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WGR550>Topics>>10/27 Darcy Regier speaks with media on Thomas Vanek trade

10/27 Darcy Regier speaks with media on Thomas Vanek trade

Oct 27, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanking Thomas back for. Contributions he's made to our organization. I'm going back to his draft year 200310. Plus years. He's been an outstanding player outstanding teammate citizen. -- organization and we wish -- about going forward. Obviously we acquired Matt malls and in this deal and that I believe well. We'll address. That our current needs. And provide us. With the support leadership scoring. And you know where -- where where where hockey club is. The first in the second round picks are. Are important. Whether we select them. At the draft usually picks to select players at the draft or whether we use them to continue to improve the hockey club as we go forward. Through this season is yet to be determined but it does. That was the focus for this deal it was a deal that. Has been worked on off and on for awhile. And it was something that we felt we had to do. This team better rate now. I know I gets out if it keeps us. I think it allows us maps -- very good player. You know obviously meant. Thomas says is more of the top proven scorers in the National Hockey League but what does unrestricted status. I think Matt comes in and right now he's got six schools in the National Hockey League and is off to a good start and musical score and plays an -- there isn't in the on the power play. And we'll continue to -- can contribute in that regard. But I think it's. This is more an overall deal which I believe we'll improve this hockey club going forward. Or you move Thomas did you wanna be absolutely sure he didn't want to resign here I know you guys wanted him. It but did you wanna be absolutely sure that wasn't going to ask before you move them. No we didn't. The absolutely sure thing -- I don't think this was possible given. You know where we were where we look at. That core group. And and I think. In our focus is on trying to acquire assets. In this case draft picks that are going to allow us to can continue. Mammals would be so it's a sign -- -- something for the rest of the season. Well right now he's here for the rest of the season and is not restricted free agent like Thomas. At the end of the season and now we'll just have to CO goes. Well -- did yeah are you most of these deals in the past have been deadline deals jobless rate. And so the fact that they're not means that the deadline will come again and I don't know what that means that possibility is always there for. Restrictor papers here what was his reaction to it. I I think like a lot of players I think he was -- he was very professional. The only north sanctum. He was. He was as good as it could be. Awhile I'm not going beyond that this might come -- -- No -- really hadn't had no discussions of late due respect to any of our other. Potential free agents. You know Ryan continues to play extremely well as -- and all of you know and has between him and Jonas has really done you know the they've been at the forefront of terrific efforts on on our consumers from the start. Good -- so much more difficult to move. -- forward. I didn't and not being flippant but I think it's because there's only -- mariners. Beat defenseman didn't. You know twelve or thirteen forwards and just the nature its numbers. And and I I can speculate and a lot of other things and they ruled that one day about. I I think it's about the numbers. No way I don't -- Showing a lack of respect to her fans. But but it's. It's internally its warts you know it's just doing -- can and focusing in on what what our plan is and trying to excuse. As well and as soon as possible and that is on the workers the availability of Brian. I'm. Well. I probably talk to a third of that would leave my car pars on a weekly basis and soul. You know. -- you end up talking about things. He's playing now -- make you think it's more likely more queries. Party. Obviously. I think any kind of player plays better you get more and when he plays. Where you get laughs yeah so I think that. That will happen. All right I think it's obviously good for organization it's great for Ryan and and it's and means a lot. We've always told him execute -- here you don't let outside influences decide what you do well plan. And you stick to it and you don't let outside influences whatever they may be detour you from what that plan is. But things have changed I mean you've got. I mean fans chanting your name and things like that I mean that can't be comfortable I mean I know how I feel we're being. Do you still feel that way. What was the story for -- up. -- -- -- Out. Outside influences. I think that you have to get on -- this is on behalf of -- you have to believe in what you're doing and what I what we're doing or what I'm doing is. Is as a team. And obviously as a general manager here. -- higher up on that team -- you're working with your ownership -- working with. You know here's scouting staff -- -- amateur and pro side you're working with the president of the the hockey club trying to understand. You