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10/21 Eric Wood w/ Schopp and The Bulldog

Oct 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just soaking up here or quarter it -- a bad thing as old blogger music trivia question right before. The light went -- no -- Mike in I don't have a good guest ready. Or more of like -- a definitive thought as to who would be the correct answer I can put it on the back in the the muscle mass care what do these guys there was a little terror in which case wouldn't play air doing a play. Only Cuba. I would assume -- would not to get -- Your country guy I think yeah that's not a country artists here's a question who is the only artist. Who have. Top ten hits. In twenty different years. This is from Billboard Magazine. Especially -- country music is excluded I don't. Know that it is or think that it is but it's about it's not a country artist the right answer is not a country artist so it's not spinning twenty years but in twenty different years so late 1969197209. Right a point he didn't owners -- -- -- head. A number one right. Or no top ten top or top ten sorry you got voted in the top 1040 different years. -- -- -- It's okay it's not exactly what you expected by coal yes right yeah I I don't -- dumb. And only Michael Jackson for us it's now Michael Jackson because that's a good guess I think about. How about that would twenty different years although we'll see. Produces -- song recorded. Good point Erick got that good again as the Jackson 5 -- -- I don't know how high would ABC Mets stuff charted like I don't know was a little kid but I mean if it did they were sure counts. Oh well it's OR he has a different artists you know where I don't know and Eric how's your life right now pretty good. Yes not bad thumb. -- -- hitter -- always a lot better facility. What what's wrong basis. You know mentally you're you're the work. Is that a good win or great win yesterday. To give it to go once -- You know we don't. Been that successful on the road especially in division games. In this that -- and we need to start you know we've. We've given up way too many division games to be. Relevant these last. Many years in it and you know hopefully it's starting to return. It was split up all the road this year we -- and it would get the -- and so I'm getting more of these over articles on. You know we talked last week after the Bengal game and I and I. Ask you about you know is feeling different like if there's progress and growth. Here with this team even though you had lost that game but I came away from making feeling. Like I'm I'm seeing good signs and and let her -- correctly you kind of concurred that it it feels like this thing is headed in the right direction. I gotta think backing up at bat with a win on the road against of a division team and in the way that you did it. On his there's really got to go along -- towards building some confidence for this team. Yeah absolutely. Tucker declared -- Europe and play an acute current football. -- able to run the ball there's some things offensively. Do you currently we're going good things and and then Morgan was able to it and Uga played yesterday in could be happier for Derek harper didn't kick in political well it when he kicked him. Little stadium but. Which -- -- if it feels different looks different out it will play more physical style -- -- I think that's the reason we're close I think file on the season turnover margin. Impossible all lesson. It's a tough game than -- ever against it people. Referred physical and mental toughness. Getting down. And not thrown in the towel and and and really you know. Trading big hits in the big plays. That's one game is something that we're doing right now and and then yesterday to be able. She'll -- game finishing off. You know definitely progress -- Yes that's that's it mean with all -- close games that are played in the league and for the bills this year that is all of them really. You gotta do enough to stay in the game of course but when it comes down to it you just have to do a couple things are sometimes only one thing. That they can -- -- win it for you that turn over yesterday that's sack and fumble recovered by Kyle Williams was that play in that game yesterday. Part and you know we should all on the game comes down to five or six key plays and but you have to be born hard and in doing your all of our report you have no audio and when that they played their captain. It and you know for defense wanted especially they gotta go hard every play. But it almost -- corporate senior -- ball right away at her level up to a first second or occasionally the ball like he did it and it's a credit Mario her. -- you know going up going all all of and in these notebooks. It -- ten sacks already this year in there and and you know him personally he's well and virtual. Erica is -- different this year off the field. You know seeing the same you know he works hard in the weight room work sort. You know whatever or facility but. Teaching sheltered me this year on the field. I know -- in double Bill Lester with the rest -- out that this is powerful she is -- outfielder you know you want this and effectively. I've -- saying that that -- effective and then you know the scheme. -- you just put these guys in position make plays which you already knew he got a cast. First -- -- Williams you know he's he's been played all of the secondary in this regard it was. They'll probably criticize -- -- and and he he's going awesome job force and it goes. You know you could name and number got a run defense at -- You know there ever written. Daria is another one right -- he's got a lot of criticism and this year he's been good. So I salute Erica I wonder how much it matters inside the team. Which guys make the place. Like you would know all mis saluted you know guys that hear criticism like Aaron Williams Mario Williams has had written you know not the smoothest of rides. Since he's been here. On the contrary to the big part of that mean huge expectations. For him to make those plays other fans are mean we talked with Sanford after the games and you know will eventually taught some dance today. You know it feels like to come a moment we've all that's why you go get a guy like that how is it inside the team like you you always want