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WGR550>Topics>>7/30 Bryan Scott on Bills training camp and the team's new defense

7/30 Bryan Scott on Bills training camp and the team's new defense

Jul 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning to O'Brien's got the more and everybody or we're going all right I'm trying to just do that so. Don't you guys have -- early morning practice. Last year we had expected a lot of these morning workouts and and have you guys worked out a bunch in the afternoon so -- how's that time framework for you are you a morning person you do you prefer the early stuff. I don't prefer it but I am a morning person I don't mind getting up. You know I think -- -- blessing when asked what are -- in the morning about them that you -- so our legal mind -- getting word of the -- -- -- -- when the alarm went off at 5 o'clock of the storm this morning that's not the -- I had gone through my mind. -- -- -- at a decent -- you know a beautiful -- that -- and Brian -- it was not my -- lottery ticket added a blessing to be -- doing what I love -- -- at 5 o'clock this morning but. Hey if if you're one person were offered every. Did like 530 or out here at 61 this -- -- -- -- -- welcome to join. Will be up anyway. What day it'll mean I think one of the great story that we were talks much about quarterbacks but. What the great -- the camps clearly what's go on defense side of the ball what my pet is doing what you guys are doing in -- all the stuff here. Throw it out there at the offense how exciting is it for you guys to be a part of this new defense and what he's putting it. Place loads very exciting coach Payton -- -- tires that they put together is awesome scheme force and communion. It's very complex. There's a lot of learning to. It's very aggressive style defense. A lot of disguises. And it's history it's history you know it's a big change from we've had in past years. And versatility you all the guys that are on the team relief please mr. I don't mean to throw but he with the boss but this question basically sound like turning -- just throw people the boss is it a breath of fresh air. If you -- almost like you know you guys are now going to be able maybe let some talents show. Let me or at least you're less predictable it won't be -- to -- -- know what's comic from you're absolutely correct but I mean there's two different schools and in you know I can't understand them unfortunately. Last year you know obviously the results that show so we had to change something to -- this. What's the best part of this defense what what excites you the most of everything that you're seeing in learning about just adds to the we have no idea what's coming next. Yeah I think Kevin -- would relate to that from one side is yet to really. The office was really thrown for a tough day. Well. -- when I'm sure you know welcome together GO it is exciting for defense right now. In the last couple of days we've installed almost closed fifty please which is unheard. You said it it's complex there's a lot to learn where you -- the learning curve. Pretty far along pretty far along when when we got our playbook in this was actually kind of cool because -- games played -- early I'd go -- that day. And like I stated before I was riding no arts like Al's rookie all over again studying every single day means replicates I mean. And -- study habits -- it really -- so I think a lot of guys have actually done it. Because were not making too many -- players on the field right now how hard is it for the rookies and you're a veteran he just talked about all the preparation everything you've done. What about rookies -- -- there are their -- swimming because of who sought the defense -- you know I don't think so because or -- UVs and mini camps were still installing guys knew we had to do so they probably desperate right now. This -- their second third maybe fourth time here to meet the fences so I think for the most part they have a pretty good grasp on it. Now I will say obviously you're still make your rookie mistakes when -- out there like. I'm I'm actually very impressed with this group of rookies one of the ones in most fans -- and almost Kiko Alonso tells about him their -- you know high marks I grades two or really excited about this this guy. He -- an athlete and he's a Smart guy just one of those. Football players that understands the game and gets it. Right now he's he's running with the first team Mike. He's called the plays out on the defense he's making the adjustments. And he's making plays out there I was watching last final film just saying well this guy can move he runs sideline silent very well. Deceptive speed and I'm excited to see what he does as today. Once again -- what's the difference between you might see a lot of guys that are athletes that position but what separates the guys that are athletes from the guys that you have that that understanding. Is it instinct is it. Work ethic commitment to learning exactly what you're supposed to do yesterday we talked to find a more he talked about technique being super important so all those things that what. If he were to ask you this maybe he did but what. Does he