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10/23 Russ Brandon on The Howard Simon Show

Oct 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And you get here restaurant right now because he joins us for his weekly Wednesday segment and idle and it it's gonna have to be later in my list of questions but -- is eagerly anticipating. The final. Trade deadline questions for 23 team since rush your show on next week Libya to treat them how good are you doing doing well you guys -- than what we've said this before. You win. My family is very happy because I'm not a grouchy person on Sunday night's IE I usually bring in pizza and wings some and a good mood I talk to everybody. And done a completely different person so thank you. No problem I usually a problem answers well. -- like I guess it could not yet anyway. I wanna -- kind of a big picture thing -- a caller called up and talked about how I was listening to CJ Spiller last night as solid -- and thinking of talking about how it seems like the team's tight knit and it's a really close group and all that stuff I. -- that Russ. But. In what ways do you think this team is different and it could be on the field. You see them off the field where we don't obviously you're in the building. So it could be off the field in what ways do you think this team is different than last couple years whenever. Well -- I love this team and being around these guys all the time you're in the building on the on the practice field in the meetings. You know all right all stops and starts for coach -- and his leadership the characters and he brings. You also coaching staff that he's put together. United and really you know the messaging the communication that goes on within the organization. Everybody knows where they stand at all times court or bad. And there's a level of consistency on a weekly basis. That he brings and I really think you during the season. You know it's really the head coach -- show and I think it is an outstanding job. -- and they ask you about him because Friday we had a conversation with coach Ron and we got -- a lot of positive reaction the way that he has basically. I don't know taken the time to whether it's explaining how he feels about. Philosophies fourth downs hurry up why he does this why he does that. -- give -- Leone's story about him about the process of interviewing him one of the things that maybe stood out. That when you were were pursuing your next head coach maybe one thing that jumped out the major think that this this has got to be -- By -- Jeremy. United and hear your interview but you know that's coach -- on a daily basis and you know I've known him for up to twenty years you know on. Beyond our casual basis and then when he took over Syracuse and they don't get to normal bit more but. You know when we went through the interview processes -- his commitment his level of detail is. His focus on an all facets. Of the game and also within the organization. He's a very analytical mind that as a old school approach. Sort of -- a new school school approach. And united he's a tremendous communicators. And I think you know from the standpoint of all you want from your coach. Come off the field is know exactly where you stand. -- every issue. And we set that tone here from day one within your organization as well. And I think that's really carried over to what we're trying to do on the field. When that process goes through to deceit come in. Knowing a lot about your team already indicated that the just study the roster and when you guys have conversations about that try to find a coach what kind of questions. Are -- and and what exactly are you looking for. Yet he was tremendously prepared. And every aspect of it from his staff to. What you felt about our personnel. To schemes. He into our division. What he was looking for defensively. You know I know we talked about this before but. You know very rare that he brought in the defensive coordinator and Mike Patton -- he had not worked with before. But really and like what he was doing defensively in how we want to approach of movement forward. So he's a very forward thinker. And you really is never satisfied any aspect of what we're doing and it's near replay it again and go back to work. Russ is as much of a question among pushing a tough spot -- has -- -- four I think Singapore thinking -- and I yesterday spent a lot of time speculating how much longer Tom Brady's gonna play and I wonder if you don't when you when you're talking about. Coach thrown at these four they can easy telling when those -- -- isn't as good as only LE 23 more years and we're gonna be ready yeah we think he's finished trust what your comedy -- good they revolves enough but Berkshire. But by some Russian cities finished OK athletics at the end of Brady era says built the Leo I just have to put a story up while we're doing -- Not a obviously. You know what Tom's done. -- unfortunately against us you know someone dollars as who's the best quarterback. You know you've ever seen him. I always go to number. Well let me ask you this because it's not the first time you more or GM or coach in your invasion has been asked you feel the gap is closing between you and the patriots. Well I think what's closing Howard I think organ betters an organization as a team. You know I think this past week. Yeah I know we. Discuss this you know the last couple weeks about finally putting together a three phase victory and this was as close as we've had. To perform and all three phases when you look at you know what we did. Defensively. You know Miami was on -- percent in scoring in the red zone. And we were able you know have a -- had a -- you know obviously in the in the game. They were