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Oct 9, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NATO for Russ Brandon bill CEO and president joining us here on WGR. Hey -- I don't today. Good good thanks to -- going -- as got a lot of ground to cover will get a ticket update talk about the Bengals wanted to talk to about hard knocks my favorite show is dumb way to see when you guys will be on. And I think. The fifth. But -- and I know you -- a big that come on Sunday -- now with the a breast cancer initiative is part of the month long activities to help raise funds around the NFL -- Of course you're gonna start with -- EJ Manuel do you have any good news to tell the -- gonna be back in two weeks by any chance. That is his the practice normally not work on that. And I continued -- -- without an effort you know he just continuing their privacy and you know what is every day's work and to get better and you know -- -- -- him on the -- -- If it's been exciting to watch him you know take the steps in and and go through this process of trying to see him develop and what steps you can make each week. How much of Arnold punch in the gut or did it dip of the enthusiasm with him out of line up no question about that at least it does for fans and media what about around there. Saturday at Florida north cliched and over the next man up and and when you work in this business and see attitude you have to take. Obviously we're disappointed region and for our fans for every one. I need to have some absolute you know he's just gonna have to know continue to work record that it. -- he's around all the time or through Tibet erupted -- the service is being on the field but it's and we were -- and we have to work through it. Earlier in the win win game business and in the win now business and that's how we approach. Is the next -- up a little tougher to sake. Eight because it's the quarterback -- you're talking about it -- first round pick a quarterback who was playing right away. Very -- I think it's been sort of -- an unfortunate for us this year we've been in the news you look at our troops to promote proper order would -- on the cabinet that -- Obviously it'd be curious is that out. We will -- -- something. When you look. It's and that's what are without your starting opposite. But as a step an outstanding job of taking advantage of the opportunity and and obviously written dissent in this -- So any AA is as far as evaluating the progress of the team. How much of that is. I don't on hold rusher how much of it is affected by lack of having manual you know running the offense for however long he's out. You know are each and every return evaluation period and in not as we continue on them. Are whatsoever in the week you know we're -- one individual. You know in his deposition which gets most of the publicity. Everyone's always in the -- -- -- -- -- mode and you know that's the way we approach it endorsement and a little bit on the outside but and that's that's an up and look at it is that. So when you guys. We're talking about back in -- August 2 would have been trading for Thad Lewis. What what what what was the talk about that Lewis who like Tim what led to that trade that you guys thought you know the -- let's bring him in. Well you -- at that goes -- -- Rivera broke well in Jim mourners in the personnel department. The ground. And that obviously reluctant. -- -- came out of duke recruit -- recruiters are great job quarterbacks. Very productive -- -- that and not as -- hasn't really Armand and very quick. Nor can we use a little bit of pre season. He can not a bad way and run with a bit. Obviously that's a production when he was and there are a last year. Against the Steelers and bring out people Smart young man so you know about it I think is that we felt that you know could develop -- Are you gonna have an opportunity to develop. Quicker that and then that we have probably. Expected but that's what this league's about it's about opportunity and wherever real challenges weaknesses -- -- -- Bill CEO Russ Brandon Willis here on the future of the bill's plan the Bengals on Sunday we'll get an update on tickets and the blackout situation in a moment I know we had -- or another show. On Monday -- and he made the announcement that the plan was to play. You know Thaddeus Lewis. I don't I was caught by surprise. Where you -- that it -- you know what obvious you're in the evaluation process I assume but I mean that most of us are expecting. They're just gonna make make golf that we -- and and until lead to get that you surprised. And really not as there was something we have discussed before approach. Talk about it. Meeting and you want to make sure the coaches approach -- without problems for our. In messaging you just want to -- Into orbit and are proud. As an excellent job in Iraq and our scouts and that -- erupts. You know current of course in the back described. As a people. You know viewed -- the front loaded it's either of these guys throughout the past in the beverage. And in the courtroom in the group. Being very rooted that -- -- -- as a partners our practice and as an excellent job and deserves raptors -- -- what kind of works and sure I mean I've. That -- practices are close and nobody can really see what that's doing what kind of work does a practice squad quarterback get in your typical practice. Probably get it out of work because he's basically about a look. Form -- the other and so he gets under wraps. And you know -- -- really nice job you see as the credit facilities arms right. You know each and every day so. You know he gets out of reps not necessarily. You know demand and but you know there was spent