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WGR550>Topics>>Hr.2 Schopp+Bulldog Kyle Williams on Football and Life. Bernie Kosar Fun

Hr.2 Schopp+Bulldog Kyle Williams on Football and Life. Bernie Kosar Fun

Aug 12, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to saint John Fisher practice is over. For the day. You guys get out a little bit early maybe Kyle Williams with. Summaries yesterday's results of the reason now I mean this the first time I've ever practice today after game Souza will be sure by design so. You know and not like they were thrown -- bone in his short practices but you know we had pads on today in just a little short -- after game. What do you think of your new coach's style. It's good to you know every everybody's different. Everybody has a different approach you know. Coach to coach player to player. So you know you embrace you embrace what's in front of you get short done it seems like there is a different energy. About the team and I have been hearing about that during the offseason for people who around the building. I'll watch in the game yesterday may be just the pace of the offense the style of defense. It just it it feels different. I think a lot of that is what you said you know in the -- the different things seeing on offense the different things that we're doing defensively. You know and and some of it is style or approach you know most coaches. You know say the same things but not alone say -- same way. You know coach -- it is is out there and he's boisterous and he's getting after guys and you know I think those of the you know the three things you can attribute to differ. Kyle Williams with -- us here on WGR. Do you got that idiot speak for the veterans -- older guys in the team but you think the coaching staff has the the loyalty here the the the credibility it needs further the team the veteran guys. Yeah I don't you know I don't know why I mean you know you can look at. Mike Patton in other things they've done that just defensively over the last you know 45 years you know good things and and bringing those in here and he. Nate was here before. It. With with the groups out. You know. The credibility is fine it's getting guys to buy into what's going on and you know I think we have a good core group the Gaza are afraid to work and game bonding quickly and have -- was what kind of -- Expectations if you got hurt yourself and for the team I know we said here with you last year and it felt very much if there was a scheme to camp laughter it was it's time. It's time to win we've got our quarterback we've got our third year with his coaches capital this. And of course you know you're going to the results he wanted you feel like you're starting over again. What we're on the timeline do you think you are. Well you know. Try not to limit yourself to you know okay we wanna. You we -- win eight games are only nine games a try not to you know put limits on almost self as a player and hopefully not -- as a team. You know I think the thing that that we really expect. Is to be competitive and win football games you know obviously they're they're goals out there you know within our division within the league to be in the playoffs and although certain things that. You know those are long steps off you know -- where you know two and a half weeks or what are we are in the training camp right now. Mean Kyle Williams is being with us here Mike show in the Bulldog on WGR -- -- yesterday -- -- you. You -- -- kind of told the Gaza is like hey let's start 2013 off the same way losses we won't win. You know told the defense you know if they're moving the chains they're keeping score we wanna win and no matter if it's first pre season game or if it's playoff gamers have W win football games cheaply and so. You know it's good. Winning is a habit it's contagious. And hopefully. You know geyser of you know excited about it. Do you have though whether it's guys on your team. Or opponents through the years in your experience where -- the pre season that mean the the intensity level. You know is obviously not the same and maybe they're joking around or what is it does it sound different I guess what I wanna ask you. On massages on the sideline it sounds different -- on the field that it's not that much different really yeah I may not -- That obviously game plan wise it's a it's a good bit different -- And occasionally on field it will be a little bit different from some guys you know if you get a guy that's been around along Tom typically they won't even play. But on the sideline it's a little bit different. You know why you're out there I mean it's pretty you know it's pretty ten you get after. How how much of what you guys are going to be doing and defense did we see youngsters. You know there there's going to be always going to be game plan things that we're gonna have little small nuances dependent on. You know that would New England or Miami or whatever they might be -- there's different things that we're gonna but he and that. You know we ran you know a few different fronts you know we have more than we didn't play you know -- It's kind of hard to give you a percentage I can't say 3040 or 50%. We get some different things up front but you know we've got -- we've got a pretty extensive policy how does this defense work for you. But how is it different for for you not too much going yeah I mean there's there's a couple of things about two. A little bit differently but for the most part it's you know. And you know everybody gets caught