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10/2 Sal Capaccio hosts Sports Thunder HR 3

Oct 2, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Seven waiting for that Mike Gundy on man I'm forty since April 4 when I turned forty. That's why just fits. I'm Amanda and I am forty and I'm here post and sports under today for you tomorrow as well Friday as well 123. Paul Hamilton ally joining me live from Detroit where the sabres open tonight. Against the Detroit Red Wings it's beautiful here it's beautiful there we heard from candy you'll say. It's gorgeous outside of all what have you done since you've been in Detroit anything other than watch hockey. -- current event. This is a chance to watch hockey lives -- visit. Well to do what are you doing to try to like what you like to deal I know that you know they've had their problems economically but it's a pretty nice city their right to largest. Hang around then and now a lot of things going on usually. -- last time I was here I want to open Greek town which is -- down -- that they got a lot of nice restaurant at a casino which I'm not too interested and that. So and of course the ballpark when the tigers are playing. Which I wish I would look at baseball season is going to at this point. But they have these new -- are. One games that they have to get there and then. It's not going zone and out here who would have a shot at tiger is having a whole game Mulder. Well Paul I think. I think you and I may disagree a little bit about the yacht captain's -- captaincy how much it means and hockey. As our tweets we're going back and forth over this I say that. It really doesn't matter all that much to me I mean I'm glad that those guys got it it's good for them. You need captain and those are good choices obviously it's not against them but I don't know why we have such an attachment to a captain and hockey when we don't have that kind of attachment in any of the sport how much is it really mean when it comes down to wins and losses what your take on all that. That's very that's very true as far as other sports and I know. Very close to put all of your coach -- football and it's not anywhere near big deal and put all of it is and hockey and it's inside the locker room a lot of times you know the optimal all the meetings that happen. If he -- a player not doing his thing he'll take it'll take care leadership as they -- in a -- room pulling him aside and having a meeting with them. It's the captain putting together -- leadership group. Like the sabres have gone up 45 players which include -- odds than it might well -- A couple of others. That they're going to meet and -- going to meet with the approach and that they have issues they're gonna air that mountain that they want that a lot of communication with the coach. It's the guys sitting on the bench with two minutes left in the Tutu came out of one thing if you watch -- Patrick I have done many times in the past. It is dead. Nobody's talking they're just sitting there. There's just no life for anything else. And -- like Steve bother going to provide you know as a captain in my -- -- -- -- -- -- not to step on his toes. And and you know try to you know what came together and rally that kind of thing you can do. As best he can but you know he's also have a -- -- Obama bell who was like well you know people closest -- are symmetric opinion that. Passive approach then you know great leaders of the past like Mark Messier and you guys -- men and not content -- Those are the guys in the 22 game you want on your actually fire the -- To do greater things. All right so let's talk about that you guys they chose then what your feelings on both Thomas -- And Steve -- in what your feelings on dividing it up between the two as opposed to just getting it to one guy. What -- the onetime favorite that would Chris Drury and Daniel career they had two very good leaders both wanted it to be -- like back. And it worked very well what that meant in this case both of these guys wanted to split to the people feel that. They they can leave then August what more has more fire and panic but that don't think panic is going to be like -- -- -- Stu Barnes and there. And I'd be very passive when -- upset about the way the game being played. He could very angry about it and he'll let his teammates know about it and he won't be afraid to get in their face about it so. You must not make that is going to be have a little more fire brimstone tool but it's not gonna take a backseat you have to question their talk. You know he's not gonna get in somebody's face he's going to. You know I mean it's on the bench and maybe discuss a play that happened he's been open with -- perfect so. Our communication is gonna happen is he that he even talked on the ice which really. Aggravates me is Mike Webber is good at that lingers go to that. No letting your partner know where things are who's not on how much time you have a lot that's just not this year. You may disappoint many times you've been on this point for a couple years now actually about the lack of communication on the ice that really needs to improve with this team DC. That improving with the new coaching staff and things that you -- to practice do you think you'll be better at that aspect of the game ball. Yeah