much time in the classroom and or -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- curious about he's getting reps which is a good thing but he's not getting reps in your offense so does that make life a little more difficult having to learn all of that this week he's getting mental rest but not -- physical -- Ever had because you know they spent so much -- been you know an aircraft and you know on. In that meeting rooms and you know these guys -- -- -- -- especially the quarterback Soriano the group we. An issue for -- whatsoever. We're get a lot of questions we've talked about as well do you look back in hindsight when when you guys released Matt liner Cobb was already Angie do you brought in a veteran -- to take a look at and that was line and it didn't work out. How close were you or how much did you talk about needing to bring in a another veteran a lateral but just another. Veteran to have on the roster going into the season. President isn't sort of very racial and -- and always look and their parents are we we could go into the year pact with our. Situation where that support that would ever happen. He can do that -- it would -- and and that's never work and able to -- and you were progressing in in the wake up as that the Russians have always felt comfortable. In that capacity and then we also didn't have. No winners on the practice squad we have a bit of a veteran presence. He would. A broad. But someone that we have spoken develop and to recruit players are. We are comfortable where we want about it. As I imagine with every roster -- -- always under constant evaluation. As rebel personnel department -- -- and that's what we are comfortable with. Rush through this again the bills play and the Bengals on Sunday what is the update in terms of the ticket situation. We still have a lot of work to do in the next couple days I was there about 7000 tickets were -- I assume that a -- challenge. You know we're gonna continue to work and over and there was are resolved herself. You know we've. We can't we hope to get the game I'm not -- -- Harden is -- -- -- with -- -- You're offering special. Discusses all right fifteen dollars off heavily is promote fronts. -- because -- -- opposite effect of those dot com and information. You know we're trying to -- was -- because -- -- had a little bit atmospheric. In the past 24 hours we that's when you know. This general time frame this amount of tickets roughly 7000 with you know a little over 24 hours as that happened before how likely is it. That's not likely to have to let them know we have moved the fact that the in the past and in short I have friends that. I was and abducted. We're working very hard to look at. It's that's a lot of in this sort of short amount. Can you can you get an extension. We will really wherever I've talked to lose about looking at the that is well in our defense we. If that's feasible it is to that's that. Got an email from a gallery asking about the whole black -- policy this goes back to that issue that I think was last year -- -- they gave teams the option. To what do you have to retake 8085%. Than you can buy the game out or something like that is this one of those games where you would have been able to do that. We -- done in the past our power in is a -- right we use what we as we used it as they would that this is a little bit of the a situation. It's obviously in order to enforce. We didn't anticipate. Where you have a pebble and sort of speed when it comes to the concerns. Which usually cancer later in the Europe. You know such -- varsity -- -- our fans know well we really. There's a lot of pride in our ticket prices which -- personally. And and that's really how we have to report to work out of the business because their ticket prices -- or. In comparison. To the rest of the league so. We we we just need to move our tickets and -- that sort of capacity of the war and right now and you know it will continue to work at it. No there's not allowed to -- -- more than we do. Rushed back to on field matters and -- bring up there was a report that the team is now open to trading Gerris bird and that talks are ongoing. Can you comment on that report would you -- of that report. Our common because other important reports come from I was you know -- heard about it sentiment in the sort of but what we talked about before. We weren't. Our our our focus is getting to be back on the field and hopefully that'll be that is that it is this week. You're not actively seeking a deal. We're not actively seek and this is a very same. Situation that we talked about a month ago it's not a topic of conversation and -- building. Your conversation we have news. It's jurors on the field and that has -- contribute because we know what kind of requires -- Having said that delegates -- clarify that doesn't rule out the possibility that occurring you're not not willing to talk to people about calls. Center has others you know when I look at those with a cup and an answer. And we have risen at a Nissan. Relative he went -- without him personally so I'm no I would not let the. What's the word any update Doug -- you know on Monday a little too early in the week any update in terms of Byrd and Gilmore I guess to be the important one -- of getting back in playing this week. I have -- and obviously -- -- practice. -- will evaluate the guys over the next few days and you know we've we obviously hope that both guys on the field for us. The defense obviously has been a good story this season how much of a difference would make to get those two guys back out. I mean you look back on it and I was gonna say rest you do you do we do his fans and look back it's that the