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WGR550>Topics>>7/29 Russ Brandon The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bills talks training camp

7/29 Russ Brandon The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bills talks training camp

Jul 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are joined by the president CEO Russ Brandon -- here. On WG rocket. Morning mr. Brandon Oregon street this hour is I got done I was impressed you know we're here bright and early six clock -- air and you're out there Doug Whaley and few other people do and now sprint some of the stadium turf in. I got served -- -- -- way -- little workout and then it's always good guys for a question that every day. You're just do that because the media was asked driving at all like Alec Ross is I'll work it out already and you know -- that we're out there every day. Last year you joined us on the opening of training camp that we talked about. The keyword playoffs -- the goals for the season okay a year later you're now the C yellen president by the way. What's your -- what's your message going into this season to defense. Well you know were -- -- There's a lot of newness here. -- is coach -- the staff start squarely. And they're basically. You know the way we look at it is the same thing animated. My focuses. We need to get back to where we haven't -- -- playoffs and you know we've we talk a lot around here but why not us. And overall win. And you know from our standpoint you know we need to get back to the playoffs and that's where -- A lot has happened since runner on New Year's when you have the press conference to talk about the brand being tarnished. What led up to that point like as to the days before that you know you're you're thinking how -- you want to say it. And then what's been the reaction that you received in the community afterwards. I think you know what I've run into a lot of people being out the community quite often I think people. Appreciated. The directness and you know quite frankly. You know that's always feel -- you guys know me pretty well pretty direct guy -- and I do feel that you know it's time that the brand has been tarnished thirteen -- uncle in the playoffs and we recognize past. And as I said it via press conference while we recognize it we need to put in the review here we need to focus on the future. And that's not a cliche. It's really how we feel he can't do anything about the past. Where you can affect the future and you'll receive can control your effort your attitude. And that's what we're trying to do here and we as a coach grown in the new regime. And in the new guys that we brought in here and I think they're fresh approaches certainly of what -- of -- Ross's. You get rid all the bad vibes is that hard to do you've been around here now that the players have changed the coach to change none of these guys have been here for all thirteen years is it hard. For a new staff to new players for the -- all that weight with the average or something -- to make sure they don't. No I I think Howard you know it's a very good question but I think there -- coach Malone has done this staff and energy. That they brought to table I think it's a good question also forgot look at college has spent -- -- -- guys have been here. I can tell you from certain CDs and being around. This organization it is certainly. There's a much different field is much different and activity. Is foreigners. He organization as a whole and I think -- -- -- dogs -- a great job of establishing. A culture of an aggressive attacking called a culture that I talked about you know repressed what are you. He's -- recent examples if you don't -- like you say you see a much different connection and an attitude what are some of the things you can tell right away -- you you know -- just to be -- inside you know when we hired -- from the first thing he wanted to do was meet with everyone in the organization. And you know -- -- -- you want me with -- football staff for we -- -- I wanna meet with everybody in the organization. And we met with a -- as a group and basically said you know pisses. We are all in this together every person that works in this organization yours -- the business the football side -- -- everyone here works in football. You may -- group sales -- worked for me relations what we all work of football we're all in this together and if you're not. We don't need to hear what frank. And I think it's just that. Together all in attitude that everyone the building fields. Is really been super positive. -- credit here where this bill CEO and president training camp. How about. Nathaniel Hackett I think. As as -- stunning is Doug -- is a lot of bills fans are are wondering about him you hear all about his energy you know -- what whether it's exuberance or use you know that that's that's a character than I think a lot of bills fans are looking forward to getting to know. I don't know if it's -- because if you look at the DNA trail his father's here. And he uses it as much energy is Nate does so. Nathaniel is. Very very very intelligent guy. Who is very energetic. It is. He's like the Energizer -- around here and I think you can't help but gravitate to him I know a lot of guys. He would then headed done a -- here before you guys know. Some of the guys are here like a bread I've known him -- just. He brings a lot to the table you know systematically what he wants to do. But it's just his. He's a great mind that I think we'll have a very bright future in this game obviously this is you know Jeremy very well. You know he did a lot of that office Syracuse. Into. To