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8/28 Sal w/ Brian Floyd of SB Nation: Coug Central

Aug 28, 2013|


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    what yeah. John Murphy show presented by Sunoco. Official convenience store the Buffalo Bills . Welcome back our Jewish joke John Murphy show here until buying coming up this hour. Good talk with Todd Harrison is chair of this sports studies department at Saint John after your colleagues in the co director of buffalo bills' training camp for saint John Fisher. He's coming up at 830 Steve tasker standing by to join us in a couple of minutes. Talk with him about his former college coach. Dennis Green and we'll talk again about the bills in the NFL are special in guest studio tonight tomorrow night former bills wide receiver Donald Jones who played here three years. Mean here for a couple of nights and help us out with a show like did I think that was our way. We efforts are record of one well hello Evan name and on the line with a stupid to think that all of you know we talked about this you're going to camp in you know what it's like obviously gone to four different training camps what. Do you kids get better training camp a minute in if so what should the Buffalo Bills work on in training camp this year. Yeah I think all teams did better throughout this entire offseason process on the training
    that you know the sad news last week the the death of Dennis Green that long time coach in the NFL and before the NFL he hit several good years it's Stamford and and at northwestern he was there when you're when you were a player at northwestern did he talk about your first encounter with Dennis Green and what he was like with for you Steve. Yeah it was he is a really good football coach I thought it
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    blazers had to tackle football addition that produced up here with the Buffalo Bills before the lending game let's hear some pretty memorable moments on back to look at a couple of them earlier today including a dinner. And Hutchison buffalo without prior offensively. Pretty glad I could provide an Arab showed up as well unexpectedly which is great. And you know I became. You know I don't restarted the you know my girlfriend is from William bill in buffalo. Uploading with a very partial for the Buffalo Bills in this assembly over the top like about that a meeting of those guys and into being a minority that get but

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with more of that John Murphy show on Buffalo Bills really. -- those radio myself I Jessica and -- -- tonight and somebody is yelling down on the field and we think it's -- around. At this kickoff party gets people fired up. Inside that big white tent they have going on. Here at Ralph Wilson Stadium I'm guessing it was in her -- against management there was 123 we're -- playoffs as -- was well they they're getting fired up when they're -- get ready for the 2013 season with the kickoff party. I hear Ralph Wilson Stadium it's that they do every year pretty. Corporate sponsors of the Buffalo Bills. I am appear in the radio with standing right where John Murphy calls all the action every single Sunday. From the Ralph or whenever the Buffalo Bills play a home game in the meantime. It was a brand next week against the doing the patriots and the quarterback situation is still up in the air. Will it be EJ Manuel or will be rookie fellow rookie Jeff tool. Joined right now by Brian Floyd on the subway fresh take outlined Subway Restaurants and a special offer for bills fans with a little score twenty or more points on the season. There's a Buffalo Bills dot com after all home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium for details subway. Eat fresh Bryant is of Kooks -- -- -- he's an editor at SB nation dot com which is a great job covering all college and pro teams around the country think slot -- for joining me -- -- Buffalo Bills radio tonight. -- pick them. I Bryant so let's talk a little about Jeff -- you covered him. At Washington State obviously came in as a freshman didn't play all that much but he did play as a freshman and really got his shot as a sophomore -- tell us a little bit about Jeff -- Growing into the quarterback role when you first some as a freshman until when he graduated his senior year. You have six Minnesota -- -- good way and he's cold that things -- been called camp. The thing that you are doing in camp he walked into the -- uterus to incoming guys are about on this started starting job. And just showed up in kind of took over -- being kept him. The two of them that and so sure a Russian state that. There was a plan to redshirt him there actually would ever plan to pretend you're going to play you're going to start. If it was delayed a little bit but it's. She grabbed the -- internal way you know we're the offense right away and ended up. Coming in the middle of the game against USC -- California. Showed some good flashes considering you're playing against US you're very good seem very good defense on a very bad team and watch considered -- Are in that game started agreements are more games here -- let me put it. You came in quickly picked up turning quickly and I think you're kind of in the same thing and well we'll right now. Where guys with independent readers because. You can manual and couldn't call her out and you'd be you'd -- in that role it's something you don't well his entire career. So off the field and I guess in the huddle I should