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WGR550>Topics>>8/8 Hour 1: Rick Jeanneret and Dan Dunleavy discuss their futures with the Sabres

8/8 Hour 1: Rick Jeanneret and Dan Dunleavy discuss their futures with the Sabres

Aug 8, 2013|

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We're talking hotline Brian Duffy for Kevin Sylvester for the remainder of the week -- -- to be joined by. Two men who were up part of the significance sabres press release this morning we're thrilled to know that Rick general -- Longtime play by play man for the club it's going to be back for another three seasons and grooving to -- The replacement RJ when you finally had come up are today I don't stand Dunleavy whose. Now on board full time with the sabres -- and it's a great to have you here and RJ first words to you obviously. Based on tenure and based on the excitement I think for the market to know that you're gonna be doing three more. Years and I could match for a better solutions -- what was going to be an awkward situation for me and for some friends do. And that was going to be -- by leaving the marketplace but certainly in the broadcast. And with this solution. -- going to make everybody happy I can tell you this. It's made me very. But until. Was it a challenging. Process to get to this point or maybe take -- throw -- no not not at all I have suggested to be honest I it's. I said that I went to a 74 games this year. And and they came back with this offer. Lehman's. Much more palatable than 74 games because quite frankly if I heard on the seven before it probably would have the mileage here -- -- So this -- close to expand a little bit and that kind of slide open doors that just watching him -- And these are the kind of words that you have to follow those -- regenerate and I can't even imagine the excitement the you have for the separate. Excitement and I'm still at all I'm pinching myself as we sit here I sit across from Rick who I've certainly had moments an occasion to talk to. It working up in throttle for the last two years and having known his son for many years and graduated through Niagara college. And there are broadcast program and the fact that I have a chance here to work with three years with the best in the business and work alongside you and everybody here -- the Buffalo Sabres. It's a thrill for me -- I I really it's tough to put into words other than it's happening it's real and let's go forward and let's have some fun with this for the next three years I'm going to learn from the best thing to watch everything he does. Except certain places only along the worst but when it comes to profession. I I couldn't think of a better way to. You know go on with the next three years of my career goes well this a great opportunity for us here on sabres hockey -- to open up the phone lines and and. And give you with the listener a chance to speak to both men will be handling play by play duties moving forward for the sabres 8030550. Tripoli at 550 to 550. RJ -- you can imagine and then two was certainly a lot of reaction on Twitter this morning about that and and as you would also expect Rick. So many people largest. Wanting now for you to have the opportunity to see a team that has another long playoff run and -- com. Those are things that as we've all learned you can't control over the years but when you look at it and and now envision these next three years. -- out on the on the optimism scale and and how much do you want it to you know and on the high note that you always. Well it would be good I don't anticipate it happening this year because. Very upfront and this is a rebuilding year. Hopefully you can squeeze enough victories -- to get to the playoffs are organized. But I think as -- decided I would say that. It gives me three more years. To finally try and figure out how I can get you guys to buy around on the road. The holiday week all because we're still arson maybe sometime next three years I can work well my excuses I joined the party it will ultimately had maybe you don't stay out as late as night news anymore although that's -- -- -- But it can I say I was listening to 550 driving it in and the guys of the morning Cheryl brought up the point that I parity addressed with Rick briefly in the hallway today that I did bring it up with. Mr. black and also with percent -- and we spoke about this opportunity. And I was very sincere about this it's the first thought McCain in my mind writing you've known me for years. There's not a ton of -- here for me it's about the fans it's about the market and -- feels the same. But if there's an occasion the Buffalo Sabres make it to a Stanley Cup final in the next. Number of years and a brick has stepped aside and I'm calling all 82 games. If he's able column if he'll do it he's back I will gladly step aside and give a man -- more than earned that owner. It is to be back in that chair for that moment there's no hesitation whatsoever that'll do that to win anybody over. I do it out of respect for the man sits across from me now and I think that says others there's no question that if and when that happens and I'm going to suggest it will happen he'll be back in the chair I'll gladly step aside. Dan Weil said let's get to the phone lines here on sabres hockey hotline bend your first up to speak with Rick Jenrette -- Bentley. I -- I wanted to call in and it kind of -- a bittersweet. This morning I got back from WGR. Ottawa Heatley I want to YouTube to try to fight again. Also look I'd -- I'd just some soccer