through here is that this is big deal is this different I mean you're Gregory go ahead sizzle no question about. This is sizzle plus future plus potential as a blossoms and everything yeah right the -- sizzle absolutely. Don't last year Merrill Williams had some sizzle you know we don't we stood here wait -- -- -- about Chris first practice and tweet pictures of them go down on the practice field but there's. Yeah I I I don't an answer for. I was not here in the eighties when Kelly showed up. You know -- when he got the limo ride from the airport downtown and they had a big press conference I was not here for first training camp. So maybe then because it was. It was something to watch manual that's not it -- to see the crowd react Emanuel last. So I know when when Bulldog comeback. From vacation -- award you know and he's been out of town couple -- seriously he's of the opinion that each nation -- the job and we shouldn't mess around any of this stuff. That's that. I don't I usually in that spot but I I'm. I'm all right with rookie head coach. Proving to his teammate interpret that there is proving to his team into his players. That nobody gives gives these jobs whether it's the starting quarterback position second wide receiver. You know even martial -- is defensive tackle there's conversation he's gonna have to win that job. -- he was take splitting reps or maybe giving more rest jade Rossi got out there with the ones at times artists was. Not taking regular reps with the ones last night. And I respected. But I think I got a question that but. I respected it I think that there is valuing it. Do you think it's any different because he's a rookie -- code -- veteran head coach not have to worry about how it plays in the room. Yes yes a veteran head coach of veteran and coach with success. Would be able to just you know it's unpaid care got -- -- belly facilities that exactly I'm the boss that's a quarterback -- -- say yeah right I wanna suitable helped beat up your shot -- you said that if your your drug grown it's more. You know he's out here he not only is he. Having a quarterback competition but during bills' practice you'll see this is it about here he works primarily with the offensive line. So it's the kind of thing where everyone is gonna watch the quarterbacks he backed him who looks better that Daniel Hackett going to be feeding back. You know -- -- got it or Kevin looks like he's got a grasp of the offense and things get much more different the pre season games my guesses. That will ultimately be where the decision is made is is in the -- he's pre season games more than it is here. No I like -- I think it's I think it's a good idea I know we are all very impatient. And the run on rookie quarterbacks in the league in their success all want make us all really want. I think that's the best case scenario better than giving it to him and just assuming that there's going to be growth. A force it on the kid make him make -- be survival of the fittest if he's not winning that job maybe he goes in and says to himself like. You know buckle down even more -- this and he wouldn't be dedicated because that's part of the reason they drafted him but I think there's value and I don't have any problem with it. And I've also. I've also committed to not having a problem would be doesn't want the job. They want to do if he doesn't win at that means he didn't win it. Right -- they want that job. But but like you see what's interesting and and -- -- mormons -- wide open. You know out of practice at minicamp. 8030550. If you're at camp last night love to hear your thoughts on what you thought EJ and Kevin cop saw last night. I would assume the majority of you were not. At training camp last night it's okay we were here we watch practice you got questions about who looked good at what happened last night we can answer your questions. Also just what what are your questions what do the biggest question you have. We're all gonna focus on quarterback on a regular basis. But there are plenty of others or like your training -- so as we sit here this morning at saint John Fisher looking out over the fielded ground -- stadium. 80305 give people lines are open bills fans call give us a call let's talk training camp let's hear from you about the whatever questions you that. On the 2013 Buffalo Bills that some of the story lines that you know you'll be age did you hear us talk about. As training camp plays out you heard in the open book but let me mention this because Doug -- last night. We'll get back to the rhapsody. -- world last night said he would like to have a decision on distorting starting quarterback. Ten to twelve days. Prior to opening day because she said you need about ten days to get the starter. Ready for the opener if that's the case September -- Is the New England game that would backtrack it to somewhere between August 27 and 29. So probably after the third pre season game which it would make sense that the fourth -- game