because they got a guy is pretty good that Celine -- actually under a lot -- well a lot obviously you're not gonna hear what the -- and too much because he's going to be. You know an eighteen year old and I think he'll grow into it as as he goes forward I think Tyler Myers we'll do more there. He feels more comfortable up there right now so they're not that that is a more passive that the guy to result. They'll be remain to be seen how much talking he does not there but it is very easy. Especially known and -- like your partner know what's going on lions would not too bad either the -- that's been coming back. He'll let them know what they -- -- with a little bit of time and that but the thing. Are able to -- -- I imagine Ryan Miller I just had a collar. Who called and said he'd like to see -- play thirty to forty game because he thinks Al Miller has gone for sure I don't agree with that obviously I think Miller need to play gives you your best chance but. What do you think about may be an off playing a little bit more than other people may believe he should because. He could be the goalie of the future you have to know if you have been considering Ryan Miller may not be here next year is that possible. Knowing that back up but. He's gonna play more than Lindy -- played a bit if you go by what we saw last year. He started eleven games after -- well and showed up which is a lot more -- not Lindy Ruff was willing to play -- That gave him more confidence to go wouldn't surprise me that he had not one of these pregame turn off the bat here whether -- Friday or whether it's Saturday so. I'll I think he is going to play more as a backup but I don't think you've got to get anywhere near some scale on the bench as back up Scott -- last. You have me -- very -- PG just posted today about three teenagers. Beginning the season and this is the first time since 1982 as you interest rate baker we're talking on Twitter. They're really -- might not be the first time -- remind you 1982 when they had how easily -- sexier Ollie and throw in Grasso and Tucker -- very young group they have then. We can only hope that this group could kind of come along as quickly is that group did because they did pretty well for themselves but what does it say about this team and everything Darcy said at the end of last year. And then now going in the direction they're going with this young group. And another Tweeter reminded me that and to perk -- was priced at 82 group to a nineteen. Though a lot you know they got some pretty good hockey players with a except this -- out of that. And think about the teenagers here you've got two very mature teenagers and there are concerns. And addressed the line it and I think that helps there's still going to be nerves tonight but I think -- called them. People play a little bit. Older and more mature than maybe their age would be -- says he's gonna pick it -- that probably he's gonna play on the edge. You have to live with that just like you have to live with that would be -- if you're gonna have a player that plays not let that can agitate. And get some people's faces. You're gonna have to kill -- a bad penalties from time to time but just the limited and not -- constantly taking bad penalties -- collect our shot. Of the Bruins you know he'll he'll go overboard sometimes and wind up with a penalty. But he is also slashing all the way to the -- for whatever reason but luckily I think that's okay so he knows what can get away with any knows how much he can agitate. Gregor Blanco he he's gonna play looks like Larson's as a scratch as you said I got -- is a scratch and you also have make -- and John Scott. Where'd you go with the lineup as far as what you've seen out of pre season because I really believe after what a lot of people said that John Larson had deserved a spot in the lineup. He did but one of those deals where -- -- here feel that. Great -- needs to be America needs to play so and that particular case. I think. You know he prevailed. I don't know how long a leash she has to be continued to play very nonchalant average type of situation. I can't people you know playing at all before the first three games so wouldn't surprise me occurred during the war to come out and -- we're going and and sometime in those three games are critical article doesn't have -- compassion and just a big improvement from last year. All I really believe the strength of this team is that the Blue Line they -- they seem to really improved especially in let's be honest because Tyler Myers has improved so much at least it appears in pre season for everything -- seen but. Really personally has played well and bringing to -- back to having him there. Is that where this team has to win games this from the Blue Line winning low scoring games do they have enough goals to win games on the front end they have to do on the back. Yeah no they do it next to tighten it up which. I think they will a lot of tightening up. Is not being that if the worst tackling hockey club I've ever seen in my life like they were last year I'm not exaggerating I have never seen a National Hockey League team. The -- is his group did. But pavlik comes then -- -- want at that first patent. Believe there's not too bad accident that so why it is excellent at that