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8/13 Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone discusses his football philosophy and the team going forward

Aug 13, 2013|

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We are delighted at the head coach of the Buffalo Bills the broad joining us here -- the step aside he's Yankee purity Brittany where it might -- code. Jeremy on the other hand is. For some reason wearing his Syracuse hey today to trade your G it's. Where it's coincidence popped up the point where it raining today are rain here so the first thing you pulled out of the closet this way out. Yeah. Well coach thanks for joining us proud alumni don't appreciate it conflicting you know mister Cusick -- come with iron fisted attacker that. The way I look at is not save and other people -- it that they value it like the Mets the Mets now though it's bet that jets ex Rangers. -- Because that's that's where they Arabia and the Rangers -- well that that couple the couple together -- both the guard. You know it's oh so that's the way -- yes apartment it's it's not a pretty thing you get the first questions its legacy and your outlook of of of that you -- First question who. Is there a second guess at Syracuse they don't know you know now you knew about all I absolutely at all if -- let me throw that out for now he's not a famous new house a lot but they act like they don't -- of any guides -- put his name up anywhere he's not like Kostis -- that all of money. Well that's -- out of work is that I don't know. I don't know I guess -- first question is just this you know your your career path. How are you enjoying this you know the NFL job at being at the at the top of the food chain in the in the football world. Is it what you thought it would be to this point it. Really. Look at things that way I just kind of a more of the type. You know pages -- -- head down ages ago and just word. You know never get you know too involved with all the things are going on the outside and I think that. In you know this is this is what I do this is my job. And I just try to go up there and do the best I can't you know if I start thinking that this job entitles me to. Whatever may be on the outside. You know that then all of a sudden now my job -- my hobby and that's why I think that we -- to the players you know don't let your job become. And I think it's important just to. I love coach of football. I love coach at any level. -- you would be around the coaches. The people. The thing that I've been very fortunate about that and around. Briefings you know and come west -- New York now. I'm really really excited in -- for -- organizational round. Get ourselves back in the playoffs and you know and be able to walk around and see people smile and feel proud to Wear Buffalo Bills. Our security did you have. Any trepidation about becoming an NFL head coach you've been an NFL steps to blatantly you coached Italy -- you were exposed to it but a lot of I always wonder like when you're successful college you know to do with agent contracts salary capital that other stuff -- got a deal to get to the -- was there anything like. Calls like this but I enjoy this prose could be a bit of well my experience when -- -- -- player. I had good and bad experiences them -- now as a player I saw some of the darker side of things between what you said you know management players and coaches and players -- him along. And it and it's a difficult situation and in this store is in its choose or why. While laughter -- coach and set them myself. I'm never coached. Ottawa goes through that -- -- I don't wanna sit there you know I've I would go to meeting sometime. Ago median and coaches. You know one star players that go along. You know they would battle you know in this room. And I was that guy when it started going to college I was the one on the staff on. They care everyone wanted to go to -- felony so though they'd be careful what you wish for careful what you wish for. And then I that the University of Tennessee and in a lot of people at that level they wanna get to -- well. I was. I I was like. You know what this that's not what I wanna do -- mistake here college like these young kids develop them almost I get a call from an NFL team were I've really didn't know anyone. You know I wanna competitiveness are they way to fit in my professional wants so. Maybe one screw it up the hill so. And and that's really how it started by. I was very fortunate I've never I've been around. Good organizations have been outstanding players and I just fell locally. Who is your biggest influence you've been through as you said you and I know I've ever read the uploaded to the nice peace and before camp though. The -- should be brought up Ralph -- it was brought up you've been with NFL coach Sean Payton obviously Herm Edwards. Is there one guy who's been orbit influence on you in -- of your coaching career will probably. You know everyone have a difference in points and different in different factors whether the office dramatics wouldn't be organizational skills whether. You know there -- a lot of different influences that you get but you know I always like to you know coach Mac obviously in the development phase and what he did but I always go back to the beginning. You know and and -- and I probably the first major influences for me were my Little League coaches. You know they do they really. Made me enjoy the game joy competition. You know in joy. Of hard work put in in my high school coach you know we play -- game it's you know it's a tough game very difficult. And I think if you you can attend to go overboard and at a young age and try to say -- Imus be in the utes football used anything you know girls boys whatever day. I try to say is at a young age try to keep it. You know try to keep it where it's not this high pressure. You know all this stuff and and I I credit