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Oct 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Howard to every match you with you here on WGR. We're joined by head coach of the Buffalo Sabres right Rolston whose with us good morning grunt -- Jeremy how -- And like well that's obviously wanna talked about Matt Olson let let's start there before -- other topics this week and just you know as almost disputed that view as you can actually dream up so what did you think of his game last night what. In addition to the -- stood out to you about that -- play last night. Yeah and our -- -- actually get to see that I don't. -- they gave their client -- -- get prepared and -- is probably an open shot the trade. Yeah in our trooper rationalize why and how bout. Not produce or straight up the bat those are two hours first to iPod -- -- the -- and which is a good sign especially crops and early this season is that I mentioned last night the press conference he's a hockey -- What I mean in my that as he's written about every aspect of the game last ideas that are solid but on the -- makes little subtle plays spirited neutral alternately up front. -- -- There you come to appreciate that I need these guys -- -- So he worked. He was going -- that effort guys. You know what -- asking about his overall game because nearly eight you know we we see the goals and clearly you know those report out after goals. But one of the things that stood out -- was what you just talked about. His jacket you know he got the puck back at times and earlier team has struggled -- -- on the puck possession this year but there were times in the neutral zone or even in the the offensive zone where he would you know check check a guy get the puck back and start a series of plays for your team. Any stronger over the pocket thank you could see that op ads on and around the -- -- over the well and you know he extended session and -- they offense insult because of that and look at this effort come back collapsed right. Transition them. Audi again played to water it both ways and it was a good out there. What did you tell him when when he first arrived what what what did tell the specifically about what you're expecting from him or his role or. Where your general message to him. Oh we don't see how first topic it's wanted to do what it out to -- -- out of all of this out big game that basic game. Get all you know lawyer here or act is -- -- stall. We wanted to make sure that you -- comfortable. And that you know we really wanted to hear all of that and look at app. -- -- So -- -- -- able -- spot a 100 pro -- and and yet other players picture arts and leadership to be younger players also showed its auditors. He said I think he said after the game this is as nervous says he had been since his first NHL game. How do you gore teammates go about trying to help them calmed down last night that. I think you know it goes back I think you know we got younger and the US they're bad luck. I know made it -- -- and again. I think disparity at it settled about in terms there's a big ball actually at Outback Bowl forests and and it set the -- art and soul out executed the guys were what we're up at bat. Though -- one other thing on him that ought to get some other guys when you get in this particular case that -- but any newly acquired player who comes in from outside the organization. In the season how quickly can get him up to speed in terms of your system and the things you do here in buffalo. Well I think you're not going to be -- -- last night you were able to get -- -- grew up. Scallop on the other ear -- he was able the top spot you know what you're doing what right away and it looked good. -- at play at -- also need to be so Smart player. -- -- -- other players well and not already out the back -- how -- -- out. -- like Tyler Ennis had more energy in his game last night that he's had this season. Would you agree and if so -- that was any byproduct of Molson. I think so I mean I think yeah outsiders. Aren't flat -- games really played well in terms of Africa are always got a lot more laps -- -- -- had -- kind of strayed far. Probably the most all season but I think of well big part of that it shares. You know -- and what that top group form and be an energized to have up players like quoting odds and and Matt Olson out there what -- early I'd Tyler's. It's a playmaker to him and enabled but MI out there where it. No goal scorer like -- also I think was for some of it energized him because ER he can make always. They -- coach Ron Rolston what does one ask about a couple of other forwards but. Last night obviously the you know the big story last night was the return of -- route from -- obvious she worked with as well when he when he was here. Was it. What was it like for you with -- what was it like for you to be behind the sabres bench and that I it was the tributes on the Jumbotron and Lindy is backing down. Are where Scott and I attribute this great is outstanding and well deserving obviously -- But the amount of you know dedication that is that the organization. So I couldn't happen to a better person than I thought it was a great tribute. You have darkest -- -- last night and you try that a little bit last year can you talk a little bit about. Why you moved to back it said -- and what do you think about long term where his best fit is. Well I have we -- small air last year we we actually. Wanted to get more ball in the played this year and I think you know put them in the middle it's around -- more and he's more energized. He had a pot or ask to be around more. And I think -- also some size up the middle wish we don't have a match up so. -- -- -- he was able to play against. And other players are other team's top five and note to prayers for example. And -- your. So it gives us that size element and he's a competitor and you know I think -- just our players I think he was able to make adjustments but quite. How do you balance that out because I I think when when this happened last year I'm pretty sure we would have talked about it with you and I believe at that time. It was balancing it out what you just talked about all the attributes up the middle verses is play along the boards when he's on the wing. You know he's always strong and all but he's also been able to maintain its physical game might pick up the metal. And that's probably the most important and that -- users' eyes and when. You know make sure he's physical and and makes other play players pay the price shot especially on the short checked in and make a big body in your soul ballad always able to look contain him -- some of those bigger. Senator minute forwards in the -- off the bat so. Are we can use this -- and other other dimensions -- picked -- this matter. You know you have a picture up so far. A lawyer asked about a couple of guys from the weekend who -- it limited ice time was the Tampa game there was limited ice time in the third for Stafford and Hobson. Stafford is down on the fourth line last night how do you feel those two guys responded frog with the message in Tampa. Well I think -- -- like. Ortiz came -- -- -- that he's made good steps. In -- step for man from the medical or on the road and you know I think again he's a young player that. In his two improve and get better make adjustments