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8/7 Bills' OC Nathaniel Hackett on his up-tempo offensive system

Aug 7, 2013|

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We are joined by thick -- fresh off running. Easier than -- o'clock group that's out there crazy running and stretching into an exercise I sure am yet to get done sometime or you can be like just don't get an. -- -- -- Here right over here particularly Howard Simon thanks for joining us for pleasure that we were just talking about at my -- to people excited about both of the schemes you guys are putting in place they seem to both have a similar philosophy the idea you'd be the aggressor you attack make the other side of the ball react to you but let's let's start there and and and just talk a little bit about that philosophy overall. It's funny -- all offices wanted to use something to try to. But the pressure on the defense. And it's always kind of -- running cycles. And on time shifts and it was motions multiple personnel Zedillo's. Slow it down and double count. Get an imperfect call and do this and that mom play calls and and that's one way to do it and his own way that he -- good play get a lot of different things. There's that other way that is kind of it's starting to come -- into the mix a lot more is this kind of up tempo world. I -- is kind of a different way to put the pressure on the defensive coordinator you've got to make the call fast. You've got to get lined up quick he could still be -- when your personnel and formations and he -- things a little bit more simple for the players so instead of -- was called what's which we do this should we do that. You kind of take away those Mets players because if the players are comfortable with and you start -- -- things that they're -- And and really get to attack with which you like to view this fast you can't Wear teams down there and get tired and it is always easier to block the tire guy and his fresh cash and. -- -- -- -- Much as announce that I would look got to go -- -- play's author fifteen seconds their heads SP two bit. Like you got placed on it like there's an exploit let's go let's light up and it's a lot more fun I mean guys like it's -- board that other case I thought was not a word I thought that would. Or complicated or pressure could you got such a short time for your yourself to get or is to give and take things for anybody. I mean anything anything that you wanted to I mean that's the -- you have. A year ago slow you have to have a lot of plates yet have a lot of replacing other jobs you've got to teach guys how to work against multiple multiple fronts if you shift in motion. The defense is going to be. They'd be here in I've called plays and analysts and you get into this thing this is exactly what we saw the whole time and then you shift in motion -- Oh my gosh -- all over on the right side oh we can't get it as well we're gonna get smashed. So it's like. You sit there and you sometimes mess up the defense so much if you're in a unique different play that you haven't made it your foundation. For us you get a foundation gets up and that. Winning its third in to do when it's third and me winning its fourth and three. All the guys know what's gonna call and their unstoppable confidence. I mean gone are the days from what I have seen it. I've got to go out there there it Stevie Johnson who can go out and he knows when he did he know it is -- I can win on this route that's you I want that confidence for those guys that we just go a little bit faster but they still have their repertoire and it's not. All of -- do it because it is in this because no matter how Smart you more no matter how well you think you know you never know exactly what's gonna happen within the meaning can be. I mean there's never an exact moment when you're -- know exactly what they did. So if you are able to practice a couple of things and see everything that's like against these guys days -- So how do you prevent the opposing defense from knowing exactly which -- gonna do do they they know what's -- he's good that they know which -- but it. -- hide that forty united worry about you say we're going to be so good at it that we don't care it's funny when you sit there -- always coach very knocked off it's always. We in I was on a team had 200 plays in the game plan early right about 65 we still felt like we haven't. And it's funny because when you sit back and look at and mathematically. By cash right left right all the different things differently practice -- if you have one thing that your gonna do. And if you haven't Keller. And then maybe another thing that you and another count that's four plays each way switch the formation just time to buy another. Five so you can get it up there quite a bit. Still doing some the same things but still giving you lose -- that something else and when you speeded up not a guy gets tired his mind goes down. The tendencies that you know you might have they can't recognize fast enough drive they can't sub in the get a fresh guy in our guys are used to it -- guys aren't so. You're always going to be worried about that and I think gave me in anything that you do here is should you wish I had this Alicia did that