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9/11 Russ Brandon joins Howard Simon to talk Bills, EJ, Byrd etf

Sep 11, 2013|


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It is -- fire and we are joined. That it Ralph Wilson Stadium by the president CEO of the Buffalo Bills Russ Brandon back with -- -- Another season here on WG RE Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock thereabouts Russell B Willis here on the program Russ Howard -- your good morning how are you -- good morning pros. Well let's get to the the ticket stuff first that would get into the nuts and bolts because -- -- a lot of fans there. Wondering what's going out the blackout deadline approaching tomorrow 1 o'clock what is the latest. Well we do have some tickets to move repair pretty good couple days have got about 16100 tickets left remain for the game. The deadline is Thursday at 1 PM tickets are moving briskly and we're confident will really get canceled up. I don't -- a lot of times when you get. And -- there's a magic number for fans but seemingly under 2000. People figure -- -- about the gonna buy it out so they -- -- TV is that the plan. No no plan ministers celebrities that we can and nor has done a great job stepping up as they always do but we need to move through these tickets will be selling Howard right throughout. Right to kick off market we will have some visiting returns. Program Friday or Saturday so we will have to -- through how confident are. Are you know that the game will be on TV that you'll avoid the black. Fairly confident. Fairly count and actually I'm a more Fredricka I think ordered it on sales. Several steps to an excellent job and and as always you know fans you know coming off. Last week you good job buy tickets the first couple days this week. We got a lot going on the walls and serve more as well you know I think a lot of people it's about. I was we were top of the show today Russ I was trying to think of the last time a September home game was blacked out I I can't recall one of why why was it such a struggle. Two to try inside it's not sold out yet to sell this game. You ask your question harder on the schedule. From a fan's standpoint which caller of the best layout we've seen in my seventeen years here. And you know I think you know 330. Home games in the month. May have something to do that you know Baltimore. In a couple weeks is basically sold sold out. But we were a lot of tickets to move earlier so that may have something to do it. To your point I think due earlier this game we've had blacked out in my time here was. Halloween game against Arizona body years ago. You mentioned Baltimore is basically sold out so what about the rest of the home games what are the chances of of either we either way you want to look at it all TV or blackouts or however you want to phrase it. We have a lot of work to do going into the second the second part of the schedule -- -- Cincinnati. And Kansas City there -- a lot of tickets available for those games right now and as we get later into the season with the jets and dolphins there's still plenty of inventory there so. We have a lot of work to do to -- you know the goal here is always to make sure that we sell out every game -- fans can -- throughout the region to get to some football. -- is certainly -- -- talked about EJ Manuel and and how things went against doing that on Sunday but I know Saudi before the game and I know going in. At least the main entrance -- go and but I've never seen a line that long and it was there were have been around 1235. I've never seen a line that long to get into a game. This is at 1245 -- 35 -- -- would rush which -- that the escape to what's the main gate out there that I go. AK one gave it to wage and you know argued to your point I know we talked a little bit before that and doing a little data research there. We had 75%. Of our fans were through the gates by kickoff. And give -- comparison last year that was 72%. So I think important when you look at that area that always seems to back up the most because it's it's a main thoroughfare and you know we have people outside -- bull -- moving people from gate to -- are all of our customer service teams -- out -- trying to give people over a case 56 and seven. Those -- were broken very early. I was very pleased I mean in the you know we've talked about this when you're 70000 people -- wanna walk in at 1235124. You're gonna wait. That just comes it's part of the process but. You know one you know thank our our sheriffs and everyone who did a great job with the increased presence throughout the the game and some of the different things -- we're trying to do to inform fans again in earlier is we we talk about all the time with the new policies and everything that we're going on. We're very pleased. Do you I was gonna ask you -- is that. Is it. Typical all or was there anything with you know what the new procedures and what is acceptable is an acceptable to bring into the stadium was that part of the the reason for Sunday. Well you know I think you know obviously been the biggest new policy was about a policy that went very well our fans have a great job and cooperating and then and you know -- clear -- -- help expedite the process that at the entry dates and you know you guys that are great job of getting the word