a lot of that from high school coach you know we worked hard we won a lot of games. But it at the end of the day it was fun and I think that's important that's what made me love the sport that wasn't turned off but he Hungary's and that's what I. I find now in and -- sports men and women you know girls and boys. You know I try to throw coaches you know make it fun for -- absolutely enjoy it and they'll they'll do it to a prolonged. And at the same time you have a message that you you've put up in the field house and it's the much for the we've heard a lot which is don't confuse effort. With results so what what is it about that message and you obviously the professional level leveled much of what is it about that particular. Message that you like the most well. Again and I hope I would not use this you know at at lower levels okay. You know we're a high performance business where results oriented profession just like you guys are right ratings whatever maybe you know sort of the studio director or producer is always on hey -- -- reading you know opens everywhere a high performance business and and and that's what the NFL is so. You know a lot of times you'd be talking to players and you know they think they're they're going under -- -- 10% and they are. That's all great you know head coach John triumph do in this. I'm doing the best job I can't but the other day it's about results you know we all know that -- judged on wins you know we have to win. And the players you know they have to make plays so. You know you may be going hard you maybe feel on that but you better make sure that you have the production. Doug wrote -- with a -- that coach on the field coach let's talk obviously you know the the what are the big search of course as EJ Manuel. When you first got to camp after the first couple practices said he could already see the difference in OT -- to the beginning of training camp. Now could you talk a little bit about what differences do you see your progression do you see from the start of this kept. The scrimmage last month at night you've had a game now against Indianapolis in the two plus weeks here what have you seen from each in terms of the progression. Well. You know it again there was a progression. Over the summer. -- key -- had a really good plan you know get themselves ready get yourself acclimated to what we're trying to get accomplished from. An offensive standpoint. Came back obviously wouldn't have to go back and re teach which is a big thing. Came in here had a lot of it had some really good days you know we just kept progressing along. And that I think the other destructive played isn't there comes a point where. You just gotta go play and people forget you know hey you know we have this experienced -- this position we have an experienced player here. What -- gain that experience and I think. I think it's very difficult I think we all know but we forget. That first time maybe a -- back. Ever the first time I think we can relate to that first time he walked into kindergarten. You know that first time that you know whatever it may be. And it's a pretty big step when you think about my whole entire life -- -- the Jonas and oh my gosh I'm out here now. And you know what I like about the kid. He has you know we have scrimmage you know through -- early interception. You know but he was able to come back. You know we go into a game last week first really game ever even -- it's a pre season game in the NFL and he's starting. You know he goes in there. We're happy -- -- the decision making process earlier on that game we were very happy you know the managing of the game and those things. And that all the sudden you start to see the comfort level comment and all of a sudden it's nine for 92 minute drive and you go -- you know what. Here we go so I think it's a matter of that experience -- just seeing him get more more comfortable. As he gets used to managing yourself I mean that's one of the big things you have to learn how to. He'll breathe in breathe out what he's doing pregame get yourself ready to -- so. You know I see I see you a player that's. Progress and develop quite quickly. You have a number of people and for the first time UB coaching your first game -- Daniel Hackett also a rookie coordinator. Talk a little bit if you could about your relationship with him like how you've you've brought him with you in in the Alicia you've had together is essentially an offensive tandem. I union match you know you'd ask him about more more deep balls specifically to to that the colts game but how will. That dynamic work. Well like it'll say it's like a marriage but then I hurt my wife to. You know we're -- we you know we really are as far as our personalities. You know he's he's more rebel and out there a more couple workaholic and you know. Hands -- to the ground. But we work closely to get our our belief in what we do systems. And we we went through that together I mean some struggles when you change and its its -- well document you know both -- but then -- come from the same type background. Wouldn't wanna call West Coast offense maybe. You know we -- some transition you know obviously where we were together. In college you know going to more up tempo type of attack. And that's hard to do. You know people like to say whether it is truly believe it's something you've been successful. And they have been successful with the other system I've been successful the other system program war Owens and make that change so those grown -- tough you know you have people that know you really well Shane. What's going on you know he has is that I have my follow law people and I've been close to. So we've gone through that together and I think that. You know we're at a point now where we know each other we manager -- that we worked with each other we know exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are each other. Tickets