I should call that assists. That's our that's my. Just how coaches are -- is that whether that the temple idea comes from it's as simple as we're not giving me give you time. To diagnose what we might be doing you're going to be back on your heels just trying to to get -- without a doubt I mean it's funny you look at it it's also to let the players understand the full field. I mean it's the best got to watch Peyton Manning. I mean Peyton Manning got guys like him -- They said is it's unbelievable watched them play. Built on the same -- right gained about twenty times everybody else looks different because they hit a different guy across the field that they understand the beauty of the -- Jim Kelly wanted to games that I watched. They're -- the raiders and believe it was a playoff games -- 142 like senators like that freaking game. -- on the same play five times as fast they can't write down the field scored touched them. And it was fun because it was against anything that I had never. Even imagined I'd never such I was list. John Bruton and Jon Gruden is the is -- genius I mean you're changing every personnel every formation every shift every motion brand new innovative stuff. And and I thought that was kind of what you had to do that you put on Peyton Manning but on or Jim -- stuff. It. All of these guys -- -- to be he knows where -- and he knows or read it yet those guys are all great players don't get me wrong -- -- amazing. But they read better -- they got to work together. If you can't get that cohesion with the team if you can't make him be hungry together it doesn't matter what what you -- I mean simply does everything is about played everybody it. It's about everybody working together and I think that's that's the whole deal I mean you saw on the scrimmage last night there was a couple little mishaps here and there. And it's doll but when everybody was -- -- working together. In the pretty good and I think that's more more than packages. All understand what we're trying to accomplish all worked together all have fun together and know where they're going to be sports -- passing some mistakes and geyser. Right over here at quarterback thought it was over there wide because there's so much in I mean if you really have to be nit picky on what is the right stuff to do and that's my. My job I'd better not mess that up that that package your offensive coordinator of the -- is joining us look at we we tweeted you're going to be on time I'm by actually put out. What would you like to -- the -- and I believe one of the top questions would be is CJ Spiller going to be the focal point of the off. I'm just going to it it would seem like I -- question ought to get any question why everybody -- that I mean I have been somewhere else I've had seen it Rihanna last year OK you know here last year because because because and I'm not trying to throw the previous staff under the -- obviously you know he's a special player. People kind of electric player. They want him to the -- much -- so that's why everybody ask. It's real simple -- give him the ball toll grows up. So easy to get a tap out -- throw up on the field and then I mean this this is this is put it that way I mean. And if and I don't think day it doesn't -- can say that because any team that has ever watched tension. I mean. You get stops and and the great thing is now we have some awesome weapons on the outside. That if you do you wanna stop that guy I mean doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to be looking to. -- not make him a focal point it's that. And even though he is very good player there are some ways that they can't stop -- I mean they can't put everybody got in the box that can attack you. And do all kinds of stuff and is he gonna have you would attack him I think it's really exciting she was going on on the outside there and in and happy is guy of them all is CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson those guys happiness of policy. You know the Stevie johnsons. Woods. TJ Graham and I mean it's it's going to be exciting that -- number 88. One thing -- it last year we had. Was a failure to stretch the field when you when you're out here so far that we're seeing a lot of doubt -- -- -- you've got good speed guys to get behind the secondary. How much will do you anticipate you know -- -- specific game plans that. Trying to stretch the field trying to keep the defense honest in terms of the length of the field but they have to come. One great thing that I have. In my life passes very. Very accomplished running back room. In my life he's he's he's just -- gears for a number one thing we get together. He always -- people know. -- The ball down field. Always help me. So I think that when you look at it you have got to take shots coming from like Tyrone -- that was a power running back. Down here after. He always -- I don't care if it's completed and which you've got to throw them. So I think that from that standpoint it became easier to call ups and easier to wanted to -- Because obviously you have to be but at the same times ago. You know it's whether it's computer. It's helped it helped you it's gonna help those guys in the back field. Because it is keeping them on us now if you