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Oct 3, 2013|


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803. And -- joining us in studio back for another season here on WGR administered hundreds take your calls and in Israel but -- -- This is the real reason why. We got new carpet. We got new chairs new chairs we've got new headphones for any guest in studio. It or else they're really impressive well and don't let someone get a good morning to Dan -- morning and Dario. Nice nice seven. I think that's Matthew com now rulers dancers -- There is no longer with us I don't mean yeah -- -- -- what did you bastards I don't know I don't Fisher. Clearly he is the weak link and in whatever you've done wrong I'm sure that we can work out a plea -- come back now I'm really glad cement the lights on. He looks like somebody that's been up all night. And -- -- -- at least since 1 o'clock in the morning as well and I watch the games only -- 5 PM yesterday. Well you know Dan is a very funny guys you'd be glad to know that he's following his dream to be a commute -- To block could not so he's got any material from Merck -- But it he zealots -- this year for our segment here and we got full of -- open if you got a questions for the president of the sabres. You can call us now at 803055888550. To -- fifty. Big picture let's start first. What would -- what I know one game his stomach giving you left what your thoughts going into the season what are your thoughts going into the season there's a lot of people thinking myself included. It is a rebuilding year so I don't have high expectations how you look. You know it's where the youngest team in the league in and you're gonna get nights like last night when when things look a little sloppy. -- What you need to see is improvement and you know that's what you look forward to the next games with three teenagers in the lineup. On the -- intern -- -- walked down years that -- three guys land that are younger than you. And you need to see improvements those last night it was not pretty. I'm sure no one's happy. With the outcome certainly and you know a lot of mistakes were made a lot of mistakes have you somewhere mistakes by veterans than the now I think that. -- going to be mechanic coach that's gonna identify those and work on them and then improve upon them. Are you anticipating. A lot of growing pains. Yeah I think so sure. I mean you have three teenagers in the lineup is set -- really only team in the league with that did that. You know I was at a rough is still a hero albeit. Injured I mean. Who knows -- he gets a couple games. Before he goes down -- -- sticks others that number could go to four. -- you you have a soldier son seventeen down teenagers make mr. X and and they need to grow from the minute -- and they need to be in pressure situations and opening it Joseph Louis. For bunch of young guys like that is great experience and you know you can look for positives in the negative. That that game could have spun wildly out of control last night the 36 seconds. Where they scored twice and and it didn't. You know you'd like to see them maybe tie it up profound way but that didn't happen either but. You know on on -- go it's gonna bit -- a tough week you know it's it doesn't get any easier with Ottawa and Pittsburgh back to back. Good culture in a moment 8030550. Which the lines open if you wanna get in and talked to Ted. A couple things on asking -- we get the calls one this terror Angela typically addressed the team before the season begins. If -- And while that there's a follow up with the answers note that you typically -- to the team before the season begins. I'm not not an organized fashion to gather around that's always that's -- been to this team this season. He. No he doesn't do that and organized fashion Terry tops of the players. Because he's around quite a bit. And you know we we have a nice. Kick off party that the entire staffs from both Rochester. In buffalo and it's everyone from janitors on up to the owner and the players all attendant and so he's he's makes a point of -- -- To every one of those types of gatherings but in terms of an organized. You know gather around -- -- once talked you know here's a message is the owner it is he's he's pretty well connected with those guys. -- day in every comment. Do you ever hear from any player. That has played here currently plays here. I think they really appreciate with approval families is trying to accomplish. Since you guys got here is this your toughest spot challenge -- toughest challenge biggest challenge marketing this team selling tickets. You know trying to get that the positive feeling across well I think any every year's going to be that challenge. You know we're not never in a position where you sit and coast and and things like that in terms of marketing the team. You know winning is the best marketing and what we need to do is continue to assemble a team that it. Doesn't -- into the playoffs that comes storming into the playoffs and hopefully with a number draft picks we've been accumulating over the last couple years and even looking forward into next year we have the first and three seconds. You know that's that's where our greatness needs to come from you -- tickets available for the whole ball. Yes probably if couple hundred for the home opener and then decent price now now you know across the league. In the last 456700. Tickets or are always hard to vote for anyone could you end up with a lot of singles and that's just the reality. And then going into the next few games this month we do have a ton of games in October in -- that's historically tough month for any team. To those tickets is published 15100. And you thought about moving the kappa B from further on the season tickets you guys did as as as it was in the offseason