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10/28 Darcy Regier joins the Howard Simon Show

Oct 28, 2013|


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I welcome back 833. And we are joined by the GM of the Buffalo Sabres Darcy were geared his bills football Monday it is also the sabres have traded Thomas that a Monday. Possible take your calls on bald eagle 305508088550. To 550 guidelines open if you wanna get in. -- get some calls here after we spent a few minutes with with Darcy whose been kind enough to join us here this morning -- its power and Jeremy good morning first off thanks for coming all of us today. Good morning my editor. I think fans are not surprised and shocked that Thomas -- was traded. Maybe surprised by the timing of it you know that maybe it would've happened closer to the deadline so. -- in your opinion why was it the prudent decision to trade Thomas -- now for the sabres. Well I think for two reasons Howard Warren as the present it allows us to get Matt Molson is a proven scorer in the National Hockey League and -- going to help us true this season at a minimum. And to address that what we need to do and why we're doing these settings where we need to go which is you know the acquisition of first and second round pick that. We'll allow upside believed to -- to continue to build. The -- the picks are the significant part if you -- a damning with -- Molson prevent it gets USA for USA. But when those were either guy's gonna be next season so with a with a picks really the significant part of it. -- What I'm due to the 210 and one start. How much did that play a role in this decision did it did it -- this trade a little sooner than than maybe you would have because of the team having the bad start. Well I think the the performance of the -- launch plays a role that these were conversations that it started to. And had been offered on. -- kind now and we felt that if we could get this deal we would do what. I'll probably would've done that getting comfortable circumstance. So what I guess I'm trying to get. Where where is your mindset that with -- and terms of was their. A small percentage in your opinion -- that you thought hey maybe -- resign or -- pretty much a 100% convinced. At some point yeah he's going to just a matter of when. I didn't think that. Based on on the conversations we had had with Tom question after last season. In the offseason. That it was likely that we would be able to reach. And and then on the other side with. The potential of this deal and then ultimately doing the -- would start it was a better direction -- ago. -- sort of comes the idea of resigning Thomas and thinking about that how much of -- was. Thinking about the market and how much it would it would have taken to resigning him. -- -- -- -- And and certainly I think Thomas. Is -- proven scorer in the National Hockey League and and when he becomes if you become unrestricted free agent. I was in a position to do very well when you look at our group of players. You know that that's certainly certainly played into it. Sabres GM Darcy gear this year on WGR stars we're talking about compiling all these stakes its 21 rounder next year you had to the previous two years and others 32 rounder coming up next year and more we've had discussions with had like we talked to every Thursday. And hearing comments from you it's up. It seems like there's not only a mindset to amass picks but it seems like there's an overall message from the organization that high picks. Are the way to get truly elite players so. As you're building this. Discover the filling this covered with a number of picks is it with an eye on trying to get as many high or elite. Caliber picks as possible. Well I think if you look at the draft. And the history of the NHL draft. The top players not all we expect traditionally come from the front of the draft and sold to the extent that you can get. As high as possible that affords you the best opportunity to get one of these players that. Help people refer to is different checkers so it's it's a big part when you look at unrestricted free agency I don't believe you can build Accenture and restricted free agency pitched in -- Add to it. Trades and yet the nature of trades is that they're quite equal when nature. The immediate time. Change where you will trade an older player for younger player by experts. But most of the opportunity. To build attacking. That is going to win a championship then attempted to acquire most clutch players I think more are not conch of the draft and and the -- you can get in the draft the better the opportunity. Would it be saved say euros or to interpret the amassing of of draft picks as. Buying currency on draft day. It is on on draft -- but even even now we're in the position. We can certainly choose to. You can use those picks to draft players at the draft in June or we can use them that you saved it in in -- currency to. To trade war players and maybe fit in better right now or are addressed -- need for the clock right now but yes absolutely -- export credit currency that you can use at the draft or any time during the -- And when you say for our other type deals not us I'm moving up the draft you mean. Ottawa gives away a first in their Bobby Ryan deal -- Tyler Sagan trade teams that have acquired players that for someone reason or another are. Only to Thomas Atlantic treaty and I had a player that is on his way out from one team that would be made available. Actually have. You guys at at the draft this past June prior to -- talked about you know Macon some calls called Colorado and other teams I think everybody in front of you trying to move up. In your plan how much do these -- sellout how much could it help you trying to move up if you're not -- the top of the draft but you wanna get too. Wonder too how much could the picks helped you get up in the draft order. Well a few years this past draft as an example article out our I think we put it possibly moved up. In in this draft I think it for probably prevention beginning from getting to one. It the first overall pick it doesn't get moved very often. And the second is you know as you know maybe a little more likely but unlikely. But it doesn't -- get from you know the let's say the middle of around fifteen to ten nor can troops action shotgun. And and and to have that currency is as important. How much -- research have you guys done -- talk about you know building through the draft have you guys. Broken down I don't know the last five cup winners -- ten cup winners may -- may be post full season lock out the modern era so to speak. Broken down the roster make up do you have. Like numbers to say you know of the last. Ten cup winners seven have top three picks -- any of that stuff to to do as you were formulating your plan of attack. We have we've been true we've I don't have in front of me right now but you have done all the work to get our. Was it top two or three draft picks basically that it came down to war or me Emmys was it. Mid first rounder is they're like caught off point in picks. Well I think that most your Wall Street the big the players in the most of the players