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10/30 Russ Brandon on Howard Simon Show

Oct 30, 2013|

Brandon announces the Bills have an analytics analyst

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- are on this. That. Howard Jeremy Matthew with you here on WGR we are ready to talk bills football at CEO and president Russ Brandon who's joining us -- your part. As does the midway point of the season three and five taken on Kansas city of course the game is sold out will be on television. And the white out is -- or Sunday which one of the things we'll get to with Russia joins us more to -- part. Good morning guys targeted or -- -- do well thank you very much are so give us give us a report card there's CEO Prez you're here at the halfway point of the season. In your opinion. I feel about the team right now. I feel good about the -- my mom about you know I would. I would be in line hours person hours not disappointed at being three in five. He I you know I know coach or is it all the time as well you forward records are you are -- I do like the progress in the direction that the organization is having I think coach -- is. Really done an outstanding job of getting this team right to play each and every week. And I think we see a lot of good things I'm on offense and defense and in what -- is incurred. With the injuries and plan for quarterbacks and being in this system for really the first time. All these quarterbacks. You know to to put up the number of points we have and have the rushing yards per game. That we put up over the first -- and I think is pretty impressed. This season all about for you you you brought up the record he brought it right Doug -- undefeated trying to ask him if he feels like you know there's progress being made -- as a really take that question well when you when you're 35 years so. So so -- I guess -- was 2013 you set. Happy with the progress disappointed with the record is this season about the record or is this season was it for you more about the big picture. It's always both our border is really our goal simply -- for this year was to get to the playoffs and that is our goal. And everyone in this building everyone in that room in the team meeting. That's our focus. You know we have a lot of talent on this team. Image you know were littered with first round picks and and and I'm defense first and second round picks and -- coach Patton commander import this defense together were -- on an aggrieved and -- -- seven sacks and and twelve picks and you know those are kind of splash plays that we were looking to create where we brought in that aggressive attacking defense. But we haven't finished a few games and we easily could be the other way around borne out and you know that's where that's were becomes a little bit frustrating. But. You certainly liked how courts more or is approached it very very pleased -- were -- -- and and and really all the coaches because of the you know not make excuses but the reality of the injuries. To to put themselves in position to be in every game is is really remarkable. So let me ask you this if the season plays out and you guys don't make the playoffs. Do you consider it a failure of the what if you're like 88 and and you know EJ comes back and he looks good guys don't make the -- how do you evaluate the season. Yet in this building it would be. You know it's a way we approach it we were in this for one reason and one reason only and that's to get to the second season in and try to make some pain in that season and that was our goal going in the year. Yes are we happy with the on the progress of some of our draft picks. In in our young players of course where I think we have every draft pick that's healthy contribute in this franchise. You look at the last two years of our first and second -- experts to five in Chordiant. EJ and Robert Woods and Keiko. -- all Playboy roles on this team and some of them are have emerged into elite players at their position. The core of the young core of this team I think is going to be. Very healthy for years to come. And we're gonna keep building on that with. Some of the acquisitions that we had this past offseason -- a guy like Alan Branch has been outstanding guy like Manny Lawson who's been outstanding. So. Field at the core pieces are here. But it's all about. Get to the next season. All right so you're you're dressed what you feel good about there if there was one thing you would bring up with the coaching staff. That needs to be better in the second half of the season. What would be at the top of the list would it be what you mentioned a moment ago finishing games. That's an -- right there you know consistency and and and trying to -- pins -- way you like the -- Miami when we had them down the game in Cleveland. When we had them down -- have the opportunity. You know take your game and and -- -- we all don't have. In stomach case going in the fourth quarter each unit through week. But yeah I think -- they're consistent nature finish off games and I think would be that the number one thing for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rest -- Willis still CEO president. There you know the among the things to evaluate I think the things that make people feel good that