pretty. Lot of help. VMware. I cleared -- Get familiar -- But -- it out. Well -- a lot of my background for hockey Canada has been the last two years with a club that you probably don't wanna go to their website that of course the Toronto Maple -- it was they were radio calls self. I don't know how much of that gets on to YouTube these days and not a wizard with technology. And then for seven years I had a straight run with the world hockey -- world junior hockey championships and we call the tournament here buffalo again. It was -- radio so there's you know my television resume is mainly soccer on sports and -- in Canada. And I've been accused many times of being a hockey guy calling a soccer game of the sport that I played and coached my entire life so. There might be if you goal calls there but you know for me it it's it's not. Fabricated or made operable paper here to say that you know Rick chatter at Bob Cole Danny -- and Dan Kelly. Are all guys that I've really kind of pattern my style laughter take a little pieces out and tried to put into food and Dunleavy is so. For me and of course you know like I have to say to working with Joseph -- up in Canada as has been an honor for the last few years another man who brings just as much excitement of the game itself. Like Rick I don't to a lot of preparation for -- what I kind of let the moment happen and and when it does the great and the legendary and late Tom -- who was just inducted. Into Cooperstown the baseball hall of fame and his famous called touch a ball -- always remember how he told me he never had that written down anywhere it just came through with a moment. And I know your call with made it was the same things so. To direct you where to find some of my calls in part of these very proud to say I don't think you'll find a lot of me on the Internet because I like it that way. But. Unfortunately it's a lot of radio work for now so I'm not sure where directives story. And things aren't. -- -- -- I'm -- I'm sure that it. In my our Internet be able to -- -- it. I'm -- to order eighty to thank you for everything that you've done almost thirty years old and have never you know really. You -- the paper clinic and it can't help Rochester -- even. The past couple years I eyed girl ought to know what -- anybody else does that aren't yet you look at the Internet being what caught our salt. Want to thank you for everything you've done a big unit oil oil at all period has -- an important year. Thank you. Ben thanks for the call moving along -- and sabres hockey hotline and probably echoing those sentiments and that many others is rich hi rich welcome to the show. Under our younger. -- already quite a similar look on the blue saw the wreck the words thank you everything you did there that you're gone or they're going to do. All I would -- -- Obama actually not Obama white. Literally and RT. And I'll return a lot of enthusiasm that cooperation -- games actually helped me get my wife and hockey and are you like all blown. Are you -- by hand the love Greg. I love Ricky -- ever known all I'm excited for -- when the -- really keep going. There are also -- the dead in the -- -- -- thank in particular article and good luck. Thank you yes thank you very much. -- now how far back -- ago for you when listening to Rick in May be some early memories. Well. As they say one way. I -- -- it sounded Georgetown Ontario for those in this area that are familiar is in southern Ontario and I grew up listening to Ted darling and watching every sabres game on television and we got the ball. Up there at that time it went richt took over. You instantly knew that something special was happening here just because of his enthusiasm. You know that I've never most of America's commitment person for the first time and his son took me. To an establishment up north of the border that are we located name these -- Oh. So I went to school with the with the -- congress generated migrant collagen and he -- -- -- economy and meet my -- -- And I thought well on an enemy. Regenerate this is fantastic and I thought he would be is Loudon is excited as we hear on the radio eating meat is -- Calm composed and quiet gentleman and very Klein and I thought this history together and where's where's the goal call where's the the excitement wears the hollering and it just wasn't there but what a pleasure was in. In all having known it's on for so long it was no secret that. While I got along with Chris -- well and and also happening minute mark in Ontario hockey league games. Certainly knew all about his dad and market it worked in the Alito. For years that together he was injury I was at in Toronto at the time and mrs. artists so. My memories go way back and working with you it up in Toronto Sports Radio is well. The highlight show that everyday guys says that included direct and indirect call because it made the show and that's. There there was no other play by play announcer at that time when we're working at an open throttle where you at. That Rick -- Eric -- brought the shoulder light that's what he does and brings it -- -- life and the sabres could be losing six to one and you watch the highlights the 62 goal. It is as exciting as a 54. You know game winners and. And that is there's not overstating it you'll were called. -- calls clearly went beyond hockey season -- There are times in the summer where you're just trying to liven up. That scoreboard that you're talking about so we people and calls for -- and you know this is adding a little bit more excite -- into the mix and I think you know it's it's a testament to again the energy. And the enthusiasm and you Broderick now I have to put aback when you do you were called. Meeting Dan those years ago and how often have you cross pass because you obviously had some nice things to say about -- and this opportunity that's being present I don't recall meeting. Nicklaus used to yeah. I went over it was a good day but over the years of course you know. Did you lose your -- -- -- like storm with its. It covers it's it's well you as you -- you -- don't establish that -- -- you were already there -- -- -- -- have been there but I can say this and -- you know I should step. Aside let Rick do a lot of the speaking geared to -- collars but. In every topic about the press box to shake his hand and say hello both teams area were always so gracious with either their -- shipman. And again not knowing each other intimately but to the point where they welcome you. -- -- -- here in buffalo and and wish you well on the broadcast tonight can always look to the last over the last couple years and see. Mr. Jenrette sitting there -- You know there's a smiling face next door and -- that doesn't always happen in this business as -- -- because you've been in the chair it's a very competitive business there are only thirty of these jobs in the world in the best hockey league in the world. And a lot of times guys will look to the left -- broadcast Booth and think I'm better than you. And that's not the way this guy across from me thinks I mean nets and that's the beauty of it. That. Always makes me think about how you always deferred to attack darling as you know kind of the voice of this franchise and it. Was always the sabres in the zone what. Always says that. That should have gone clues to his -- with them and so refused to take on the -- holes -- 8030551. Tripoli at 550 to 515 if you'd like to. Pop on the line and talk with regenerate and then Dunleavy there with us here in the first half hour sabres hockey hotline today Andrew Peters. Coming up Brenda in our number two Drew Stafford gonna join us as well also looking forward talking to a sabres veteran about this upcoming season. RJ you've you've already kind of mention you know this this season ahead as far is worth -- how the team is looking at it right now from management perspective but. And what would be maybe some of the surprising seasons because perhaps that could unfold here this season that the group. Plays a little beyond what. Where the expectations are right now while when you think back over your career. Give us some insight and and some of those years that we're really unexpected and extremely enjoy. Well I don't I'm awful dates or maverick just remember going to the conference final against Carolina. And that they went on to win the Stanley Cup -- -- -- -- Edmonton. And the sabres. Really were not given a chance of -- trying to -- in the playoffs they were given a better chance of being dead last in the league and that particular year. They surprise so much so that they went to the final against the Carolina at a conference final against Carolina and so help me they would have been in the Stanley Cup final but they've finally been let go around on defense. And I can remember one point. Jim Lawrence and I use regular working together timers at the barn Carolina. And Lindy -- in -- that says some plastic. And Clinton was pretty tough to be left in. That -- -- laughter -- He's -- well I don't know what else to do so despondent which he can play. And it was like I got a lot like to get by it and even though that's. Almost defeated -- -- cancer -- -- set up. Lead into the third period -- absolutely. It was I mean again when you dial back as far as -- Saber memories what you know what really. Stands out -- you you've got to referenced the -- Day -- and things like that but. Well and I always I was in the building for a certain goal that will always be hated in this this town by certain Dallas Stars -- on. So wide but I was in the building as covering that game for the fan of charter boat loaded gloves well. The I was. I was in the building forehead and I was covering it as this day and I just I couldn't believe the moment as -- -- happened in in front of my eyes and I thought well there's there's no way this ends this way does it actually and with this for this building that was ready to explode in. Yeah unfortunately I mean that's the it would you -- memories -- to be honest because I was in the building. For that -- -- -- -- for everybody to hear that just about daily here on the show no question about that Paula thought it continues right now there don't thank you. Continuity is not always the key frank is next on sabres hockey hot line are you frank. Our deal. Erica I have a memory. When you get beat up awful Biden's. Springfield -- championship game over the radio. And it was just bad that the -- they won the championship by members calm wind or it. To hear that on -- radio is I felt like I was there. Yeah I know that I'll never forget it. -- -- -- -- -- Right okay Politico they. What you're what you're that state. What you think is ours being in the broadcast business in your dreams well. Actually -- -- the year that I work with devices in the -- it was only allowed to do the away games. Some union conflict that was millions of well. Oh. And I was here one year next year did not do any. The police did well. In the -- Held. Is it that. Now back and so when you jumped in I mean that was. Take us take us through the that