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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get right -- -- dug round joining us more to park good morning sir -- an -- and Jeremy how are you today. Spam you got to have it amp it up let's go it's from this well for a day -- You look look coach it's it's a four quarter game here a camera for four hours -- -- -- but you know what you have that you have to be able to go between let's talk now we get we get our mindset right it would get ready go on with business trip down in -- realistic at six we're bring in it at 666. At launch time from. Ike so well look let's get the injury stuff out of the way first Spiller and -- what can it tell us about their availability at this point. Well I think you know -- -- we've got to make a good decision you know -- you know you get you know player safety comes into it you know what you're doing and then the ability to put those players out there on the field where they can be productive and you know again you know as long as we have time to evaluate that we -- taken much time as we possibly can't. All right so let me ask you this and I help -- anything you want coaches love what if what if what Spiller doesn't play he's such worries that coaches love that -- yeah I -- -- -- -- take what oh yeah I wanna know come on no coach loves a white you have you don't believe Obama before the game. Before we start game plan -- go through we have week one against me a cat so what if this guy goes now what if this guy gets -- what this guy. What we do hear what you should this what do they do that so. So -- with you know don't don't -- coach is that worth while than you sir are rare person. You know what you and my wife -- -- I thought I thought this up so what if you don't have Spiller how does that what how do you. Get how do you change the office he's a dynamic player. -- the dynamic player needs a part of an offense so you know we -- we feel obviously we have Fred Jackson back there Tashard Choice and and obviously we can make some moves and you know. Maybe bring -- wing go up is an obviously option for a right now so it that a lot of things we can do we have faith in the players that we have there. Obviously it does hurt you know -- CJ not being out there. He is truly a weapon. But it it is what it is you know I'd you know you you you wanna make sure that when he's out there that he's healthy don't wanna put him at risk. What Fred Jackson who you know couple times last week got injured the carts coming out. Again what if if CJ can't play house Fred self thinking you lean on him more. I think -- -- been outstanding as far as his availability he really path I mean. You know it and really all of our players before their attitude -- towards wanting to play and wanted to get in there -- wanting to contribute and it's been unbelievable their their fight -- -- you appreciate that if the coaches puts. It opens us in a position we gotta make good decisions but you know Fred it everything we've asked Fred he's delivered. How about the run offense overall I wanted to ask you about the long term goals like short term -- long term because. You're the number one rushing offense when it comes to attempts per game. And Rhonda pass ratio I think you guys -- fourth most frequent runners when you look at big picture you know the way you want this team to be built. In your -- do you have -- run heavy team is is that I dealers that what you're doing right now because it's it's playing your strength right now. Why I think I think one thing when you look who look to see what you wanna do you wanna do whatever it takes to win and I think that's first and foremost now as far as the philosophy. You know what I if I feel what I envision is you know when we're playing in here in the Ralph you know in in December and then we get ourselves in the playoffs and we're getting this weather where there may have what we're gonna have to be able to run the football. And and I just have this picture in my mind of when those days come up. You know the snow in the fans and you know -- crime and out the yardage and get first downs so. You know but at the end of the year really philosophically you wanna be close to balance you wanna be 5050 I mean that's that's what you look at that knowing that each game is not gonna give you that. Could you might have to throw more and some games to win. He may have the run more and others but at the end of the year when you look at you like to be as close to 5050 as it. So that a minute I. Follow up on that it is the quarterback -- and you have that doesn't matter as much like I would think. Doug you if you have a young quarterback and you're really good at running back by the way you would lean more on that anyway. And give the young quarterback time to grow -- you have briefs would you would you still have that same velocity is still want that ballots even they've got an elite level quarterback. I think I think he's he gets mentioned before I think he plea he played strikes in order every field strength is that you have you know you -- -- -- map a little bit more. As you work and get better in the others. Do you feel there's more and again like this for your play a quarterback like that and a high scoring offense. Do you think there's more pressure on your offense. To put up more but they think. -- streets you know we're gonna put up a gazillion points because it's breeze. But the -- and you look at it either that or use more pressure on your defense means that they don't score so. At at the other day what you do is I think you know those things are written those things -- said what you can't play the game like that and and we addressed that with -- RT. I wanted to talk to about. The attitude of the team. -- fired up. Prediction Chris Brown had an interesting article that at the website this week about round. Our mistress he's the league journalist the Buffalo Bills that come out of that work here nice guy -- might slightly balding good guy Pall mall. Hall he is dollar you -- I'd have to go there -- didn't have to go there anyway -- ditty about balding I'm an expert believe me I know what balding heads but anyway Chris -- a good article about the the the culture