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10/23 Aaron Williams on The Howard Simon Show

Oct 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It knows it -- -- -- Williams two this year there and it's Howard Jeremy good morning how you don't hear without bringing up some good memories for you. Schools all are actually what Greg would this this past week it was at this weekend or the week before detectives to the crap out of Oklahoma. Yeah -- -- -- the four -- -- longer than usual answers tips or what's going on down there yeah. -- -- Well congratulations on that and congratulations on the huge went rough for the bills in Miami on Sunday does this talk a little bit about. Bouncing back you guys have been pretty good. About coming off defeats this year and bouncing back with a win how much did death Sunday's win means you guys in terms again -- back closer to 500. Army was here you are sure nonsense you -- cooler. No we're lose games -- -- and you know we we use I would inside that we need to change change you know what we had a -- -- Opera should probably keep going. An -- site this week you know we knew we had a big game big road game especially. -- game. We need a big win -- -- often does a great job and decency to great -- in turnovers and -- sheltered Al so. Notre pressure on and -- I have a billion. Why you know your defense is getting better in terms of third down percentage is why do you think that it's. Just you know a specialist in really really well -- burden. You know without but the -- they got back and holder's resume as long as possible. You know that they get stops are delighted to down and -- sex and but also when you know corporate -- -- -- just -- yet just. Chiu and -- we -- -- tackle and so far you have those. And it adventures of the game gone -- which are. What is it like -- to be on this defense. You guys obviously a more aggressive you're in attack mode year. You're trying to dictate to the other teams rather than you know the last few years reacting to the other teams what's it like to be on this type of defense. You know it's it's a lot of -- don't know which year and I Mario operation ideologue and I -- some zone. Further repression war we have about being here. Allows us to turnovers. I try one reasons lottery we are legal and the united sessions. Just a factory you know -- treated nature Mario Williams. I got -- Kyle lamb and the guys keep goes this great one of those recorders and -- team out world so. Positive you know RD line -- you know we there's been no problem parties and such you know -- still. -- -- scoop and score right when you referred to college -- a cash unknowingly gave. -- code or. We'll talk about you know he had -- a clear view of -- -- at -- -- match situation you are going to down. You know their respective you know we knew we lost our bottom but not -- -- Did you see any chance you gonna change the nameplate on his locker stall. Not. You know you don't matter -- one it's -- good -- so. It's a big guy to have you know it's there. -- You Aaron Williams this year on WGR you were talking about the defense of the takeaways talk about your big interception the other day. About you know how that plan folded and what you're. You know I'm sure I'm sure you were pretty excited as you saw that ball is gonna be in play for you to make the big -- Carriers -- very Covert because then. And great communication by -- and I know we had a spirit call -- -- happen. Or -- cheer went in on size that I was let go and try to play. Oh aren't equipped quarterback. Not setback until. He thought that -- -- open and Jimmy chance to jump to it and not something we -- At one point there or I work. Almost up the ball easy catches -- in. -- it goes down on you know now I'm always area almost who -- -- a cradle it that's where our. And -- tackle. It's great great magician vehicles -- and then you know we need more like that this would. But you know you you it's potentially season for you you know getting ready to play safety. Injuries hit you go over to cornerback. What's it been like handling that the position switch and while I mean you played there before -- but what has been it hasn't all been like for. Ollie -- so that they're not just because other -- -- since last year. And you know because needs some Anemia and and it just situation. But had corner not in the best chance -- -- -- -- -- -- we've got an -- Just affecting -- earlier groups are. Now because parents they believed in -- they trust me that I your job done and not solving nothing unique. -- don't want to do our best and are sort of doing week in week out and aren't always what this -- Each week there are depend on no way -- -- we have so whatever occurs you know do the best partner. They have is do you have to prepare for both positions you have to prepare as a quarter and a safety each week. Actually are are actually no system plane as we are each week. So I'm going to quorum of you know really inside of what I got to do technique wise and and what was source response to review our PSA you know. Our campaign -- you know all I'll try to remember both sides those positions. But mostly -- on the way out of this compliance that week so it's really not going back or treat this and. -- about a couple coach for let's get going and you gotta get back to work obviously. Mike Patton -- let's start there and then I wanna talked about Donnie Henderson but what impact as Mike Patton had on you and maybe you know the defense overall. Our future encourages when I first got here in ninety aren't aren't found out electrocuted him. Really. I was very encouraging looking encouraging that he probably has often told me you know man and why he won the advances and why. Our audience it was best for me. To prolong my career. In ninety coverage to all the whole way in -- camp. And you know also for so -- so. You know I -- you got to trust and coaches just. And what about your position coach Donnie Henderson how what what has his role been in your play this season. Our guys -- usually -- -- -- -- almost think it kind of is better quarterback -- very tricky. You know vote for a long time. And quadruple the ravens are two pounds so -- -- -- and not as much knowledge by chance. To help me get to. Scores you know you know better player and I have seen -- -- in incredible though. Larry listen we know you gotta get back to to work over there we appreciate coming ominous again congratulations on the winning gets Miami good luck Sunday in -- -- against the saints still. Thanks and have a good day error Aaron Williams quarterback slash safety right ahead. There are you gonna do. They're I'm just excited as I heard that disputed but let let about it.

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