three losses ago they would have Gilmore and bird were playing. That you you know up in arms from our standpoint you really can't do that. You know it would be nice to see -- not. You know -- time here and was the with a lot of that you know we wanted to do that then obviously we all know it looked at a prior period is we. We know obviously know what kind of weather start seven shut -- corner. You know and have been Leodis. At the end -- rob Brooks you know who's brought tremendous. Special teams are for us. As in the nickel. We're regret ever had those guys back in assume we can do that. Yeah I. I I I wanted to. How do you give credit where credit is due and -- know it's more of it an organization thing but one of the guys on defense I think who's who's really had a very good seasons Manny Lawson. And and the boy would I watch him the more press slam with some of the things he's doing on the field and helping out the defense whose idea -- was many losses. Are you are goes back to our. We talked about rural -- but the personnel department you know that. In -- we're -- but that is a true professional cause a lot of different things for us. Has stepped in and then -- perform very well under a lot of things. You can see when he was doing. In his previous -- that would have fit in nicely to quote defense so. He has been. A great addition to organization and he's spectacular -- off the field and a great leader. OK so. We need to be in hard knocks. We should go conspiracy charges are you in Germany and get a lot of that didn't work -- -- I love the show you watched the show obvious right don't you want to jump out. You'll like it. I like it because I'm normally are that sort of -- partisan you know a lot of people. Are sort of having this and that and that and that. It's. We were at we would listen you know we will have to listen now. Yeah right so how does this work the league Ted that the league will look for volunteers if no one volunteers they'll pick a team. While -- TI think I. I assume it's funny -- I thought it wouldn't pass because I figured coaches and GM's would be against that a majority and they would. Pass that word along to the owners are levers voting on it and it wouldn't pass and it sounds like I have I'm guessing -- with the biggest hang up B. That teams don't want that process of cutting players shown on television. Yeah you know I think -- you know from our standpoint you know when you look at you know -- back and you know we've heard you know great feedback from the teams that participated in -- -- the professionalism. In everything that goes along when asked. -- is just. Really being in in the spotlight having to do all the things we feel that it -- But then turn around have a campus -- you know makes people that -- comparable especially that process. As well. You know that's our hardest part of our -- put some of these guys last night or ever put on the uniform. And they've been obviously tremendous weather is a lot of -- have a hard thing to do and heartening that the part of that. -- so I think you know from that standpoint. In others and -- -- that make you uncomfortable but. Repeat that. As I mentioned. Has come back to member clubs. Has a pretty are. -- and ask you about obviously October we solve the pink on the field in the bills browns game and all the games on Sunday it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What does -- what does it what does the team have planned for this Sunday's game to help out the costs. You know corrections that are in our whole community relations to an outstanding job with this hour. And you know will be celebrating our police campaign this weekend. Friday night there's a great event with our our partners -- -- -- I looked -- were the of the past will be the banking and I'm gonna have an outdoor concert. Everything we can't have thirty. That the panels are -- and we haven't sat out for the event kicks off around 7 o'clock. -- ebitda reps -- proud of America and that's a great night. Great celebration. As radical people who survived breast cancer burden on the year old we have months and days. We have a part of thing that we do that in bill's torso week. We appreciate all the support and everyone that's with the -- breast cancer does as well. Like no I think brought this up on the Thursday night game and I know the -- in the story Vijay manuals mama she will she be in for this or do you know if she'll be should be able to make the game at all. You know I don't know -- should be in part having just to see everyone you know there's unfortunately that's presidents and and -- See everywhere around -- our community. Is that it passes and and it's something that's feature. A league leading every year. He commitment from our fans. And that you know from our partners so anyone that can -- about. Support. It's it's a great cause. Well listen good news on Sunday in your effort to sell tickets sunny and 72 is the forecast the weather will be an issue. That's hard and Jeremy. You know vote with two games. You know that's that's more in in in an accurate in the ring -- and now China. -- this discourse process -- in the crowd has. Indirect. That our. Would then have reopened to your advantage for us. And that we really need to let this week so you know we we appreciate all of us that we do. We really appreciate our numbers as an indirect as far as -- usual force. -- -- is always thanks for the time good luck Sunday and we'll talk again next week. They'll CEO and president -- -- -- -- CRW -- his segment it was an 8 o'clock brought to -- -- with savings -- it's time to make the switch to northwest and by -- help.

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