the performance of the draft class this year's draft class let me start right at the top it's an incomplete because he's played four plus games and then he got hurt. But to that point. How would you evaluate EJ manuals rookie year. Very pleased with the proper procedures made it's just unfortunate that we haven't had a full body -- work for him. But overall I'm very pleased. He's everything and more that we thought he was when we drafted him and very excited about his future. What a dividend again when he gets back. What are you looking for differently from him what does she have to do better when he gets back the next step for he just has improve every element of his game hard I think you know he. He's a guy and it's all about preparation and you saw some of the things that you know he would tell you and -- wrong would say is that -- to as well in a few games and you know in the jets' game get the ball out and some different things it. He need to do and pick him up blitz packages and pressure and some of the things that. You know young quarterback army's four games into his NFL career and -- -- are going to be bumps in the -- but overall you know I think and we all feel very good. About the future which is Egypt and percent. Anything rushed him back to the hole you are what you are. We we brought it up with the admiral last week in the context of the culture change in the attitude and trying to you know get people to not have that a guy if something bad happens a god here we go again get rid of that. Do you think. You turn a corner on that if not. When would you how can you tell if you turn the corner on quote changing the culture in the build. Well I think the culture of the building. Change today the coast morrow walked in Howard and you know I think when you see. The the outstanding job and he's done and in when your in this building every day and see. The effort. And the commitment that he. That he puts in number one but they're coaching staff and how he communicates internally -- our players. To have the adversity that we have gone through. In importing get different guys in that old next man up mentality. It all stops and starts with him and the reason these games have been where they are is because of leadership -- tomorrow. We are with bill CEO president Russ Brandon Knight at some other football stuff when I get -- but I know you also. -- this guy's a football announcement you have something you ought to bring up on the show today in terms of the the department over the the football department. You know one of the things you know we've got to know widgets talked about offering. And I brought up on January 1 collection -- employs and it's you know we were gonna -- and some in different elements or football operation into our organization as a whole. And we have finalized. Our director of panel and exposition required. Gentleman by the name of Michael Lyons who will be. Running that department Ross moving forward. Markets ironically in Easter -- native. But has a long distinguished careers -- dot com overseeing. The analytics for last forty plus years Spitzer oxen. Neo -- were they very deep knowledge. Of that -- world and MIT grad in this Simon school grad about powers from school he's now let's just let's say let's unleash the SARS and I -- -- surprise. -- but. They're excited to have Mike. I joined the organization went through very very long and thorough process. The head probably if I was in. Different applicants and you know Whittle that down to you know three or four people and you know mark -- students stood up amongst some of those people on. You know mark will be -- A big part of the organization. In not only football analyst movement for partners eventually in tour business operations well what part of football analysts believe -- -- You are German he'll be involved a little bit everything. He will be involved in and within the football department he'll be involved in as I've mentioned before and our salary cap management. Elements. Everything that that has a probability factor or. Has an opportunity to be reviewed that's how we're approaching it. You know I've talked about this many times is going to be later of information that helps people make informed decisions. This whomever override. Game management or football or scouting procedures. But it will provide more information and I'm all about. Providing. As much information to our decision makers as possible to make informed in good positive decision. He say it'll never all right game management what if it showed. I mean that seriously because you know the statistical analysis of short yardage situations indicates a certain play. Being much more effective than a traditional place so are you going back to your quarterback sneak up yeah. I know I didn't get did you sign up for third at one coordinator dot com or not. -- never died and apply for the position you're from that at the -- Marines. Our school no but if you're ever make it out of work if we had we -- picked up a lot of first out -- -- that's the thing because in the NFL seems to work that way I don't know Russell when you think about the on field stuff you know cap management is one thing and all the wins over replacement and stuff like that an expected win