to the game so. And and we knew he was gonna bounce back last night I thought he had that I -- a better game. Are you frustrated or at wit's end with Stafford. All -- but not necessarily you know I think you. You know wherever we put them I think he's he's been able and I'll contribute and delegate is a veteran presence or -- Are still a good job. Well that one other guy when asked about was -- ago he got a lot of ice time in Florida and it was up over sixty minutes last night. He got a couple of minutes on the number two power play. Got a plate with a a nice setup on Steve not so can you just talk a little bit about Greg Greg do you see any progress in the last few games for him. Yeah he's starting his computers that's for improving the -- out there and and when that happens you're gonna have the puck more and workers and equipment situations we've had -- it recently on the wing and then. Situations or maybe it takes lot of a little bit more with a sense of covered shall all and allows abuse -- -- Scale out on the way but we're still. In the situation or trying to find most Menem's that are going to be well. For achievement last night we're able to get a mount olive oil little bet he was able to make -- they're used to it not so. Well and -- -- got to continue to build and continue to work on his game. How much of that is willingness to compete -- much of it is understanding what type both. Compete like what situations maybe learning the game at this level. Yeah I think that's -- -- I think he came in literally one. In order -- but I a lot of those players have expectations. And believe that there are gonna jump right out of the hands and impact that -- and they're here and they they understand how hard the league has helped that the bodies are fast pace as. And that they have to make adjustments there and I think that's what. Well greed -- launcher that right now I'd like -- -- because he you know you can see here is out. It's compete bought out and and understanding the game better and especially at this level on how fast that is out of -- that it is able to. What make adjustments so that -- continued yeah. Obviously -- a coaching staff to work with a player like that do you lean on other players. Did you have a dire tune to talk to Greg Craig gore or -- players lean on guys like that. All -- they -- obviously in the room and on the bench they're actually communicating what some special appointees -- and noble or. One without authorities all it was you've gotten now Marcos -- -- most of those guys help. And other players on the bench in the room how well and well I think this year. You know especially for our veterans you know it's their jobs -- help all of those younger players and help the development process. You're a few more games left was the door for guys have to make the decision on him. Is it do you feel like you've got a a solid evaluation on him whether he can stay here is good enough to stay here needs go back to juniors. Yeah yeah thanks Orleans. He's played all -- -- so are. I do think that you know the young players still kind of don't always make those gains -- -- at all but a plateau and thus you have to be ready for that I think he's got a good job early on and you know initially you know what and -- injury spend. A slow process getting amid gains have been once we did I think she's got a good job of taking advantage of the opportunity. Same situation as last -- yet to ask yourself. Do any benefit from playing in London and I know the penguins kept his defense -- -- motto was playing with him in London they kept him. So you know it I don't know does -- everything to gain in London. Well I think right now he's been able to play at the slot also I don't know. You know especially physically it's real big and strong -- it's not like she needs more. I'm in the church physically. You know he's able to go out there. We've been impressed with just tell how strong is an escape and some of the better players but leaks oil. You know right now. If you can continue to play the way he's playing. You know he's he's in a situation here where the impressed by the speed that. The size of these players -- all gonna accelerators development. When you look around the league is is there anything. Different about big the game today and I don't know 1015 years ago because this year you've got a lot of kids staying up a lot of teams have kept their guys whether it's you know Monahan staying up and of course you know Seth Jones the guys the top but. It seems like the numbers each year are climbing for the number of guys that are staying up. -- I think the bigger fame what that would be ute movement is just the speed. You know obviously that -- -- You know you -- speed of the game out there and the Baskin school is a good real good -- feet. Am you know like young guys provide that change feet. So. You know and then the older guys that -- not work and other. You know can lose to stop and that's where you know you -- a little bit of the changing the game to. Older more youth movement -- a lot of these camps. What's the plan with Patrick -- there when his suspension is up does he go right back in the line. -- -- Well we got you know at that point we've got a lot of -- they can come and Alec got some guys come back and and that will abound as an organization and trigger out what's the best. Look forward to have you know Corey Trout OB. Somebody's coming back here and we've got so obviously Johnny Scott had a lot of Sotheby's good decisions and we have to make found stretcher was the time right now on drop. Boy should get back at me or all he's going to be back by this Saturday. He's in a situation now he's the red church in practice and for the first time much today you'll be able to at least Arnold contacted -- and get back to a so he's he's fairly close. -- about the army. Our media is actually east it's. Yeah he's got a situation -- Jordan some physical therapy in just a range of motion back and and his injury and Barack. -- he's probably. You know they'll probably a couple of weeks away. -- Let's avoid -- ago I know last week we talked -- you know your your -- down -- tigers suggest that limit the playoffs did you catch the end of the lions game on Sunday. I'll yet a little -- I guess I -- -- -- pretty exciting now. Exactly alike so Matt you're my three year old son pulled -- is Matthew Stafford sure. Halloween he's got a I've got a client cal -- New Jersey street straight ago. You can name your kid Matthew after Stafford -- dressing congrats you step but now yeah exactly yeah did you see the end of the game that no I mean if -- watch in the I don't know if you watched the -- game but they -- the of the Detroit Dallas game here and it was a crazy ending with. Yeah allies it was unbelievable tablets have been there aren't many people who thought you're gonna all of that's sure. You know exactly -- I listen run -- as always thanks for the time we appreciate you coming -- -- us. Good luck the rest of the week and we'll talk again next Tuesday morning. I have a great week guys. Thank you run -- -- was -- coach Ron Rolston -- this year and Willis every Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock in Ron Rolston segment brought you by Paul we -- your power of attorney by the.

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