really. Epic proportions of what they had done in the past so there we're looking towards you or he can do here what. We're relationship like with you. That the new the new you know new here and a new title. Whatever and you get here but whatever you're you know you're you're the top you get the final say now okay you got a new GM got new head coach got new coordinators. What is the working relationship like with you with Doug Whaley without him around. You guys meet every day the clock every day -- what is at all life. It's tremendous there were together all the time. And I think that there's just constant communication between us. Very easy were compartment as far as the process. You know we are together in our meetings scheduled start you know right at 7 AM and go to -- you know late into the evening what we're here camp. We're constantly. You talk to each other you know via phone tax whatever it may be -- so it's a very positive. You you know just a follow up on what you talk about it -- grown in changing the culture you know you said you want to irritation get backward needs to be and that's the playoffs. Why were you soul. Resolute in your belief that Doug -- was the right guy for the job at this time. I think he's a dynamic leader immense. And I'd love is you know aggressive style. He's very Smart man. That. Is a football lifer he's played the game obviously at the highest level he started out coaching. It Cortland state. And worked his way -- he's been around great offensive lines -- when he was obviously with the jets and when he was which on doubted New Orleans he took a program that is the bottom of the barrel -- accuse -- build -- back up. He just has. A way about him -- he communicates. Being in this seat is a player. And that being through the trenches as a coach. His ability. To connect with people if you dressed people even in the community what we've been out he -- big speeches over here Rochester -- dozen or. And how he his approach. Of what team's all about. And we play the ultimate team sport and you need a leader in that locker room and I think that's one of the things that he really brings it it. Have you felt like that was -- that's been missing noted that he brings and element. That you've been lacking. Yeah -- I think he. You know about looking back there we've heard tremendous our coaches -- aired in you've heard. We've heard the buzz words of culture before. No candidate and a lot times the culture does a lot better when you're winning. You know and and sometimes it's obviously an over used. No word but you know as far as what what he brings in the head coaching position I think. Rule we'll pay dividends forced on the road. You talk talk a little bit about my iPad -- that we -- mention about that Daniel Hackett talked about what role models bring in the defense supportive of us. A part of the scheme what we did well I thought I remembered the story that. The day you announced dog is your head coach had a press conference didn't immediately like hop on a plane go get -- there was very similar to. Over -- press -- -- January 1 when I walked off the -- up on plane start coaching search. We announced dog we were -- a plane within hours fifteen minutes and a New York to recruit like. And in dog had not coach would like people. It wasn't one of those connection alive right now he'd be he would obviously. Really liked his work and what he had done. Through the coaching trees you know people know -- -- so on and so forth. But like it was a very hot commodity on the open market. And we went down there and aggressively pursued him at once -- was connection and exactly what. Where we met for eight hours that night. Into the evening and I think what's there was a connection there would dog like and it works through -- -- the coaching element of it. It was an opportunity. To strike if we start and we did that right then and -- -- pre market immediately began quite fits exactly what we talked about on board first. Attacking aggressive. -- boat type defense says he's bringing the table really excited to see. What -- can do these guys with restaurant bill CEO and president your training camp. -- -- -- -- -- Anything well you know we obviously. Can't wait for years to get in here regardless. Policies are great players guys that we have a lot of respect for. But you know once once he's here. And we get through this year you know we want you try to continues discussions and negotiations with -- Eugene and try to get him locked in long term. Certainly there is some of speculate like. The franchise tag next year that may be jurists would be instant removing that ability. And that the franchise's ability to use their next -- it's safe to say the bills and you wanna do whatever you can. To keep him here if that means he's. Part of our process your army. Part of the core of this team and you know -- -- which drafted years ago as it developed here we wanna keep that development who forties. He's a great player summit that we elect there does it to say you wouldn't be adjusted and waiving that right next year on backers say that publicly -- and investment afterward that you saw what negotiated better turnout here. Do you think do you do you get an idea or any indication from their side that he's just. -- and hang -- sit out training camp what you guys get back to the stadium I'll -- it really don't know I know you know we're open lines of communication with them you know through -- coach -- and drugs the players and through. Doug Elliott and you know. Can't -- former Gator so I really can't anticipate what he will be here did any fears that he would