out remove the security perimeter we keep moment to further further out to have people. Make sure that we can answer questions -- -- -- people back to you know cars if they need to for whatever reason but. In I -- said he did I know when you walked in how you look at it but when you look at the data. It was probably the cleanest entry repairs for opening day in and and actually in my time here so. If you if you come and if you're gonna leave your car at 124 or 51250. You're gonna way to power. I got a tweet ever before we move off the blackout issue got a tweet from someone who said what about the possibility of the team. Buying the tickets and other dolphins owner came out and basically promised that all the games will be on TV. What about the possibility if you get close enough of the team buying out remaining tickets. I don't see that happen Howard you know we you know our standpoint here and how we approach. This is you know where our price points is is you all know and our fans know one of the things that we do and our very concept of is that you know our ticket prices are. Amongst the lowest in the league if not the most Malaysia and you know far different than. You know some of those markets so you know we we as a business we need to have all of our business verticals. And full speed ahead. Unit -- continue to viability in our market with our suites in our club seats and everything along those -- sponsorships. So you know our focus is to make sure we're moving inventory. -- here the you're the big cheese now you got the CEO and president you got pretty much all the big titles you can have. What were you feeling Sunday prior to kick off because. It's your coaching hire. You know -- -- you oversaw Doug -- taking over and and body was -- the draft it's your your coach your quarterback all this new stuff is on your watch how you feeling Sunday before -- game. Color field before every game and that's a nervous energy. Excite excitement you know ready for a ticket kicked off. You know obviously we felt very prepared going into the season and going into the game. Really pleased with the all the work and effort that's gone and by you know coach Maroney and and where aliens and their staffs in general so you -- just excitement and put nervous I'm all listeners you know. Well. Oysters like my -- any more so because you're like the CEO president now and this basically the owner said here you run things now. Now I'm no different than you know when I walked in here in 97 just my personality of you know it's. Just ready to go and -- Excited you know -- it's just one of those things that you know it's a lot of work that goes into a by a lot of people and you know our fans were jazzed up and yeah I just wanted to get a kicked off and and start the season. So as you met with dug around Doug Whaley all the guys internally. What's the talk about EJ Manuel were what were your thoughts about EJ Manuel as well as the discussion guys rabbit. I think you know in general terms with his play we're pleased. -- excellent job very poised. You know really you know for a rookie playing his first game coming off of not all the reps and in a training camp based on his knee procedure and I think we're very pleased and and obviously very disappointed with the outcome but. You know and in general terms. I think it was good progress by by EJ and you know I think we have a bright future ahead with. -- it seemed like it's a baby steps thing like you know he didn't run very much a couple of deep balls. What are the coaches. Easing -- the things was that by design because a lot of folks saying hey you know what did there's still a lot left on the table to -- from EJ Manuel. Yeah I know -- looks where power but that's true or not the case -- army he takes what's there and he the one thing -- Vijay is these obviously very very bright guy and and take and take a lot of the offense and it is you know so. You know I think from SM point it was being -- basically what he felt was you know appropriate time what his reads were. And you but as far as you know hold and hold them back. Color lava that's doctors so yet under in the coaches are all then I mean they're not. Gradually feeding him certain plays or just trying to see what he can do one a week by week basis everything is available everything goes off on how -- game -- For what you can tell and for what the coaches have told you how has she done it digesting everything they're throwing at him in managing all of it. Very pleased with -- you know mate. They know the energy body upstairs he. You know he throws -- a lot of different things in each hand in the quarterback room and I think they're very very pleased with how he -- -- everything -- and and you know he's just launches a -- -- And there are a great worker that that brings it out to the field and and when he was not on the field it is great job and taken a ton of mental reps and you know hours here around the clock it means a lot -- You know -- -- great leadership skills as well. You are you worried at all about CJ Spiller he never really got going in game one any concerns there us no no concerns -- -- just wasn't his day penetrated pretty good job island and -- You know and and just in general it's an honor and we -- we need to improve our you know our running game. Is a big part of what were