and that's important because when you put a staff together. You don't want to. You know have to go through those growing pains and strategically we put that together that we've all come from the same background. You know we all we all know each other and we command huge. In the same time you're just trying to getting to know Mike Patton the story that Yahoo! had a couple days ago about that. You know how that whole meeting came together and how you guys decided. To to make. This is a complete staff. What do you learn about him or walking you say about him and in your experience just at this point working with a. Well his personality by a little bit more like mine you know and in doing that so he's. You know he's done he's done an outstanding job has agreed background. You know its interest thing I -- realize you know both of our coordinators that dad were both coaches you know I think they think that that that's helped. You're going away and her personal -- so it keeps you grounded out. You know. I think that you know you know might come here. He's very enthusiastic about it. We all have challenges here with the with the club with the players and. We look forward to. How involved we UP game days when it comes to actual. Play calls during the game or decision after the game the other day after the Indianapolis game did mention kind of surprised to report go -- -- On game day you let your coordinators call right we use that pin and go to the -- say. I -- deep ball here run the ball here we you go to my -- and say you want a specific coverage cured you step back and let them go. I think I think one of the things that that it's very difficult. For people to really get a sense of it is please call. In other words you know. Is short about time there's a lot of things going on. It down and distances this personnel this matchup that you want that it it it's a little differences there from the TV -- -- they should do this do that. And I don't know people have an appreciation for. -- -- you get into a rhythm you know when people should talk about change in the temple and change in this opening game. You know a lot of people audio outs I would think that there's this thing and -- change in rhythm you know for the players that are on the field which is true. But -- also change in the rhythm of play calls you know -- to get the play call out earlier you know where they're comfortable what you do so. My philosophy goes. As I talk to them you know after this years ago. What are we gonna do the next here's what's -- thought process what do we think it. So you know we're able do that all three phases -- came back with this. How we're gonna stop you they hit us in the B yep tee time you know what I wouldn't do it let's get a three technique it. Ago hey Mike what's the -- pressure in the than we ever show what it was try to revive these guys can also. In between series once users over any questions that what I want and I am during the call the series a lot of times. You know what goes on and headphones and it hasn't gone yeah that is the only coach -- wanna go after me wanna wanna play coverage. You know -- coach you wanna take a shot here. Or or what it is cooler -- office so little that it things that at least in my experience I can't speak for what -- I submit -- notes of what would also say a -- golf for a fourth down again yesterday though his series at play calls could be -- about whether you're -- punter Gulfport or whatever that -- that's way ahead because you know. You know two days probably prior to the game you know you're going through -- this. You know that you get their game day and you look at whether when and where we have to get to what's four down territory. And you -- you don't wanna say you know if you make a third down call and I can speak offensively you make the third down call also other coaches they're going. A wanna go for now I gotta -- hey look back at the G men and a ghostly wanna say. He'll pay his -- -- we -- we have you know we get to -- OK and then and then how are usually manages. I'll say it Daniel you're two down and now switch over to defense say hey pat if those guys ready we're gonna go for world now. You -- of saints and keep everyone you know one or two steps ahead. How about after -- game is there when you look at. Ones that we look for one thing after the colts game they would jump off the page -- 85 offensive plays like it if you feel like the identity of your team. After a game you you'll you'll look at one thing you know you had a good game or not. When it comes on the winning football games once that you look at it -- Out obviously score at that but but but you're you're really do because. You know when you go back and study you know percentages. Of what goes on and -- -- for Leo in the last 1213 years here. You know people have felt good about the team you know means that we haven't gone for the playoffs. And one of the stats that that kind of jumped out at me when I was going back researching. With that when they've been plus one. Eternal battle or better. They've won 80% gain so no matter who the quarterback who is here who you like to use them like. He it really that we presets -- play at -- times and that's really the first that as far as that that game I do -- rule stats tool platelet plays on the plane. You know right -- -- you look at it -- -- you know red zone touchdown percentage. You know. Opposite defense you know you're looking for. You know that it's only that penalties are paid when their colonel what's going on. So I think I think there's a lot of things that you -- -- for a opted to answer your question. And one thing. Doug grow with a spills that coach -- and it's a training camp. Coach thanks for your time we appreciate coveted best of luck this season thank you very much rich indeed event Saturday to let -- -- I -- I've appreciated.

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