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Oct 16, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right we are move on. -- -- joining us this moment again the comic for the Buffalo Sabres on the nick can -- report from sports net zero. Truth to the report. That -- Darcy was going to be fired all the league will be fired so zero truth to report that is the official comment from a spokesperson for. The Buffalo Sabres now we bring in. -- he's wanted to spokespersons action presidency you know of the Buffalo Bills rushed for an average weekly segment here on WGR and restless eyes and Orchard Park oppression of checked. -- -- -- Jeremy good morning. Morning guys Soria -- I don't I'm great thank you are right so you know there's a lot to get you on the field but I first wanted to get to. Off the field because I was little surprised -- Look at my emails yesterday and read via bills Kansas City game sold out the start there aren't talking about real surprise so are you thought toward a half weeks left. Yeah that game had moved very quickly. Over the last few weeks ago where it was great for a -- the Porter give our fans. The word that the game is sold out Mora fired up about that and it's it's a white out games so we urge everybody to come in here. When they're -- on then we've got a lot of good things going that day in the Penn State marching bands here that day there big time band. I mean in the Jermaine and I don't like those guys come from Syracuse you know. And -- be a great day so we didn't do as we've mentioned Howard Germany the last few reap the crowds this year have been phenomenal. And it really bend it played a big assistant and I think really put a big assistant. And I goodness back in the game on Sunday so looking forward to that game and a couple weeks. So that's five down showed adult what about the jets in my adult division games -- does does that generally help. You know Germany you know you'd think it would. And it will probably as we get closer to -- we still have. Many tickets ago and both games a little over 101000 parade so we've got a lot of work to do -- those those two games but hopefully we can stack a few wins together. Keep the excitement and momentum going and you know obviously the goal you're earning your routers make sure every game sold out every -- -- -- This earlier -- that it's one of the many reasons and I'm sure you've taken you know a lot of emails and comments from fans over the years about the blackout rule. And for me your example your team where you are right now is a prime example of why the blackout rule is bad. Because. There are some positive signs coming out right now and I think people are excited about EJ Manuel and people felt good even about -- that -- play the other day and people love Kiko Alonso and the mark he's good -- that there are players here and reasons to be excited about. What hopefully is the changing of the Buffalo Bills in the culture and everything the last thing you would want. It's for your fans not to see your product on television that's the way you -- Yeah obviously. We think we do and -- we feel that we have a lot of young talent on this team and a team that people identify with. And you know obviously our goal is -- I know we've talked about this ad nauseam with the guys that. You know we we try to keep our tickets. In a very. Price point that works for everybody. And give us a chance beyond each and every week and you know -- resist team grows you know our fan base has been phenomenal. And you know that's our goal we don't we wanna be MB and each and every weekend. You know hopefully will achieve that this year. -- -- president CEO Russ Brandon -- a lot of a lot on field stuff to get to first doctor Brandon. Egypt EJ Manuel ahead of schedule -- -- mention that he was -- it was scheduled start on field rehab yesterday can you tell us anything about whether he got up out there and get any rehab work. -- he's here constantly you know going through the rehab process for their training staff and you know hopefully you know they'll continue to progress. I don't have a timetable for -- Howard at this point. Sure coach can address some of that later -- today about. You know hopefully you know we gave DJ back on the field as soon as possible. And I know that's what he wants series in here constantly are going to process you guys think they'll be any kind of timetable this week at all is there a timetable for the timetable. And there's always have. Are rotating timetable for -- address later today and you know hopefully will have him back group within you know the next month or so. That's I wanna ask you -- when when you guys made the moves on. Whatever day it was with Matt Flynn Monday. People wondered does that mean EJ is out for the year -- your your fully confident at this point your organization is that he's going to come back and play this season. Yeah we anticipate to see you back on the field that's obviously the goal and you know we brought in met we -- scheduled work out. With him before last week and before -- should say before the became on Sunday you know where were console which we can -- our roster or is looking to. You know build our database when it comes to players and so we had -- come -- and for the work out and in the -- the way the timing works and with a little bit of the injuries as bad. It just worked out that we -- to work a