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WGR550>Topics>>8/8 Drew Stafford, recently married, discusses offseason preparation and being a leader

8/8 Drew Stafford, recently married, discusses offseason preparation and being a leader

Aug 8, 2013|

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    bit more about what we've been talking about the state of the Buffalo Sabres which is our Twitter fully go check that out. At any of Peterson went six will be right back as two gators to be easier for Treo 550 an amnesty. We're back with more of the instigate us. Presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the as the gators Andrew Peters Craig Rivera a WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG and your television. Gonna shut the call lines down. A man who doesn't need much of an introduction of the heart you wearable will introduce into units Craig button former general manager and actually it's a quick story. Craig revenge. First time I had it did the opportunity to meet. Craig button he was the general manager of the Dallas stars and I was the sure fire NHL at the time. And I was it was a house that's a joke it was a prospects going into the dress up. And I had a chance to meet crank up in Toronto and did the whole Dallas Stars you know meet and greet and I can't remember the gentleman's name that drove me home Craig button welcome to the show are you today. That's exactly who was timber and heart thank you very much. Yeah Howard you remember that I mean you've probably done a million of those things but. Do you remember your Andrew Peters . Interview ego don't say yes Gregg don't say yes it is gonna go to his head. I cried out go out for

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Through Stafford welcomed the sabres hockey hotline -- you. Our folks pretty good how's your summer congratulations on my weddings. -- you thank you are not. Undercover. Liar. That's an audiotape I don't know those silent and heard radio silence drew radio silent -- No good news I'm currently airboats. Forty people from that ceremony on. The night before and then come. I'm net Saturday we had about a 130 people there are good party. Carol back to work. Right here and I hear that I remember those days but what are you doing now now what you do want to keep keep yourself ready up there and -- Well it's. Religion right now from. And not been pretty good summer and I. You package in -- auto body or UP so it's been. 300 hours or four I don't know analog Gartner -- four months. Treatable and not go out here and -- -- Probably one producer. Drew is that I often been the goal either for you or others in that sabres room to you know mold yourself. Almost literally after the frame -- -- Yeah that's your own it's -- about seven years -- so it just watching him just recently competed and -- employee. Extravaganza. That's that -- senator. It was who get it and move out there. One of those things where that's his agility and overall power. -- bring a lot to my game so -- Trying to get better optical. This -- slots about the -- Pollack didn't -- a -- it's been it's been a really good summer a couple things have been trying to clean up. Part of it. So mobility and some can't accept. Don't really good so hum. Once again I think to the best part about it is getting back to a normal schedule on the course curtain. And -- and there's no delays. You know trading scandal can get back to normal and as can be hungry and critical number. Non payment of that drew no question world really just want him normalcy in the NHL Brian -- Andrew Peters. With Drew Stafford here on sabres hockey hotline and WGR Sports Radio 550 amidst a couple of interest in words that players don't always throw out mobility in mechanics can you elaborate. I mean you know drew it's that it's the same. Type of I think every year from a reporter to a player they -- to do in the off season and I I know we've talked off and I know we talked last year coming out of the locker at the fact that extra time had. Seemingly helped you heal up some injuries that that you were thankful for to have the extra time but. And we've also talked I think you'll error hot yoga or somewhere in the past but mobility and mechanics gimmick elaborate on that little bit. Well -- record the whole audio -- was just a joke. And never really did as a stranded me. Funny and it kind of backfired on me a little bit there so all -- complained about one but -- I literally more about. Mobility mechanics is basically just. Clean up your stride clear out your movements it is not wasting -- -- -- they're not wasting any energy and help swift obviously injury prevention should move in the right way. And eight and gain more power more speed. He's the -- just overall strength. Is important to maintain that but. And I was trying to Arnold little things that give you an edge. And -- What does pretty much been focusing on is. You get as you get a little bit older. I understand your body a little bit more and with that. Also columns or a little bit more. And has an injury prevention because can't exactly just jump out of bed and get out -- -- eighteen years old and. Our staff our question for an you know all besides all the physical stuff I mean. And I've I've known him for a long time and I don't know people listening know what I mean your obviously got a very loose sense of humor but you're also very serious. When it comes to. Perfecting your craft a -- well. What you do for things like your late. Easy I don't even know the proper way to -- Well liked. You know for your mind is suited to be clear and and did you do any -- -- -- some guys -- with sports psychologists some guys just you know. Arian does and and I mean other guys do do is there anything you'd you'd just help clear your mind of of you know a season where the team just had a brutally here altogether and you know trying to refocus are coming off really strong seasons -- any in particular that you do. -- your question I mean acting -- It is the most important part of the game the mental aspect of things and something that or my career. I've done my best to try to improve on. -- certain situations and in the pressure and -- media. You know Iowa Mitt the younger player. There was hard. You know it you're in such. Media hot spot as far as you know in an awful. You know fans who want a winner and you know the media. Wants to wants -- when you -- and as players you wanna deliver true that in when it doesn't happen when you go through the tough times. There's a lot of pressure and can you really demanding. You know not only physically which didn't you know beat up every night but. More so mentally. I'm not letting kids -- and realizing that. You know the -- gonna come out the next day you have to prepare. I think this past year. More so as. Even more challenging because we just got off to such a bad start and when we'd lose the game and you got to play the next day you play we're playing every other day for you know weeks on end and if you were to dwell on the lapsed gamers get caught up and and I mean it just keeps building up in building up such thinking. You know for myself calm and we have we have -- Myers works with a lot of guys you know I talked with her. Over the years. There's another guy Jerry Kramer who. Hit a book out -- still power and that really. But whole topic of that that book really