should he focus on city rookie focus on more than anything else. If Hughes that's the basics behind everything and Keiko is technique is not always work on the economists an instinctive -- It's kind of giving -- bored with it but it also repetition and you see him you know. Making plays making getting better as practices go on and I continue to see images skyrocketing. He moved -- got here on WG or Sports Radio but if you from bills training camp. I wanted to ask you about -- personality. What's he like we were talking -- -- Herbert about dug around. They say is it no BS guy had no problem call guys out in front of everybody else so for the folks are listing and for our education. What is -- like that all about coach. The does not have tropical out. Very transparent. He's scary. Very knowledgeable of the games that are his entire life. Actually had the pleasure -- don't expect my high school -- from the same area pretty much. And but he does he knows when it's time to joke and to keep things light but he also knows when -- were were definitely work. And the one thing I respect as a matter who you are. You know what your job it is it's your job -- if you're not doing it will call you out you know. Will have fun and meeting rooms joke with you you know you can't have since it is game you know it's is human duke is. If you're sensitive to steal it you -- it's it's just what it is notes as well have one camera there and work Cingular. Not at all not at all vary almost monotone kind of dry sense of humor but that's city leaders. I'm trying to remember now like I wish I too vocal backer watch your hard -- went there with the jets that I would now look more closely at what patent. Did that year what he said now he handled himself that you would. Did you when you played at high school did you play at a high school where his dad coached. I've played the crossed right OK because that is at the box or a way of such books -- stalker just -- like it's amazing things tie it. The ever did you ever -- do you ever. Admire. Or respect the other team's defense like what you were basically jets these last few years you're busy were about Sanchez and profit but you ever stop and look at it go. You know pat Ryan -- -- that's a heck of a defense it run down to what pat got hired you go. It's got good brought to his defense we'll go to New York all. This is starting even back when when that Baltimore. Baltimore defense was awesome jets. And -- -- silently. -- game so much pressure. -- -- these blitzes that they're running. So I heard -- -- iron out there excited. Well -- things. Do you have -- Jeremy -- about Kiko Alonso and I think that's a high profile young guy. Is there or are there other young guys maybe less high profile that you have been impressed with gradually two days here -- throw the OT days that you have been impressed. On the back in Williams am impressed he's playing well that's a position he seems very knowledgeable of the game. Expects big things from from duke. And right now it's still utterly. You know there there were a couple of rookies it's you know running around pretty fast athletic. It. We have. Today put the -- them yes. And Monday you guys have full tackle. The -- go over well when Perot announced you guys I assume that somebody told -- by the way Monday fools for pulls out -- guys to the ground. Well technically it's just one of those things that's needed. He can't see. Good technique tackling by the way it's a lot. And obvious it doesn't matter. Were changed. Were changed culture here Buffalo's -- If that's what it takes away in the playoffs and model for you know Africa before let's go up pressure BS and other guys on defense about this that the new. Rule this year with the running backs in the but the going to be cracking down are you concerned about all this stuff. -- concern -- Penalties on people at Yale but it still hopeful that your deceptively you know instinctively. You never played trying to hurt some idea. Missing you have split seconds. And sometimes. It's. You might you know -- Whenever it is the case may be each keep in the back of your mind when you start to play like that I think -- More injuries -- you're in your bio you're accomplished musician for me or is accomplished whose strong work at the right word to use it according to dabble in Ottawa describe it. Did you play piano the Sachs that the drums I think right answers -- -- here do you play we're. Brought it it's hard camp in. -- -- -- -- You know it's definitely human element number one instrument. -- bill's talent night and you show off your talent for the rest of the team there is the bill's talent I have nothing do with it all about the rookies they come seeing you know on -- it's a rookie show. That that gives -- -- yet have you know much about them or who's been the best rookie of talent like that you could ever call. Ever call. Just wowed the crowd you guys were as Powell asked is actually we have -- -- next year's focus is this will be the first of them look at sports especially the guys that are shot like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I gotta I gotta take a lesson from.

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