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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

By -- let's get right to it because the head coach standing by out an Orchard Park Doug grow with us here. On WGR Howard -- Matthew with you as well good morning Doug -- or use our. I'm a great radio and Howard -- -- doing well thank you as always for coming ominous good talking again. Awesome you know let's let's do injuries first although well if -- were held as an injury but obviously was also up because of the death in the family what what's the latest in terms of the status for Stevie Johnson for this game. I really think it's still day today you know I spoke to whom. Yesterday he's coming in today. And I really don't know you know absolutely trying to look at unfairly -- on you know it's a long flight and and once he gets here I think going -- we start to talk you know it could either be guessing plan or you know you -- -- You know we -- might have to wait till game time decision but I'm I'm really not sure I'm not want. Yeah and you know what it for for a veteran I suppose if terms of missing practice it's not as is it not as big deal when you have a guy like Stevie and he could. Be out for few days because of of the death in the family but still pop and as long as he's healthy enough the -- Well I think -- yes I do agree with that but I think you know you got to you know for me you know you look at it two situations you know wanted to obviously. You know the injury which you know haven't been able to be treated as well if it would be if you know he was here. And you know that obviously traveling a long distance you know -- to the West Coast and then you know the metal the -- you know part of native. You know this is the truth you don't really tough on some you know fifth not. In -- -- -- obviously you very close within the family involved so mentally got a few where Rivera also. I don't mean to diminish that. Obviously but it but from a football standpoint Doug. If Stevie not available can you talk about how that does impact. The offensive plan and and and how that might change things and having your number one wide receiver. Well I think we don't we go we ought to be Smart you know and obviously during the week if -- Almost repeat if because if he can't go we're gonna say oh my god we got the wrong game plan that so. You know we we we have to do that if it's just one of the challenges and I think you know in this -- -- it that's normal you know you see the injury report she gets you on every team so. You guys you're going through you kind of get a feel journal weakened you have. You know three or four different ways you know or planning or attacking. That you have to be ready for. When asked about Robert Woods. The book on him was you know that he was as prepared maybe maybe the better ready better suited to play in the NF all right -- than any other receiver and it sure looks like it's playing out that way for you guys. Can you talk a little bit about his development to this point of the season and what you're seeing from a rookie and rookie receivers sometimes can struggle in the NFL. Right in and who wrote that book I'd have to get the author on the back yet it was the -- it was a compilation on him the story on him with like the that story so that we can we could say that there was a compilation of drag guys died after he picked the one out it it theory but it Europe so. They write so I mean he you know that that was well a lot of people were saying about Robert and and he's been truth of that I mean. Yeah he's someone that you know he's played a lot for us really when you look at the -- that he played. We really think he's going to be a special player a very good football player. You know for us for a long period of time so comic side about me it's almost like what what what can he do you know he's getting better and better each week. You know he's tough. He's got strong hands you know obviously can catch the ball he can run after the catch. You know than what people probably don't know or don't notice about them. Is that we've been on special teams he's been very very productive. That's the type of player he is so. We're really really excited about him. Now and let me get one more we -- your question in the number of months of the other injured guys. Outlook this -- double the load the covers things against marquis stood when let's do that first and an awful but him in terms of his -- your show man to defend our business -- you do whatever I want it and you didn't hear the show I'd if that Doug -- and show. -- -- YouTube era and a show it's we're going through your you know it's not like Larry you you don't call me and say -- one question. Asking you know ask you before we get on the show though if you ego. That we're really in big trouble volatile ahead. What what's a good -- out of -- at this point. You plan a guy. So what can he bring back to the office on us about kick return to -- what do you think he can bring back to the offense now. Okay well I mean on the opportunity someone acting that can catch -- score I mean. You know if your plan you know man coverage or if he catches the ball and it's a little bit of separation he has the ability to you know take it take it to the end zone I think. You know that that's what's exciting anytime he gets the ball on his hands. You know you have it you have you have a chance for an explosive play. You know he's you know it it's interest and