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10/2 Russ Brandon talks Bills, Kiko, Marrone and stadium issues

Oct 2, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back it is. Matthew with few sabres in Detroit tonight we have the game NW -- beginning at seven bills and Cleveland tomorrow. On WGR. Sabres Friday sabres Saturday and we're just live local for the next three days and we are joined by bill's presidency over -- -- -- with -- Ralph Wilson Stadium. This right now and your roster more light on hey guys good morning to you won an overnight shift by chance. -- was with this under bring your own issues are honored your little promo -- 72 hours of sports under a Western New York is agog at -- league haven't heard about it everybody's got on a doctor doctor I mean it's it's. Good receivers but little two year -- I lord knows that's not claimed ownership compared to -- -- yeah I think it's underused him on the picket primadonna of the building and that's a I always like to know who's actually don't know the extra work collar and you know the guy at the -- guys they do all the work you get no glory in the meantime we get all the -- do nothing else the best thing rats. It into the broadcast record Fisher when you're in college -- -- I stayed away from. -- that news you -- you know into the new house well when you look like that's where the real school for the August and no one knows that I don't take this personally not everybody can do what we do -- sobbing and obviously -- -- limitations so it's okay don't worry about it. Look at it -- -- this week obviously coming off of a big win I know it's only one game. But hollow significant or how important do you think. Sunday was from Tuesday a -- trust a bouncing back. And B let's start their first and and be the the development process of -- are bouncing back and not you know letting things snowballed into a streak. Well certainly. Very encouraged with how we came out and started fast in the game. Give a ton of credit to our fans as well because. The energy in the building was tremendous and and really helped us. You know get off to that fast start you know you got to defending world champions in your building and to have the opportunities. To take them. To have found the way we did in and then hang out and you know Regis got to find ways to. To finish you know coach Ron talked about that. And you know to get the win but which I know probably a lot of people thought was improbable. Was really really. Step in the right correction for a young team. Yes that's part B in terms of the bigger picture I mean a you know you -- you don't want nobody wants to lose back to back games you won right away after a loss but what about. The growth the development the bigger picture for young team what's the significance of a day or game like that. I think it's very -- minority you know these guys have. Put the work and in and I can't say enough about the effort and more coach Maroney and the staff what their preaching and teaching here. You know we've got a lot of production for Mario employers. And continue to and production from some of our veterans. And you know to see the defense. You know step up and play the way they did with a with the son of -- obviously to ravaged by injuries. Especially in our defensive back field. Coach Anderson and -- great job of preparation while coach Patton. It was really great win for the organization and hopefully it's springboard to better things you know listed -- I know I brought it up after the win over Carolina. Line and it could there be any. You know oaks affect on a ticket sales -- now back to back home wins and a win over the defending Super Bowl champions any bump. Yeah I think our ticket sales are patient on pretty nicely. You know we have a long way to go. For the remainder of the season as we've discussed previously we've got about 7500. Tickets left for Cincinnati that's a lot inventory removing a short period of time. Same with Kansas City were were in their growth of ballpark and you know for the jets and Miami we have you know over 101000 tickets cells so that's a lot of inventory. To move but we're open and we can stack some wins and continue to grow the excitement in the community in and get these canceled out. -- -- distilled president CEO here on WGR Russell and ask you about quickly about -- bird because -- contract situation is so. Interest and you're not allowed to he can't get another deal many people you know speculating about trade and -- yeah yeah audio is there any reason for you. As an organization to have contact with his agent have you talked to Eugene -- would that even -- Necessary knowing that not much can happen with the contract with his his. His situation. Well unitary we stay in contact group of where all the agents during the course of the year updates and different things -- the relationships we. You're not really predicated that situation but I mean weren't Jim over orphaned. And that side of our businesses and constant communication. -- representation of all of our players but you know obviously to your point you know you nailed it there's nothing that we can do until. The time comes and in and that's where the situation stands right now. -- reasoning behind that that the that the July 15 deadline when you tag guy and if you don't reach a multi year you can't do anything until you could talk to anybody one other than. Caring -- got -- you talked about Carrington in the contract extension my my guess is it's to try and prevent the player from holding out after being tagged right. Right we. You know from our standpoint you know you said you know Karen -- we've got players that are you know up at the end of the year and know your constant communication -- those guys and you know much like we were -- -- Aaron Ward who was in -- -- at the conclusion of the year. And we were me and we obviously identified there it is former core players and we -- -- a strike a deal prior to the season we try to get all that -- prior to. In September 1 with our impending new phase so weakened. Just focus on this season and and and in -- we get back to work you know as soon as the season has concluded. -- of other key guys up after