actually not be here by the beginning of the regular season. He obviously it's his right you know what he would you like to do and hopefully. We give him much much sooner. I know will move another seven cures. Some have a lot of leverage here and I'm like you'd talk about the lines of communication being -- he can't negotiate a multi year deal correct correct so it's pretty much. You -- either you come in and sign the tender and play -- you stay home. So what is there to talk about. One here one year tender at or you're sitting at home not getting it right right there I don't know we you know obviously. Hope he gets here he needs to get in here and there in the scheme -- it with coach. And beyond that but focuses -- it just -- -- all the support him in here. You know it's that the business part of it is the there's a part that dorm room likes to listen to because it's the business part of it but you know as soon. It's are collectively bargained agreement he has his rights we have our rights and hopefully he'll come together and. You view it differently in terms of you know his rights and respecting his side vs the -- site may be different and you've had other players that have held out with two years left on their deal and it's a franchise you guys still have that they -- you don't. Much difference in -- remedy you know looking back at some of those adjustments that that's it. That's a different deal because you know contracts have been negotiated it right it could face him and so on so forth back then. But notices. You know this is an asset that's available to us. That we exercise obviously we want the player here and we want him to be part of -- the future so that's one reason we have sent direct to give us an opportunity continued to discuss negotiate right. And it once were able to look at that long term we will go ahead try that would keep worker that. Move forward. I bring that these old -- up for instance just to suggest. You know anyone wondering if this is creating animosity between the two sides it's I would imagine it's not it's not real it's very much business oriented rebel side. You don't get you have to make sure does get personalize it. Oh absolutely not there's not Larry winters -- -- Nebraska has been in this locker room is very individual. Man it away from the -- -- nor animosity at all. So this quarterback we're three I think it's the number here's where it last night to watch a little. We -- -- -- glances over. What he's -- he's tall and yet he's taller and big as its own strong arm TSE's. Got a lot of a lot of tools that's for sure you. I don't know I've I've having never been as CEO and team president do you get nervous watching a first -- quarterback are you excited to watch him play arguments. Right and have him last night cruise -- Christmas morning good -- for -- here. It would -- for a week already and this suit. Application on the field. The enthusiasm guys ready to go they were they were -- to go -- walks through the morning just an -- great crowd last night. The enthusiasm. It is a lot of one seat to a lot of new guys authors -- you know the wide outs you know some real players reactors. -- -- -- they give each. He did a great job in you. It's the other day -- -- and you know a lot of guys did. You know really came -- issue pretty good but. He looks very comfortable. You're you're talk about the dynamic with the head coach earlier. Which you go to Doug grow and say hey giving DJ reps with the ones who have rewarded that you know yeah I mean it's -- Simon -- -- did anything with football. It's an old baby you stay away dog we're always -- GM and coach -- You know he oversees C. That -- field application so. You know do we talk obviously talk about it but when it comes of that that's what that's what he's hired to do and that's what. -- -- is hired to do personals so. No -- I don't get all that. Anything relative to about business how is business ticket sales things of that nature businesses is pretty good you know ticket sales you were. We -- obviously doing -- game is sold out what we do have tickets left for Carolina. We have to -- for Baltimore. Right now him in the way to schedule lined up this year forests. Where is. From a business to import really super you know with the early. Early games at home. But yeah we've we still some work to do German. But you know overall it's it's pretty steady. About the stadium experience overall what. What this year will we see and it's different if you if you're going to a game whether it's Jumbo Tron fan missions stuff I mean under the PGA here doing their own -- isn't so. You know when you look at the overall that the NFL -- the things that have a -- did with. Getting fans to go to games we talk this many times and they could tell it isn't always evolving thing. Where's the -- in order -- Buffalo Bills in terms of the game day experience well. You know that's one of the big elements in the National Football League is successful as the league is. You always have to look. Into the future and you look at one of the biggest. -- when you look at television and you look at what that is brought to the table Howard. Prince on TV the game is one of the things that basic game great. Also makes teachers at home looking here seven years TP and here relaxing. You know that we are -- our fingers it's there's nothing like being you know on the great games and all the names you guys and -- There's nothing like being part of that experience so. In our focuses same thing in the stadium we wanna be more aggressive. We want to attack. You know the music and just a whole experience. In -- has been a big off