around the team and getting rid of the negatives and making sure that attitude is correct so you can come from behind after trailing you can win close games. In the past games might snowball -- friendly their job and that it. -- is giving you credit. But I don't know the credit for the players. And the assistant coaches that that's who deserve the credit -- and -- was insane it's mostly the same players who have been in that here we go again mode in the pass out of the assistant coaches change that. I think I think it's still much -- a point that they come from the players. You know it has to come from the players -- know the players have done a great job they've been outstanding I mean. You know with a lot of communication and you know we talk quite a bit we have a lot of good meeting sessions making sure that we're all on the same page. Coaches you know keep going and going with a message keep going forward keep fighting. And it and it is it's it's not as technical as a lot of people think it's just really communication -- talking about the things that some people sometimes don't feel comfortable talking about. Like Sunday how do you attack Drew Brees you know because the exact game plan may be just a general thought process here. You mean attack them like like -- which way well obviously if we if we can make it way to grow with -- that if I. We were we're looking at some of his numbers like when teams blitz -- and he's like 70% completions five touchdowns quarterback rating of 118. What is the philosophy when you play a guy like that in terms of how aggressive your defense quarter should be. While there have been few. Before that have been aggressively when I was there this that'd be about us in on how the norm so I think it it all depends on. You know who's make him play I think one thing if you can't do you can't. You'll be the same you know show on the same type look in you know it you know and play you. You know whatever may be doorman briefing gimmick a dose of the same stuff they'll they'll they'll they'll get after you -- saying with all -- elite quarterbacks you have to. You have to keep them thinking throughout the play. In other words before the play starts if they have a good -- what should go and then that the event they get an advantage. You know. So they're trying to still figure out what's going on with the coverage is step ball snapped people move around in this trying to figure it out as ago. You you not to say that you're gonna win those battles but you do have a better opportunity. -- world witnessed those that coach -- NW Europe there's aren't asking good questions today. Well we we all we to prepare for this out it's thought were just as good you got to get better. You really bad. -- not you get -- better -- improvement while we always look to improve that's that's what it as you know it's about improving each week I like it I -- I've been meaning to ask about martial -- is the last -- accident never got to -- but good -- is his game continues to be very strong figure improving -- that -- now -- I think I've worked my way to -- -- bring up. Can you just talk a little bit about his season because. It look I mean he's been a big factor in the defense and I know Mario and the sex and all that stuff. But darkness and the pressure on the run stuffing I think he's seven tremendous at least the last month plus of games. Four games yourself Q just talk a little bit about the progress you've seen from. Him I'm glad you brought that up because he really is going under the radar a little bit he's really been playing really really well for us I mean. You know when you get a big guy like that he's making plays from sideline to sideline them and obviously with the pass rush ability to stop and run. You know he's really given us everything and I still see him improving week to week. Which is the great thing I think he's done a great job with in the weight room we've done a great job would lose -- His attitude has been excellent. You know he's he's got a big smile on his face so. He he's really playing extremely well and I really think that you know coach Weaver is doing a great job that would just Marcel -- almost defense of -- What is what is marshall's role. In this defense is he supposed to just that take up blockers take up space or is it you know beating guys stopping the run you get the sacks today. EC take -- faith mount its job is to make place -- -- that. You know I mean it's obvious to you know you know defeat the blocker problem and either tackle the ball carrier defeat the blocker problem and and sacked the quarterback. How often is she facing a double team that's vice president -- the you know hanging out and quite a -- at a guy -- place I was you know you're you're you start looking at positions and I think. You know the corner positions obviously very difficult for me one on one -- out there on an island. You know within half that you know and -- dramatically. You know those inside guys are tough guys now I mean in -- I've always been on the other side with on the office of -- were. You know we're gonna start off putting to people want -- you know we're gonna make sure that if they don't penetrate -- it will that mean so every single play. You probably have. At least one but most of the time two guys starting you know off on it so. You know it it takes he a strong mentality and advocates it's you know you didn't. You know been on every single play and you wanna make sure that you're doing to be. Talk about Kiko Alonso 22 tackles two weeks ago it was only three last week you know stats who knows what they say what did you see from. Two weeks ago this week where the dolphins able. I don't know taken out of the game -- just run away from him what what happened against Miami for Keiko. Hopefully a lot of plays running outside but he still you know he still big factor what we do I mean you know whether it's a team changing. You know what they're doing because of the play of a player which people do that. You know with linebackers and tried to you know maybe get the ball outside not put it down the middle of much. Whatever may be you know pass coverage wise it thrown ball deep or trauma ball to the outside and obviously he's