first pat is right on the tape and I'll go. And you have those clean break out. If you're not gonna be giving up as many shots and they're not into giving up a mini goal. With that goofy turnovers but they would tablet apple -- player's skate and that type of thing that would go to the other team and and they would come. An odd number situation especially this red wing group you do that with this group you'll elevate now. So they you know that's one of the things I've noticed -- season but they point out. And really. Thomas panic you'll hear him in the pregame show. Talk about he's not Tyler Myers about that for over a year now to make sure that person passes that. Think about getting out of resolved before you joined the watched don't join the -- for the pocket doubt that is the message is sent to private buyers. And so far. What we've seen in the preceding his perceived it. What's your take on the. The hybrid -- change. -- -- You know I don't like the races and everything but it is gonna make became safer outlined Miller talked a lot about that the other day. And he just wanted more consistent from the wind and -- we get an opportunity to judge. If there really is an opportunity for that offensive player to get there first or if it's just you know be the defensive guy and the rest that collision and blow it dead so there have been some inconsistencies. On it. But I think -- got the right idea to move forward. -- get used to be in Detroit and a few other cities -- with the realignment it's going to be interesting a different kind of travel schedule for you -- Paul. I like it I like what they did I liked the new playoff format I think that the NHL needs to refresh things like this once a while because. You know he eat you gotta get you gotta get some. Fresh ways of thinking sometimes they go with a hybrid -- whether you like it or not they're always trying to gruesome thing I like the way to do this realign what do you think. I haven't decided to take effect at the attack not a real fan of the two Florida teams in the division but I really don't know what else you can do. I mean it to Florida beat Carolina would be natural but. Again what are you gonna do if there. No matter what you do -- National Hockey League the way with the location of the city it's going to be got a lack somewhere. So they put the two Florida cities and put buffalo I think it up makes. Sent to get Detroit in air because everything. Buffalo Toronto. Other rivalry but -- tribal rivalry in buffalo Ivorians who I don't Detroit Toronto Ottawa Toronto. Those -- the rivalries in Toronto so bring. The rivalry back to. Actually I was going to be huge. Right EMI jobs -- we saw that last night the -- Eros or situation was. Unfortunate to see what happened at George -- last night. And really I don't fall I don't fault -- nor for what happened when I just think in that situation Paulino guys grab guys and they're falling -- the ice that's what they do when they might sometimes and he just happened to grab him -- you know your your fighting on at quarter inch blade there that's got to be toughened its it's good to see if parents gonna be okay but obviously a concussion isn't -- nothing to joke about. No you're absolutely right I don't blame or at all and but people don't understand the same thing coupled with Corey tropical am on the shoulder -- the guy he was fighting. He went down awkwardly in Downey went and then you get accused of driving -- crops and added that the guys what she did not -- this sort of puppet. That was the way they went down and where track tropical holding on top of double or even got together which knowing that it. Stick maybe you would elect golf and try to break it all -- not been unconscious on the weight now. So today in aid you know the same thing happened record drop in the end those things are going to happen yeah. Paul we'll talk did begin tonight I'm sure we'll hear from me and the sabres radio network will be following your tweets along if he him. Once settled once and of course online -- -- -- a BGR 550 backup enjoy it man another season this year and I know you're very thankful happy about that to enjoy my good man. All right that is Paul Hamilton he is in Detroit the sabres take on the red weeks night pregame coverage starts at seven. The game the puck drops little bit after eight and then we are role we are -- -- another. NHL season crazy hard to believe it's the best time of year here in buffalo pastime a year. We'll have to sports. Okay we got the -- and their pro I get it come on now. He got an NFL team you got an NHL team. So in the summer months it's nice it's beautiful get outside. You go to Biden's games enjoy yourself but really when it comes out of sports about the bills and sabres in this town. And once this time a year happens -- October. We flip the calendar. That's when they roll into each other. People get excited it's hard you look outside see 75 degrees and think hey hockey but here in buffalo. As I said. -- Other than these little small towns in -- like moose jaw or Thunder Bay. Pretty much in buffalo. Hockey runs in our blood more than anywhere else and we know what it's hockey season and it is now Friday night we'll be back at home. At. The Ottawa Senators will be back in Pittsburgh on Saturday we got