up in the in 34 in they see three guys down with their hand on the ground in Destin and up well it's a 34. Well it's not you know it's it's hardly ever reais and if you look around the league. Everybody's idea of the 34 is a zero into -- techniques in -- -- two gap in the region hats that's sort of thing. There might be two or three teams in the league that do that. And we're not wanna so you know we're gonna we're gonna have looks like that we're gonna have 43 looks and you know a lot of times it. You -- we might show that we're not playing that at all so we were going to be very diverse and parcel and and kind of cater to what we do well. Although it you like me nodding during that memorial but the reading the pats have a deficit -- -- yeah I'm looking at -- Well basically not attacking upfront as I'm saying you know you're watching what you got doesn't and your destiny him where. You know we're going to be aggressive and and we're gonna try to dictate. I think this one of about -- for you is what a lot of fans want to think about the bills defense. They they certainly know and respect who you are and and Mario has his name in the league and Daria says is. High draft status and on back to Gilmore and maybe eventually bird like that there are some players looks like. There are some players on his defense it hasn't ended up yeah do you think you look at your team you feel like you in your -- about this defense that it should be really good. With that is that is that old water they'll all that yeah thinking. The thing you know we actually been talked about this today is. Consistently. Playing good defense. You know when the past you have negate gain the evidence quarter but good series. You got to put those things back to back to back you know we talked about OK good start yesterday. You know in the past you have a let down. You know and for whatever reason you know now you know what word we're just really really trying to focus on being consistent. Played a play series -- series and pass that game the game. And hopefully you know. Those -- the steps that we're taking they're gonna help us defensively and help our football team. What kind of a year do you think Mario Williams had his first year here but how would you assess your teammates perform. I think he played. Really well the second half of the season you know you had a cast on had a lot of different things going on with -- wrist and -- know of the you know the the bug of trying to play with something that you know especially you have to use your hands -- year -- your feet every play. Yeah I know how hard that can be and I think once he got that fixed unit played played really well once he kind of put that. Unity poised to have a big -- -- statement I think so I think if you look back to what he was doing in Houston. In a very similar defense maybe not. A 100% but pretty similar. Before a Taurus back. You know mainland five sacks in five games and was you know it was having it was haven't really good years you know I expect. -- a big year for Mario. -- talk about in your life a little bit. That in the in the league for quite awhile around you do you think about that you reflect. No man I don't know you know time for that are. Well you know. But the portion of my life -- at this league is going to be much longer than my life in it. And I'll have a chance to reflect and you know right now in the past couple years dealing with -- this this year that issue and you know -- -- you know the the -- foot deal behind me where I'm actually getting better. You know go and and my eighth year and beyond you know -- makes me excited for what's in front of me and I'm not worried about behind me. Yeah on I'm trying to control that and yeah like I said -- not my life span hopefully is going to be much longer out of the league that it was in it and I'll have fun to sit back and reflect element in. Do you spend a lot of time. Before you come to training camper outside of football do you spend a lot of time thinking about football the league not really. To be RC I've got four kids. And if they're 642. In two months so. Actually yeah thank you we we stay pretty busy around my house rather be you know playing there. Our -- in the movies serve you know -- and see what we spent a lot of time on my family has a place on the lake water -- and and have fun like that so. Can you help me was something sure I have a two year old daughter Erica. And three year old son and my daughter cries about everything. The other night. She -- huge brush your teeth pretty much we just got to do -- at this point and she just turned to. And then. We took the two Russian makers to think she just wanna keep playing with it. To the -- way and it's just. On the floor. Crying screaming even Kyle what do you do in that situation you let them go -- restaurant mr. decried you let him go. You know will pick him up and take them out you know if they if they start cause the same will pick them up and take him out and if they have that kind of trouble at home will take them take them to the room that's a lesson -- you know. Reactions like that are gonna get any response from us going to be here. Until you can calm yourself down -- you know and then you come out and we can talk about these -- -- you know Richard although that sometimes I wonder if that's too much if I'm giving them. The attention -- now better and better as the perfect scenario now a lot of times it's you know we're kick in this one were -- Natalie you know there's a lot for its I got a lot of