mountainside -- early in the. But you guys had talked about Flynn before the game right I mean you're gonna bring him in or at least look at in the fourth that Lewis got banged up -- -- debt that was scheduled last week what Tom. The long term. What are the what are you guys out and I yup four quarterbacks on the roster runs which is a lot and if you don't typically carry four quarterbacks is -- in just insurance protection. Well -- -- or don't play for during the year Howard either I mean this has been yeah it is unbelievable aberration you have to -- down to. You know planned. You know really your third fourth quarterback you know I think people sometimes forget Kevin Cobb was here too so. -- -- all the credit to that -- coach Maroney and in this spaniel and what they've been able to do. In a very stressed situation. What do -- -- Thad Lewis the other day. I did an outstanding job you know it is. Here around me each and every day -- his preparation and what he's done a practice. His confidence his level maturity you know he's. He's played in the league here before and to see I had to zero worries with him -- and again just watching him interact and how he practiced during the weeks ago. Were you know we're excited about him as a prospect and thought he really did a good job manage in the game. The dissolve this. Not bode well for Jeff tools future in the organization. No we've you know is from day one Jeff has come in here and and done an outstanding job he's a developmental prospect that's how he was broad and and I continue to you know work of our coaching staff and bureaucracy continues to grow and and learn the offense to be a part of -- we think Jeff has a bright future. Russ -- where this year the bills. Playing on Sunday of course against Miami. We'll have a game on WGR. I want to ask about some of the other players. One being Kiko -- I thought I read this this morning cracked me if I'm wrong. I think he's up for defense because it deepens over to the week again I think. Yes here right okay. We talked with you about -- in the past but as you continue to watch him play. Just talk a little bit about. You know the expectation level last year rushed rises and we need your leery to do that with rookies. When you see a guy like him handle everything that's put on his plate how much the expectation level rise even though he's a rookie. Well I think a lot of us over -- you know I know every day I get up by I asked myself the question what what I -- what Wiki code and well I'll put -- wrist bands are in fact that. He is obviously done a tremendous job and you know the one thing you love about our Keiko is. Yeah he's never satisfied and you know each and every week he he talks go I've got to get better I've got to do this better. We put a lot on him in in short amount of time you know obviously he calls a defense and he has since pretty much they want these three down linebacker he's come in and taken over the Mandel. All the way back to OTA's. And he was a prospect that you know -- well in our staff. Really likes you know as we went through the draft process and if you -- did his tape it or again is games he made a ton of plays -- in defense of MVP of the Rose Bowl. I think at times. He may have been overshadowed a little bit because. You know what they do offensively out and organs so. Really pleased with his progression. And hopefully you know he'll continue to be a mainstay in this defense for -- come. Guys on defense when I should Stephon Gilmore now warning of -- can you give any insight. Into the discussion process when a -- coming back from injury and maybe you know I can throw burden is too but specifically Gilmore. What is that process like because you want him on the field because she's a really good football player he's your best cover quarterback. But you could see him really struggling to play with the club any any really couldn't tackle guys it was really hard for him. But you know so how do you guys this you know balance that out what the discussion like what is it right to put put a guy back in the lineup as he's really good. But if it's limiting his play should -- have not been back in line. Well you know power that's always a balance I think I saw you on Sunday morning when we are walking out to to work. He and -- -- along with Stevie. And I have all the respect in the world for how hard to find his work to get back on the field and how badly he wants to play. And you know he he's certainly has marches. Playing with the club -- sure his feet and legs are ready to go when it comes to you know the time he's had off and he's been working really hard work -- -- -- We -- training staff so. You know it's it's a situation where you know he and coach -- coach hadn't you have to be comfortable with the amount of time and reps he puts in. And really that decision lies -- between the three of those guys and Donnie Henderson as well. Is there a final say is that medical staffer who. How do you get to a final Slater he's medically cleared -- there's there's no numbers on math okay so I've sold them the medical staff there role is just medically cleared or not medically cleared and and it becomes more of a player in the -- there are exactly right our. What about bird saying sane and same thing you got and nobody got about there was great to see. Jurist -- he's been working so hard to give back as well and you know to