is the 29 against Detroit. The starters are out there for two point seven seconds in the final pre season game of the year at that tonight when you know they make cameo appearance everybody out you don't want anybody get hurt. You pretty much have an idea or two roster is so it sounds like Maroney. You know at the latest would have would like to have his decision made after the 31 three receiving games that's when the the starters it couple of their playing time. That the one thing I'm curious about Jeremy and yeah I mean on. I mean you know. Give the kid the job analogy what he can do. As opposed to its EJ Manuel is jobs you win. I would be give it to him and pray that he doesn't lose the job to Kevin Cobb. If it you know the whole idea of competition I think it is adjusting to see what happens to that. Does competition means he flips the reps and -- and I don't mean like numbers like he did. Let's say like here for example -- one set of the jewels last night Cobb got six snaps then Manuel came out and he got six sometimes told me the third guy in if not. Then they go back to cop and he got an extra four and that's that was done. So he got ten snaps and Manuel got six so there -- a number of times last night were cop got an extra set of -- In a particular. Drill before they moved on to the next thing so my question is -- that competition. Is it just number of reps. Six and 66 and six or does he. If it's a true competition you've. And today it from 2 o'clock until 5 o'clock. Manuel gets out with the first team and cop is out with the second team and wait I don't know when asked wrote about that -- enough I've laughed at Joseph how they did an OTAs. But I'd like to see him flippant and give manual some reps with the ones now it's what he does. It's funny how all these camps make you think of previous camps there was a moment last night -- -- about. But a J. P. Losman because Losman had his leg broken by a veteran Troy Vincent. Right leg movement if you don't remember the whole story it was. It was speculated it was thought that maybe Vince it was trying to send a message -- kid that's the pros so opera battle it out there does not run around out there yet doing anything in camp. And Manuel last night. Maybe on his second deep ball one went to ram a -- she went to her to grim view of Katz's right at it through a third woods OK so after one of those or maybe the second one of the third one during -- -- hit both their stride -- now like it's all but the personality of the team. I like it is the team of -- happy go lucky teams the team is super series team. Is Stevie Johnson's good example of the Spitzer last night. EJ hits a big pass and then goes like a jump kind of body ball with I don't know well so was. In my first fellas that's cool like that he's he's into it he's excited he's MP you know whatever you supposed to be fun. But I did wonder. If anyone know that the coaching staff again. It's had a packet together is running around on the field right these guys anybody super energetic so what do AJ did might be totally in line with debut. Or they might wanna say like. You may get at the Dow down this is training -- improve anything anybody. So. Maybe to about -- made it about rookies coming in. And the kind of adjustments they have to make not just on reading defenses but also in their expectations the way they react to certain things. I wonder -- the coaching staff and that my guess is it's fine. Because I think they like emotion. I think they like excitement I think they want to be. A fast a temple team that has fallen while they're doing that's the -- their offense according. Comes off -- -- so it wasn't even in team drills this was it right receiver DB one on one right just the quarterback one on one. It wasn't like you know there was a pass rush and he was read the scheme that. It was just the one on one -- when he and they are beautiful pass but -- it was not a full team drill there was a plan to get the calls here to create a -- but -- -- a packet. There was a play last night. Might have been during seven on seven. And it was quarterback. And TJ Graham was on the right side of the formation he was wide open. I that you vital part of our soccer Chris Brown about this from Buffalo Bills dot com he was wide open he was jumping up and down like throw the ball up open. And Manuel never -- And so the play breaks down. And Hackett you know you think sometimes maybe the -- -- it would go right to the court young quarterback say how did not see that you know Graham was over here people you know and start pointing out that are. -- -- Instead he liked. Ran over to TJ Graham with a huge smile on his face. Pats him on the back gives -- you know way to run that route great job -- open I mean he was like all excited for TJ Graham as opposed to. Page yet he missed wide open on the other side of the -- 305 if -- join us here at training camp 88552. Bit by the way. We'll have a lot of great guests over the course training camp