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9/20 Robert Woods talks Jets with Howard and Jeremy

Sep 20, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- so while we're gonna keep it here and -- go a little bit longer here because we wanna hold Robert up he's got stuff going on this morning and the bills rookie receivers with -- -- now Robert it's Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the show. I would not. Think your coming on how you do one. Oh well I was like the NFL intrigue is still far. -- -- They're living yeah well look. Acute Kenya is gimme your own assessment how you think your first two games have gone you individually Robert. I think that they're well and here's whenever we got to get the win. Brigade. But that comes as a rookie. This plan targeting is pretty dead or. Start you. Yeah I mean Ed we're we're first off I guess backtrack a little bit did you did you go through a case of nerves in the opener and then have to go through all that stuff. The army for -- -- argued that they might fit. Like it is still O -- Atlanta -- supposed you know you know I had that same apparently courses faster more physical but it -- name game you know. You know you you mentioned a moment ago it's faster it's more physical I wanted to ask you. -- it's only two games Robert but so far. The level of play that you've seen in the NFL is it what you thought it would be -- easier is it tougher how how would you characterize. And that is exactly what be. It is after more physical. They have that our Earth's nearest airport and other defenders can't judge -- our yard. Actions that are. -- so more space to work out outside on the and disarming. The bailout and -- that. Play a little more street art -- Robert Woods -- his bills rookie receiver here and WGR. How's your chemistry coming along with the rookie quarterback with the what four catches in the big two point catch the other day in the win over Carolina how how is that relationship coming along right now. Corporate loans and regardless -- long -- to -- let's be honest. And now I've built our program at vehicle -- -- eager. That the right by the right time. Yeah relief spelled out of -- that I hated it lawsuit. How -- and how that process coming along the building of the trust and in is that some how long I mean does that take a long time a short time what's your experience with that with quarterbacks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You reliable when he broke -- see. No reason to doubt. You would be effort here to lift sentiment -- come back technical practiced in the -- got to build it kick start. Do this I got you said your president you guys hang out like away from the field. What guys like to do. Movie bowl. Quality of do whatever whatever it yeah. It is -- Yeah. Yeah but obviously. You guys have your own bowling balls or make these kind of use the ones points. And I were not accurate as. Their. In the near future of bilateral -- you. Shoes I was gonna ask you what they got -- issue -- -- -- the issues that Robert you're gonna get the ball you got to get the shoes. It's it's all part of the deal Robert Woods where this year on and W -- I wanted to ask about a couple of plays in the Carolina game specifically. One was the two point play one was the player we got the pass interference -- And the two point play you talk about it after the game I I looked at it I think a lot of us were awash in thought while I was a bad throw but a great catch by Robert Woods. But but that's that was done by design where EJ threw that ball could you talk about that and why it's stunned by the why that is the design of that plane. Yeah play. Oh or are they know they've had a little bit of pressure and backed Bhutto. But he did that to get rid of it but. I mean the -- place where. Proper -- well we definitely. Weren't -- -- traffic I can't see what anatomy. Of all really can't be -- You're gonna open target but ball low protect it from defender. -- Bibi -- back into play yet -- drew me. But put the ball like that low and away. It is good that I broke. He's now Robert listen that's bad news for you -- is gonna -- you like this amazing catch but if you knew that's for it was going to be I can't give you as much praise them for that. -- I'm getting a services and it was a very tough catch no one also bring up your pass interference penalty because I didn't realize this Jeremy. Has the all 22 and he was watching at this week. Did you see I mean it it sure looked like. You saw the corner break that he stopped covering -- -- like I might IC -- -- ball's going I'm going to get it. So did you see him -- react by dragging them down knowing he just broke on that neck could be an interception. Yeah those are like matter. Yeah of course I'm -- that and I -- -- you know the safety yelling at the corner. Plant plant plant. And that's terrible really averages got a great product -- -- But I I mean he broke he broke before mediated visit at the reacting catapult them -- -- well. That's right it's a heady play -- -- -- -- it's it's a Smart play at that time to take away -- I'll give you all take the penalty if the if you can take back a potential and -- judge it after after the game in meetings watching film and no one of the things coach rose talked about this. They teaching the players about penalties were you applauded for that one. I -- and book about that. You know I. Period public place are -- Without -- vote right. Robert -- Willis got a couple minutes left put the bills wide receiver okay Robert. Let's talk about the jets defense because. Although it shouldn't be that hard with you guys you go up against this aggressive attack. They're common from all over the place defense every day of practice but. What do you see on unfilled when you saw when you watch the jets and what kind of challenges does that present to you guys on offense. The -- -- -- need quality based. Pretty much taught. Demand. But after that you'd just be a lot of press. It early and it. Part of present -- -- -- and yet they act because the hazard. Let me go into the everyday as the at all. But I mean it can be a great great game and enacted by a peek at or around but it president cornerback is paddock area. -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you think about -- you admitted you played a road game before but it was pre season. What are your thoughts about your first real road game regular season road game in the NF. I look forward toward -- -- but it seemed like it everybody. Oppressor. And you know I played in the stadium or boat -- or. That it is that there have our -- Leo I'd everywhere. Rival Robert. Let's get back to work we appreciate come well as by the like so what what -- you bully other day or what what what's your best score in ball. Armed escorts navy. -- award fifty. That's so bad that that's that's actually that's good and there's nothing to -- you know what is DGA's best score when you pulled within. -- that Tony -- is not a big gap Robert. -- may be 180. -- Yeah it does he cheated all. And guys that he's bumpers right. It lots Eric Robert Irish amateur I think -- the appreciate coming Ellis Robert Dexter tell I was they seventy on the show and good luck on Sunday. You bet Robert Woods bills rookie wide receiver joining us off to a good start with the bills with the other big game four catches 68 yards in the big. Two point conversion and and it was it was a heads up like on that on the pass interference penalty to take away.

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