know there -- concerns and so it's as good as a team member and to that extent you have to work internally within this group that believes in the people that you're working with. And do it for the people that that are coming to the games and and so it's not and disregarding of -- outside it is in fact for the outside but. But is dependence on on on your teammates. All those factors inside -- feeling more pressure than you ever felt in this position to get this thing. I I don't do well what's that word I I don't. And I don't. I -- I think there's a better word is that is that a bigger challenge yes -- substitute -- challenge for pressure right I think. It you have to -- accounts. Because you can't operate if you're here under so much pressure is paralyzing and so you can operate that we have to operators votes count and it's. It's something you have to get done. As as part of it you know partner -- team that's working on this. And and you have to find the enjoyment and doing doing your work -- me you do you have to focus on the positive you have to be hopeful. I am well aware that you'd Hugo game last night you. Start off with the faithful hope tank and and it's getting Fuller and the end of the game and you know the plug gets pulled the and then you've got a result and that's that's the nature. What you do what I do and and it's. I look forward you know I don't love where we are -- what we're doing and and and and I believe in the direction wrong. I think it's. It's there's more -- right now -- -- with maybe more directed them that your leaders. Influence. He you know you can -- defines. And and -- good players and and and built around them. It. -- -- Didn't. Knowing that it gets that it's a process that that you work through but. He an -- you want to. It is exciting. Way and you can get young players and you can see them grow and the hard part is. Win. You don't win games well their growing and it makes it it makes it difficult but the nature of this business is. They you have to have a long its allure its its you know short term pressures and and and so long term plan that is going to get it -- and you have to deal with those two. This one indicate. This is not going to be here for this team and what we've seen so far pretty much it is definitely no place else. I think it will depend on how quickly and how how much we can get the team to gel and get the players to grow and a combination of those those two things and I don't know the answer to that but I can tell you younger players are growing right now they are getting battered the seniors is getting better. We'd all like it to be faster dispute which will be able to do that he has yet to be determined. We're younger players they're fighting for jobs there they're they're up there trying to be in the National Hockey League. Values or you're just used do you worry about some of the veterans and their whole thing. Maybe they just you know what because some of performance from the veterans this year has been. Up to par. Do you worry about them I do I am I worry for them sometimes because they've. You know in some cases maybe some players have been through. -- period when when the teams is trying to improve and is that. Maybe them you know where we are. But I I think there are opportunities. I think you can look at a game yesterday and I see the battle. Quotient going up. Guys are working harder they're working not only for themselves -- -- -- -- for each other cars. And I believe that the veterans are doing more now in supporting the younger guys in the other guys are stars. You know the younger guys sometimes you know -- young people they sometimes don't know what they don't know and there -- out there. Given everything I've gotten doing everything they -- and and and they want to get better and and they can grow pretty quickly and you need to support the older guys and I think clergy. Were getting a lot more bluntly. There be some other veterans considering what you're trying to -- here. I don't it's too early. Yeah there hasn't. There has not been a lot of conversations up to us this point there're some. By it. Teams are hard. I think you're dealing with a very heavy October schedule. Which is a little unusual that we're getting because in the Olympics. There are quite a few injuries around the league and so in some cases -- waiting for players to get back healthy and get back before they start to assess. What their needs are. But I have but I would also say that you know has your question probably more conversations. Now than there have been in the past. Pardon me. I do you know we're working hopefully we'll get him and for the morning -- Now that would be a question for a the summer. -- Right now we did yeah. Yes. You know could could that have changed down the road hypothetically who knows there's lots of things to consider there's injuries take into account. I think that as I said earlier it was important to get first and second round. Because it provides us whether we decide to -- and thereafter or use it acquired and improve the team. It's it's it's more beneficial to have an out later. Notably hopefully I'll have a -- talk to me because. Okay thank you.