was. Radio that her yeah Andrea that was the second year of the French section near the franchise and it was all games obviously. No because I did that all sit there and hurling a guy that was doing TV now an amateur radio most. And the other games and other rough it would go -- actually in -- so I don't normally is when it wasn't right. Now. Amazing man -- and accuracy hint as to how many games in mr. Yeah I'm doing -- report on him and it's already been determined and that's I have schedule yes hello city across from -- -- captain west. This. As the analysts will be the best. It's good stuff -- -- is next here on sabres hockey hotline -- RU. Hi guys playing at -- I one of the popular take Rick are you there. Hi Rick alone this. To tell you that. You have made me a hockey fan and I discovered you on YouTube about maybe. Three years ago and I had never been a part of the hockey community Andy you have inspired me. To watch Buffalo Sabres hockey and IE. Can't even tell you how much I love listening to your voice. And I'm so happy that you're going to be here or. Three more years and that you're gonna entertain -- for three more years and I can't even tell you all I'm going to be whenever you leave. And I'm sure that all the Buffalo Sabres. Hockey fanatics -- -- same way that I do you are alleged in my -- I want to thank you so much about my heart. You -- one of the greatest commentators ever. And that in this century of sports and that you just are absolute phenomenal just. -- thank you for the follow my heart thank you so much trick. Thanks very much. Thank you -- last call goes to show on here is -- wind on the segment with Rick Jenrette and then Dunleavy shot welcome to the show. I think threatening -- it is on her crew are beyond the I'm here which Rick and I I just -- There -- secure former top player but slippery crap which. Two Brothers and what they're always able to watch TV. Go into him from practicing -- low and -- and not put. Bet -- -- the Buffalo Sabres -- Akamai hatter of regenerate -- knowledge they missed all due. Secretary of mine when -- that your. Although like game winning Stanley Cup. Call on the radio or on PB and I I -- I just want to thank him for all of your serve or they're being an ambassador of the buffalo sabre you've got a lot oil. Hockey players put -- -- is -- hours written off. Investor Buffalo Sabres are that they church. Very initiative thank you. Well said and as expected on a day like this one -- fan base Rick is there really excited to know that you're coming back for three more years and you know. I think. A lot just wanna know how you're doing and I know while last year was. Tough start of the season for you get a frustrating one but this it seem to get better and better as we went on so for those that don't know it was ridiculous idea -- -- good and not looking forward to starting the season. In fact reduce pre season games will also. That's all of them actually -- look forward to great ready to -- good summer so far forward today and regional on the trip -- it should be good run. And then your plans between now and then. Have a drug policy in the college sports that if anybody wants you so much MLS soccer on Saturday night 730 kicked off the industrial. No law I'll continue to see that through the end of the season that commitment that it made up there in I'd I'd love the game is our program Major League soccer's something I've certainly grown with for the last six years with that club. So I have no intention to step aside from my summer duties -- and I've. Been very happy the sabres here are going to make that work for me as well -- continues to. Work my way into the club here in and get to know everybody in the city organizations and also. Keep some ties that are important to me with the soccer as stated it's a game a lot as much as the -- hockey in. Bryant always had for years and market value -- -- the same thing all on call play by play of boiled egg rolling downhill if you want me to just put me -- the live event is happening so. I've drilled -- the of the reaction I'm getting from sabres fans or via Twitter I -- thank them all because there won't get to each of them individually but I thank you all very much it's an honor to be here with you. Twenty years as long. I am pretty quick thanks and so we started working together in Toronto on death -- over the looking forward this operative activities that across to me again. Good stuff and RJ really glad to know that. Couple years with me hanging around hasn't pushed out the door that you're gonna hang in for three more and I don't think that I'm forgetting your vote you -- your own sign me up sign me up. -- -- Dan Dunleavy our guests on sabres hockey hotline were back after this and WGR Sports Radio. -- know. Of today's show -- -- on Brian. And whose leaders Oreo. Well. Laughter being. -- slightly guys. Not having us here at the table for the conversation. I was the -- stable. Exactly what it was it was the kids' table. That's exactly what it felt like and. But it was a great -- and I got to listen to the conversation and C one legends. Talked into future. Hopefully legend -- people perceive. Daughter is the daughter yes. I don't know you set a custom. I'm Michael Dunn tire -- desire to -- but anyway. You know hopefully he. People see him now wait too but I. His answers -- -- were charities chances Euro steps plus. Classy classy gang classic I mean absolutely. But. I just thought. Not how humble wise and basically. You know appreciating. Who he was. Taking over for yeah