very good in third down -- 69 yards I think there were 57%. Heading into the year. Heading in -- game and they -- percent with three. Third down and nine plus. And our defense pitched a -- you know in all phases there so that was very good. You know offensively. Nine I know you guys know the world I think you'll or one of two teams score more than twenty points in each game. But what we have six plays on third down twelve -- more yards and you know that's pretty rare you know against -- defense. Of that nature what Miami brought the tables so you're really good job and then and obviously Dan did a great job with kicks and you are part coverage or give up eleven total yards so. I think from you know like this -- -- all three phases everyone contributed. And I think you're seeing more more ever -- Those CEO and president Russ Brandon -- here and WGR by the way. -- pyramids the -- her own show on W -- on demand audio -- just if you go to our website entrepreneur -- again I just I'm just you know. I can follow me a tweet a link to where it. I think on Doug -- and wanna ask you a couple of things I'm Chris Brown has an article up at the website at they'll Buffalo Bills dot com how Maroney has pushed out the negative. And I wanted to ask you about. Circling back to where you were at the top about attitude. And you have seen other coaches come in here and talk about. That you know getting rid of losing culture and changing the attitude. Credit it's only seven games just a long way to go I get that but it sure looks like there's a difference Chris -- points out specifically. The Bengals game -- portent in years past it's possible a game like that. Completely gets away from you guys doing them last year and snowballs into a large defeat. So do you feel that -- -- has definitively changed the culture -- one bills drive or is it still too early to say that. -- -- -- changes or culture our you know I did you I think it is at times is an overused word here he came in with his philosophy. Which I believe and you know is a toughness about them. He has. Yeah as I mentioned many times you just great communication where there -- guys. Tom what he expects. And being a former player being a coach in this league you know he knows how hard it is. And on a daily basis and there's a level the kind of accountability. That everyone in the organization feels. And it's and it we've got a lot of young talent on this team that's near interspersed with details that we've already had had so. You know I it I think it is too early tell when it comes a culture but I have a great belief somewhere were -- and -- great belief in him. Wanna ask you about couple players had big games the other day one is Fred Jackson when he. -- -- the ten yard run on third and four did you basically do whatever bills then dead for the millionth time in his career ago. Mean I love Fred Jackson. There was a character run right there and that I think that sort of sums up threat to receive my new Thurman actually. And how Thurmond used to bounce off them and pick up -- yards -- huge first downs but. You know right there I told my after the game man that sums him up. You know his toughness and his characters leadership. You know how he impacts everything that we do here -- sort of all stops and starts -- for a. We will with the term vintage Fred today -- -- -- agree with noted news printed it out what about him too you know I don't Germany's asking about Marron and what. Everybody all the fans know all about Fred Jackson we know is a heck of a football player he plays through injuries he's a leader on the team he's great in the community. Wonderful husband. A great dad just had another kid this year just a few weeks ago what can you tell us something about Fred Jackson that you know because you're the CEO. But fans in the media wouldn't know about this guy football related non -- or let it doesn't matter. We can't hit a baseball very well and we were -- -- -- -- home run hitting contest last year and boy it was a while. Did you get a piece of anything I think he hit one out but there was sort of bears saying that that we cannot talk about that a lot. As a one thing I can always bosses -- the army you summed it up about -- I mean he's. Certainly new leader of our team and you know he sets the example. It you know you when you talk to young kids and you know you talk about. You know all the great players that did Jerry rice's in the Walter Payton and -- -- are about how hard they worked in -- all the extra time but they were great players so and so forth. -- UC Freddy's constantly in here he's always working on his craft he's always in the weight room he's always preparing himself. Both -- -- mentally and physically. And he sets an unbelievable example. For a team. And you know that's one of the reasons you know when it's comes down to crunch time -- always. -- you know and I was curious -- about the impact on the young guys and you wanted your your leadership impact the whole team. But how important is it with the rookies the second year players. The young guys -- argument going to be the future of the franchise that you have the right veteran players showing them the way to do things. Well you know I think that's huge and you know we've put this team together that plays a big role in and what we wanna be and how we want to approach it. It's not just Fred we've got a lot of great leadership on this team. Kyle Williams obviously Eric ward. How they go about their craft every day is it is really amazing. And we've got a lot of your character kids that have come in here. And contributed early. And I think it's also you know they've they've taken to what we're trying to preach and sell here -- you know you see guys like