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WGR550>Topics>>8/12 LB Manny Lawson on his first Bills preseason game and his teammates

8/12 LB Manny Lawson on his first Bills preseason game and his teammates

Aug 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Like Manny Lawson who had a nice play yesterday defense -- a little replace me these tip. What do an interception for -- Butler made a good morning it's Howard Jeremy thanks -- -- over first of all how are you that often. More or. -- -- feeling good the media and I think things could've done much better as far as you guys are concerned for your open. You know I think being well. These storms. Well what did you want to help -- veteran guy you know what it takes to play in the national football but you whether a new team again what did you want to accomplish your first -- okay it's my my my talents and you know who believe in the coaches and please -- that she came -- I am accountable and it will be -- leader and you know -- he got going just. The union while not slams in the you know pretty much the biggest cheerleader for a team you. You talk about being the leaders that so that when you were being recruited by the bills is that something they told -- -- expected from him. -- may have -- you know or. Said it out loud but I think that is -- -- comes with -- why am in general. You know -- objective person you know just a you know I think that. You know what a benefit this thing what do you do -- -- let especially is at a group of position rather linebacker -- really young players. I believe what you do that more so just by example. Words of encouragement and you know just in case you know if if you know plan a bright enough before it actually you know call in the -- and you know speak about it. That philosophy of the series illustrate cap right talk about the play -- -- -- -- this for you guys got to pick out of it was you know because they -- -- you know one of the blitzes. You know we were you special month attacking you know affect office so. Just coming off the edge on blogs and I don't know I guess they must applaud those. That got appalled. They -- like the -- three with. Who you know just to be on that -- just recently got my hand -- a piece of the ball. And you know are accorded every great play you know it's awareness as far as them being there were supposed to BA kids the -- did it. You know you know in the session. You are very long as they say how tall are on the roster Graham that I six -- you got long arms to so I mean I take it that's a big. Part of your game coming off the had to be able to use that tight that it helps reach that helps rid of you know -- -- in windows but windows but really don't know exactly how close I'll fly him away from -- department receives. And difficult played program. -- of the defense is about those when it does seem like we we saw a lot of those delayed blitzes and maybe that. One of the mine says is if you can not even -- get to the Cordoba. Quarterback but get in his head as he's about to make that throw as we saw you know -- is rushing straight on on Andrew Luck on the one play. How much about the pressure is about. I couldn't always get in Everett isn't making him aware that your. Good you can pressures in the precious because when you get there enough times and you're always round quarterbacks are -- field day -- start an atomic clocks are short. You know they may be -- like maybe a three count 123 sort of ball and now also had to count. Because they feel pressure impression may not always be there but they still -- because we've gotten -- -- many times. You guys blitz that if we got a lot of teams always sells well we're gonna go -- -- -- -- these players. That was not a problem yesterday were you surprised at all at that -- like it came with the game when they not that not a is it needs this game plan in the same day one in this thank you all -- -- you feel like you're ready for any temple considering the temple that -- softens -- that you know. Had a heck of a I think we aren't the -- especially because -- employ your campus. It is great you know -- this is great for supplement those just as tired just -- it makes us think that you know with the focus while being in the and you know as far as you know and no -- goes problem sesno -- team. Played against and -- on and so with a decent but the human in him. Give -- bullets OK we're watching the game at home but it looks to be were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Truth you know especially with some younger guys new coaches new schemes -- give us the inside terms of execution of plays -- guys in the right places were things going on that they were supposed to go on as far as you could tell -- It might not notice all that stuff -- It is -- as you said it is increases and increases and as you know -- for the most part trying to get bad. No we were always in the right place though we didn't always skewed the played that it way it was drawn out. But you know we just have to learn most -- we're back -- you today you back here tomorrow. You know learn from our mistakes and what you'd do to get better -- -- correct the wrong. The reason why ask it is because it looked like it was fairly organized -- need for a complex defense we've had guys tomorrow and can't talk about. Decoys and all the different things they do and for complex defense it looked like you guys were beautiful coaching in the organizational standpoint look good -- -- it's -- -- Appreciate that -- but it was a perfect. That's not perfect yet but I mean you know the word wouldn't give it to where we won the way it should be. And you know the old world before that you don't wanna get back to the offseason you're out there you're looking around -- -- -- -- -- -- Cincinnati. Wipe off. Buffalo's first team reached out to me and it was a -- stance and and you know just new beginning and you know as far as you know what they did in the that didn't matter because each year's -- new team. That's the way our game and you know when we come here and you know. Hope but help this team he knows that gave myself. And you know it is really just you know they've won they won in the year and I want to be because of that non usable -- players on the team. You know -- be a good fit for -- -- as -- as you know love this game. A local -- -- what it says -- About love and I think his role they had it in the that's like you and the fact that -- you're pretty versed value but it reported fourth trees it was not that big deal coming to. He called a hybrid that they get really doesn't matter what they throw it here right. I think it actually suits my type. My much cared to built my my game. All the way round. -- wanna ask you about that your busy get yourself ready for the for the regular season but as you look at the Fed's action might have two questions. The -- doesn't think that's maybe what impresses you just look -- doesn't mind it linebackers DBs doesn't that looks good to you. Man that's stuff that's going to be -- because the it is that we are young defense. Take a young -- especially yesterday. You know really stepped up symbols of flying -- had to choose one. I mean retrospect it would try to -- -- Because you know he -- he did start and he -- he really kept you know his head and really kept calm out there and that he made the right -- he made the right calls because a lot of right. And you know for young got to come in and you know will be the start my climb -- would be you know and BD. Vocal part of -- defense. He notes that bad that really does you know. You know -- and it's this a lot of work lot of -- It's a lot of pressure I think well let's take your questions because we are contractually obligated every time of their content -- about -- it. So. Am -- kidding about leopard but obviously he's a big story camp so what are you what you know you're busy at defense I get it. But what you've seen of him in the game the scrimmage all the practices we think I think you know they want when you first came out in. That's first streets in the game he's that would present a bit. You know as far as you know commanding if all of that taken control of understanding with the office does understand how to read defense. You know I'm not being so it's he would soon. You know just get the ball out of his hands you know. Mecca of -- you know you know irrational decisions about the keys you know slowly you know hidden in the role as a -- quarter. We've heard emerald city he has made the same mistake twice as he is that true and I hope it'll suck commit the same mistake was well you know what I know I have there's probably because -- -- Have we do -- -- yet to come back you know within Tuesday at one another vote at at the same time and yet -- -- skiing but that note. You know I haven't seen him you know what you said -- -- -- disheartened that. Pick up reading defenses you know -- sees little keys until tells as far as who's come was not common. You don't know when the chip run an object. You know I think he's you mean hopefully progress and progressing well. It's lasting in terms of Reading the defense is. Is this one maybe the toughest one to read that he might face you know thanks so I think so because we have several guys that keynote to. Meaning different jobs we always -- meaning different hats as so you never know which role we play Dockery -- -- you know completely. You know just coverage role. In one series the -- completely rough wool but allotted same point in -- it's all the same looks thing. Into several government team to -- same vein -- so I think that's one of the hardest things to do. Many losses that at times as a -- thank you made it very much for coveted apartment have a great season thanks.

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