say not actually the physical tools let. You're comfortable with him from what you saw the college level that he can be the kind of guy the you know can command -- huddle and can command a football team and lead one right. Yet that you -- -- -- -- watching this straight you went through a lot at watching statement Coleman and was always a leader whether injured healthy whatever I watched him. Come that would -- him. Even refused how hurt he was out there on the field coaching goes up. You're not there when he was in quarterback but I don't think like that coaching up is back up it's just something he's very good ideas good character in that sense. Well up until his junior year he obviously didn't play a full season effect -- had 45 attempts on the entire season. He would head about the worst junior year that you could have coming up a sophomore year in which. He stayed healthy the entire year they opened up the often form he did very well he carried it into. Wind basically single handedly get sort of faced up accepting of kicking game -- including street. Brilliant coaching here everyone is excited if it got off to a weird. Interesting awful hard for him of playing against the team that. Russian state is not good is it was was to be equally -- that's just came the flu didn't cannot start the game. Our coaches and the playing and did play in the disputed by Britain's callable on the sideline. Recover from that. And then play a game against Stanford a grueling games Stanford is Stanford they're comfortable but I. In the next game you. Suffered a variety of -- is the -- of which was acute compartment syndrome that thing is out there. The country deterred them more than about a decade can kill you. And and he's and so he played probably. A game and total. And how important person here. And then he goes into his senior year Brian and done he actually actually has to kind of fit any offense that. Maybe he wasn't necessarily suited for but. There's a pretty good job 63 point six completion percentage -- have a great TD interception ratio -- about how his senior year when his final campaign at Washington State. This senior year word. -- like because his third different system but it certainly conservative profit for the previous -- C. -- one who has been moving storm about three days in the middle of the season. He picked up and then you with Mike -- system and it was a pretty big shot all the quarterbacks go from what they were endless -- very complicated very. Regents system would be offensive coordinator -- get him -- of information unchecked to. We system here grade. And -- I voted quarterbacks -- one very simple very timing based and all that and that -- and edit backup quarterback in the kind of went back imports. With the competition that was really a competition tool that mr. double time. They didn't actually see them you know but it was it's just that for him. The pick that up but -- a deal on -- it was on the -- as the year went on because he picked up more more and kept getting better better in the back up its season. Was it much better quote the opposite. -- leaps and bounds and to an extent we had to pick up the senate I'm the opposite true pick it up in -- state. More than once he's an involvement actually did it -- -- supposedly this. How does fans -- jets who was the overall body of work when he left. Washington State what -- most fans police say the response was that when they look back upon. The -- -- era at Washington State had great quarterbacks come through there at the college level obviously -- Drew Bledsoe guys like that. How did -- that how will they remember the jet to Lara. Because of how he ended the year -- comeback win over Washington. Big rivalry game in -- I think people look back on the -- It was just kind of that one moment and he did it and laughed and there's so his career. Where we -- going to come back big game proxies in all of that. If there's one left an impression it's probably that played. Pete is not up there with future books so there -- leave the elite quarterbacks who -- it has produced. -- we go through a rough period of time on when McCain was really bad really really bad. He wasn't able to pull out of that tailspin well it. You know it is you is you get the -- viewed -- -- -- Did just about everything you can ask of him. But they note some -- the look back fondly on navy now being with the passage but you did well Washington State. Brian -- joining me here on the John Murphy show you can buy -- -- center dot com he's an editor over at SB nation got count. They do great job of covering all college and NFL in. Really any sport the white and I'm one of those SB nation sites do a great job right right to me physically. The best part about. Jeff to all the things he does the best and it also physically tell -- that thing that really he needs to work on the most in the NFL. That's things about him his opponent in his ability you. Get out of trouble on this happening this first game the USC is to tap in Thailand and I'm -- pro career. These minimum even with the injuries to take off and run yes. Really good foot speed and get out of trouble quickly. And that bill not a lot in his career because he is playing got up and one that really struggled. Our own worst -- Probably need to work on his release a little bit more still this is not the quickest release in the world he's got a good arm. But there -- there were -- agree hesitated but the ball on the windows. In some gold -- so that was physical put. It is late oh -- bailing