done very well you know it's four receptions for a year. So it is just you know it just depends on promised dramatics of of the team you're playing but as far as him. You know I still see him as the players get better each week in and really get more more comfortable on a position. With Gilmore will the club be off on Sunday but at the well that's -- -- that decision -- give any indication from the doctors at the club will be off funds and I can give that that stuff what I'm I'm gonna keep that -- close to the best. Are you packing the club in the bag and take on the trip off course a player safety and have that club without. One more thing before I let you go I wanna ask giving your time with -- with Sean Payton he says something this week it found its and he mentioned you were on the staff that was. In the post Hurricane Katrina staff down -- -- -- that coaching staff. Faced a lot of adversity wanted to get this kind of talk to us about what it was like down there during that time and I mean being back there this week if that means anything to you at all. Well that that. To talk about post-Katrina can never given it much. -- you know and in the conference that we have I really but just briefly I would tell a lot of my relatives of people. You know that we're close to me at that time that. But you know what we saw -- the news. And what we saw in the pictures didn't really do it justice of the devastation that occurred in the region. And and and I just I'm gonna leave it at that -- you know from that standpoint. You know and as far as the next question was -- Bakley is back there does it bring it back business trip it really I mean I am focused on taken this team down there and on winning game. You know I do have a lot of close friends there recruited the area -- housing college for about twelve to fifteen years. I know a lot of people down there but everyone knows me you know no one is contacted me they know that you know focused and I have to prepare this team we have to go get it ready and we have a big challenge ahead of them. You're your relationship with Sean Payton -- talks this week or is it don't talk until the post game handshake you look at. How often do you guys stay in touch with him was you wanna congratulate you when you got a job coaching in the NFL. I mean we're friends I mean when you know when Erica talks journal week saying hey good Jimmy Graham -- -- -- apply and they want we just you know you know hey how about this you know we'll do this -- that it it's not like that but. You know -- why I'm not gonna say oh we hate each other we're in our work form you know leaves -- -- a great lawsuit a great friend. -- been a great mentor he's someone that I've I've relied on -- -- that -- consulted with. I've done a lot but you know we're going down there were four point football game against each other and and I want him. -- -- What impact surely wants to be much about it and you -- experienced. Running a program from you know Syracuse and -- -- head coach here -- -- -- that coach in buffalo when you're working with with Sean in New Orleans is the one thing took away it was -- As you're watching him BA head coach -- thought I wanna do like that are -- to a different in this of that. I think he's doing that through your whole career I think you know wanted to reset goals for yourself when you wanna be you know you're constantly learning from the people that your around. And I always say this that. You know I don't. I don't think I'd be where I am today. If I haven't worked for. As many great people are played for as many great people I've been very fortunate in my life I mean when you look back -- you think about it people sales -- you know having this guy. You know I'd be broke from the Bronx and how -- do this and how we do that. And and I would say the same thing I was one of the fortunate ones I had coaches whether -- -- Little League coaches you know have my parents. My grandmother. You know I always had people I just looked out for me that that always kept me on the straight path that. You know always when I started to get off a little bit slap me in the back and had to put me on track. OK and I don't know if I can say that. Nowadays because I don't want anyone be reported to you know. Child and family -- situation but. That that's really how was I mean you know had chores when I was growing up how to do things how to do my homework first before I played sports. If I didn't do well in school it could've played sports I mean it and there was no. Bargaining back then. Who is just the way it is so. I I was just fortunate to be around a lot of great people on obviously Sean Mickey Loomis and mr. Bentsen or or part of that. Thank you for your time coach gridlock on Sunday all I wanna get you do when you guys leave and you guys coming down tuition relief we can't we have stay -- -- anchor the coverage yet do one of those like satellite shows -- -- our registry or anything like that like to talk drug bosses we're more than happy to go down the Norton well a you know again though it appreciate being on. All right thank you your time good -- go we don't win let's go get him. Doug -- the bills head coach -- every Friday at 810. And again if you miss any VW always these are turning out to be some really great discussions and chest so. This a little bit on that audio so make sure you check it out at that village air pocket dot com Doug broad segment with -- -- -- -- -- savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest by your Western New York GMC dealers -- -- today for exceptional offers on the all new 2014. GMC Sierra and buy New York's only outlet liquor what's your. When we get back have a question about the bill that's usually easy it's not that easy anymore to -- signed at their. Head in the right direction but -- quick update come back with that question for you sabres play tonight at. Florida 730 face up 633 in Jon Scott won't be in a lot of -- Patrick a lot of -- ten game suspension upheld you can read the seventeen page yes that's right seventeen page ruling. Or Gary Graham and just says now ten games at our website and John's got suspended indefinitely as they wait.

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