because you know we we brought him in here we we saw a lot of those obviously everyone knows about the speed I mean that's that's that's that's it is what it is the Munich I was in the Olympics but. When it's catching ability that's think that thing that it that it really. -- -- -- surprised that but that's where he's really done a good job worked extremely hard catching the football he catches the football extremely well. And and and we're excited about having him back because you know he's a guy that you know -- can run them fielding until the quarterback -- throat as far as you can Canaveral throw this -- And those guys are a little bit easier to target and for a special teams. We'll see when he can do and in the pre season and we haven't had a lot of opportunities and return to both. You know our punt returns and kickoff returns and where we really have. You know top guys as returns in Leodis and -- good -- so. The more opportunities that we can provide to those players the better chance we have a scoring -- -- situations. Bills that coach -- grow with us here on W chair just say you know the book on Goodwin and pre season was in good hands -- and -- and -- both wrote -- broken wrote that -- you -- know what -- Like I said maybe surprise whatever you could see. They were one on one battles were quarterbacks -- -- throw the ball out there and he would win the battle he would come down with some really tough catches. When you guys keep right notebooks I like those books they have they have good stories who. Could you help us write the book on that Louis style amendment right a little help on that one yeah we don't we are we don't really know a lot of a lot of fans think you practice squad guy. Well yeah -- what do I know lot of practice squad guy I think this week is kind of -- a learning process for fans on what practice squad guys really do during the week. Yeah and -- it it. The years ago we -- of wasted you know hide players this amendment and I think it -- you know very explained it in I had it eight minute press conference you know just on the situation. Earlier in the week. You know Jeff tool really played well and he's a great young developing quarterback and really played well in pre season when you look at his numbers. You know outside of -- really played the second best that of all the young quarterback and we want him to. You know another team to take him. So we brought in when Kevin -- -- certain -- there was hurt we went out we took we try to find that the best veteran quarterbacks that were available. And we obviously reporter Matt -- and -- -- that Lewis and and it was it was a tough situation for for those two with a short week but they were the only two guys out there in our opinion. You know it -- so we took one week and and we we want with that. And we are fortunate enough that that had practice squad eligibility because. If you remember all the defensive backs were hurt we hurt the kicker was hurt. -- we had a lot of injuries that we had to use those spots to be able to play and be competitive. You know early on in the season so. You know we're constantly always looking upgrade that so you know Jeff -- in the game the other night -- and that one man and now he's been with us for about six weeks now. See early on he didn't there was like -- what are you gonna do any do the offense -- one. I'm when -- give the duke Duke University credit you know obviously it's a great institution not with that went. In six weeks he's picked up the whole entire offense so it's not a point of you know we're going to be limited what we can do we're gonna play to the strengths of him. You know he can throw the ball extremely well. Obviously when you look back at his college numbers and I think out of all the college football player as a quarterback he ranks in the seventies as far as yardage thrown. When you look at whose coach was David cut clip from coach Peyton Manning Eli Manning who who I know very well. You know he actually texted me. We made the decision to go with that -- that you wouldn't be disappointed in this thing you know everyone loves them so I'd never seen a player that's had that much support. And really he's come in and taken over in a leadership role and he's had. Really really two very very. Good days of practice now systematic going on that field them and and do announced Sunday. But at least he's done it before. You know he was a 66 or 68% completion. Quarterback. You don't want touchdown one interception when he did play the one game for Pittsburgh going against Cleveland. Watching that game against Pittsburgh wanting you know just as a casual observer because it's it's all that any candidate to go off and watched that game at Berkeley yeah it's -- been watching that game. I got the sense that he looked. Comparable more than anything in and I was impressed by that you know 2.2 with 32 the numbers are eye popping but. It was surprising to see a guy that steps into an offense that didn't have a whole bunch -- weapons on the road against a very good defense look back comparable as as a coach can you. Do you sometimes you gotta get that fuel from a guy that he's ready for those type situations. Well there's no doubt that that's read it -- and I think I think. You know from a standpoint of you know some guys they have to understand this in this profession and -- and we I talked to players about this whole time we have. We have -- this week with the Brandon Smith you know Brandon Smith up