time learning and it's because we've had a fist fighter. Yeah mine are 64. Daughters. Two and newborn son that's -- and to. And the two older girls. Used to pick on the two year old boy alive. While he's got to come around where his first response is a right button so they kind of tread lightly around him now so we've we've kind of seen as a shift in power and our house kind of -- -- -- testosterone to. Obsessed state escalated after this like Bill Russell who -- about sort of noble on TV so everybody else in the league right could see him throw an elbow -- the department the boy who's to now it it would love to be raised on his -- to six and for like two years apart. -- I thought -- my little boy who's nine now when he was a baby. My oldest was too new and the two year old you've got to worry about them what you don't -- put their opponents marketers an old credibility do anything. And the baby -- You can be -- -- you're in the -- you know -- work well you know. Our two older daughters are pretty they're pretty rough and tumble for girls I mean they're really acted like outside run around and playing and and they have made him the animal that he has now they've sat on campus is -- that are held him down. Hooks things from him you know really really -- don't know where now. They kind of run from it and if anybody's been out here training camp a couple times you know weeks is -- families come up. He's blond headed in his hair sticks straight up in the area looks like he's like it's being in the socket. And he is full -- all the time and his sisters night in that way. So you know they they created and they have to deal with -- they probably learned some moves from watching you. You know -- Hopefully not hopefully we're raising a family of golfers and soccer clips on the -- You have a lot of time to play golf for -- your rehabbing. No -- -- between rehab and having another baby kind of they kind of took a hit in the head this year -- -- that's the same thing with reflecting back hopefully I'll point them do that that the schedule allow for you to get over to -- a little it did. On Tuesday one of their practice rounds are always had an off day and Ryan Palmer invited me over. And -- -- -- holes with him and Martin layered inside the ropes. And then I met with David Thompson announces smile she days and walked a few -- him and vote and help. It's you know as a really really -- experience can be inside the -- it you know play the course a few times that you know being there with all you know all. About going on it was it was -- -- it is in the -- -- found his way to the -- and he did Israel for and he insists he's steady you know maybe he knows how to. Knows how to play the game you know that -- it's 46. I think forty cents -- that. And you know go play golf. Or spur each of his temperament and that's that's to me like the ideal temperament for great golfers ago like yeah keeps right here talked authors like that yeah. How much different is it being inside the room watching those guys make those shots. Well it's a lot different than it looks monopoly of the golf course because a lot of times they hit it at a short -- like the stir fry here you come out there and hit five inch long grass. -- I've been lucky over the years to be able play with a few guys that are pros and you know obviously be an avenue in on this Gaza -- those guys it's. It's it's just that different in looks different it sounds different you know the way they hit the golf ball you know -- would be. Equivalent to somebody coming out here and and watching -- you know that says play in in a law school tackle football -- coming out here not. That's different yeah so it it was it was -- the -- -- on the day. -- -- Kyle has been a long enough visit to for New Hampshire. With you know just off the field immune showered some food right yeah I'm on the why we've got meetings in -- Roland you know I've got. Like three or four treatments they -- etiquette when my foot trying to get back to 100%. What do you do their ice. Oh lord it's it's. Long list of things we've got. Laser treatments some electric treatments and ice treatments and massage treatments and now it's it's a busy long list but. -- guess it didn't bettors always did you feel it you're in the clear on this. I'm not all the way back. A 100% but I'm getting there I'm getting closer. I was better in the beginning of this this past week. Now was a week ago we got here and hopefully it'll be is saying in next week in the in the -- him in the next in the next replace you know got 45 weeks where. You know hopefully -- can continually get better. And it really started Muster you Wear special shoes when I am not playing football yeah flip flops or sandals the pressure on the back must let you know -- Good don't just mean if you see me out on their fighters on the I won't I promise big question for us now now I'm good how long you guys here for. -- the city -- come out. Every day. We would be hurt our ninth day here during this camp and we've got after today for more we are here in the afternoon when you guys are long gone. It'll -- we've we. We want this that or the odds are probably area every day I would drive yes it. Luckily that -- Appear. Stations it's on pay for gas. Yeah that's glamorous -- down that it. Mileage it's an error mile area is right slot -- One of our favorite guys -- thanks some time ago when he mountain. Did -- get drafted in training camp fantasy. Greg I don't know to remind us I don't know rosters right off the top of the score once I