resonates with me -- just kind of the idea of just letting go and realizing that. You know you're in the NHL. You have it's such a pro privilege to play here and you know not get caught up in the -- and realize the big picture of you know you have another opportunity the next game to get out and to do your job and get better and getting caught up in in past mistakes and to the -- on them you know cause such as -- and everyone else -- -- so I'm very long winded answer but I guess to shorten it up. -- just didn't. Trying to. Just relax a little bit more and let what the game come to me let. Wow let things happen happen naturally just picture I'm prepared for anything. Because. You know. If you worry about things he can't control. You're not gonna go very far. Drew it's well laid out answers so we appreciated don't don't America currently not too old are not being on the radio so want answers now while I was rally late getting to -- my -- -- -- but we we can keep you for a couple more minutes if that's okay Ian and I all right I think. It's interesting always to hear an athlete's perspective on on trying to have the right mindset. I'm curious when your you know trying to get to that place where you where you can relax. You're you're. You're learning about this and and trying to crafted in and take the right approach going into the season where you're not yet in those game situations and in those. You know compact departs the schedule so. When you're not yet playing the game Heidi you know with mentally you are kind of making progress -- to get to where you wanna get too. Bark orders it's it's making the choice to be prepared for anything. That no matter what. You need to worry about control wolves. No matter what happens in the game. If we didn't start off -- -- this -- on ray fox not on and what have you or on the flip side you know the boxes all year round every shot cornyn. It's being ready for anything it's it's it's realizing that. You can't control. What's gonna happen out there except for. Your attitude your work ethic and how you look at the game means you have a choice it's it's all in. How you view things. You know really nothing else matters besides that and like that set a cure. But it most -- To catch up yeah. Not only hurt your game but. But actually a guy like myself within their leadership brought -- we have always young guys are seeing me struggle and -- -- example. Drew -- what when he when he hit on and elaborated upon you know mobility in mechanics. At what point in the off season. Did you. Focus on that part of it and and I mean does that. Did did you know at the end of the season that you were gonna have to try to refine your stride and handle those things -- does that come. With some consultation within a month after the season and or you know like. Give us an idea of kind of -- cooling down decompression. Part of the process after a season and won yet. When you know how you're gonna wrap up again. Yeah well. It's curious. You know and when the season is over. To be able kind of escape it's just it's one of the most devastating feeling in the world not making props not. You know -- play there and you know I don't know one. I mean -- from a -- I can't watched playoff hockey. It right away. I mean I I just -- ended and senior highlights on TV it just -- not because. If he wanted to either and every year that you don't. Get there it's just it's you're more agonizing so. You know to -- -- break free from that eventually and just escaped. You know guys maybe take. You know couple weeks off whatever. Period for certain guys but. Then you have to over it under slept on policies and once and in some areas here in the entry you need to clean up. You know some -- maybe a lecture. You know as as surgery you're just takes -- mark I mark about that it and it scheduled for myself personally -- -- -- is relatively healthy. Efficacy and I think I would get very for a wedding so. No one thing but. For myself personally. A lot though it hurt it one positive thing from the lock code was -- -- learn a little bit more about my body com. Mechanically. And and it was one of those things where. I was able to fixed some previous injuries in previous soared despite just. Am working my on my efficiency. And some bio mechanical work and so I took that from. Other wacko and I applied that to my early offseason training it's been. Without all summer and I've seen concrete results and that on top of I'm just overall conditioning. It's really helped because I am able to use. The strength that I have already. At you know at -- at a higher level -- sort of you know competing harder over and it's been great. Drew does equipment play any role I mean when you're talking about skating in stride and things like that I mean -- do you do you make adjustments there that they can help and that too. Yeah definitely arm I changed. Mariam. My blades an image played a little bit longer and taller I I moved slapped probably dot com. Few millimeters and that allows more belied. I. For some people out there that maybe you're listening that are familiar with. Interpreting. Obviously the sharper the -- is you know you're gonna be needed in the actual little bit more and heavier the player you are lake PD. Here you're -- can move anywhere but PE obviously with his speed. Pad. A dollar blatantly declined to fly out there so. That I'm trying to implement my game after. They're sort of since it's definitely worked a change couple things I -- and it's a lot to get a little more -- so -- can't thank them for years millions. As your. Example. Well I mean you'd been on the radio for awhile and also I have I have good looks in your show but. And radio fans OK well listen how many want are Pulitzer you optimism. Well actually hum after that video came out I went and actually tried to view of one arm wise up and realize it's. Physically impossible so I just. Couldn't do it. And what about the drumming is the -- coming along any better. -- That it -- -- the laboratory on the back word Arab director there for. That awhile so I just. You know I was one of those fingers aren't obviously nice to get. You know get away for a little bit but. That's been and replaced with but the dog and now wife. A and the B laboratories going to be gone and you're gonna have a nursery in Anderson I know it pretty -- probably -- -- -- -- way to go to our own offices. All my friends from major you have an MB -- year they're pregnant so Altria. -- -- -- Does your new arrangement in life prevent you from taking in every time I die in New York City on the fifteenth or maybe riot fest in Toronto on the 24. Yeah I don't know why. You actually expands view -- -- you know get agreement -- we've been lucky enough Camilo and she's. She's a big and -- Similar case. And my my interest so I -- so would that help. Keep your good merit it's absolutely. The musical felonies and any big plans to -- engaged the members of the broadcast department and some creative new videos this year. Our man all I I thoughtful postings he can't force and you know see. We'll see what happens you know I'm I'm always open anything like it says that steps. Quote remote before -- your career. -- we assume that's exactly what you -- drew thanks so much for joining us today and I look forward to -- -- camp next month. Some good cant wait -- the.

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