value -- those things are tough to understand it. When it comes to plays like that or. You know for instance when a team is -- three to -- the field goal give -- that we've seen that a lot NFL week we watched the bills winning game because Ron Rivera made the wrong choice. So. Is part of the job to make cards for the coaches to -- like statistically this is what you should be doing here is that part of the football analysts absolutely. And coach Maroney is heavy and analytics as you know. And we here we have individuals on his staff that are our focus in that area that will work directly with Michael. In this world so. Yes to answer questions -- yes there will be as much information as coach Barone as coach -- and his coach Patton. Want provided to them we will work on to make sure that it is provided so yes soon it'll play a role and everything that we do. With Russ Brandon mills president CEO course to those taken on the chiefs on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium. What it's good news Russ knows about third once. He he's -- Are you bringing up your stop you know about it Sonoma. Miss and make progress it's everywhere I mean it's national news even down in New Orleans I -- get a hockey scoring record here are your third one out but at this because Doug -- talked about it after Wright did not go do you after the show try to take Jerry West is whether it was governor there to like coordinator -- cancer. We are we following him on Twitter so we have it at. It's at third one coordinator if there isn't just open up the Twitter I can't wait for deteriorate -- watch all pointing to yes I'm excited I'm only got a little point and we just radio I'm ready for that any time. I wanted to ask you about. Your defense of line because it's funny last year we set training camp and we may have said it to you a training camp last year. And we talked a lot about how this could be one of the best defensive lines of hopeful. And everything really kind of fell apart obviously on the defensive side of the football is the line the way the line is playing now. Is that pretty much what we were all expecting last year from them. You know -- horrific so I think that you know we've got. Really -- our guys up front and should know we're moving our way and and and Mario obviously with his sex work. I think they got it doesn't get enough credit as Marcel. You know here in Kyle -- their fear accumulated 38 tackles. You know throughout the the first eight games and that ties him for the league leader must defensive tackles and you know I think when people there are notorious consumer sort of a lot of criticism but if you look at the first since 2011 he's got fifteen sacks and that ranks him. The fourth in the NFL. I know behind some good players as well. There which -- -- -- and he is -- would do. With sue out of Detroit so you know he is a disruptive force. That. That makes a lot of plays and but it really stepped up his game this year. I'd Sunday. Let's let's go over the traffic that person got a couple questions about Sunday. Go over exactly -- 10 a big tree. While tea this and other Jeremy thanks in army used numbered ball than our extensive. There are following. Excessive traffic study that we did but in all seriousness we have thing going through a very lengthy process where Avaya a traffic study and keep listen to our fans about trying to. Leave this building which can be difficult at times -- with these games going down to the last second. And expedite the the -- process for themselves. You know we work or that basically what's gonna happen at the start of the fourth quarter about 330 big tree road you know route -- -- -- Will be closed two westbound traffic. And as we issued exit post game. You'll only be able to go -- found it goes back to our theory that we talk about all time about sometimes if you're going the other way you have to go a little bit further. To get their a lot faster. And we've been working with the your account insurers apartment Orchard Park police. Everybody you can imagine -- -- -- this traffic study that we're gonna also implement some new things heading into next year. But we wanted to go through this process over the last few games to sort of get the kinks out of this. And down so people parking lot day. In -- one in the field house laden private lots surrounding that area. Will only appeal to go east -- and -- be constant traffic flow. So you won't have this stopped and started of OK well let this crew Golan back crew of that crew ago. So were we've been communicating it throughout the week tour season ticket holders and an era. Our fans in different ways you noticing go to bill's website and checked everything out from a mapping standpoint. But we think that alternately this will be a huge step in the right direction to get people are faster. Sunday obviously the white out is going on Sunday what does that entail obviously the collar -- would be this. Year we've heard you -- runs and Rebecca well -- I -- I would just under I went to the Simon school. I have to -- blow -- we have the official WGR bills blue polo shirts so we have to Wear blue. We'll -- Gregory do get off his Walton by year you know a couple -- again got luck with that happening that kept a. But no