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9/13 Doug Marrone on Howard Simon Show

Sep 13, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eight coach it's our Gerri good morning how are you today I'm doing well. Let's start with -- EJ Manuel I think we're gonna start with a quarterback a lot of weeks with yet coach here on the show. So. This is our first chance to talk to since last week's game when you went back and looked at it how do you think EJ -- in game number one in his regular season career. I like the way if progress and obviously I thought that he had a good game for first came through you know forest. You know opening day though -- a big day for everyone not just a rookie would ever -- as a player and -- I thought you really handle things you know quite well out there in the you know I did some really really good things than. Got us into some good situations you know obviously -- two touchdown passes that he threw. We were we -- we checked to it and man -- but there's other things that obviously just like all the rest of the players that -- to work on improve on. Do you think that missing two weeks of the pre season might have. Hurt him in terms of rhythm I mean I know we got mental -- who -- things it was talked about quite a bit but you would have liked obviously to get him in for those those final two weeks the pre season through practice and just to keep up the temple the offense -- -- -- any effect on the way he played aware he has in his progression. No I don't think so because they think we had a pretty good plan you know when he wasn't able to be out there on the field and I think that you know we he was able to grow. From the standpoint of what we're looking at what -- game planning and and really learn. You know quite a bit from you know the behind the scenes look at things tonight and I think he used that took full advantage and -- at NC. A problem on Sunday. Are there things you could talk about that look there are things that the fans in the media will notice how he's throwing the ball completion rate things -- -- -- we would notice that there are clearly things we wouldn't know. About whether he's you know getting play calls -- changing plays are having guys lined up. War you know what his demeanor and and all that all other stuff that we wouldn't necessarily see is or any other. Inside you give us and how he handles certain situations on Sunday. -- just the go ahead and then you rattle through a bunch of them margins will go one by one and -- just I guess managing the offense you know digesting the play calls changing them if need big. No problems at all that are really good job actually two touchdown passes were checks. How much responsibility do you and Nathaniel I mean or freedom my guess would be the word coach how much freedom to give him -- change stuff around. I don't know if we go any of us have any freedom you know -- -- thing in as far as like is it to improvise that's what we don't want to have happen by. -- we're talking about those checks we we've given you know we give them multiple checks you know he can go to it's not just you know one clear cut checked. You know going to last game so he handled well from a standpoint of doing what he was coached no problem at all. Demeanor leadership we have Jim Kelly on earlier this week coach and he was on I think he said he was in the tunnel before the game. And he said he was impressed because he saw AJ. Talk of the guys you know firing up the troops and he -- -- you know -- he was with his teammates can you talk a little bit about his in game demeanor and and that's side of him on the. I thought it was outstanding I think that you know you see a player that's. You know very very focused. You know very thoughtful what he says to motivate the people around him. I would say that you know. He he's extremely. Competitive. You saw that there's there's one case where you know the only thing that I had to talk to about was. Who came off the sideline you so fired up I mean we really fired up which you like to the coach and you know their helmet you know Kim office having dropped on before and I reminded them that we have communication pieces in the helmet. -- -- That out but you know I don't I don't wanna discourage him from doing that because like I like that or think we all like that and even at the fans you know you want you want people. You know plain for you that that that that have that type of emotion I just said hey he's the army helmets got a communication piece we did -- -- communication -- be final. Doug grow -- -- from Ralph Wilson Stadium in terms of of what you give EJ. It is everything on the table for him because here's here's my question is it. Ease the guy in. Maybe it's safer throws or or or more checked downs are more or less throws downfield or is everything out there and hey if you wanna let it hang out he can let it hang out. If we if he can let it hang now now let him -- and -- -- I think I think the the point is that. You know what you do and and setting it up is that you know you practice obviously during the week you get of a really good feel what. You know the quarterback is comfortable with and I could be anything in community from a swing pass to go route. And then what you do if you wanna get Helm. You