see him back on the field make plays. Was something that we were all really happy to see and what Ford is progression we can we -- as well. A one the other young guys when asked about his mark he's Goodwin the big touchdown the other day and I think people got excited with him in training camp I know he. He resents the whole track star playing football and I know you guys have always said. And the -- you drafted him may be body of one of the guys said he's a football player who was also participating in track. Talk a little bit about his development and his impact because you know obviously that -- that was huge and his speed. This is hands rushed to been pretty steady it comes to catching the football. You know hard to go back to training camp you know he's an electric player you saw him every day and they kind of elite speed that he has and and that's exactly right. He is 100% of football player ever happens opinion track. And he takes that mentality. Not to practice. To the meeting rooms. Every day and that was a thing that really stood out I thought -- training camp. Was. How good his hands war. And you know then again you know what what coach has been able to do with the amount of injuries and you know we we always talk there's no excuse. When it comes injuries but the -- the injuries are reality. And you know the fact of the matter is. That you know we talked about Stefani interiors and rob Brooks and man. You know there were five or six snaps in the game one and and we've got marquis self for last five weeks or to have him back. And be a part of our offenses and certainly are going to be a big help move forward. What do you think about the depth of the teams -- about a injuries now look for any team no matter what you can only take so many injuries and you're really gonna be hard pressed but. One of the many things that. You know you guys are trying to change over the years is the depth on this -- secure an injury or two it doesn't really crushing. Where are you -- in terms of the depth and though the level of talent in the gap on the roster. You know I think we're doing a nice job there and that's really the responsibility. Over player personnel department. You know during the course of the year we've tweaked the roster quite a bit during the course of the year. This year. Always trying to look. To add to the team in. I think you know the -- really stood out in the Baltimore game when you're when you're looking at your entire defensive back field basically being now. And guys stepping up and make a big plays. Against the former world champions I think that really speaks at depth from what we've been trying to build over the last couple years and the job done well -- to. The lesson when asked about his big picture us. -- goes back to a we're talking about a moment ago. And Sunday's game I think was a microcosm you guys have been in every game and their reasons to have to feel good about some of the things I think the fans are saying. The record does a reflected -- torn for so as you sit there today getting ready for the the game on Sunday against Miami -- your big picture assessment taking into account record. But also eyeball what you're actually seeing on the field on a game to game basis. Well I think you know -- we're obviously disappoint -- being torn for that's our question. Very pleased with the progression of a lot of our young talent and Warner coaches have been able to achieve. We have with our with our players at this point you know we're -- it's a three -- game -- always look for improvement. And I think from our standpoint we're looking for a one game where we have. You know performance through all three phases and put it all together one time I mean I think that's something that we're looking for that consistency. You know the efforts -- good on their results have not been not as good as well which we would like as you mentioned we've been in every game. Well we've got to learn to finish and take one of those games that we know are on the cost like we did against Carolina electric finished and closed off Baltimore. It be nice to you know under continued did to find ways to do that and move in the future with some of these games and -- -- coach I can't say enough about the job of course -- has done you know along with our staff but -- you know we've we've got to keep the progression -- and you know hopefully stack a few wins is something we need desperately. -- -- this week. Regan as -- question -- it's c'mon admit it. The one the one week I don't ask -- -- trade and so I have to make sure I get out there for public consumption can now answer the question exactly like I have the last coming weeks four weeks only it's only straight talker. -- no world were my movement for -- As we have and my god told him before interviews that term is not a topic of conversation. Continues. Well good news next week your segment is with us on the 23 that's the last Wednesday segment before the trade deadline that's right I thought you might move the show up the -- -- actually. I was thing we call the NFL competition and to move the deadline back to Thursday that weeks we get it in one more time -- -- how -- has come on Tuesdays -- you can have access. I'll I'll devote an entire like five minutes segment. By Russ thank you very much your time our guys have like a week.

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