him out. What about. His arm strength there was a lot -- are straight making in the draft and I heard they didn't have a strong -- but -- -- -- honestly. -- I went to illustrate given practices and this -- was don't bombs all over the place and you know he was thrown down the field -- -- Goodwin who may have been the fastest player and all the drafted that he probably has the fastest player. Who's here in buffalo now I 'cause arms straight look good maybe just because of the warm weather what was his arm strength like at Washington State. It's a story about after he -- -- guests of the capitol music one lyric in. -- you would go to practice every day and you would walk out and kind of we understood how important you sit there and throw her out or more so caught -- -- someone Larry. Stay in their turn around and watched. A beautiful ball early forty yards a year ago route. Looked up nose and he was hopping on one leg back to the Honolulu where you got in concert it's. It's not your you know biggest -- in the world. But he has the strong arm it's good to that they would send it just kind of sometimes the new -- sheet he struggled to. Unlike windows but he can throw the ball and and we get stymied and that the ball and in. So often. Do without wherever I it's it's deceptive it's not. You know -- got to -- -- zombie he does actually have they saw it are. Actually I thought he's pretty much a gunslinger when I watch the training camp I saw a nice arm but sometimes it just didn't know where that ball is gonna wind up to be quite honest with the. And they were over he would still the ball he had trouble keeping the ball down. Quite -- -- are and whether injured otherwise but do sometimes fill the ball but he'd. You could throw the ball this very -- -- just about any route. What sister Rebecca quarterback -- -- -- kind of put everybody to see him but cooled right up there and can do a lot of the same thing. Right now that you don't have you know you have the greatest of whether Washington State but here in buffalo you know gets tough in December to throw a football so it's not necessarily those long bombs those. 4550 yarder on the field you have to have those high arching passes here in buffalo. You have to be good at throwing those 2125 yard. Routes over the middle in to the sidelines with some zip on it through a pretty tough wind -- some pretty tough conditions you are you confident that he can do at this level. We got letters home and we plan -- -- -- quickly and it's it's not quite ballclub that we do get almost not quite Seattle either it's nasty winter there's still on the government colder rock hard look all of Beck and you've been there you don't you can hear it might be California boy -- bigger than quarters and Coleman. A lot of what you did release -- those intermediate route that was something that reached drilled into the present. You know we had no -- there is great and drove the ball you put. A lot of it is during the ball underneath getting their meager amounts -- -- things like that so yes record doing that in. We know that weather is a -- but we know it. While you say you guys know what they're there and you know there was a report you know they came out of buffalo and on national media latched onto it that's a bit. -- he's definitely going to start -- kind of the way that they put it that's really not the -- necessarily here they're still hoping that he Emanuel comes back. By next week I know washes the cougar fans you would like to see Jeff throughout the issue he can do it as why caution everybody -- -- your readers just so you all know what there. They're still -- -- -- out there just kind of planning as F. -- who is going to have to start so who knows you know in a week from Sunday when they wanted to could be -- orbit. It also could be EJ Manuel to -- you don't know what I got to ask you -- -- -- you do without Jeff -- as the starting quarterback this year. Riviera is the second year nearly each. Just. Back up and really good friend -- date is kind of grasping the system now. Really would know where to go but up considering last 456. Years they've had. Tool could not win though you can go to zone it was going to be impossible in pieces are starting to come together and might be better inaudible team but it. No heed to the bleeding finger pretty good place behind the minister and foreign place he would get there at the wrong arm. I'd like those fans and really you know maybe -- you a question or two if he can't can you throughout your Twitter handle because I'm sure a lot of bills fans may have even more questions than what. I ask you here in the program think how can they get in touch with the here at Brian Arum who ordered all one word. At Bryant employed so I appreciate that because bill's fans -- -- questions about Jeff tool to make it's either I know right now I give you a little bit more work that you probably were. Willing to put him Bryant -- -- I -- guys did a great job more than LE SB nation of course. Code center and you get a lot of jokes about that right and how people go to -- -- looking for Washington State football players all the sudden there they are their page. We actually makes blood about it we call -- -- morning links to your action so. Who do deliver -- -- Tucker and about it. Well hopefully I jets -- as they got some hot cougar -- in the career here in buffalo in beyond thank you very much we appreciate you joining us here on the dumber each O'Brien. I think -- I.

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