wanna get him into a rhythm and get them off to a good start whether it's a rookie quarterback who whether it's a veteran or potential hall fame quarterback. You know you wanna get them to a good start to a good rhythm so. You know we've we really don't see -- holding anything back I think I think it's a great question that people say. Well you have a rookie quarterback with. That's what's been outstanding with them we haven't. We haven't had to be in that situation where. Well you know he's not ready for this he's not ready for that and I think part of it is you know credit EJ credit they know. Before the way we we kind of brought him into this system I you know you know early on of people forget. You remember in training camp -- Kevin Kolb was here we said take Kevin's gonna go one man's face you know faced a live bullets. We're gonna take EJ and bring them out slowly so our progression of learning with him. I really believe this has helped on the be in the position we're in right now. I wanted to ask you about it the eagles' offense just in relation -- viewers. On Monday Night Football a lot of people watch the Eagles go high temple score budget points and opened on the field and in all the headlines about the Eagles are about the -- temple fast paced offense which is it would seem very similar to what would you would like to do offensively. And I think. Just as a casual observer the difference might event for for your team. Penalties and the run game seemed to kind of stop you before you started. And watching the game back you started to roll and a penalty would happen or. You know CJ talked about cutback lanes that he missed. What. When you look back at what. Thwarted U offensively what would you say might have done it more than anything. Well it if there's two questions there that is one about. Chip -- in Philly. Which I don't I really can't. Talk about because and into the game but I could talk about your killing an organ a grip and and I have and we have and we know exactly where we wanna go with our office and our vision for it and as far as what. The second part of the question was you know. With the the run game in the cutbacks he says that TJ mentioned that there were some opportunities there and with some opportunities. Not just with TJ with everyone that would run the football to gain more yardage we left some yardage out there on the field. But any offence you know that puts himself and tough situation and it's very difficult to overcome that and Anna and I -- -- see that throughout. The NFL. And the game of football so. Answer the second question yes you're absolutely right when we put ourselves in those situations were first and twenty. It's very difficult to overcome and you see that as far as with the third down. Was because the third down percentage for us was. It's too obvious who wanna be in the high forties. I guess what I'm what I'm getting at various. In a lot of coach shall talk about rhythm no matter what the speed of their offense might be -- it would seem watching. An up tempo team it might be more important -- it would would you say that's true. Now now. I think here's what you said before which right room. Whatever you're in the minutes that that reports. With the -- use wanna find your rhythm whenever it's right there and coach would what is your vision for the offense because I know you say you didn't see the game. But. You're familiar target and a lot of folks were saying well this is what he did at target and there were some skepticism can you do that in the NFL can you do it for an entire game can he do it for sixteen games in the season. What is your vision for the offense. Are you know the you know I I you know I'm I'm a big history guy. And it's not like it's the first time it's been done in the NFL. And you look at two -- more successful teams in the eighties you know when I was when I was playing in the eighties and then -- late eighties. You have the Cincinnati Bengals -- had no right here in buffalo you know what Jim Kelly so. You know you you had this style of office you know sold -- it was successful -- for whatever reason. It didn't it didn't continue. But those two officers put up a lot of great numbers so for us you know division is obviously. You know for us to be able to. A score more points than than the opposition. Create a situation where it's fast so that you know it may limit the calls it's gonna change what they've done from week to week. You know also from a standpoint of you know trying to where someone down to create more bigger plays for us. -- though that if things that go into it M mostly you know defending field and and and defensively. You know they're always get an extra guys in there and what we feel with the pace and what we're doing it on a perimeter makes the defense defend the whole field. But -- -- -- Ralph Wilson Stadium whenever there's a new coach and we had a chance to talk to him in the media whether it's weekly talk shows or whether it's press conferences the stadium I always like that. You know I find it inching trying to learn about the personality of the coach and some of your philosophies when it comes to in game he would be bored -- -- you you don't know me well enough you'd be hard pressed to be more boring and because believe me. Punting vs