a lot going on Korea Friday night before the game I'll be down the pro street brewery. Got me -- promotion going on with -- Meister in the year Meister girls to be there to be fun to be really fun. It's it's by their exports month maybe maybe Marjorie April but I think it's because of baseball playoffs -- baseball playoffs Nike put everything is everything. And -- pre season. Did you watch the pirates game last night I didn't I did my favorite not a huge baseball guy. Or my favorite baseball moments ever was when they were -- cool NATO he drops the ball in the next pitch he gives up a home run -- thought that was -- and that was. Is the yet that's the ultimate. Insult to injury or injury to insult I guess right yet they said they took the cue from the penguins fans of the -- yeah last name. Yet they did -- that that stadium have you ever been -- for great things I've been there one time. It was amazing. Everybody in the stands wears into -- hurts like everybody as an intimate touch injures. I guess anyone ever gonna get Jersey your -- require and that's I -- again bright you know and but I eat a grilling me he's you gotta get. Right. Rusty -- -- that team would be getting got to say you know what I don't have superstars are lumber now in Alan -- now. Clint -- Jersey. Right I have a a Rochester red wings Francisco Liriano -- -- so like where that -- Very ago -- gallery when he put he pitched well last night is but tackling the did not know. Dusty Baker what -- because re not about Dusty Baker people going nuts about what was he doing wrong or bad I don't know that kept flipping back and -- the first couple innings. You don't answer iPad and usher like your keyboard that may just because -- was -- about -- -- but did you see Pittsburgh now. I I get jealous of cities like Pittsburgh because they have. Stanley cups it's Super Bowl championships but then they get a team like the pirates the last time they -- Sid -- was running third base and just beating the tag at the plate. Now the last and they were -- throw Barry Bonds yes right and they'll bring them on that obviously with -- but. Yeah I look at that I say you know they've had enough heartbreak with their baseball team they've gone through a lot of the things we do which is not spending money. Not having the right players letting guys walk so it's hard to feel that I don't for the city of Pittsburgh. But specifically for Pittsburgh Pirates fans that was good to see last night. I was cool to -- 21 years and so I'll -- they do though in the NL divisional playoffs in the AL of course. Gets going and you have the rays and the Indians tonight. I'd like to see the same dad liked to see the Indians because of that at Cleveland's taken some hits lately hopefully more tomorrow night but yeah tonight. It clearly gonna get a win the next he's let it be tonight right yep exactly. We are we have a big week in buffalo sports the big week in Cleveland sports to girls and a baseball playoff game. And then their post in the there's -- a football game. And they actually have a playoff team here right now they do they don't and hockey team. They had the Cleveland barons one point. They have a minor team that parents yet they let -- NHL at one point oh now you can go and watch in Columbus. But actually I have friends who live in Cleveland that are sabres fans. They latched on the sabres is at the closest market three. Don't think he has I think Pittsburgh Pittsburgh to be right now maybe not. It's got a couple of them maybe with that get the geography. You why are you doing this to me again and out earlier is -- now it's geography I do I I don't. Except this is why I left teaching beat Wii video capture life in this class I did know that though I did watch that was a great movie. There are coming up. I think some of these promotions that places and restaurants in other places do when it comes sports -- I think that they're very cheesy. But one of the greatest promotions. I've ever seen and read. Is going on -- happening because of something that happen. Last week in the NFL I gotta tell you about it. When sports thunder. Parent WGR torturing a -- deep returns after this. That is sabres defenseman Tyler Myers talking about the three captain's choices for captains. We talk a lot of our captains today. Here on WGR. And I might more your phone -- -- -- have anything you wanna say about the decision that went down yesterday to name both Thomas vinik. And Steve not captains. It will be vinik. At home Steve got on the roads Steve out we'll get the first. Crack and I guess the first C on his sweater tonight when the sabres take on the Detroit Red Wings in Detroit pregame at 7 game at 8 o'clock Karen have you GR. Also what are you looking for tonight and really over the first let's say seven to ten games this team. What he's trying to figure out what are you watching for just about winning games is more about certain players you wanna you wanna watch a certain player how he develops. You wanna watch how the young guys hold or something. That's what I am asking today and I like your thoughts on that 8030550. 