throw. Eight of the game easier for them. That's an act that's why if I was a fan that's why go to games to USC is breaking new embassy bombs I mean let's be real we're in the entertainment business synthetic stuff. Absolutely well with that in mind. How much you plan on I guess when asked about see you back to the focal point and that and that the deep throws. Is having CJ as valuable as a decoy as it is to give him the ball well if you give them -- hit it give the ball enough. You you feel like you'll get opposing teams that focus so -- John in the that's what the other command mark he's good win Stevie Johnson. -- today it's funny switching to this system that we created. The tempo it's a completely different way that you called. I mean I'm not a lot effort did it and we just we just changed a couple weeks rep for the season. I was like how. Come my qualities beastly self. And it's funny because you look at a completely different because you look at it by who's -- with trying to do to stop you it's more attacking. And you get to catch the best news is it's it's due to put pressure on the so if you get a field because if if if they're -- they're based stuff. You're gonna know that. If they get nervous and mr. -- up some things it's gonna come sporadically because they have to pick which one it is. Go fast and so I think it's kind of getting a feel for what they're going to be doing to us how are they gonna handle that. How are -- and fast -- how to handle -- slow -- what are they going to be doing and how -- -- just to. So I think that we always have have the ability to help ourselves -- play tutors but I think. Really it's hard for me to even considered when it is a decoy it's hard for media consider 88 and ten and eleven and thirteen is the voice I think they're just teamwork and out -- -- it's like look at the bills I mean what's Thurman Thomas Decourt for Andre reed I mean. Now from what I saw they just out of the ball needs to get those guys the ball and I think that that's our goal -- I don't -- the one -- one -- we wanted to talk to you about the challenges the defense faces. And talked like that about the -- to your office space so as you see his defense throw things that you. I can't tweet out but but go ahead expand -- -- What does it challenges had challenges. There's. I mean. You'd just have. And I go out there and then all of a sudden you see 94959255. I mean you -- 99 you -- these guys at their first -- that's like. Those guys are really good football players and I have even looked back to 24 when he won albeit 23 it'll -- that fifty all these other guys -- just look at. I'm like oh my gosh he's there. -- -- Children and and then all of a sudden you don't know -- going to be. There over there there there there is that this and and they're moving in and it's fun because I think the best thing for him is that he's been able to go against this is guys -- Oh my gosh what's going on at first they were tired for our lineup. Now they're getting lined up and they know right where to go and it makes it harder on -- because it's not every single possible -- you can imagine in all of football. But it's also the idea that. That's that right there would be the hardest thing for this for office says. But he -- and they can also get lined up and they're used to it so easily gain an advantage as much as -- were in the hardest case scenario. Like there's nothing. I mean literally I can say. You'd go out you play team and there's not anything Mac -- And I think that's it now it's difficult August especially with two quarterbacks. But but I think they've done a nice man and I I think that you would've put him to the situation. It's almost like it's almost like me going to Tampa Bay accelerated advance knowledge of the game it's for them it's being here it's accelerated -- knowledge. Every defense it. Possibility -- We have an -- about Egypt and they gotta go Egypt hi how's he doing this quickly he's doing great he's doing I think all the quarterbacks have done an amazing job of coming here and worked with these guys continually in and watched him progress especially things they really. Obviously Kevin is done some things like this before. He's never done anything like this before Jeff -- anything like this force. When you present a whole new -- won't change perspective. -- played football. They've welcomed with open arms and I can't thank them enough of that and there's been a lot of progress we joke about. He'll be jaded -- read it you could tell when it was old stuff that used to something he's worked so hard and he's done your job. I'm excited to see how these guys and that sort themselves out I was watching you with them -- but -- -- -- working -- -- a little -- some -- -- Some that maybe you're trying to coach out of them. Do I don't know I'm just you know cinemas that action yet I think that that specific play you're talking about some of the worst of it used to -- no -- -- -- -- at the moment it felt when I promise I'm right now I don't know so but he actually generate yeah actually -- -- right we're out here it is very. Thanks for coming by my pleasure -- good luck Aziz thank you very much appreciate it guys.

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