on the roster and he's gonna go up there and we'll have put -- that he's gonna play special teams. Well this is a great opportunity. In this league sometimes you don't get the opportunity. You know you can come on a team and play and the guy in front in the coaches like and -- play and next thing you know you're out. And you sit backing -- -- I never really got an opportunity. But when you have this opportunity weather's bad Louis weather friend at Schmidt we we have a lot of players that if that if taken advantage of their opportunities. That's what you have to do and a lot of times it's it's a one shot deal some people can handle that. Because there is pressure to that and some people can't and the ones that can handle it they have a they have a chance Phillies play and mostly the ones I can't. They're not going to be able to play. -- -- coach Deborah Willis from Orchard Park here on WGR bills in the -- Sunday if you're just joining us Ralph Wilson has guaranteed. Television on Sunday no black out he will buy up the remaining tickets so the game will be seen on television and Doug I would assume that makes and you want as many people in the stands as possible from a coaching standpoint but I would assume that you know you gotta be happy for the fans going to be able to see the game at the very least. Well you know it's. -- my first time going through and obviously have a great appreciation for mr. Wilson what he's done. You know took to lift the black out and and obviously used to Breast Cancer Awareness Month you know to help Bowden and really. You know you take a situation that's a tough situation. Mr. Wilson stepped up to the plate. You know and again now he's gonna go back and give back and help the community and I think that's important. As far as our fans there's no doubt. If there is no doubt and I understand you know the struggle that they're going through believe me I'm armed struggle and going through -- four. Okay where we're getting this thing turned around we're gonna get this. This this this organization. You know we are gonna win there's no doubt about that. But at the same time our fans are very very important for us because. If you look at our gains that we played at home okay there is no doubt in my mind that the fans have played a factor or not swing. Okay we've won we play three games at home. All right we lost the first one okay. We beat a good Carolina football team no matter what people say you look at what their statistics are defensively they're playing extremely well. Okay and then if you look at the Baltimore Ravens the defending Super Bowl champions and I I'll go back to the last game because everyone can kind of you know that's the freshest and our minds. You know when you start off the game minute penalty penalty and a -- those penalties. Warren. Baltimore they were -- it was our crowd in point saying -- snap count. That's that was a great way to start a game -- our fans there are outstanding and we need. And -- backtracked a couple of back to the injured guys -- Gilmore. Any definitive word on them at this point for Sunday. Yeah we filled with an older black Georgia through -- week we just have to list them down there because of the NFL rules depth. You know and -- been out there and and and he planned and we just you know looking -- -- -- today but he looked -- -- -- -- -- is how comfortable he is in -- -- your defense has been good and it sure didn't look like Mike -- -- hold anything back but you but -- getting Gilmore and -- back now what went well what that means for the secondary first off and then the defense overall. Well it's definitely an helpless I mean you're talking about you know they Stephon Gilmore in our opinion is one of the best -- definitely I mean and that's -- met -- people around legal tell you that meant. Jurist -- obviously -- -- one of the better safeties in the -- you know one of the top two or three safety so. You only get those type of players back value can do. You can do different things I'm not gonna lie I mean it's not -- you can do different things. You know you can take people out of games it that you have a lot more flexibility when most of the players come back. And you know. That all. Bird that the business side of things affecting him during the week at all or or would you even as a coach go to player and say hey. You know I know things are you got you got issues were -- contract lab level and he's a focus on football. You look at your question yes I would do that did you notice it was all right if I did see that yeah you know stand up in a player. And and I have I've gone through this before with players you know especially in my own position. But I think one thing and and I say this -- and I'm. I'm telling you straight. I have not seen one issue with them the minute he came back. He started train in the game shape he had the condition in his foot he did everything he possibly could to get back he could see that he was hurting. Not being out on the field. Okay. Thursday night was the first time that I mean -- and I really don't know you re not but he he said he was OK though he wanted to be out there with teammates. And then now you know. He's excited so I I never saw. The business side of it now whether that's. A great reflection of -- -- how he handles his business at the professional. Probably but he's been outstanding as a professional. Left guard rotation. Is it is their plan -- -- and -- there is can you share what the plan is yet