field initiative -- it's going to be further enhance when the renovations. And won't that -- -- timeframe for all that. And of 2014. In my time we go in note fifteen you know this team renovation should be pretty much complete we'll have some. Some new toys to -- -- infrastructure -- yet you mentioned knowing was killing games sold out what are the chances of selling out the entire schedule at the Ralph this year. Again there's you know I I always you know I'll suitor for years at that -- we've had a lot of success to a you know but we have a lot of work to do -- we've we have a lot of tickets to sell. You know our our seasons her -- move along nicely I anticipate that will be around the same. Number we were last year which was in the mid forties and but. If you guys know it still we still to move a lot of tickets after that so. We're we're working our tails off Beckett in buffalo here. Rock sisters you know travels well for us in this community this is really benefit our. -- big part of our success. You worry I knew that the uses security aspect which is why this is being done the new policy with the bags and the blankets and all that stuff that's going to be going on. The league talks about how we got to do some to make sure the fans don't stay we want him back are still right. But you know you institute these policies that they have got to go here you wanted to come to the game and then -- taken stuff away from. I think are the -- remember apologize in this day and age and it's it's. Part of Tuesday page is the safety -- fact I mean it and I know sometimes it's. Over don't. But you know we see what's happened in Boston you know -- America we've seen what happens from other areas that we just leave. The one thing commissioner Goodell and everybody the -- as a team level we will not compromise on. And that's the safety procedures. And you know we've we've. Each and every year's you know we. Ruled out new fan conduct an issue would be talking about it here in the next week. You trying to find ways just to make sure that everyone that comes -- it safe first and foremost over everything and sometimes. There are some. Things people done in the past that. That this -- but I I do this and this is what I did and I get that is on the exact same way. You know but you just try to make -- it forever. Blessing -- about how is. Ralph Wilson during these days -- you anticipate is your chance to be able to make it to any of the home games this year certainly hopes talked to every day. He's doing fantastic. He's excited. -- for a start camp. That July Wanda. July 20 time frames a little bit quiet in the National Football League. He never likes that so you know we've been talk from all time and doing sent. All right Russ we didn't want it just more for me. We talk with the city renovations in the -- obviously a lot of progress is made their. And I think at that point he kind of looked at it is that the opportunity presenting itself to talk. About the next step has there been any. Conversation. Studied anything at all you know people hear about. This group's thinking about this in this troops thing about that I know a lot of those groups are not tied to use so in terms of the year the franchise what. Stage is that bad if any. Our focus right now is completely on the renovation. But if you know is part of or you please move forward you know we will work hand in hand with the governor's office -- the count me on. Doing studies on the road to see if stated. Situation needs to be altered in any capacity. When we went through this past renovation we looked at new stadium we looked at retrofit we've looked at the renovation. And the renovation process was the route we we took. But I think that the nice thing about the lease agreement is that there's some. Obvious and that that will give us an opportunity. Two look at whatever needs be done down the road future. You got a great set appear. You have a you're in the minutes for the new content right here with you pitcher same temperature for wild ride in a long term deals out of your pocket is out and ask it any thought at all. To the occasional camp whether it's southern Ontario Syracuse or any other way to expose the franchise in either direction well you know I think one of the reasons this were -- really well -- as we did a lot of people look at more concerts as well we have. So outraged and so -- -- where you know we. Amp up our our marketing efforts over there. Over the past couple years and the Toronto game is really a week. Feel that that's our our main marketing initiative also. For the southern after region which is. Really helped us back. At Ralph Wilson Stadium in our numbers have gone up substantially from our -- southern Ontario. Since we've had the game they're back at RC -- was -- Rochester crowd no rights it's passive moment. Yeah but it mean. I've been on any given Sunday you know thirty to 40% of the fans are from summer Montero Rochester collectively that's pretty big number. But as yet this is too good to set up to even think of Moorhead Kennedy -- -- isn't really it's you know we gave great support here. The colleges an outstanding job and it's that the best part about this also for players proximity. You know you remember the -- -- days it it that was a great set of force but they're golf carts. Motorcycles. And all the different things back and forth pretty much here I had a golf -- were -- were elect might not go on to butt out. And I -- by years for players you don't really have to walk more than a hundred yards to get to practice or get to me. So were some real. Russ thanks for the visit and precede you yes.