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WGR550>Topics>>9/9 D'Norris Searcy talks with Howard Simon about his touchdown

9/9 D'Norris Searcy talks with Howard Simon about his touchdown

Sep 9, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Football Monday dinars -- Howard and Jeremy welcome to the show aria. I prefer I'm good. I got delayed the Norris -- a little worried about yesterday when you're running back that fumble around that one yard line. Look like -- word you're gonna stumble and run and -- a guess there -- a little bit yeah okay. You're out there it -- -- feel like you're on and about 200 yards at that point. It is -- to go -- -- refer of course. Got a sack he had the big fumble recovery for a touchdown but obviously you guys end up losing the football game. So how do you go home last night you feel good about your own performances that dwarfed by the loss what do you handle all that. Allred who is scared me homeless you know -- lived in this you know we still have a lot towards his own -- -- And we don't we just gotta come practical option on this and we got to finish better. How would you evaluate. Game one regular season game with Mike Patton a new defense and everything you guys were trying to put in play how do you think you -- overall as a unit in game one. Overall they interpret your -- and we do one of the most. -- or do you just last year and able to vote to keep him contained. Put personal library via -- and force turnovers those two quiche. Okay what do you think you got to get better -- after game one. Of this criticism criticism isn't the main thing just come -- its historic session just as -- an estimated thing. A little bit about LL have a overseer -- -- we mention and the bubble let's talk about those two key players let's talk about the sack first because. I mean that's that's a byproduct of the new scheme right we witnessing net from you -- your position. Last year so -- talk a little bit about that play and how it all unfolded. We'll go to Michael double of those it evolve these Laden's discard -- As an example abroad -- is Graham Harrell fired on -- -- -- Latin. It straight from Brady and the director Abel would say. So I mean any time we agreed to get its act and sure it's pretty special but how much more special was it knowing you sacked. Number -- Overt Jerusalem in over carefully guys say that they can say they've they would check sound great so -- -- -- categorical -- to. There's about. Now described the fumble recovery how that play went down. A little I think a lot of players and -- eventually -- -- -- -- down values so. Did after the ball pop is that it would require BP doesn't just go to right. To -- here she this year. On a Buffalo Bills football Monday on WGR. Talk a little bit about the playing time you got you don't know. Gerris bird you get out there you got quite a bit playing time yesterday and just talk a little bit about how you at how well how that went for it -- to get all those snaps. Well probably who are pretty were pretty good Michael. I've sort of incentive will remain humble just. Think perpetrated out Gingrich. -- -- made on the best the best of good up -- How is the communication out there amongst the secondary players that -- not just the safeties but the quarterbacks as well I mean there was. A new guy their Jim Leonard for sure how did all that go. On the we're pretty muted given the wrong -- veterans group on a great leader Benedict -- -- on nine years. So I mean no system very well sold them out there who grew more confident I don't know we had a guy we have that. Centered culture and we get an. So listen you got the lead -- -- get the ball tell me what did Mike -- say that last drive where they end up you know going down field get the game winning field goal. What do Mike -- tell you guys before that drive what you think and as you were going out to the field try to hold of that lead but knowing that you had to face Tom -- trying to close the game out. Well Lou rudin a little -- house. That'll occur and how are how the burden of silent on the Democrats -- to try to pattern here but I. And obviously Brady goes downfield and and and and wins the football game it's only one game to Norris and I know. You know you -- there are route hoping to turn things around and I know the coaches have told you guys you know don't worry about thirteen years don't carry all that stuff on your back. It is only one game so it's a loss but it's only one game where where is the attitude today were you think the spiritual be in the locker room today when you review everything. But whatever that's who will be fine with The Who has been. The detention and those guys come -- action that he says there's only one game that some policies -- -- -- take one game at a time. -- -- -- nor -- -- -- get to work appreciate you coming on with us congratulations on that the big touchdown yesterday did you keep the football. That the first one you've kept in the NFL. Britain. Not accurate but only criticism while at work. OK -- forgot the interception -- she got something you know you you got a growing set of football they're so that's -- we'll hopefully get a number more and it again thanks for coming ominous today. The Norris are you joining us from the Buffalo Bills before get back to Chris I wanted to bring up something that Chris Brown. Just put out there link on Twitter to an article about when the bills will slow the tempo down yeah we've talked about clock management. Lot of people upset that they were still running their no huddle with. Just under six minutes ago when they got the ball yesterday. So Chris Brown has this he talked to Eric -- according to team captain Eric -- When will they slow down. The bills need to be up by a couple of touchdowns before they geared down their offense and focus on chewing up time on the game clock here's what's quote I think yeah.

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