grip that you draft Greg areas that we appoint yet. He's bringing it up and you know that thanks -- that didn't -- and no points yet but no points here. Their pitcher Kyle lives in the paper as candidates stand behind EJ Manuel Sammy the game and -- got to get to picture in the paper -- points. All right the -- Mario one of the few via. That's right that be good. -- we had him. My with with the bills just getting off the field it to sort of happens when it happens. There was a caller who hung up that I wanted to hear his point and I'll just tell you what it's it on the screen Greg you might wanna tell us he said you don't need a quarterback could be -- a good offensive line that -- it decorous and -- He said hey whatever but you know tool was better than. That and it said. That's when its -- comments tool was better than he's -- -- -- an impressive throw so I mean you know you look at the numbers of me you know he threw two touchdown passes he did push the ball on the field. They ran that fast too and they did I it and I think they ran it literally a profession Manuel even when they were really caught. But he's not but he he was affected the -- -- -- it by. He's not be actually meant it -- -- -- thrower manual as a -- manuals got the gifts well Scott at all Jeff tool. There's you know put it as. Flattering -- as you want I'll always looked in city continues to look really good. He's not under any circumstances going ahead of the day everybody knows that -- manual is their investment. This guy's not gonna get in manuals way he could get for a cop yeah go to cop doesn't impress in this guy. Really does and I think it should be like that that you're talking like there's competition and I wouldn't want whatever your expectations were too. Trump. Now they perform. So but it has been you know I I think you got to admit I mean. Just from. Listening to people in watching ourselves. It's a few days where like a good practice you know a good practice. A good game one of -- the scrimmage one of them isn't like he likely you know. He's certainly exceeding what my my expectation was he was a guy just to be what you would it happen are. Really not any kind of a god it was gonna -- play in the league. But yes these people. Are -- -- the needs to meet he has it doesn't -- as impressive -- -- -- Even if it stands for. Here's dean next on WGR -- looking. Guys. -- just my observation. Was there -- -- things hadn't seen in years watching their game and I really think debt. Is probably -- -- score cheap I think we can account for -- Rock Island and since slacker came. Nice scenic beauty equipment are flying. Our special teams. And it was different there really what it's very -- you know optimistic about that. Thank you hear is Teddy with a solo -- Yes. Comparing EJ Manuel -- together. No tool -- not yet but he. EJ Manuel but he got the -- And good comparison would be a Tom Brady are Brady -- a six round draft pick nobody thought he would be anything early. And he's learning kept aren't going and match but I would like you know -- tool and wrote to say in a year Q where -- -- We're ready. And -- -- we still have a very effective back up but -- in the office and only learned promotion not from somebody else. Well all I'll hold off on mentioning. Brady. But I'll simply say that I think an off. Cases like that happen that I'd like to be able to assume if the kid impresses that he. You know gets their respect. That that's really it you know what what it amounts to if Manuel manuals -- quarterback you know it now or eventually. And this guy will not be either quarterback before he has. So whatever it is I don't know but it's just in the future guests how how long what's the soonest time. At which they could say Manuel isn't. You know good enough misses this year even -- it next year like. I don't know -- -- worth exploring the I just want is results to mean something to them that's all and -- what where that leads I couldn't say at this point. But Brady. Yeah I you know what's -- -- because usually round -- Speaking of quarterbacks Bernie costar. Can't wait to tell you about. Well you know Sampson wants interviewing those -- engineer he didn't know about those -- -- -- schools -- business. One part of it drives me nuts yeah. Did you have you heard it yes apparently ready I'm curious to hear that it would we have some of it -- we do okay good. Played for you politicos are on the -- broadcast. Actually ripping the rams wouldn't. Put it differently east we -- rams but. Will will will talk about it and we still wanna hear from more fans on yesterday's bills game did it. Do anything for 8030550. The number plenty of time to talk to -- -- -- saint -- -- over for the day Jerry Sullivan won't be with us. -- -- -- the top of the screen Sachs is not a bad throw these dissent looser she was so horrible that's a drop there on the bottom up on the -- the guy. Does -- break for yards in front of the TV look at some of their parents York. I would be embarrassed. We don't check into this. The itinerary -- of guys -- coaches may see who the receiver coaches to make sure I don't know who this guy is. Yes he's not doing very good you are I don't know -- you check data. Jim Jim Donovan is the other guys -- announcer each. He is an arm's length or they're just trying to re just if you check that out of room there that -- the farm equipment at. I'll be over here and try to really went. Largest baby -- you off quicker. At all but pretty close -- pros have apologized to the free world I know. Already costar. Was