888 by 52 budget to -- south departure tomorrow we'll be back here again twelve till three and then again on Friday tomorrow. We're really gonna have mostly it's me all pretty much bills game dates and restart off he's got your sabres wrap up tomorrow morning with Howard Jeremy and then through the -- actually tonight with Mack collar. You have to Howard Jeremy tomorrow it's sexual has sabres hockey hotline at ten. I'll come aboard -- while I'll switch gears start talking bills -- to have Dustin Fox on tomorrow he is from Cleveland radio the fan in Cleveland. And it. We'll talk to him doesn't box by the way played for the Buffalo Bills he's now way. Media talk show host in Cleveland so -- be very familiar with -- to get his thoughts on all of that trying to -- to -- Australia will be Cleveland for the game obviously. On the bills radio networks we have a lot of stuff coming your way tomorrow for the bills in the browns and of course the game tomorrow night right here. On the Buffalo Bills radio network exports under under the -- your fight that the it's brought you by Niagara is lazy lakes the best kept secret -- Western New York. By the Steve although auto dealerships driver's -- under the Steve -- umbrella. By integrity office supply solutions for all your office needs and by York in -- that their home team you can always count out. Also want to throw this out there ready. Football promotion going. Pretty cool. You -- when he 2013. Ford F 150 that some school right. 2013 Portland 51 -- one of those take one of them all you do is go to WGR 550 dot com right now in check out the Ford F 150 eco boost touchdown challenge prevent it presented by four Western New York Ford dealers. If buffalo scores a touchdown in the third quarter at exactly 150 remaining on the game clock. One random winner or winning four F 150. That's pretty cool go to WGR 550 dot com and answer right now. That's our school on when Ford F 150. You know usually. Usually. I think promotions that. -- restaurants or businesses do related sports teams turn out to be pretty darn cheesy. You know they're region there's trying to get. Some -- obviously some people talk about a -- command I get why they do that. But there's one that came out today or last couple days I should say. It's pretty neat pretty -- it actually reminded me. Of age Twitter hash tag I did back in July. During the taste of buffalo. Back in July during taste of buffalo I throughout the Twitter hash tags. Hash tag buffalo sports food and I asked you to tweet me something that would be -- menu and why if we're using buffalo sports for the theme. For example when I did that Jolie -- me and said the Stevie Johnson hot dog nobody economists because it's never covered. That's funny. That's good I like that. There was another one McCain in during that whole time that said. From -- Josh Reed in might be very good but every time you go to gravity it slips out of your hands. Nice. One of my. Better once. That I throughout there I think was a drink a shot of speller because everyone's chasing other I did that a while ago. Well here's one the Billy Joseph over hot dog or even the makers don't know what's in it. Nice but there was a Houston area restaurant who did something similar. This week is called the get this. Match all the -- And on the -- -- burger you get to wait for a pick six toppings for your burger. After what happened with him in Richard Sherman last week that he hate match Auburn -- hey. Hey Max how that is in his right that's exactly right. There are burning jerseys and they work. A Houston area restaurants offering a match jobs special -- customers can -- six toppings and then -- -- and then. Pay dearly for their ego Dix six toppings get it -- six I should have to explain the stuff do you people. And then you will pay dearly for. This is pretty cool it's it's bad. -- -- -- Because it's his home alone -- this is not happening in Seattle they're not doing this in Seattle this is the match arbor in Houston. But I watched that play man I -- Italian. You know it was -- on shop. Horrible play call. He turned his back to the defense. Intentionally. Because it was a play action roll out to turn your back to the deeper than tore across your body the other way. Up by seven with two and a half minutes holes -- That was not a hey I'm gonna read to my progression is and then throw it over there that did not happen go watch it. I feel that -- solve that situation but that's funny. The match I'll pick six to match up burger 66 toppings for your burger and then it paid dearly for. Six topic number two outs while you wouldn't you -- that's why you would pay dearly for what six toppings would you choose. On 1000 she's a HM I cheese guy can do that lettuce tomato wettest -- on their radiant you know three two onions onions out of there we count and condiments is topic maybe I guess the I would go I like mushrooms and they cannot go on notes -- you wouldn't do that may bacon and mushrooms. And I couldn't have it at. Well maybe a pickle or if not indicate is ketchup and Muster my other one might be a pickle -- maybe banana peppers. I would spicy you know we'll tell what's he do that. That's out of any legal order that. In Houston they do hate match -- that's right. We haven't had that level I tell you what we haven't had that level resentment towards any players -- buffalo but your -- kind of get their. -- get in there. And yesterday he was a full participant quote -- in practice sort of talk