I think that that's probably because he's he made a good point he's right you know there there are there are probably times were there. Guys are test -- analyze it myself now on how the past him -- the new and but he actually does have that that attitude which is great because. You know buffalo doesn't won't accept that and doesn't -- -- and -- him. It makes it out so let's great -- the whole situation is good three more years of RJ dad separated away game kind of so the way the way he put it actually evoke the plunge off the -- I mean it is classic RJ yeah. And if you missed it. Bill -- dot com and -- certainly in the on demand section. Audio -- WGR 550 dot com so. Yeah it was a it was a really nice way to start the day to have both of them sitting in than than having a little interaction with the fans for sure. As we reference I've known -- for about twenty years now. Now he's had he's had an interstate road with some some meat opportunities especially those world junior championships those are. Com. His soul in tents those tournaments than the fan base obviously when they're calling team -- games which he was. Com. You know it's it's -- it's a great opportunity. For one to be in those. High intensity moments I mean it's not like. It's it's completely different of being the voice of a team where you go ups and downs ups and downs over months at a time like when you when you go into those opportunities that Dan was going into. You'd know you're working towards a championship game. In a very short period of time and it just ramps up the ramps up ramps up and and it's always get to be a part of that is is something you know. Where he said and made the reference to Tom cheek and others where. It just comes out like you're part of that ultimate moment. And you're reacting to what you Sawyer and forced to render here not there and act like I what would like to think so I think can't really carved out a nice run and and then that present opportunities and always with. Obviously with the Maple Leafs and you know on that and then we just like you say for me still I consider kind of a relative newcomer at all this in the in the sense that. I'm now only getting into my first. Full and on lockout season with the sabres to know the Rick's going to be around for three more seasons including this one is. It's an honor goes without saying I mean. You know they still have cassette tapes of RJ calls today was -- you know now about the radio back in the day. Com. Sold it's just it's a huge 301. I hope it's. I think he'll report for what you -- base on social media you know -- but also I think the genuine nature calls. I hope it's well received and I hope the succession plan. Is is one that that works out for both them because we all know the difficulty of trying to step in after someone like argent so I hope. And and certainly it has the blessing of RJ I really hope that that helped stands cause and I I don't think it's going to be too much -- -- I think pianist and a you know he's done that he's put in the work and and and that's that's -- here. And even even still though. Even Australia in the circumstance it doesn't matter sometimes who you replace them. -- Is the way you do too I think that the purpose. This lol answered introduction government of that under the team and into the got a fan base and everything is great because you'll like. It'll allow them to get to know him and be comfortable Wear them. And it won't just be because in all honesty. I couldn't imagine it being RJ done at the end of this year new guy coming ambulance guys states in this day and understandably cell. Understand that you're used to something great for so long. And then you just have this. New guy and it and it he could very well be great result wave but it you're so used to RJ for so many years in. That's just the nature of the beast but. To slowly kind of introduce having get him into the game season. RG still you know kind of weaving his way out over the years any that'll be going to be nice and that'll be a nice welcome forum for -- wants to become a full time Diego Urbina. And that's not to be lost here entry you bring -- a good point it is already a full time -- -- -- like you're you're going to see his presence. Alongside mean. Pre and post game he's gonna have a significant presence on -- dot com. So that to helps in familiarity. Comfort between broadcaster and -- slash listener. So it all in all seems to work well together and -- Mike's been waiting on on the line here and -- welcome of the show I know obviously -- and then are with us this segment but Mike did you have something you wanted to add just about the career RJ. I did absolutely. In it's -- troops that one out and slowed I'm not the youngest of traffic but. -- call hockey game I don't know if you guys ever get a chance to listen -- some of the other broadcasters especially or -- -- -- -- from package. These guys just go off and they start talking this candlelight. Well at Uga items you guys agree it that there are a lot talking and everybody gets -- some. These guys are doing it during the middle game and they're not really even paying attention to the game one are Cheney calls the game. He called the game it's not Andy flops it's not -- -- the absentee winging it. It's he's calling what's happening -- if you're listening to a -- and a radio you have a sense of really what's going time. Some of these case I'll break up I'm Erica I'm BCI know a lot of people would absolutely level. But -- pay attention long. The guy sits there