the season or other core guys you still want to get taken care of you know we're -- better -- that Howard root coach Marron and -- well in our personnel staff we go through that on a weekly basis quarterly basis. And you know really you know we're always working on on the roster management side of it. And we certainly Reno have some guys that we were looking to you know continue to lock and you know that's really what our philosophy is and room try to be very aggressive and that and in that situation. You talk about the defense and improvement wanna get that but I wanna ask your about -- -- I don't think we've talked about him I know we brought him up during your training camp is that -- us. But now you're four games then and you've had a chance to see him on game days and during practice weeks during the regular season not just running camp at saint John Fisher. Has anything stood out. In the regular season or maybe have you had any new thoughts now that you've observed him in regular season conditions around the building and around the team. I think Howard consistency you know that's -- really -- raises table he's always the same guy. You know it we know that we're gonna go through adverse situations and you know we always talk about tour staff and tour players it's how you stand up in the face of adversity. And if that's what darker -- there's a tremendous job with his messaging -- this communication. I've been very pleased that after seeing him through routier's through many camps. The work that he did -- training camp. His messaging as I mentioned is is really spot on and you know players have bought and everyone your organization has bought into what he's. What he's Salant and we're very excited about the future of course grown and his staff has put together and excellence that. You know -- -- -- it let's talk about his staff and this ties into the question about the defense the defense had a phenomenal day against Baltimore on Sunday. -- -- and we we know it's a different stop clearly nobody can see you're you're more aggressive we know that how much of what you've seen in the defense the improvement we've seen from the defense is directly related to not just Mike -- but the defense of coaching staff. Well you know obviously you know the leader of us is -- Maroney and and and what Pat's done on that side. -- he just brings that aggressive mentality in everything he does you know from from the meeting rooms under the practice fields. And it's been since day one. And in -- staff that he's assembled you know Anthony Weaver who knows -- -- a long -- in the league and played with Mario down in Houston. Is our defense of flying coach. A really good teacher you know really relates well -- the players. Coach -- back has been you know in football for 35 years another you know great teacher I think that's the theme. When you look at -- Jim O'Neill. Handles our Russian outside linebackers. He came with -- from new York and he brings that. But also that really aggressive style and then. You know on the back and you've got one of one of the really fired coaches in the league coach Donny Anderson who's and around the block he's there. Great great teacher and I think there was reflected this weekend with the work that those young guys did in the back and because you know we're really. Without you know four guys and in the defense of backfield it's almost like taking your whole offensive line now. If you look at in that perspective. And you know the effort and that -- those guys putter was really special. They cannot answer the following question by saying you'll have to ask coach around because he's not on Friday -- he's he's not until Monday. What what is there any definitive update timetable on Stephon Gilmore. Well you know he continues to rehab process is well you know -- he's come along nicely you know he's got work to do. You know we all can't wait for some time to get back obviously. There's no definitive timetable. But more open sooner than later. -- rouge or it was a 68 week injury and you know he's -- along. You know we've we've borrowed car partner and all the rehab doctor Mars though. But we've hopefully. We get this ten day period off. You know we can hopefully get some guys back. There's no you know that you could say at this -- close of the six instead -- the eight or anything like that -- Ottawa for a time to -- workers you never really know you know these geyser you know gonna progress but it and so far so good with stuff. Can you talk about -- more about Donnie Henderson because Ross I think. -- Rogers is still struggling no question about it but. -- Williams going back to corner looked like a completely different cornerback. And and clearly that unit has been. Decimated secondary has been decimated by injuries how much. Of williams' success in May be the unit hanging in there is Donnie Henderson what is what. How is she making a difference I guess is the question. -- I think you don't you look at their own way ends there's a tremendous amount of credit there goes there and he's playing banged up. You know he's working his tail off. And go from safety in this scheme going over back to corner. Is not as easy as you may think it is and -- -- is you know the complexity. Of this team. -- is all the rock route combinations aspire to a Baltimore ran a tremendous amount of typical -- combos. For -- to jump down and there it just it goes back to. You know what those guys are teaching and a lot of that credit goes -- -- and there's. -- -- asked about his Kiko Alonso is becoming more morbid story around the league you're laughing already you know -- -- this is really and mean it. What he's what is so impressive. He's up her for rookie of the week people already thrown his name around for defense of rookie of the year. When you guys were going through the draft process. In other a lot of -- or talk about him like fourth rounder you guys will flopping you get him and what did everybody liked about him so much or what can you take us back into the draft process when you were first hearing from the scouts. About Kiko Alonso and what was being said at the time about him why -- they saw in him -- if you just turn on the tape our -- it does make place. You know he's a guy that. No fool around in and made a ton of plays an -- and and it's obviously go you know dug well and audience and all over scholars -- for very high on. You know and it's amazing that you know from day one and we talked about him a lot of camp. From day one he's been playing Mike linebacker and call on all the defense of signals. And really -- the -- leader in the communicators on the defense and that is someone on her over as a rookie so for him to step in. And handle all that plus. Have the production Eddie's head. It is really a credit to -- but also -- you know once again and the staff. The and I obvious your priority going in this draft which quarterback. How much of a party was Alonso how much were you guys talking about him as he must have this. -- someone that we are very high on and then when we were able to acquire the additional second round pick through the trade with Saint Louis. You know are really gave us a combination have some flexibility. That we could do it ago wideout and Robert Woods. And off also with -- so we felt very good about both of those guys but to see the production that they've all had to date. Is very encouraging for the future forums there's only four games I'll preface it again but you've been around here a long time seen a lot of linebackers best linebackers CIA. It's scared -- make. It's up to put a comparison on -- you know being such a young player but deceive his athletic schism. And how quick he -- have you come from a baseball family -- -- -- CSF lettuce schism and what he's improved -- -- table. -- he's. Obviously really Korea's great instincts. You know reminds me a little bit of instincts with London you know with the great instincts -- London had you know the toughness of two Keogh. He's really a complete Packard had not come off the field and you know three down linebacker in this league. In the way to spread offenses in the wake you guys get after it offensively you need to be a pretty darn good athlete. IG Lastings Quayle -- Thursday night football you like this idea. I mean it's from from a league standpoint from a fan's standpoint I love it because out of Kuwait the Sunday and I -- watch -- Thursday night game. But -- in a short week especially with a team like you guys. That that's dealing with a budget injuries here's Biller on Tuesday -- I don't know -- even jog and as the game 48 hours later. And you know from from a guy's hurt and standpoint it seems like a risky thing to make guys play so soon after the previous game. I'm the tough thing is no we sort of employ the 24 hour rule after games Howard -- a bit the issued this Sunday it was -- but the -- -- minute -- Because you went right back to work after the game and really didn't have the opportunity to really enjoy it. But you know I think. If we have we can -- come out of out of Cleveland with a win I think the positive is -- of those ten days to you play again. And in our situation have so many guys banged up right now. We could really use that rest but we need to come out of there threw into did you elect did give -- -- get a Thursday game. You know I it's it's different in our outing gives everyone a platform on the national stage you know I would love you know obviously -- won here in buffalo another the fans in the community would really rallied around it. But you know -- if you're coming off the short week is difficult is difficult for everybody but you know Cleveland's in the same boat we all have to. You know adhere to what the schedule is you can't complain barges have complex. Is there a design -- live whether you hosted -- -- your home last year is is it just happenstance or did they steal home one year road next year I mean it's not happenstance Howard you know this year we've got to a six opponents this year that are common off of them by war. But Thursday night game so you know who we hope that doesn't happen in the future problems and that by the blessing when asked about Iverson was the water main break what happened and is everything okay. Now you're really get in in my area sweet spdr. I you know I don't one thing I want assay is. I can't say enough about. The reaction. From -- colony in the EM -- and has men and -- fire all those guys in their prompt response again in this situation rectified. In a timely fashion I -- my understanding was a missile line joint connecting a couple of the pipes. One of the site apart separated and and then there were some rock deformed and more of the beds and and it caused tobacco but to see how quickly. Those guys said jumped on it obviously is something that you can't game plan for and so is a reaction. Situation and everything was fixed you know by the by the third quarter and the -- were reopened but. You know we apologize to our fans. You know who were in Tennessee and had that were affected by it but you know -- situation reduced you know you you just don't succumb. What do you well okay the what do you say to the to the fan that says see it's an old stadium you gotta get this thing replaced. That's what we're going through the renovation for Howard and you know a big part of it we've talked about this before. A big part of this renovation and that is really you know be not too sexy part of it. Is the infrastructure work that needs to be realized it and you know these are the kind of situations that were gonna rectified moving into the future. -- was always thanks very much for coming ales and pleasure work. I sincerely it was that it from the heart from the heart completely. This is this the highlight of your week. Davis and continue to jump in and help -- would be -- series got going on the next. Well we're looking virtue AM to 6 AM guy what do you think. I might throw it over to mark coroner's gotten up and it's all right you'd have to call us with cholera anyway so it'll. -- trust our guys appreciate those CEO and president Russ Brandon joining us from Ralph Wilson Stadium pay. We got a couple minutes Eric. I wanna do you mentioned does that matter -- we'll get to this -- all 22 yes go check out WGR five to deduct conjure result when he too is up. There were some.

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