on the broadcast the the rams browns. And he said those things about the receivers. Took some shots that Kellen Clemens the backup quarterback for the ran -- one of their backup quarterbacks. And you know it was like that you know it's harsh. But I just. So Jeff Fisher takes offense. He he put it as. I was surprised. That -- are -- so little respect so little respect for big team and its players. As a former player. Is that really what it is is that necessarily what it is if it's anybody. Who criticizes guys anybody in the world. Who says for instance the rams receivers are horrible. Does that guy lack of respect for players and for football. Don't think I would think that it doesn't have to be true no he might just think they're horrible horrible Emmys on now reveals. Where you see him. I wonder if I it's -- -- sensitive and defense was again I want I wonder if what Fisher said is a window and well. Yeah like if if you're anybody whoever criticized and you just don't respect the right it does it does. The amount of I mean I don't know how how the browns apologized the rounds apologize -- you know Todd Fisher's been out of shape. I hit it it might be presented as evidence as to why guys are more critical. When you and don't speak that play because. That was you -- know that all right I mean that's not let's hope the show zones in the show sound like that usually you know right like. But I believe they're horrible horrible. You know I'm on -- telecast usually don't -- that and maybe you know here's another -- 21. Because if you -- weekly -- telecast. -- national football game. Your organization. Has to defend your employment and apologize it's a 100% of why you don't get those economic commentary broadcasts. Because the teams don't want it. The teams. Don't want their announcers. So critical beings are critical and you know go figure even of the other. All the other team right at the browns delegate and right and you know obviously fans -- short of an appetite for that criticism that they. Help the all of our families that -- criticize guys you know when we -- out there. I just the idea that Fisher would care. I wrote on Twitter what's the right answer to a question your Jeff Fisher and a reporter goes eight. Coach Wright -- you got a call coach even though it's not your coach your later. A coach. What what's your reaction to Bernie -- was -- comments about your receivers. The right answer from fisheries. Are you kidding me. I don't know. Serious -- that I couldn't care less right politicos are are -- made off for Pope Benedict or anybody thinks of my receivers why would I care about that instead it's. Why why yes I do have some opinions let me start here with this one thing he said at 815 of the second quarter. Com on. Fisher now. Chill out predictable but nonetheless we. -- the -- is right you know you you know you would. Shouldn't be surprised I I just or. Well maybe you should I think the right the right answers even if you if it did bother you is to not say that about. Because I mean you're just knocking off the dribble. -- -- sounds like IA you know we're all in the clawed and no one in the clubs will -- It's just -- to the ball like so what the rounds of apologized when they were about. Was gonna happen early -- they answer that Wear the browns were about. We're gonna happen to the browns didn't apologize the rant is bad blood between the organization's accomplished what outright -- to -- the rams and the browns are. That's. -- and I hate that about our society is one of the things I hate the most about -- society. Is that in that situation the rams would comment and then the browns would apologize. Because politicos are one guy. But -- well respected player in his day at that. Had the nerve to say that the ravens wide receivers are horrible which they very well might be. It's it's not a world where they care -- the right that's the world we live we hear about it right. And how -- you respect all. The -- apologized. To the human race Graham's. They should apologize to everyone all the rain that we said that. All right that's it. I'm -- -- them from over it. Think that's -- watch -- just say it and and stand there to stand there big deal -- All right here's Dave on WGR hello there. When things are looking forward at the beginning of year -- -- the -- for coming into the dictating play. Gain power that -- yacht and proactive with the heat and yet their team owner you know and it was great to -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- that -- -- the -- And I think that I caught yesterday not only about 35 yard drive with two minute we're out. What sort of perfect and there. But then you know the constant pressure that they -- -- bit. I think that would support think all Portland street it there eight we went forward for a touchdown. -- toward the creepy while all of which can then you know -- -- -- What you do after that what you go backing -- -- driving score another touchdown whereas you know maybe are seen in the past -- -- just you know. You have been charged or something what -- -- that all of just on the -- it would Kuwait's deputy. -- got a good -- had to react to note only one game and it countered that pretty beat them. But they actually want what I want the big enough but I stopped. Oh. I like the point -- they'd gather she's got a right they did in the third quarter they are the fourth fourth quarter. Went for a fourth for Portland yeah Portland 3-D. And they had a corner blitz at least. Remember one in the third quarter -- they