but were you given any thought to moving up even more now we moved -- to 16100. It was out 161000 -- We and -- that was conscious effort over the last few years because a lot of people been on the waiting list for a long time. What we saw was that the lower bowl -- just completely filled up with season tickets. And so that's that that's probably about the right number 16100 community it would have to watch it's you know waiting discos and how long it takes them. And with the -- demand some people only want certain tickets -- wanna be on the now wait forever for a -- -- I only wanna be in the 200 level -- -- the club. And we also do you have season ticket holders in the 300 level which you know whenever I sit in the seats a -- that there -- Three get this color commentary. But I don't colorful commentary colorful language and at -- 8030550. President of the sabres jet black -- this year in studio and they're ready to take your calls as well given your on WGR with you're right ahead. Yeah now wondering if you have any intentions with everything going on a hot streak. An upgrade in the period it felt like maybe do root for every operate. But the roof is of the one thing about this building is. The first tigris and it's been very very well maintain that when they think we're in our seventeenth year racetracks are trying to do the math and I had the and it it's it's held up very very well there's of there has been and continues to be very rigorous maintenance plan. I don't know that we need a new roof. Not what it affects but. You know I think. To your point about what's going on upfront with harbor sinner for fans that haven't been down since last year. You're gonna you're gonna. Be amazed and probably a little bit frustrated because it's not easy to get in there. So it -- or website for the best routes to get in but that things come out of the ground and a year from today. You can do showdown their from the rank if you want because the rinks the restaurants. The ramp and retail -- open floor for ours will rest appeal and while we're doing the show so we can be. The restaurants going to be pretty cool deals you'll hear more about that from. -- -- the present -- -- -- in the weeks ahead but the restaurants can be really really cool we spent some time look at some other places and you've been to. Real sports -- outside the ACC in Toronto. I think that it's it's not here -- on sports car -- places tremendous and that says that's it or fans stream. Yes that's out of the ACC -- -- outside outside outside -- -- actually on it it's part of that. Conglomerate what's what's so special about and sports book almost like a Las Vegas style but it but restaurant right here I guess I guess it's it's probably. When you think of a movie theater -- thirty years ago and what Lowe's did experienced this kind of kind of that but you know that's the that's just an analogy on quality. The first thing you notice at that place and the TV screen it's a massive projection screens 37 feet law. And so next to -- sixty inch TV's that look like you know computer screen. So it it is a -- it just blows you away with. With the amount games that you can consume and Jeremy writes Alec you know sports book not that I've ever done. But you just go and you see every game race that's on whenever you should go to states and Jim sports casino book is -- that is. 8030550. Just you know don't I don't know if I answer Kevin's question but that answered no we don't really have any plans change over the -- things like that we do constantly look at things that we can provide in the arena. We're going through a three year plan right now were renovating the suites for example -- they had done. Things that are called VCR tapes. Built into some of the sets and so over the next three year periods all the -- being renovated and and we'll do that throughout the building -- -- 550 -- black with a -- president. Earlier on WGR with -- go right ahead. Our guys -- -- -- thanks -- doing it again -- -- African you know what -- I would hope you do it again this year. I -- my first point would be. That eight million dollar you're tied up in Leno and effort that racquet complain that produced some -- We have public rookie right they -- the world number I think a lot of perform at the -- all that. Effort and Leno are not rookies and the orientation hasn't gotten anything other than yet. It was opening night Matt thank you think they kept front and then -- -- the -- A little bit of labor would -- for -- that -- the goal well. Are the and the problem at the lucky guy collier and they don't produce -- corporation pilot cut ties with two guys sit. A pick up four million dollar tax increases so trivial. I'm I think it's good for your point is that. -- summarize. Rookies can make mistakes that's understandable they need to grow from the veterans there's a different standard and and I think that's but that's exactly right and -- that anything. Unique to our supporters two Stafford. Or Leno or anywhere else that matters. There's a higher expectation. If you were a a veteran and and -- you need to produce and not repeat mistakes so they. And they agree with the the point that. Veterans need to step up. And and and help you know. Help bring these rookies along to an organization thought at all about any buyouts -- and and what is your. Organizational philosophy when it comes to the new bio rule where we didn't use one that it was not the quote compliance -- so we have to laugh often and you know Darcy and his staff would look at that. You know it wasn't something necessary to get below the cap for this year. But you know who knows what happens next -- so. That would be something we certainly have that tool available. You guys. Right now Caplan fifty is pretty tough and now I'm off -- a man I don't know if they don't have the