will be talking about this. Players I'm -- well what callers actually wears what -- has absolutely nothing to do game. And I think urging. Is truly in -- there's an art to broadcast in any true yes. And I think it's lost a lot of the the newer broadcasters that we. Mike thank you very much for the call. I don't mean to do this because he needs a defense but I will say in defense of -- camera a lot of how old. His game call us now in. Shape is because of how NBC. Produces the broadcast meaning three man in the Booth and one down between the benches one next to dock and I think it's fair to say that both those analysts are encouraged to add to the play by play experience. I would bet. My memory is not always the best that it used to sound a little different when doc was simply a doubles guy or flyers guy. And because docs is old school as it gets that's why he's the dean of hockey broadcasters. You know in the eyes of many across America because he's been on. The regional states you've been on the national stage for so long but I can certainly relate to Mike's comment to stood as to why people get frustrated by. Tell me what's going on on the play. Television has changed some producers wanted to different way and like anything in life. There's not going to be universal -- of four you know the way game has produced so. But it's it's a great point and and most importantly on the stage it's it's about acknowledging how fortunate where to have RJ for three warriors straight. -- you know it is he has. -- -- While he's that -- it and it he's -- -- by the team and you think of how proud he and his family were that night -- you know I think of the picture of him -- the Saber. And his mom. Up in the crowd his biggest thing of course. And then being acknowledged by the hockey hall of fame. With the Foster Hewitt memorial award like our friend Harry -- will this year as well which is awesome and Harry always. Talked about a two from the standpoint of how large it was as a broadcaster much like Bob Cole said. Let me call play. -- guy interject between the whistles you know and I think there's still a lot of people a lot of them. To reach their -- two weeks there'll. I'm open -- is I dislike. Following the game no matter how it's being presented and a little bit of diversity is good but you know and here were entering into a new Arab diversity because. We get an opportunity to welcome and -- And and yet still have the benefits of -- for 55 which is which is awesome huge. I think that probably going to be. Kicker like we said we talked about LB that'll probably make. That transition a lot easier for Dan Burton and you know but we talked about for the fans. Adapting to it easier. Lot of response on Twitter today I'm sure your feet is full of comments pertaining to this as is mine it's at 76 underscore it appears that stuff for sabres. And if you missed any of the conversation that. We've got to the top of the show with archery and randomly be -- Checketts neighbors that common the audio welcome -- -- -- 550 dot com as well. I don't want. You know cover all the Twitter responses -- blanket statement it. When it comes -- it's all positive com. You know 11. -- we could do this all the dialogue. Two of my cave calls by RJ says one here they hit by superior on number and you're com shields. At an -- all went against the Philadelphia Flyers are on my that -- that's the beauty we all wheelchairs. And and sometimes you know it can be little moments that never make it the highlight -- after it's the -- is it's. It's just his style and an and that's that's unique and that's that's what the player. Sure I mean you have your own little -- moments -- -- I've been in routes queries you -- yeah Arum. And you just at heart. Some law and loved it. And -- just hear some of the positive. And it got tired when whether -- right. It's supposed. Gators last act of models right and so block and it is. Is incredible on it and it is Sydney getting goosebumps is yet to hear him call your own name so imagine now. I'm just trying to add good -- today you know it's even cooler. Here. Doctor -- -- sorry don't like it down. You're not that much younger dvds there. Quite a video of RG colonies appetites might vinyl cassettes -- come on back there aren't they there a quick went from Tom before we take a break on sabres hockey -- hi Tom are you. Good morning guys I and I just wanted to comment on your last caller of the main reason why aren't Jerry. Is better than dot camera and just about everybody else. Is this primary goal is to your radio play by play it just happens to be shown on TE. So he does have to describe the game better. -- of a point. Good RJ does do a great job of not you know I -- you listened a lot of other and not just -- But a lot of otherwise -- now. Tell you you know they'll be sold -- mean knowing he leaves the park there and he dumped in the corner there in you know he shoots it off the end wall. RJ will tell you which at -- what side of the boards here on what circle you're at what hash mark you're at what sponsor here at the ice. I mean have but he'll make you understand where the game is so you you can literally get up paternity be louder now go to the bathroom for -- indeed. Listen into the gaming you'll know you can know exactly what's happening. That's exactly the point is that he's calling the radio game first and it caving in second. Yeah Tom thanks so much for the call good point talk about -- camera here and the unfortunate reality of twitters that it's providing new news which. Pertains