we're -- they're very aware white you know we're going to with -- Earl -- uniform this should this weekend and ever the first 50000 fans -- see you received her award pomp this. We've got the Nash are -- Penn State -- come -- and that three in halftime. The other thing to remember too we've got the tip of war for his Salvation Army in MT bank. All of volunteers will be at the gates are we incurred her fans to bring in our hats and scarves and gloves whatever they can bring for the winner months to help the Salvation Army known as well and we've got the great mad bomber Darryl will monitor come back to lead the charge. Very good eight but really way out question here is that we talk about this week. No it's well first off what did you trade anybody into her you know little boring answer and I -- yet -- should the other fell. We were tarnished the NFL has the most boring trade deadline and all of professional sports guy I think you would agree. I would agree OK also remember one sport professional sports okay spoken like an NFL employee. But let helping to juice up the trade deadline can you move I know was moved can you move it. Even later is it possible to make it closer to December seeking to have the rental player version in the NFL like an NHL team late season you know looking for a final peace. They -- I think -- you know the combination of before you just said is possible. I know that was the intent you know trivial bit more action this year I think we actually had more play last year. With some of the trades -- it also becomes difficult with the the salary cap and how are you after you know approach all the different elements of of managing that process. But I think your point you know the later you go to the more opportunity you have for more of that rattle aspect of human. He image that the Goodell and get a chance you know make sure next week I do it okay it online at and we have to credit us that's fine. Actually the way -- question was about London. So the league has talked about putting more games in London right and isn't this a requirement each team must play in London at a certain point is that right that is correct. Does your Toronto game count as an international game you have to go to London. No we will have to go to long minutes -- road game home game how to deter more than likely Howard because we have the game in Toronto it will be game -- Okay yeah because obviously if not nobody wants you have you exit over their article because to cover my ticket. I've I've actually I've never been the -- and if you want listed to take our pregame show on the road. I will gladly go I hear it's a fabulous city ought to be -- and I'm incurred and you guys do it. I know Jimmy would basically be in pubs all week but I you know what I can I -- right storm okay so you both -- putts all week until you do the Jersey stuff -- and -- along and I message you -- it's pretty great I get great pictures up there probably. I'm sure you're. All right -- illicit I don't we asked about the white Israel's going on Sunday anything else you need the fans need to know we talked about the traffic change. The only thing we need the fans in oversized what we talked abuzz in need to bring it on Sunday elect to have all year because this is a huge game. And obviously. We know we're excited. You know we're excited to have you know Kansas City coming in here are incinerated no -- that are you know -- It is going to be tough task force for sure but our fans for us over the top. Past a look at the -- -- It home hard and it is British so nobody I'd whisper it's no artillery no they are what the record says there are packed side -- Well wouldn't mind I can you guys to beat and so my lines my tie their fumble recoveries that gosh that guy on and 431 ever covered -- and it covered more fumbles that they force that's -- -- some -- You're -- Hugo on the show show you go through view. Just have your own analytical here your whole show actually do that and analysts podcast featuring Matthew tolerant GOMR Elliott's right or burn them that's big and too as well and picked Joe's brand anytime you that was goalless draw that are website -- I'm on all right ideal player for Doug -- reported shark Friday. Well we'll bring up third and one on a Friday actually -- actually I've I've got good questions are front and Marty right all right I like I like the preparation. Doesn't work on his plate stakes. -- love this person -- do I mean -- figure does that -- guys and I didn't rest read atlas from. Orchard Park the bills that pres. That CEO joins us every Wednesday dated if you miss the interview it'll be an on demand audio at WGR 550 dot com. And are sick over the -- brought you by northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest and by collide a health plan out. A lot of health building a healthier future all white uniforms. Sharply gonna get dirty arched animated but we'll be -- if things. It's optically organized doing laundry. The -- we get executives radio Mike is here 8030550. To join us we'll talk about. A number of sabres issues maybe more in depth about. That Molson and Thomas Vatican the youth movement of what's going -- the sabres. Mike's here for the next half hour and ready to talk to you and atrial 550 on WG.