the CEO and president of the bills he was out with. No members may be of their athletic staff and there it is Doug -- where it wears on -- -- -- okay Iraq that is out at midfield Russ Brandon Davis -- they're getting in this. Morning exercise I just you know hosting -- but there's also the drive yesterday the difference in well. -- if nothing else end of the GM has buddy nix -- -- yeah I mean in the water bodies out of you know but he's been around for awhile Doug Whaley is a much. Disney gives the organization a much different voices -- to -- about -- going to be with us -- 5 today at 7 o'clock hour Stephon Gilmore and -- Herbert will be joining us. You're training camp. That you're on WG yarder right ahead. They're good morning guys for a first service like -- say I listened to. He has been on demand radio all the time and you can hear local sportscasters from different cities -- -- -- Like to say -- My name isn't built and have the coverage that you guys give us. If he's so thank you so much that saw them you. Found that we have a lot of fun doing this is dismissed the idea here. Arm but questions about cornerback position I'm -- here a lot about quarterback obviously. And you know a lot of our wide receiver that. I'm really concerned about quarterback position because. The only real. Established quarterback we had a problem. The the second your guy and so when -- -- im scared. Like crazy that Leo speak of and it's kind of been given the second spot if. He hasn't yet it is you you might you buy this will not calm you down he was not with the ones last night. Europe and just brought -- junk kill that was with -- just odd. Holder Justin Rogers and worse. Terrible. I don't even know why he would he would be on the team. Some words student like they run Brooke and those smaller but. I don't know I like your thoughts because it's. -- I think where you it's one of the positions that absolutely there's reason. And it got a few positions that are worth concern and I think got it to the top -- -- -- Gilmore. And yields great. Past that. And it's it is Ron Ron Brooks has shown a little bit -- and he's got a cult following if you come down a watchman -- you know fans -- Cheer for Ron Brooks so I think there's still potential there with Brooks for sure Rogers. You know we don't know much about -- be in -- Mckelvin we know he's great coverage but horrendous it actually just binding the Baltic finally -- that. Announcements at a thousand times. It guilt -- your set. But the other side. That's why it's on Mike Patton its -- job as the defensive coordinator. What they -- with the jets was they would they would design the defense to -- at their strength. Some you know previous. Versions of defense is with great corners would just how I'm back had to shut down that side of the field that's not what they did -- Darrelle Revis it was more. Getting teams that the row at -- because they'd say will win that battle every time and obviously to see how often they try to get. -- Gilmore thrown at but in this season you could have a bills defense that. Does a good job in Gilmore has the most touchdowns against him because that's for most of the throws are supposed to go. Yeah I don't. Again you. You can overreact sometimes -- training camp as far as. Who worker with what unit and all that stuff. But I thought it was interesting that Oprah opening night very first practice and Mckelvin already with the twos. I was skeptical when they re sign him. I was a little surprised because of what Jeremy just stated -- history is that. He doesn't make enough plays on the ball that he's around he can't make plays on the ball so I was a little surprised. But the other quarterbacks but yet this is not gonna come down any map the other quarterback spot is a huge question mark. I think they would like Mckelvin to be the starter. And then figure on Ron Brooks is probably the nickel. But job. Yeah Mckelvin was with the Jews last night and Justin Rogers is just Rodgers as the guy the got burned twice. By TJ Graham. The fly route during that one drill went when. Mantle hit with a couple of passes and -- got burned again later he had a very rough night last night. 8030550. We -- broadcasting live from bills training camp at saint John Fisher in Pittsburgh 2 o'clock practice open to the public this afternoon. Still to come Stephon Gilmore -- Herbert. Bill CEO and president -- spread -- whether it's that it'll five are -- the sky you'll be checking and Jerry Sullivan the Buffalo News who was here last night watching practice. And we hope your phone calls at 8030550. What are the questions you -- As we get started covering bills training camp let's talk about it this morning here on WG. Do have a number six if that's the season. -- hosted a city full of them -- by -- -- And then but I -- -- them my head -- was made one. Mean I think you should read articles -- thought it would be great and chief being that they get them out of intelligence I think it's a challenge