somebody to make a play but. You guys really wild -- that that guy look at that. Guys that -- well -- Yeah you're right. You know us on the field in the moment -- we don't care -- -- -- important. But we -- film on. In the and if we look at the stat sheets and usually the -- -- already got an accident. Who knows how many passes he's forced to get out early. You know. Affected. The -- of so many players this year -- that you understand why you know become decent and -- that -- -- money. And and in that -- cultural war and but. Like you know we don't really care whose leg before as well would double notice. You know repeated results. Right because there is an asset like I would think if you were turn on the film and watching -- big guys through the years who do in the long enough to hear. Front of players of the film just does not -- it takes no prisoners. And if you're watching the film week after week in the guy decides to a guy in the team. Isn't making any impact for plays like bets that that would get noticed and I think it's got to be good. For the team for -- rail all the team even right to have him impacting games the way he has. -- but. You know that since we've ever had in the real world towards him last year would already started off. Slower numbers large. You know because we -- -- he was affecting games. You know without maybe get Shaq and they're doing everything he changed and so. I was never download them as a personal player. But. I'm definitely happy for him being a policy usually results. Erica I know you're you're like many of the bills or would -- those of course -- WGR. Who speaks very highly of Fred Jackson. But I wouldn't assume any of you think that your overdoing it when we talk about him I don't know him personally well enough to have. Be able to assume all this is true but I try to do. A kind of assumed that. He's just a super guy and that his teammates love him and there was in this game yesterday of another. Big moment in the in that last drive were eventually kicked the winning field goal where he. He's running to the right it doesn't look at least on TV like there's a lot of room there but he figures out away. -- -- He's an unbelievable -- or foresees. It's a great leader on our team it is very potent daddy's. Even though -- -- look up to Washington. He. You know he's got that it factor these -- he's a true football players stuff he's athletic strong. He -- -- do whatever it takes to get to win Gil we asked -- to block. -- taxes on the ball. About everything and you know when he went out yesterday it was an injury. Your talked to a club on right afterward he's a gimmick to your targets here another ago that I care rumors -- that masters -- the following. You know he's right back out there with some of which surprise me because you know we kind of saw him get -- the hit. Then you have had already had issues with previously this year so we were concerned but. You know Fred it never I guess that the members are you too much of America their return it and give you all gathered there. Boy the with the way he went down in his reaction and then we'd see this on TV but knowing from people were there that the the cart came out in the whole thing. Like I just. You know I don't this is not like you know leave the 1980 miracle on ice or anything but that there's going to be some inspiration in there. To see that guy will leave the -- off and then come back out in May you know team. -- saving type place. Yeah and in your check your right it's it's and you know got to make you look at yourself and to model and everything I can do to help this team wanted to. They're there are really given it my all my push my body to limit to send. -- That's that's what the captain does and you know that's what he's he's been captain who has for years and they got that that is just vital this team. -- is not the first time Jackson has come back from an injury that. Again watching on television looks bad by his reaction to it earlier this year it was her I think it was the raven game. And we're wondering who's gonna play next week Spiller been injured two in Jackson's album Cleveland wherever he was right before Cleveland I'm good he Saddam good. About last year he got hurt in the opener. Against the jets and that look like a terrible enjoy it out and then. Whenever they play the patriots of the that was weak for. He was on the field for I think if I have that right to two weeks he missed in many when he was good. So he's. He's come back from that kind of thing early a couple times before and that was certainly the case yesterday. Their error. Sorry I didn't ask that question that was insure your dog crap. And I'm new with this. -- Eric would put us bill senator Mike show and the Bulldog and on WGR. Eric I I'd have been joking saying I've spent hours looking at the standings today isn't quite hours spot. It's a lot of time I'm looking at the standings all the time here today. Do you do that -- if not literally is its own thing where you are thinking for the first time may be well I guess is that right -- good starts. 2011 but wondered how seriously you might be taken the idea of the bills. You know. Winning some games -- in the race. -- I think bigger cheers and you know world. We know that we've given the -- dental work -- competent -- in our ability to you know -- each week and nor should victory -- And Apollo one of these. Well let you know if we can dog run we understand that we connect Clausen and that's our goal. You know we're probably talked about it you know we we wanna -- plus one had the stroke now. And yet so. You have stated -- -- -- barely -- You know we we understand that we're not far out of it you know to get right back in -- accident. And the AFC I don't know if you have a comment on this exactly but just. You know may be the colts win last night that the colts. Beating Denver. What's going on with the patriots losing to the jets. Is not. That unusual. NFL season for there to be results like that but the AFC except for. The the jaguars almost like anybody could still get there. You know there's a lot of parity in this here now. And yet we understand that they've been -- You know it -- Q when you when you look around and think about games that that he did pull out of the end. But that's in the past now and you know