that they're on our planet rotating and you'll see both those players generally you know going out on an and then there was -- playing better -- play. Can you talk a little bit about the challenge that Cincinnati's defense will offer. Very strong group really. -- -- really strong defensive line is what challenges will they present for your office on Sunday. Well you obviously they they they they stop you know very good offense last week from scored a touchdown. You know and you know so that -- cut their their hot right now you know they're playing extremely well. It's almost like every week you know -- these types of defense is and you know -- ever you know I've I've known him for a long time competed against them. You know they've done a good job and I think it all starts up front you know they're they're very active they're very athletic they got a lot of height range from you know they get after the quarterback the linebackers are very physical. You know the good afternoon. You know Paul's coming back who's been out for them for a little bit so that's gonna help them out you know on on the back end. And and they've done a good job I mean they they force you. What you what you see on film was big for shoes. To make bad decisions. You know they come up -- kind of the same way they they show a lot of pressure. And then they just rotate through their brain and who -- not bring NC can never really get a good -- off and they do what they do very good job of that on third down and right now they're run and a fly around to the football. And you know we got to find a way to make sure that you know we can stay balanced and on the ball and keep them off balance. And conversely what about the Bengals offense that obviously they have one of the top receivers and AJ green can you talk a little bit about what challenges those guys will present for. Sure I think. You know again let's let's start with a front again -- I mean that there are big in other big in this physical up front. Probably one of the bigger lines that Woolsey you know during the course of the year. You know they play extremely well I think when you look on the outside like you said you know AJ green and is explosive you know he can make plays. You know and in the camp falsely thought Mohammed scenario I mean not -- I've played against sect cat for a couple years now and and he is an outstanding player. You know they got good players behind them put a slot addicted to tight you know the tight ends that they have have been playing extremely well forum. You know Grisham and I've heard you know what Alex makes as a third I mean those are match up potential matchup problems that we've got to do a good job -- And I think you know when you look at all -- you know he does a very good job I mean he he can make the throws he manages the game. And cool on the pressure. He's won a lot of football game form especially on the road this team Cincinnati has been a good team on the road when you look back at their past sixteen road -- step and I also think they're trying to establish something and run game so that's that's going to be important I mean you know you've heard that coming out of there they drafted obviously. You know the running back at a North Carolina. You know trying to get him gone obviously we have experience of BenJarvus green is a tough for them back but. You know Jim vibrant art is a guy that that they're trying to get going so we gotta -- good job so -- You know they pose a threat threat as far as you know hey we got stopped Iran you know -- thrown at that thrown to guys that are pretty explosive. Yeah I think I saw the note about the program the road records eleven and five of the last sixteen game which means I think their road -- better than their home record over the last two years I I think so yeah. -- well dug as always thank you very much for common knowledge -- appreciate the time good luck on Sunday out -- -- hey guys did a great job with the program today. A well LA any input -- -- -- -- allowing just let -- -- now you -- from the -- -- -- I got enough felt -- right here -- -- names on the -- never forget that that thanks a good -- A Doug -- joining us Ralph Wilson Stadium pay when to back yeah we talk about us big problem for Patrick a lot out the question will be asking is. For what. He has eight in person hearing scheduled. It's -- You want to let me about it when it's got to be the only player could be the fight in the first period you guys remember when he and he he. I that I went back and watched it again on my TV I could not clearly see it. But I think of that has to be it because one of the Columbus players went right after him I forget who even -- it. But that's the only player right what else wouldn't it be other than him clip -- the guy along the boards with a hit to the head. But you but I could not I I could not clearly seemed do anything but it led to that won the Blue Jackets players came right after Monday. But it's in person to. Which means she's looking at what -- I -- of the first period that's the plight. Check Jack Johnson near the border right and and bull bull or somebody came and Kazaa McCormack got into a fight at the same time -- Yeah it was McCormick yeah that go find that hit because honestly couldn't tell on on the replays and the stuff that I watched on TV on the DVR. So I went back and watched it again. OK shall talk about that a moment 8030550. Bills.

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