in the national could become the first second and certainly that there are the players. In the later rounds but the ball and urged -- first and second rounder and the top players generally if you wanna look at you know a team like Pittsburgh Crosby Ian. Balkans and players like that are right -- front of the drafted by the bots are sort of the Chicago. Black cultures and -- position with Kane and Toews. -- -- you you need to. Yeah you don't have to be there and Boston has done that we have. -- Won a championship without that first year or second pick being an important part of their their championship king. That in most cases it is here. Just a couple of things -- what's it when you make a trade like this what's it like when you trade a long time saver. Danica. Obviously pom and Bill Campbell would come to mind what's it like when you make that phone call and have to tell the guy he's been traded. Yes he had most of Oak Park. This job. Because neither have -- quality people very good people. They have contributed enormously to the French Irish. And it's it's it's difficult thing to them. Do you give a guy heads up can you actually do you call and say. Were close to something or just were really working on something or did you just you wait till it's done in the -- call again. Tell you wait till that -- and unfortunately you can't get match up because these things. You only hear about the ones that happen there are sometimes you get caught very close to getting something done and a full service so we have to wait until it's actually down. How do you think this impacts Ryan Miller both guys that talked about. You know doing it you know I don't vote with do we wanna be back to they want us back let's see how things play out with -- being traded how do you think this might impact Ryan Miller situation. Well hopefully it doesn't -- has been. An outstanding player of this process. -- career intent and has gotten off to a -- start this season. And up to this point we've had no discussions where it's. Other that's changed with respect to our pending unrestricted free agent players show -- -- could change but that's where we are today and and I think Ryan being the professional yes they'll come to work and and and do what he doesn't continue to be focused on on in the next game that requires. That would include Steve top men as well correct. That's correct is there anything to report conversation between the sabres camp and in and Steve got about resigning any sort of contract talks. -- there's been nothing since. Oh. You have other players on the team though in a lot of the speculation will be about Miller and because of the contract situations but. When you -- -- like that it makes you follow up of this -- -- teams inquiring about other players and your team other veterans that you might be willing to move. Well we've had conversations I I said last night that. In that the press columns are probably talked to a third of my counterparts on a weekly basis and and so you do have a lot of conversations. And inquiries about players but with respect to serious conversations and actual trade option in discussions. They're they're at a minimum right now. But he said nothing about Miller right you said there'd been no conversation about your pending US face. Poultry trade talks about them yet practice such. Yeah that's I was asked Tom what -- your younger guys are any of them available or do you look at them and say no way no diocese is our future. Well I don't think that you can do that I think that where we are and where we need to go. You know you have to be open to having conversations about you know pretty much every ball all the players here -- -- The gum a quick question -- Matt Olson he will be a UF ARC would do you plan. On having any extension talks at the agent at all with that Molson or just let this thing go. Well I think a lot of let him get started here and have yet to allow him an opportunity to get a census. A working -- and and can people do the same with him removal from the -- The other thing when asked about the other big story by the way the return of Lindy -- tonight. How weird is it going to feel for you to see him in the building tonight behind the Dallas stars' bench. Well I've I've changed their games on televisions -- actually behind the mansion and Dallas but that it'll be different. And actually that it would be nice to ship I'm looking -- How much have you had a chance to talk to them in I don't know. In the offseason since the season began or anything like that. How we stand -- you know. Talk. From time to time I you know obviously you can get some edit out your schedule and -- on the army columns so we have stay in touch. Will there be any kinda mentioned or chants tonight for fans to show their appreciation at all will be there will be nice tribute. -- -- All right one last thing you know on on the coaching -- -- Ron Ralston lot of sabres fans you know we see the start you see the young. The young kids we we know what we're watching this season. When it comes to evaluating Ralston is it basically an extension of evaluating the players and it's not about wins and losses percent. Well I think it's you know it's always about wins and losses but Enron's case Ron Ron is when I look at these players and you can look at the fourteen majors that are on the -- might actually them. I'm -- I see them. Progressing and I think that's the most important thing. Iran can do -- -- that young group gets to keep growing keep them improving and and have them go compete as a as a group. Mean the one that -- -- struggled the most at this point Mickell Greg arango of course came in highly doubt he spent. In and out of the lineup you have any sort of timeline for him before he would start to get worried if if he can make the adjustment you can make the jump. Thought I look at the tail end for me it's it's it's the growth in this game and he's and he has grown. Everyone including myself and himself a little -- it would be faster but he is moving in the right direction so I think that's the most important thing. -- -- -- GM Darcy were here at a star -- thanks for taking the timeout thanks for coming on with us this morning. I sailors and stars tonight and that is a 7 o'clock game at first Niagara -- Lindy -- of the Dallas Stars in town will have an a WGR. Pregame coverage begins at six if you join assembled a late. For a conversation would -- you have it in on demand audio so. No trade discussions for pending -- Ryan Miller and Steve about that according to the sabres GM here -- moments ago like 8305 victory get a break and got plenty of time to get your phone calls this bills football Monday Odyssey where -- two big stories today the bills losing to the saints but. Also the -- Thomas attic we aligned W wanna get in share your thoughts on the bills and saints and yesterday's game. And the traded Thomas -- we have when it's time to take your phone calls joke this guy it would join us at nine as well. For the extra point -- -- noon on football Monday on WGR. No matter what's on your mind EP long summit WGR Weiner line 430234.

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