number -- -- visitors -- -- -- -- I was talking to Paul the other day and he was looking at your roster and it was getting pretty tight -- it was not a lot of room left there with. You know. That although now injured reserve and everything that you don't count but it was it was a lot of room available this odd -- year because of the account is artificially low this year -- -- -- -- you know grows with the with league revenues were getting calls here again in a moment -- -- black with the -- president Mike -- -- coming up at 830 were also talking bills -- that game coming up tonight. Don't forget there's an -- think that turned out anyway sounds important think WTO. Then pick up Miller in whatever particular order. Our talks ongoing in the season do they stop when the season begins what is going on with those three guys since the -- last year contract I don't know that'll be an ongoing process like it's happening. Are you what happened today what happened next week I think those things. Tend to -- have. Moments -- there's a lot of activity in moments and there's not more -- in a moment now beginning this season where there's just not going to be a lot of talks going on. And you know. -- the doors open for those. Both ways. But it's just not not confidence that security now. Categorize. That right now Vatican Miller are not eager to resign they wanna see things play out. I mean I wouldn't characterize anything other than what they've said I think they've both said that they are open to Brittany. I think they sent him and publicly that they wanna I wanna see how things play out so no I don't want to characterize how they characterize it. That's that's the worst -- the sabres a one. Both of them -- and actually all of them all of them back right to our national park your future plans to you know it's it. That's that's a wide open question so as you can sign an existing 18 years so you know when somebody you -- -- beyond this season. And I think there are yes absolutely. It. In terms of if guys that I see and respect off the guys you named the top three there's well I really like those guys -- difficulty people. You know certainly and Thomason and Steve's. Case -- they're great family man and -- married but in terms of them. There to elect primaries with their kids. I think they're they're great role models for anyone to look at those -- guys that. -- into trouble over. Or do things that you win your kid to grow to be. Talking about them as men occupiers. Is it easier. Has made no bones about the fact he wants to be yours gushed about staying here he loves everything actually make it easier to reach a deal with a guy like that. Well obviously somebody wants to be here it's easier to do that that would apply to your radio station -- in some new ones to be here injuries you've been submitted -- -- -- -- habits Steve loves buffalo. -- and and and the other guys detail you know Ryan speaks glowingly of Buffalo's Thomas those as well. Those those two guys have such a deep appreciation for what it will mean to win a championship here two and and you know I think those things do come into play money comes into play years comes into play opportunity to win how you're treated by owners there's there are a lot of different. Warms that it that circle around those decisions 8030550. Ted blacklist will get to the third Jersey animal haven't been brought up the sorry we've run out of time. I've -- I thought this segment at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go to -- Rochester Mike you're around with Teddy RW -- right ahead. They are good morning thanks -- We're not certain that Eric ticket prices have gone up dramatically in the past two years I think. The cheapest ticket now. I -- -- the most expensive to get very used to be and went Terry bought the team I think -- -- crickets chirp about it. CNET completely change stretcher I was wondering why are you up out there. Tutsi president Rochester her number thirty in the league and HL ticket prices for the Buffalo Sabres -- number 23. We slashed ticket prices whenever we went in there to rebuild. Base that and completely eroded. And and then we're trying to build up from there. And end you know and in the other side of that equation too as we probably have more veterans. In Rochester. Then we've ever had. Amended its so I hope that the product that you see on the ice in Rochester. Is worth it if you if folks don't seem to be worth it though they'll vote with their wallets. Is the Jersey Steve I was wearing a third Jersey. Yes. When will be available. The it will not be available until November belief in Italy this month but -- November. Where and how awful to be wearing it it is their game plan mapped out he. We have it scheduled for ten home games the first one being November 24 against Detroit. It is not going over well so let me ask you this when you think of a Jersey design give -- that go through the process how does this all work. Do you tested out you have focus groups who are in focus groups to get to the point where. Okay this is the design work we're going to go the in this case it is a collaboration between. Reebok and and our creative. Department. Do we do focus groups now. Judging your wardrobe -- Probably would have included you in that I'm not the best dressed guy in the world is afoot that's actually a fair summer is chuckling right now failure and -- been done much worse that hey it's received a -- criticism. And a lot of attention a ticket and over four million. Mentions on Twitter. And you know that I've seen it it's. Its London doesn't offend me. So I think I think people that a lot of fun with the criticisms of it and judge for yourself whenever you see it if you don't wanna. He committed the -- you look at and say today and I don't wanna -- you do buy it in terms of moving the needle