Robert Woods come in and make a huge impact and obviously Keiko. In each day. I really think -- you know again it comes down to accountability. And that starts our top -- -- the coaches but also those leaders and those guys do an outstanding job. -- the other guy when asked about obviously Mario Williams had a monster game on Sunday when you guys were going through the process of discussing whether or not to make a play for him. Did you -- I mean did you envision a game like Sunday -- -- -- game like Carolina that certainly Sunday he had a a big game changing effect. I don't think we're having the conversation Howard -- about. You know a nice win on the road if it isn't for Mario -- Obviously we -- the ultimate team game. But he came through and a big spot. And he's continue to do that this year I don't think Graham a conversation post Carolina about a win if it isn't for for Mario so. You know those guys you know Anthony Weaver is a great job or coach and those guys up front. And there's so much team work that goes into that rotation. And Maher will be the first one detail that it's it takes everybody but. You know obviously he's a physical specimen they can change course of a game and he did it again this week. Or you'll be glad to electric doubling question has nothing about Harrisburg not actually does Alicia and trade her to -- gonna trade -- feel free to say it right now or forever hold your peace. Tom are you add everything you guys like your roster as is soar art or is there something you would specifically like to add by the trade deadline. You know Howard and I I know people get tired and mine. Weekly updates on this but you know we are always. Open for business source you know and when it comes to. Talk another yams and other personal people go well and his staff constantly do that and there's a way to ever upgrade our our team we're gonna do. You know we stay with the -- through what I talked about back in January about being aggressive and we will be aggressive and every facet. But you know that's that's all part of the process. And would would dog and his staff our goal bottom -- -- bird. Hours a good idea you'd be disappointed if I didn't ask nine now. I would be let's see you next week. Are we re past that deadline will have a -- -- on notice -- unless there my question to be -- what did you trigger a battalion now just get ready on the you sold out Casey -- about jets dolphins what's the update with those two games. We still have a lot of work to do. Both games. The jets has picked up over the last couple weeks. But you know that's our focus now we wanted to both of those and sold out and you are you see you know what we've that we've had some unbelievable games this year and we've all talked about that but. You know there's nothing like being here on game day -- you know from the start of the day front you know two in game experience and everything that we're trying to do here. You know just like on a Sunday you know we have so many bills fans down there. And being in the tunnel after the game here in the you know that how happy people wore number body outside the stadium. Even on the road that that's why we're in this business and our fans have done an outstanding job and look forward to big game against Kansas City will with the white out and everything we have a better promotion of course is gonna be rock you need to be here and that's what's that's what we keep -- Lesser when asked about -- we brought this up yesterday and be a little bit of -- -- but you never know we got to explore flex games. -- starts and we ten right. That's right okay so we're looking at your schedule trying to see if there's anything that's a candidate for a flex game. And we thought maybe your game your game against the jets I believe this week eleven right. If PGA's back in G those play and then New York's. Playing better than people thought and you guys maybe have a winning record. I -- do you think it's possible Miami game do you do you think what are your games could be flexed and how does that whole process. Work. Well basically. You know that all comes down from the league. It's starts I think it's -- week eleven he said that. -- comfortably in the know are real -- Matos here's what's changed the 1 o'clock bills you know we we want that kind of attention we wanna -- to the point where you know worry and the commerce station have. -- games. And we have we'd welcome for sure. But that is the league you know they were for the networks up. You know and and they come Dawson and two -- -- they tell us Rite -- that you don't they don't ask for volunteers obviously we know that but. I just purely to -- rats were flexing your game OK yet and I come on and so you guys -- -- front doors and so works okay. All right I will handle that power to produce a I guess admitted that. I know that might impact it's a late night I'm gonna tell you -- it's a late night you know all I get little sleep that way while you're older now maybe Jeremy can -- for -- if it if you don't mind that would be if I could sleep in the next day that would really. Really -- -- what -- I mean if it's good for you it's -- I'll deal -- that it's okay -- and I think we -- remote play amendment -- primetime game and -- thought I -- it again who knows what happens in the next few weeks but if you guys have a winning record in the jets do and it's too big name young quarterbacks or -- game against Miami -- and it could be a big division game. At the end of the schedule who knows but I hope so we'll see. -- Russell thanks as always appreciate it good luck Saturday week. Russ Brandon Willis bill CEO and president judges every Wednesday at 8 o'clock.

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