about. And you know we we need production from -- and and I'm sure you know upstages an explosive reporter. -- a lot of great things from obviously. Those CEO and president -- -- when asked about your spurred a moment but we heard. About Cam Newton coming out the open you guys are playing Cam Newton and the Panthers on Sunday of course at the stadium what did you guys think of Newton. Powell. Fond of him or you guys when he is coming out of Auburn. Very you know obviously is a great talent great physical skills. Minorities. You know multi threat type of player and New Hampshire unfortunately are fans will see some of that announced Sunday it. He's. You know obviously first pick overall and has also has a great future would you guys have to taken him he was available power. You know it's history -- It's already done you know as you can as body when you -- in the press. And I'll try to remember that you're asking me to remember something on Sunday that we brought up on Wednesday that's why I brought a good chance that won't happen at. I -- bird and as he requested a trade or his agent have they requested a trade. No I'm group reunited and though these reports come from all over the place I don't know where they come from at times but you know JB has been nothing but professional since he's walked in the building. And you know continues to do so so you know I mean. They you know at the end of the day. We're disappointed that we weren't able to come to an agreement. You know we worked hard at trying to get him locked in long term. It did and have been. And -- he's here if he's on our team. And when that opportunity arises and we can go through those discussions again we're gonna go down the exact same path to try to get should be locked -- So you are you definitively saying no there was no trade request -- -- -- -- -- it doesn't eat it isn't even a topic of conversation will go well you stole my follow up I'll ask it anyway. Nothing is it out of the question like you guys are not we would even consider a deal for jurors heard someone calls up. -- Russian terrorist -- now he's not for sale I mean basically is that it. There -- you're always listened any if you know anything from your you know fellow clubs but you know that is not in our topic of conversation at our building right now are. Our focus is seeing JB give back on the field. -- you -- -- all he's injured now planner fascia Edison both feet clearly -- when he is when he met with the media the first time we spoke. You can you know we talk to Joseph about it you could tell he was you know use a little disappointed himself about things not working out. And he seemed to still be disappointed. Following up that and missing the game are you worried at all that the contract disappointment will carry over. And is it preventing him from may be playing -- breed which he did last year. You know Howard I don't see that. They're all from them. -- in the building you know I see him by disarmed five minutes ago for a walked in here talked remember today and these exact same guys always that. Is he disappointed that we weren't able to come under agreements absolutely you know we are well. But when it comes -- that's the business part that you know we all don't like you've been talking about. But when it comes to the football when the team and you know he's nothing but a true professional and his great team. Russ -- -- I you know what there was one other thing I wanted to bring up before we let you go and it was about analytics. I know when you took over on on January 1. You mentioned that he'll analytics would be apart the organization going forward I just wanna get an update there was an article and ESPN the magazine about the jaguars. And -- -- -- you saw there were telling a story about their new coach Gus Bradley. Have watched all this tape -- coupling -- he's trying to figure out is this the guy you can work with or not. And then at the end of watching lawless state he brings in their whatever the title is vice president of statistics and analytics. And they and this guy gives him this rundown on Blaine Gabbert and how much they use analytics. In Jacksonville. Is there an analytic department how much if there is how much does it get utilized by the coaches can -- and give us an update on that topic. Well -- -- -- what I said on January 1 and we are in the process -- of finalizing a few things relative that department in totality. Well yes we've layered in a bunch of different elements related to analytics. Coach -- is heavily involved in that type of in in that arena. We have the people and he deals with -- internally on that on a daily basis so. You know I don't get in the specifics. Relative to how we approach it. But yes to answer your question it is -- -- to what we do here on the football side and on the does. So how open are the coaches to it Russ I mean did they think it's it's again I know you -- united summit like. How much of a percentage of weight it carries but how open are they too analytic and using that data -- Well you know. Is I said it many times and I think it's important that you provide people as much information as possible to make informed decisions and anything that helps this club. Is something that worry interest and then. And you know coach Malone. It during the interview process and during