had guys come in from the there were there there was one player guy on the you know once it was against second half of the game. Bumped him really late but at a queen's seemed like the quarterback -- the sector on the blood pressure maneuvering completion. Yeah I it was some. It felt. Mean you can be a trap is you know like -- to do this already but you know we for years fans have. All -- it'll look like they know who they are no sense of purpose all these -- cliche kind of things that are really just you're. It's your perception watching the TV. And you know it it's a bad -- -- -- but that's the problem but they don't have a bounce and there's capitals kind of things. But just walked. Like big panel off. You know again I don't know it's how accurate that is but -- you know I'm excited about the new quarterback I'm excited about the new -- -- optimistic going it. You know it's on sometimes you see which wanna see but. It felt to me like they. They walked they had a different look to them. We've only had a few conversations here with players during this camp and there might be a few more com. Kyle Williams sat with this just few minutes ago Fred Jackson was another one who did too. Too well respected veteran players on the strip any body ball the two of them. On this roster for that for that you know. Characterization. And I'm only the didn't give. A -- them both up for it like this guy. Working for you. And it will sort. Do you have a pat answer on that you did you sense that so yeah a little bit of especially I've never practiced the day after it gave us -- from Kyle it -- I gotta I -- yeah. -- -- to me he seemed very. It didn't seem as much of what have exam -- -- -- now we've seen what you've been there. Fred I thought like -- like -- even my plaintiff for it because -- it's fun this is working for me follows a little more measured. Yeah I still they still think that that whole thing about what they looked like yesterday. They have a couple of great drives couple plays and that's -- -- looked and in it that one. And they ran it by about -- originally ran their offense quickly -- it's our it's hard to not. Feel like you're watching a team that has more energy than they used to when they're running their -- -- So that's really. Here's -- that Hillary. -- calling from. Ohio. Here's Dave hello Dave. There -- guys all the dog. Hey I go a little bell yesterday I was really well let -- I am I'm getting your body is I look like hopefully I'll bought -- want to go. And ally backing corps general I mean after it like it's time the first quarter while. Just how much force and a lot of the OY Betancourt has this year. And he didn't that they were actually that at least you know -- -- Obviously brought here last year -- -- -- -- backing -- -- really going to be probably the biggest upgrade in our heart not from lack your current. What -- pleasures that is this. -- and he couldn't comedy -- that. He cooperate at that I'll really nice break up right in the heart don't I'm not win locks that -- Idec are. I'll help out the order to help -- -- for the -- and -- -- -- well I don't look at back to keep an eye on others -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it did a great day. So little. Athletic talent at linebacker for a -- -- for years is a long time. It is in some of these really reach red light veteran guys they tried. In other guys were not -- Tokyo players they have. Quarterback is easier rundown linebacker it's different might even be worse. They've been at those positions. You know. Through the years last the last ten years. Whole week now since Tokyo. Tokyo lecture to. Athletes. Mean where they had it's been a standout cents art Barnett. Please position. Pretty CV and you know decently in -- that's. Good for the bills mean. And that's not good enough. So. Good these guys are but they definitely know where. They'll be used. There's a new famous person who believes in no punting. And news. I don't know how he feels about it. But it's a name you know carry a new federal he's a con vert or what but. No punting has. Perhaps the spokesperson Tom -- that's not me. Higher profile opponent Wagner not to -- or -- Wagner much over the bulldogs at saint John Fisher -- -- at all able to join us later. To retain as -- telling volunteers get an -- Hopefully get them. For the ran out of it -- -- they get we get that answered by. Even though that that passes completed most of first time she's all that traffic to their. There's freed up linebackers. Extra safety in their whose double coverage -- all that and stuff and just to single was she was pulled going outside and throws the ball and backs can't handle it the most famous first pick -- an autograph from Kelly Wallace. He's the answer on Wall Street -- -- soon. To -- suitable for approval. Not me I know it's so mean to say some like that. But it's kind of funny -- -- and you could live with that can't you you're too much. When your announcer talks like that. John Murphy stopped by -- stubborn and that politicos are well hole. I can't hear -- I didn't hear it I read about it. If he gets fired and now another team the team apologized for him or -- you did -- -- -- -- programs to implement because. He said their receivers are terrible parent should be embarrassed me yes yeah any repeat you. Over the top and yeah blue line he just went about -- -- to -- -- compliment your autograph to open. Pope Benedict the and closers instead bless me father for writers and I've watched this guy who -- quarter at a pretty good. -- I