for me see you know we'll let different categories that I -- that she is. I keep that but ultimate goal is to hold the best footballers so. CJ Spiller. As the number his mind as the numbered 2000. Terms are rushing yards -- get that moment good morning to go to saint John's and at odds on that give him money lineup that go ahead -- 2000 yards. What I make the money might make you -- -- 100 to win. 250. Plus plus 250 on the money. It. You know I can't handle more than -- a lot of time we are -- training camp here at saint John Fisher eagle 30550 bullet to wide open. What what are the biggest question you have about 2013 bills we don't have our first practice under our belt here training camp. You wanna talk to -- about. Cobb and Manuel who looked good at what happened last night. You can join us on that and we'd -- to -- about what the questions you have about the bills are will be tracked all these different story lines. Over the course of training camp eagle three old but if -- join us. Coming up next our -- element to open more cracker or. -- and whether it's 8052 misguided nine. As well and the -- 11:2 o'clock practice today if you're wondering in the updates why you have not heard from EJ Manuel. Or Kevin Cobb the quarterbacks were not made available to the media last night they will be talking today. Seems kinda silly EJ Manuel the big story of training camp. Everybody's all electrified he's here he's practicing. But the team decided. Not the make the quarterbacks available to the media last night that we have no idea how it felt about his first practice in the quarterbacks will -- after this afternoon's practice. I look at the math for CJ Spiller. Last year at 12144. Yards 207 care she averaged six yards care. If he averaged six yards a carry again this season which is hard to do bluntly it's very difficult to do -- The average six yards again this season he got to get like 330. Carries to get the 2000. He's just it's not gonna happen. You got to average over tore me I think it's. -- 820 cares game -- twenty for the season that's 19120. Yards. It's the only other eight yards that's averaging forty carries a game playing every game 320 carries this season. I mean the whole thing about 2000 yards. I cannot see him even approaching 2000 yards because I don't think. -- were wrong about you know workload totals. I don't know that he's gonna you gonna get twenty to 25 -- game. Adrian Peterson last year had 348. There but it's on itself. And a that's a lot of -- I just can't see. It's changed it like I said. Nathaniel Hackett has said. That CJ Spiller is the focal point the office and -- Dana -- also said when in doubt as about as -- -- philosophy one of his comments was when in doubt. Give it to a back. Plot having said that I find it hard to believe that she get exposed and have over 300 their season they would need that again six yards or. He's got to get what at 320 carries the that -- about 2000 all purpose that I could all accuracy. And it would be a last journal reported receiving numbers were -- -- -- at 1244 rushed -- on the receiving and he had you know what. Emerging carried it last year he had about 18100. He was done but he was on page seventy set a franchise record for all -- -- -- maybe Fred was can be done so yet 2000 absolutely. He averaged 28 yards per game receiving. Last year nearly 500 seeding in 1244 rushing -- you know 1718100 yards. And that was with an offense that we felt didn't get the ball nearly enough. -- -- The door the their ability question will be one that is worth talking about I was reading our FaceBook page which -- you know whether -- -- in the -- FaceBook page -- commenting. That when CJ got hurt against the browns you know that wasn't a huge it was an awkward tackle in the upper maybe he's not durable what he missed half the game. It came back the next week. We thought it was going to be out for weeks and he came right back and he's plenty big. Now in between the tackles. Woolsey last year get a ton of success from in between the tackles if you look at the splits. On where he ran the ball ball was not most successful around the -- he ran hard yards -- the middle relief. But effectively the thing about a skylight. Like CJ Spiller is maybe he's like Reggie Wayne. In that. You don't get a good hit on the right of the great backs. All the patent lowered a shoulder and in wanna contact. Some guys want that some guys don't. I think -- Dickerson which will look. Peyton right -- would always lower the shoulder blast and I hated Dickerson always a sideline. You know -- guys to a different ways. Jim Brown I think. Obviously sought contacts would love to pop up and act like even if he did get hurt. You couldn't possibly hurt him. A mixing maybe Jim Brower is the guy that. Pretend to be heard so defenders would think he's going to be slow on the next play the point is like each guy's got his own different style right and CJ is. Every bit as big as backs used to beat. So whichever one I