the whole time that he's been here you know he's been. In a leader internally on that process probably more than anymore so. To answer your question. It's it's a big part of you refuse it does get used inside the game. You'd have to ask him I don't get involved and his game decisions when it comes to that powered by going to be good question respect. You're asking me again to remember something at least it's Friday now another Sunday Germans -- a -- -- a lot younger than -- -- can remember it is a lot better memory -- an idea so it must be a new house -- -- the other they left when asked about was instilled -- experience we talked -- -- at the top about -- getting in. But as you know in the NFL is going through a big push to try and do whatever they can do enhance the in stadium atmosphere to get -- still wanna leave the couch and commend the stadium. What are some of the things that you're doing this year in May be. More so Russ what's down the road in terms of whether it's Wi-Fi videos Smartphones stuff things like that. You just stated Howard you know right now -- you were trying we -- The stadium speaker system that you know just try to tamp things up a little bit from Miramar Conan and his staff through a great job of you know. Trying to make the game day experiences enjoy doubles possible and really get this place -- but mover forward. A big part of the renovation is to make this building smarter. And what I mean by that is is it is you know Wi-Fi -- that das system that lets people interact with their Smartphones. And do all the types of things that they wanted to do when they look -- look for their fantasy stats and in all the different things that -- the that there come into what do became their experience has become. Brand new video boards coming in and fourteen their people no matter what's a year and we'll have a great view video boards. More of of the red zone across the NFL for people that check out highlights of things along those lines so and that and you know and improved. You know food service and and ingress and egress for people. I think people will be very very pleased about the facilities as it moves forward and as you saw. On Sunday we have renovation process -- -- begun. I don't lasting just say no we had Doug grow another show less -- I don't know if you've got to interview all I know your religious listener of this program. He said we should at pizza and wings in the press box can you do something about that you know that you think personal -- get -- done well. You know no offense to Scott -- higher on the food chain. Well yeah but to have their number and writes I'm literally going right to the top here -- said. We should that pizza links to the media so I'm I'm going right to the top. Well out there admiral walked into my office right after that and did mention that. That says I cannot believe I mean I don't pay too much of attention to the food where you think you know when you go to Baltimore and of those great program it's yeah all the different places we ago. You think -- we get that done and has some you know golf swing -- you know. Anchor ours counselor it's your passing the buck over to him as what you don't you know I guess we'll have to get our -- from one over against them all over to us that would be sweet. By Russell as always those guys today if you don't mind I don't you know. What ever get make sure may -- ready to play but you know get the pizza too. No problem we get that done for our thanks -- good luck Sunday we'll talk to get next week thanks guys appreciate it -- -- joining us have you joined us late 16100 tickets left for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers. But -- said that he was. Confident the game would sell out. Baltimore game is basically sold out but after that. Plenty of inventory left for the remaining home games -- -- games that Ralph Wilson Stadium. In terms of thinking down the road and potential blackout issues for the Buffalo Bills go 30515 to join us wanna join in them culminating -- from Roscoe a lot of stuff in the last twenty minutes he'll let us know 8030515. Not congratulations to Cristina Smith from -- where we're now three for three. In our no court expressed thirty days of football contest Christina called and so she wins the eighty dollar gift card. From local express if you want to get involved to stop by and -- express pick up the bills bean coffees they get the word of the day. Go to WGR 550 dot com. And register. That word for your chance to win now you'd have to be a locker room club member to be in the contest you can register become one at our website and then register the word of the day. And -- make sure you're listening show global blog we'll have another -- -- name to announce this afternoon. We'll do it again tomorrow morning at 755 better forget it on the way in your calls to your comments on what rush said -- Up and better forget analyst -- coming because. EJ Manuel had mentioned his odds to win rookie year he's up for a rookie of the week against that QB talk -- he's got a good look at winning it but -- a very quick. Comment on the sabres captain situation in better forget it because. Ryan Miller Thomas panic at the Bolton contract situation that we talk about all the time. That we don't talk about the.

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