more tomorrow about all that but -- bird plane. When a second happen I don't know probably when I see I have a opinion that he's not going to play all year but. He couldn't and I hope he does I hope -- surprise and I'm kind of disappointed right now in that situation the way it's gone down but. Everything I've seen and heard and read and looked at and thought about. Just hasn't seen me like he's going to do that we'll talk a lot more about that tomorrow because the bills are in the -- there are in Cleveland tomorrow we take on the Cleveland Browns. And we'll have wall to wall coverage for a game day tomorrow all the back along from twelve -- 3 PM but in the meantime tonight. It is sabres. -- weeks 8030 by fifty an open phone line -- now -- your phone calls in before -- for the bulldogs take over at the top of the hour 8030. Like 5888. By 52 by fifty and hockey. Captains mean way more for some reason they do in any other sport I think it's just see more of -- it's it's a sports unique niche thing. Just like kind of fighting isn't hockey. You know we don't see fighting in any other sport because if you do guys get ejected. They get three boarding air Freeport -- vacations Billups might take -- the paychecks. Any fight in football you're probably break something on yourself because -- hit a guy with a helmet even if you take a swing rejected. Help baseball players. They fight but never one on one. Guys open up the bullpen door they run 300 feet just hug somebody from the other team pretty much in baseball and they still get a suspension if they do throw punch. Not a hockey hockey is unique it's different a lot of things in hockey we just don't see in other sports I think captains is one of them I don't care. -- my cat in his NHL team now. I don't care I've Mark Messier of course because it makes it different but there's no there's very few of them who ever played little long -- buffalo right now. But I don't necessarily care my captain is because and a 22 game are 32 game only the third period. The more important thing to me is who's gonna get the possession of the puck and when the game or hold on for victory. And because of the CIA New Jersey or who has a C on their Jersey doesn't really change that equation. Now to see the person wearing the C might be the guy that other people -- to look at what's awhile to kind of lead that I get that. But to meet leaders and sports have you ever been around sports. Heck enlightened companies. I want get here everyday Howard Simon does not -- a seat on his. I was a little golf shirt next it was alligator that he likes to Wear for me to know that I should probably have the same kind of work ethic is Howard Simon. I mean that's just you know the way things work. He he's our retirement he knows what he's no it. They'll show them all the -- over at 3 o'clock they've been doing this for a very long time. They're the number one show. So I would probably think that they don't need to have an eight or see on their jerseys are on their shirts -- -- here for me to say hey they kind of do their show. They're doing something right. It would go without saying. In -- that happens you don't need people. To -- titles or where certain letters. For people to recognize them as leaders they do it with their actions. It's nice to have that. And when management says that's the guy or that's the girl that we want you to go to to listen to to emulate. It's fine we know that that happens. People do have managers mid level managers assistant managers whatever. In those the people making decisions of the people he's supposed to go to -- the buffer between you incorporate in management and ownership. And hockey in any sport that's what captains are therefore I get all that. Totally cool with -- been getting it. If he's not getting it because. They are those two kinds of guys for this young team and -- -- -- by the way let's not forget him very good for him to get the -- he's on a very young defensive corps that he's gonna have to -- he does he is one of their better players by example and by talent. But if you have to have to see if there was a guy in any sport. Who told his coach or team -- organization. Hey you don't give -- Obama named captain the -- I don't know I'm Michael in the tank here. But he's not a leader in the first place that he shouldn't get one. You shouldn't have to have one in order to be -- I don't get why it's so important. In hockey or why we latch -- I should say and why it's so romanticized. In hockey as it is so many other sports we don't really care about. Derek Jeter's a cap in baseball that's pretty much the only one we know. There's been others but that's it they Willie Randolph was kept in the yankees' long time ago. It's kind of like in New York you get that you're the captain of the Yankees -- big deal but in baseball bat in football the bills at three every team has a -- Does it matter really. We. 38 left against Carolina has -- when he element of the timeouts to like really care that Eric -- it has a CNN's Jersey. No just get the snap back to his lecture about. So I. I'm in that kind of boat. And speaking of votes that is important have a good captain because otherwise you could wind up like the -- that Costa Concordia. And run aground and tipped over in Italy and then that captain. He showed why he shouldn't be captain. Just got a cap that you want that guy who ran from The Who who jumped out early. The -- -- gotten better withstand that boat they would stay on the -- I think they would say they would not told the Italian captain on the Costa Concordia. To fly an airplane you need good captain. I don't wanna fly to mount I wanna be pretty confident when I step on the plane the -- look at me saying I got you. Because I really don't know what I'm doing because I can't leave that plane I am not playing happily as summing up as the captain. So. You know in sports so. Mostly generally. Leaders -- leaders that doesn't Evans and and people. Follow the leaders it was three kinds of people really. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen in those who say what the hell just happened. But the other two the first last till they know who the first people are the ones that are making these happen and they emulate them. Welcome back we'll wrap things -- sports thunder -- number one. Our number one ever because we are smack dab in the middle of 72 straight hours of local talk and coverage here -- -- GR. I recognize this music. I have to tell you have not played video games a long time because I have an addictive personality I'm not against them I just know that that's all it would do if I did. Understandable NHL 94 in college we tournaments all the time Syracuse I guess. Yet in we know we all say that we were the best of course. Of course I I was nobody else lies that your self that you talked in my early to tell you you know. So I talked about the the match job pick six toppings. This sign. From a pizzeria in Dallas. Access our -- get fired faster than Lane Kiffin. Who. That's creative I like that. -- -- He says he did an interview with Vanity Fair magazine -- said. He will be a good. Agent he can represent basketball players now he has his license to do this -- -- he's going to be a good agent because he used to be a drug dealer and that helps him in negotiations. That's basically what he said paraphrase. But I guess I'm sure -- be sure the commissioner stern is quite happy with that. Right -- that remark makes sense you're right it's morally right but any said that you know and he's a businessman he's businessman term is that a businessman so. Our good luck with that NBA you know cheesy -- I guess that's a question that's resent any fair Vanity Fair magazine. Right so wanna tell you about what we got going on coming your way. After I get out of here because shall we doubled up underway at 3 o'clock to seven sailors pregame at 7 o'clock put Josh eight in Detroit against the red wings. Extended post game coverage tonight -- -- cozy all along the sabres radio network he will go until about 1 o'clock this -- tomorrow morning about 1 AM. You know depending on the game and that's the -- 1 AM then matte color comes in until 6 AM. Is someone bringing in like no those are some -- color Red Bull and I'm not doughnuts you you won't be here right on that tomorrow morning noon you have let -- color. Bringing them that Tim Hortons. Some motor show up because he's he's -- then. Until 6 AM and that he's gonna produce. For Howard and Jeremy starting at 6 o'clock Gifford are born Tommy writes on the controls -- -- he won't hear -- I thank you for match had you not know that realize that all the guys around and doing all the grunt work for the sports thunder we really appreciated that got to go on knows you don't hear about them a lot he did a great job today. On sports producing this program and I'll be back tomorrow to talk bills and browns where Dustin Fox tomorrow. He used to put the bills Ohio State University is a Cleveland Sports Radio host so that is not on that try to look at the job -- yet. You know Joe's run around a lot out there during game day and it is a interesting game day because it's nighttime game primetime all that kind of stuff so trying to hook up with -- -- trying to have some other special guest for -- As well but we'll focus really on the bills tomorrow the bills and -- it's crazy to think it's game day Thursday one of those -- remember last week. Everybody to Wheaton bills browser could meet her brother in the bedroom the bush fatigue mood. Yeah real funny the -- nearly three to now deal with that America come on what -- thought that. Regulators Steelers giants game two or four teams that are the Eagles are playing the giants this week end to end their combined one in seven. The bills are playing the browser combined for an four. Who would've thought that. We get back after tomorrow though at 12 o'clock because we Howard Jeremy in the morning. They'll talk about the hockey game obviously will go great hockey hotline and welcome back -- 2 o'clock and like I said. Italy bills -- -- browns -- -- a lot of talk coming your way sports stunner thanks got one more time in Niagara sleazy lakes the best kept secret -- New York. To the Steve although auto dealerships drive assured under the Steve although umbrella. By integrity office supply solutions for all your office needs and by York in -- that. -- home team. You can count on thanks a lot for all the calls and text today in suites of course at sell sports I'll be back to -- Todd bills -- shield of the Bulldog up next under the GI.