can miss remember using -- climate where he wants to be like I don't care I think he'll be durable. And my biggest fear is him getting hurt the pre season because that we don't get to see him. In the season if it happens when -- like flipping -- here what about it guys can get her. So we'll take it is EJ Manuel he wins the job here's another thing to consider dug around let's say the EJ. Is effective but. Pre season hit like six dead man passes. You think he's human being that guy but is he gonna get our guys killed because he doesn't quite grasp the up and the point of knowing. When a windows there but it's not a seat went to throw into but it fits the couple times last year. You'll get Fred Jackson kills -- it's -- it's like. There are some some body passes as the -- hockey and it. You know these are all things that go into the -- you know the bigger mix. CJ 2000 yards -- All portrait yeah why not challenging -- two -- -- and it it's possible. But. Yes it's got to be considered some belongs. I think reaching the city that we talk so much about his workload in terms of Kerry's bought the passing game with those guys and at what that Dana -- plant is here and how often like he said. When in doubt get it to a back doesn't necessarily mean just running the ball back -- when in doubt throw it to the running back last night wildcat. Mean wildcat. Could meander around the -- at last night and there was an end around to Brad Smith I think one time but it did not want this to be rooting you went up -- -- -- sold by a shirt there was -- there -- -- the they had noted that guidance really fast but not as fast as seven other guys in the not giving them. But what it does throw all the back there were times last night -- their West Coast principles in this offense. Certainly on the main field -- ground -- in the -- -- stadium where they worked and that there were couple times they were doing. Some drills in I think was special teams yet they took they were a couple times they stopped they -- special teams drills. Here -- -- he stayed. And the quarterbacks. And the backs and the tight ends with a walk over to the practice field and they would work just those groups. So and even here in the main stadium last night there were definitely drills. Where it was all just. Both quarterbacks manual in -- Passes to running backs pass -- tight -- a lot of passes to running backs they were definitely. You know all the reps and let's say a set of six reps for each quarterback -- passes to the backs so they spent a lot of time and I'm sure they're going to have. A big part of their office throwing the ball short throw it to CJ Spiller who obviously last year showed in space is as dangerous as anybody in this league. Throwing at the Fred Jackson assuming he stays healthy I think they're going to get the ball in the hands of their backs not just running the football. But you know CJ Spiller just get the ball that no matter how you deal. Just put the ball in his hands and I think you're gonna see them throw a lot of passes these guys teams so his touches may be up. They should be up considerably running the ball but they should be up receiving the ball to. In this office. Gregor a -- today Stephon Gilmore. Russ -- those are three guests we expect to get here with us. Along side -- seems field Howard did you did you hear about Ryan Fitzpatrick yesterday I did -- well well. Jim -- of the Tennessean. With an update on Ryan Fitzpatrick first day or whatever for two -- -- -- All tease it like this. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick just -- biggest ovation of the night when he like. Let me Vinny got a for a long time and going back and certainly sponsored me can't. Kyle's been around and meet and kind of just you know moving up there and EJ came riding against -- -- -- I don't know it just it just really get your -- -- offense translates offense that the other two were hander so let you know as receive important. Quarterbacks were pretty games. TJ Graham. I had the highlights of the night last night with EJ Manuel best part of it no question was that really they were they -- fly routes. And the quarterbacks were laughing balls about 3540 yards down the right left sidelines. And Graham. Burn Justin Rogers twice and Manuel had them perfectly in stride for touchdowns both times he threw another really nice ball. Two Robert Woods Robert Woods dropped the pass that would got a month Bob but that's just me Howard Jeremy here at those training camp at saint John Fisher. 