to docks all of the doubles in this -- That it. For reports. This again on Twitter by various sources Forbes report and it felt like would -- take over doubles by start of season team is 230 million that on August 1 payment back on. That's not new information that the team is in dire straits the new information BT I mean. We this can happen -- they'd just got themselves out from under the Phoenix mass again this is not surprising this has been bubbling for a long time but. Please. Let it. Yet solved. Quickly. And you know I don't want I never wanna see teams move but. This has got to get right it quick because the league can't keep propping up teams it only hurts the bottom line moving forward we'll take a quick break. Are today's stand on for three more years -- Bentley B being groomed as his replacement Andrew Peters Brian -- Drew Stafford and our number two. We continued sabres hockey hotline right after this WGR. Sports Radio 550. -- continues from the save restore first Niagara center. Money at stores open. Ten to five Monday through Friday a couple of hours of free parking ramp and if you give -- -- -- marked down items little red ink on 30% more. Off of that already reduced price. Reduced price New Jersey Devils will they be up for a song or what they view this development. There's a lot of witty people on Twitter right now. Chiming in on the I just read a candidacy that -- I think Gary Bettman as the new host of flip that hockey team. I'm now but they're gonna do it on oil. And OL and not -- CTV. It's not flip that house that they were gonna. -- hockey team. Revamp -- the wonder why they had wrapped. I mean Berger was definitely worthy of being on the cover of minutes ago by far should log time ago so I'm not -- that the next aliens. He's going to be guests our shows you better care we have now when I'm on our right he knows better. -- -- that. He's a beauty. He uses some -- If you're among the doctors. Burgeoning analyst once again for the Olympics on the new fox sports one he's going to be he is he's. A jam as it is goodness he is I really enjoyed my time at the NHL PA with him when he is can't even imagine giving a story. Well the post press conference we were all and after we had redone. No. What constitutes. User advisory board committees are one of the committee I mean this was a lockout related this was oil at all was back O or Arafat. And so what's that you know Chris you seem like your natural ever wanna be the head of the NATO PA's that if they ever wanna move there -- office to Malibu. The that would be a typical and I've said that I look at it this guy who's just and beyond no go holy ground like. Makes sense. Surfing in. He's a great guy though he's you know what to -- -- growing up watching him play in and -- Petroleos Brandon. Harry what's his -- what suits. Greatest attribute if you will horror. We were error. I didn't know how to describe what you -- Chris -- the player what do you think -- should not. Really gotten away as Albert some offensive Russia's in a way he skates this process. What well. And able to put -- -- it both ways that the point. That's right skill set up -- -- guys do that anymore. If they do I don't I mean some guys do on -- -- an -- I I've -- that he could do it is that that yeah I mean I heard twirl on the across week earlier and that's that's to be. One of the great things in that game where guys are coming in that's a right handed shot find traffic. Pull the stick to the other side immediately become a left handed shot and still managed to go around go back in. You know put it and like that that's where you're just you are in awe of some guys and their overall skill. So Chile had a but then was as ornery and difficult to play against as you would ever want to deal -- -- it -- right there that I think -- that is toughness and him made him probably laugh -- carved out -- that got its biggest guy in the world. Like to -- you know I mean. I never met Chris Chelios before and obviously. You assume all these guys are huge when they play like that I mean I would think if I if I didn't know -- -- and I didn't have the Internet I didn't have stats every two seconds to jump on look at. I would think that he was 64. You know. Chelios immediate. What -- 511. I would -- so I think that's right 185. Maybe it wasn't in shape like few others he is I mean you hear stories about -- used to ride the bike and it's gonna. Like those are legendary hockey stories -- think that Chris Chelios workouts and all of I mean these guys the old school guys they don't make them like they used to. Like cars hockey players they're like cars they don't make them like these I'm telling you. These old school guys. That new school guys now couldn't hack it back then I'm telling you. They couldn't. OK I think there's a few guys that you know there's history I don't you don't think there's a few guys that. Could still be of the chelios they're okay -- a view I know but it's not like they were all like chelios when Charlie was planned either an upset about things -- I think it's -- a public statement. Way to beat what blanket and -- wet blanket under you all on my fire under fire. -- -- No -- blanket off the top. Are today back for three more years stand Dunleavy in as his replacement. Full highlights of that on sabres dot com. Or in the audio all -- on WGR. Our number to another one of your good friends that Drew Stafford stay whether -- -- sabres hockey hot line continues WGR Sports Radio 550.

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