think about going out trying to get overrun. There and it's a real option victories in delegate got healthier or you know we're getting more comfortable each week. With our offense and defense that we know -- -- -- -- this year and you know we're very popular direct conflict since. -- taught several more than fifteen minutes here and we've yet to talk to you about -- your quarterback who -- -- -- second start as a -- -- start -- all going back home to play in Miami. You talk a little bit about what what the experience was more of that Lewis you know playing in front of in front of the hometown. -- an editor Greg for. Couldn't be happier for her because the wind yesterday. And mental maturity made especially on some of those third downs were awesome. And and that that your players and I said the last week you know I hope they get a mobile world would be too big for him you know he's. He's so confident and do you prepare so well that. He's going to be ready -- he's gonna get -- guidance in New -- a consultant to position. The basic social and they need to go to -- us -- So I guess it poured on you guys after the game right. It you know we got to the bosses in it's our report the pop actually sort Communist. Home. Right. There are about to get the ball -- in this -- at the end of the game and I think it might be like that since I believe we'll give a couple of weeks York's. Very. Rather they really didn't have a chance broke and so that instead it held off and then it just poured on us. Although -- in the airport and then vote on it sort of losses before we keep your -- confluence. Yeah that that was not easy street there after the carpenter field goal for. With with the kickoff return and right -- first down near midfield you know with these days in the league that's. One medium pass play that that's so close Miami was. The other I was. Those a lot more nerve wrecking that I expect a victory that the actual global it. It occurred researchers have little to make employers and they're really not give them a whole lot. You know a moment ago you said no no situation would be too big for Ted Lewis -- so much confidence how about Colin -- -- would Drew Brees and Norton and saints on the road next week what are what are your thoughts on that. Yet he ripped up atmosphere against really good football team and you know we're W at farewell. We're out of her to a doors. What we played into -- cost well. And barbecue this year. You know it is that it's got a business as usual you know word word gets allocated -- know we have to do that and we don't occasions. -- all of our games this year so. We have practice that put. You know that Quebec. We're really loud crowd like that get started on you you really got to uses energy herself and not. -- your -- which. Players and in teams have done so. You know we're we're gonna have to. Wherever wherever work up forces were able to go down in the world culture. Eric last thing for ever. We've been hearing athletes talk about how old nobody believes in us baby like the most popular or oldest. Rallying cry that you ever hear from teams here the bills. You've not been favored in a game yet. And you're not really favored any time soon that. Receipts that the chiefs next week or undefeated at Pittsburg even you know like it is going to be ten games in the season not going to be a favorite at least. And you know I'm thinking that I could be hearing that from the bills at some point you're probably have a may be missed it. But you know it's also sometimes. In sports. People say it but it's really not that true. You hear sports teams that they contrive this notion that you know were shocking the world even though -- really you know they're they're really not an end. I think -- viewers a Smart guy you might you know Roy you're right sometimes you heard some somebody say that so I don't know what's the bottom line on that with with this bills team like is that. That a common sentiment within the team like Puerto -- we're not supposed to be good so let's just go you know beat the critics percent it's sort of speak. We have that motivational deals that. -- and his and we've seen where. Really nobody respects now. It and sort of appreciated -- We've beat also edit that fielder apologized to us. Do -- and then we thought they -- the picture when -- in it be to call we appreciate your real credit bureau and really have apologized right -- And it it's got a bit like that that tried to set the tone to this seasonally. Okay that's of this is that what people think the most. Now to a local bid which argued everybody's honored to apologize that's that tells. A this is the in hell you are fictitious. Just thought their week to week and play tough football we'll we'll people play against those -- respect -- -- -- -- You know legacy here -- And talked. Each week of behavior and the -- ourselves. And into a lot of nonsense and give them audible more literal but. The the I think people of Israel. Vocal abilities you can Wear it while it is ridiculous now looks like actors don't have that you know terms record -- that you do. You know you're fourteen point leaders -- and so that got -- here right now. Let -- -- right you know we have been a favorite yet -- -- control law. -- -- -- -- -- Significant as long as we can lead to more games than little matters. I love the idea of -- the other team's owner to apologize as a mantra. And if it's going to happen this is a great spot for that Eric -- if the saints owner you know is a little flighty and their huge favorites so. Great opportunity to if you can pull out -- -- and to get that apology. That you so -- -- All right you want to have the the answer the question would -- you -- -- forgot sorry I forgot about it earlier. Given their target -- up up all of all of your Google is right there longer term that you're has been really impressed with a. -- Is -- finish the job there you know according to spore call the answer is Madonna. -- Forties starting in 84 and ultimately not that long ago maybe last year this year topped -- -- idol idol always in the top ten more from me you know that's the that's the usual that's the -- world. Paradise jam with -- was always good luck in New Orleans and great job yesterday. Are. Welcome. -- --

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