80305. -- join us our web poll up how she -- -- be handling the quarterback competition. Here -- your choices true competition no favorites second choice is EJ should deleted the -- his job to lose. Third choice just give the kid the job. Fourth choice give half the job EJ can learn as a backup to start and I'm going with Mickey did favorite his job to lose. Cobb got more snaps than manual last night cop got almost all of the snaps with the ones Manuel got a small number. And Doug Brown said they are working. To get EJ Manuel too -- 5050 reps situation for -- get to the -- Patrick story. Today. We begin chances -- qualify for that trip to tip for two to see the bills in new warlords. To play the saints October 27 even up with the -- to travel for this. It's our New Orleans -- word of the day. To qualify you have to know the Twitter word of the day now we just tweeted it out earlier this hour on the WGR Twitter accounts of you don't follow WGR. You should begin following us this very moment and you'll find the Twitter word of the day at WGR to count. Keep listening to your cute appalled sometime this morning we'll ask you to call in with the New Orleans word of the day if you're the first correct caller you qualify for a chance to win that grand prize the trip for two. To see the bills in the states October 27 trip for -- October 25 to 28 missed it polity and superdome. And it is again brought you by descent Joseph travel for the -- excursion at an all inclusive travel sale. From buffalo to Jamaica went on and the Mayan Riviera called nine went to 6900. Or visit -- travel dot com today's word of the day is out on the WGR Twitter account as we speak. So Jim Wyatt of the Tennessee in last night tweets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick just got biggest ovation of the night when he blank. Matthew collar Howard Simon. Your best guesses ominous day grabbed the PA Mike and sang rocky top. I think that would give it ovation. A -- that's. Matthew. I am my answer and audio form okay. It's screen all -- Yeah I got to -- today. And it said that persists at the miss that that's. Both good guesses I'll leave you there you'll both get there. What is guaranteed to get a quarterback a monstrous year. Oh my god it's threw deep ball no come on Howard you living reality here. He for a block. Correct entry. Yes. Quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick got biggest ovation night when he threw it down field. He -- people there like. All that apparently spring game touchdown on. It's Jim wide -- the tennesseans a right it's Patrick you don't talk about downfield he's finally throwing downfield. Blocks. Blocks right I invest it looked right at Patrick obviously. Animal farm but -- that last night at -- he did a lot you always sold ounces per unit at. We run himself he would not worry about you know sacrificing body that you just I think sort tried yet -- that it tweeting and the bills said. Could make plays down field you know jury with a -- -- 8030515. We are coming to you from saint John Fisher bills training camp -- and I practiced last night if your coming out to practice today at 2 o'clock session. -- -- Should expect. Some rain may be around -- David violated that -- should be okay. Temperatures in the low seventies. So pleasant afternoon for built practiced -- -- coming up. He was here last night. And that now is -- had giveaways -- -- even get that we've got to grips with it which was the god really story of the other night. Last okay well bring it up he did say last night. He did say boy. I can't even think if anything negative to say well you always he was -- he probably -- later corrected himself on Twitter he was buzzing. About the buzz which it was hard not to do here last night he showed up. Chances are you're following last night's events on Twitter or wherever you -- probably thinking like oh yeah guys whatever but if you were here. That first drill where they were thrown deep balls for the receivers of one of the coolest drills I've seen in ten years of coming to this camp it was that. -- to a lot not just because it Vijay because STV and the Rick Rodgers had an amazing grab and TJ grant but. It was a it was a good way for the bills to showcase. They're speed you have quarterbacks throwing the ball in the air and you think all that's too far you're never gonna get there and TJ Graham would run underneath him and you just. You couldn't help but be impressed by it would showed off some good speed we drop it. It is across the the roster. It was even of other teams had just as much it was a cool. That little event to watch you you wanna watch it almost every day. And that I think is what got solely buzzing about it. There was that nice it was is in complete with manual the marquis is good when he made a move down the sideline. That beats. Forget which defense back with -- beat one of the deep that the backs all of home. And it goes down the sideline. Admitted I've heard of it can't catch woods what was what was it was over the outside shoulder but he made a beautiful move. That beat the TV here. Actually Sully did fine and negative moment he tweeted it and it was last night's. Oh god you can't really story of the night that's coming up with that one of his tweets was amazing. In how. I I don't know with the same one I'll wait all weight because there was yes he looked for something he found something.

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