on revenues if it won't do anything if it doesn't sell. It won't really mean anything to bottom line it's the third Jersey if it's that turn burger all of the put on a -- and need it. No that's you know its latest kids that you know we we kept the logos saying we want to do something that was. A little bit more nontraditional. So it's it's two tone schooled in the fun and a blue in the back of -- different colors for a for numbering. And as the buffalo font in the front. And like you said it's. No one's got its -- term but again -- at a -- wanna buy it -- you don't have to do and if if you do -- and knows that our team's gonna -- very -- for ten games. The focus groups is it not to teams just not do that typically -- yeah I think it's all over the board I mean I think it if if we do this again when we do this again I don't think that's a bad idea saw that the Dallas Mavericks -- up to a fan vote you know it I think those things -- are cool deal. I'm not ruling it out on the you know I'm not a fashion designer I mean and I know Fashion Week was in buffalo couple weeks ago but. I'm I'm open to. Many ideas and then again if if the only thing would come out of this that folks don't like it don't buy it and we learn from it and and do a better job. Finding things that people like next time. That's part of the evolution of learning getting better. What do you when you go through the whole process -- any third Jersey. How do you mean I assume present work tech from year to year -- -- -- what you're doing if you have an alternate Jersey you've got to have a wanna sit two year runway before hand so. I think this is something that's. You have to start that process two years now. Just to get permission definitely -- it's a third Jersey you're changing your. You know primary so -- -- -- like it fine it's a nonissue it goes away if they don't like it do you actually at some point then have to give the league. Like heads up -- after two years were gonna do something different. Yeah I think that you can decide when -- when he wanted to discontinue when you wanna continue. -- -- at the break real quick. I think it's a beautiful beautiful Jersey and and I know like -- back here maneuvering to. And not for the go in the net. Now this is flat -- just. Either way I think this is the new Mets that it where the old people wanted to cut the -- Two on home opener. One for you and one for Jeremy tomorrow yeah one home opener is tomorrow night what's in the -- party applause -- -- on -- starts it's worth thirty. Folks watching the game on TV I think you're you're gonna see. A pretty good telecast with the with the talent that we have. You're also gonna see things like super slow Mo we did that in the playoffs if you remember a couple of years ago. We've we've bought that. Cameron technology for all home games. I'm a big fan of that -- in the -- much closer to the fans. We also got a new robot camera underneath of the scoreboards you're watching on -- some different camera angles. You know I think Dan Dunleavy joining our staff this year broadcast team happens. RJ back for three years. Tougher in overtime. And -- of the whole team I think our telecasts appeared to watch absorbing experience at home with -- -- and really enjoy it if you're down there. Party in the plaza is always fun I think it might funder. Now tomorrow back -- -- he made up under reference. But -- don't be afraid of that. And and when you're in the fall we we've we've spent a lot of time money fly one upgrading the game -- -- it -- an experience that's another -- you know like the -- you mentioned. We do get a lot of fan input from that. Both solicited and unsolicited. That your wannabe in your seats because we're at the show I think is gonna be something happens in before. That black with a win this fourth -- or face obvious thing. Yeah yeah and it's the other the the lights the video everything that we've. Installed is it's a permanent display units can continue to grow over the years -- has a lot of plug and play capability of people in their -- yeah that's what or face -- this is a preacher expectation particularly. We talking holograms. In side -- Our nose -- -- opponents so holographic Christmas tree knowledge helped -- only one -- your bio mom and that you. I was gonna say -- all the south of the television broadcasting. This to say nothing of the radio broadcast -- don't post it as sports -- got to promote other yet it is the -- thunder at the under is gonna be get equal time and for the radio. Doesn't look might get a thunder out there right now exports. My thunder and Cleveland for the bills that's oracle. Our thunder carrying over to Cleveland. Slaton is under. I can't I have to call and this thing is in rocky the character that -- Yes -- lips was although it's on the Angeles. Does that count apparently not apparently don't want your dog -- they didn't. Sound right rocky rough and I -- I -- yeah he's pissed. Doritos lets everybody don't take it personally he's not a big fan of either I thank you for coming and I appreciated and do this every week and look forward to accurately. He said that well -- -- I'd love talking to fans I did not winked at me when he's a guy McKnight not the way fans in buffalo are. Or passionate summer psychotic guy but I'd I'd love it -- you know annoyed I absolutely love it when things go. -- and you know I wanna be there to hear that that can be there when they go well well listen -- at 2 -- cell. If you would if you would like to deal with some of the psychotic fans. Feel free to pull it overnight shift. We have it looks like he's gonna have a psychotic episode you can get infinitely. I let's get a break back to Mike advertised for another season on WG -- well -- radio Mike's thoughts audio -- we get back on WG.

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