fourth down sure what I and I know it's like there's no. Pat answer I Gulfport I don't go for it so when you face fourth downs in your deciding as a coach. Are we going -- -- pumping water some of that fact -- that are in play in your mind like everything. The first -- gonna give you my overall philosophy click OK which is. You know as a coach you always wanna make sure that you're giving the players the ability to win the game I think that's the most important thing. You know in your decision making process or wanna make sure that that felt that first. I think again and I talked about this a little bit yesterday. You know where fourth and one at the 49 yard line and we have the lead. You know field position is is a big thing -- percentage of scoring a field position for each team. So for us at that moment with the lead. You know it's safer and better for us to play field position percentage wise than it was to go forward on fourth and one. Now. It depends on what's what you look at that now for 49 yard line is not usually in the equation of the analytics because he usually goes 35 to forty. You know could in that range a look at a percentage of field goal -- plus three point plus you know there's a lot of things that that that are involved with that. You know analysis so you know bear you know you can see that Mort you know we call we turn that we we we we tend to call -- four down territory. You know a lot of it depends on how each side of the ball plan and how the game is being played out that day. I think there's different philosophies is down and distance Foster -- as well as this field position -- and that's it it and they both come into the equation but I think when people speak. People speak -- -- only one way. How about about the opposing quarterback does that come into a caller who the other guy is if it's. You know Tom Brady one of the best ever -- -- a rookie on the other side would you would you be influenced by that. Well I think it's a matter of of of may be not the quarterback but how they're playing offensively. You know and it. And how how your defense is points you know and what the situation is in the game and you know how much time has left the we gonna have -- another opportunity here. Is this are are potentially our last opportunity you know where you have to take that chance so. You know there's multiple things that that that go into it and you know. He's got to make the right decision and you work out percentages and sometimes those percentages you know -- away. You mentioned analytic -- moment ago will make that the last question offered today certainly to coach how much do you use that is there. Is there an analytic -- like a two point card is there a guy whose job it is in your organization during the game to have analytics percentage is ready to go if you need to assert. Number from him how how much do you use it. I've used it for years I mean I really have I mean. You know whether you know on our call sheet and we're looking at the third down we're looking at the percentages its own Amanda what their plan and that's our basic game plans on -- were able to change obviously -- the game so. You know I think the word analytics has been you know -- new and it's kind of like the buzz word that that a lot of people use ambush. I really think for us as coaches we've been we've been doing it for years and I think now is just getting. You know more more more and I think at the end of the day you know we still can't confuse you know you. The analytics to exactly how we're playing on the field. And I think I think that's important because. A lot of the analytics that you're hearing now for people those situations haven't always played out like you know go forward on all these fourth -- You know end and the -- you know me analytic show that you gonna be you know successful on well. Teams the analysts have a point from teens out of doing that in the game most of the time that the games out of out of whack. You know you're not playing in that game is not a true you know here we are first series we're gonna go for a fourth down those those numbers haven't come out yet. So he it's easy to see where they are percentage wise and say -- that makes sense to do it but the situation. Is it hasn't been hasn't been tested yet. Doug -- -- -- go to let's get back to work and as always we appreciate your time on the show good luck Sunday against the -- will talk to next Friday great -- talking you guys appreciate that well with us from Ralph Wilson Stadium joining us like analytics EJ little CJ got a lot to munch on. We'll dissect it we get back to zero run up by via the analytic and already had a filter could look at the athletics felt their Matthew collar. We'll have more that we get back who have there're some good things in there. -- -- ya know I I I like I guess that is part of the fun process of a new head coach. Learning philosophy and and what you know they think about certain situations the -- vs -- down and all that stuff. We have middle like totally coming up at 845. We have staph super -- -- for a different coming up at 9 o'clock it's ready for week number 28030550. Bullet drop by the way. Just heard from the head coach the -- got some opinions on what --

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