keep going to get that. Just the idea access to be expressed any further apologized for him. Well a responsible -- John that there's a new. Voice perhaps to the no punting movement. This just your movement is. Yes yes you were the vice president who is that it points Larry David a hole really well respected football and that's it I thought. How Cheryl Hines she waited and that. I don't know. She did something about. Gap control everywhere Ireland I don't know where I was hoping for better Hitler did you know I'm a fan of it is but you know well I gave it Don -- take years ago -- that was good enough -- So now I've just grasping at straws until blood. I -- good -- on the that's a pretty well respect the guy. Yeah Larry David was and I've just learned this in an email from listener rich Eisen podcast advertising media estimates he -- -- the jets better than Rex Ryan on the -- -- -- -- Some new duo will be here I don't know we'll be working laughing but it's. One day yesterday. It was -- -- it -- much better than most first pre season games much better you know and you know they say what you want about the colts they didn't have I think what they count up sixteen players out in the lot of starters. But I thought the bills -- sharp right down the roster for the most part a couple of you know. Kind of stupid penalties but I thought that looked pretty sharp rate from start to finish you worry about it when you put him in new offense new defense and new communications system from up top down the field and and trying to run that no huddle in a rookie quarterback in all with -- all of those moving parts and all that. Newness I thought they would -- you know I've I've remarked a few times here this afternoon are ready. And I kind of reluctant to say it to definitively because that's the kind of thing we hear from fans. The other way after a bad game there just don't have any sense of purpose they didn't look ready to play the -- -- sort of -- guessing that -- Yesterday. You you've talked about there being a new Bible around the building almost in Rome was hired. I felt like either I wanted to see that I felt that watching the game -- walked different. They looked ready to play I thought defensively they looked rated it which respond C mean flatter on the field on defense hitting people. The couple of them amazing hits and around Brooks it was create Aaron Williams and Williams delivered an exit offensively I thought the execution was pretty crisp. They looked ready to play which is impressive and said there's Adam you know a lot of things occurred on rotten in that first game with the new coaching staff and and tons -- new personnel in. And which not to say it's going to be a steady climbing uphill trend but I think for starters it was pretty good pretty good I like that. And after rival. Because I just don't think that's I think that's one of the areas that's tougher to gauge when you draft a guy you can draft is measurable by. Under pressure there's some pressure there. Trip to go nine for night without even a third down. It -- two minute drive your career yet. And he didn't make any spectacular plays but he made all the right plays that they actually touchdown pass was spectacular but I thought you know just fired it through there but. You know there are -- semi big chunks of yardage there with help along I think at least two penalties right gathered right. Hum yes and that is a pressure situation you know I mean even at a practicing if you do and it's human -- in your own teammates there's added pressure but in the pre season game especially. Which they started the it's the yard line yeah. A minute fifty and all the time outs which is that I. I was stunned when Maroney admitted post game that he thought about not doing and and because -- about two and a half minutes left the -- defense and the feel like no it's a DiMarco so this could set up well they can stop what they're gonna have a a tailor made three time out to minute. Drill here that you know you'd really -- good evaluation that -- that it worked out that this is concerned he's lucky he didn't. Taken the the clock out because there is no excuse for no appreciable depth. -- white he would set but he did say. Find out about your team -- it in that hey maybe it's different because you're worried about sportsmanship below -- did in the game. But not you know first that goodness. We have on the night. Tonight Eric what it's gonna join us he's he's really I think emerging Kelso edited -- we spent a lot of time together market over the last few days with. He was talking about guys you know emerging from proteges to leaders. And he mentioned Eric Wood is one of those guys who has been a good solid player for the first four years if his career and now it's -- Assume leadership Roland on the offensive side of the ball so. We'll talk with -- about that and actually the other guy -- the natural candidate for that on the defense side of the ball is not -- -- super. I mean if you talk about a -- been excellent player for the first few years of his career and is poised to be leader and it's unfortunate -- I think we're approaching the point where. Your expert is hurting himself and the team at this point he probably is not -- -- until. -- for the opener at some point but he he he could he could be in the so -- there what we'll talk with the antichrist in the special teams totals. Okay thank you John Beck gets dumber things up at seven -- over the bulldogs here on WGR.

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