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10/30 Schopp and The Bulldog HR 2

Oct 30, 2013|

Ice Cream, Russ Brandon

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Talk a little bit more about taking. Then at 430 rush -- wants to call -- talk about analytics. In between. We will lost a lot of character and ask our -- to do something. We have interns and whacky morning -- show I know we -- never. Asked them to do anything. The producer does Pete will last the intern to do things he needs help right we kind of just sort of stay away. I'm not opposed to asking the intern right to do some things philosophically. And today there is a reason why. We could really use an intern automakers -- the reason is there ever be. So that's coming up by shortly we need be we need the intern today we need help here is Michael first go ahead Michael. Well. I think I bet throw out that bad. But what are the Arctic. I think about but right at the and it's. But. Then what -- other global hot weather. Add up it's a little look like I. I have but about it it hit it would have thought. Well first at bat. -- that the would you say the best team that missed the playoffs. I didn't I didn't hear what you said and I'm assuming we are you are used to neither did you say the best team that missed the playoffs in other words the ninth place team. -- And I thought well. I don't know I haven't decided there are lots of ways you can do it you could flip the draft you can do it that way you could. Have it all be random. This was glad wells idea and that. Q&A with Bill Simmons four years ago. -- be random every year or almost every year there is another idea that has gotten some. It becomes somewhat popular. To have. A team once it is eliminated. From playoff contention. Every point that it -- after that were talking hockey here. Whichever teams you rank the teams at the end of the season by those points so the worst team. Would have the most games most opportunities. To gain points the day you're eliminated is the day that starts. But if you're the worst from that and that's not gonna. Gonna help you. Rightly or change who you still may be more motivated even which could get eliminated and you really could like. Trade away more -- like whatever I yeah out of all of the debt debt debt debt is is some missiles. Canceled the draft. If there were no draft. Would agree with the good players always goal to the top teams. I don't think so somewhat. And likewise some teams would want. The top players of course mean but they wouldn't all be able to go to the top teams one. To some guys -- wanna play. And on the top teams would be less of an opportunity for you to play as much specially like in football depending on what position you play you know. And also I hate to say this year but. I think a sports league is better. When there are great teams. And one of hockey's problems. Is that. Amateur this is really right right now but it's -- that. Teens don't stage good for very long this is a general thing about all the sports football. You don't have well those are we were two football either. You don't have that much consistency like this dynasties and why do people always say that in the eighties the NBA it was great. The eighty's and ninety's the NBA it was great it's because. Three or four teams all of whom to believe. And it was intriguing. To see if those teams could be beaten. But that isn't great for us but it wasn't great for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the late eighties but it was good for the NBA. Right it's a little bit of what is sort of drawn me back in the last few years with the Miami Heat right but I thought I'd never wanna watch them because of how they built their team. And as it turns out a couple of years in. When the playoffs come around I can't. Overseas I can't take my eyes off when I'm I'm interested to see if the whether their cast of heroes or villains in your -- whether that team everybody's got an opinion about them what are they gonna do. At a unit and do what I gonna fall flat but what's gonna happen like that matters to me way more than -- the -- are -- Think you know I just it's time. Just be on the surface that's -- -- -- look at so. Yeah you know great teams always makes things more intriguing. -- -- -- You know I don't know I don't play fantasy sports. But I like the idea of drafting players. But I would I would I would go to the draft of the -- dies. Critics it is number one amid a general pay attention to my fantasy team after that it sort of ride ever doing really good. I get the appeal of drafting guys beyond gore team if you will. So I like my teams have being draft picks I like that the process. You know to -- let whatever degree I can find out about the guys they may be picking all right may want them to pick whatever like I like draft order model eliminate drafts. Well what I would like to eliminate is teams intentionally. Trying to get the best -- And if it is somewhat of a recent phenomenon that teams are being more. Open about it. I think I think it's a good thing. Because I think it may push. We may be years away from this but it may push teams to like kind of review the optics of this like how does it look. Is it's not a good look to have teams if they are half a dozen teams in the NBA this year. There are trying to get the best draft picks they can't because they think it's like a once in -- generation type draft class coming out in the summer 2014. It. May may be that pushes the conversation. To a place where we end up either. Putting all the play on non playoff teams and pulled all of an equal chance or have some kind of a tournament. You mentioned already a lot of the players wanna do that church not foolproof. But. I'd -- to every word of teams rather than report for being as good as they can be rather than. Reward them for being as bad as the so I get it if you're not gonna be great you can't compete with the penguins in a given year where you can't compete with the red wings and giving year but okay great. You should be able to compete with the other fourteen non playoff teams. That's not too much to ask even if you're rebuilding so now -- the best you can be playing most teams for the right to pick. Economy -- Don't just cash assassinate your season report begins you can drive around David. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's my problem I haven't decided what system I think is best but as all or sabres. Go into this. Which makes you think about it more you have to deal with that now firsthand. I think the way it works is wrong I think teams having this incentive. Is unfortunate. And I hope that the sabres do something for people other than just talk about how they think this is best Ted black said on the radio. That fans signed up process. A lot of people have written me to say no I didn't. I didn't sign up for any this I want did you change the general manager for about eleven years. Signed up for it. So if the sabres attitude is reflected there. He's got drafted to just throw yeah I mean revered doesn't pay attention of the fans. Blacks the guys have received through the book may or may not be pistol -- us. So you know -- signed up for a who signed up for. They even mean. I think they need to do stuff for people because people are gonna sit their for -- and the sabres should not want those people to be mad at them during. Do the best job you can to keep fans. Enjoying. Your games despite the fact that the team is probably. Lousy. Is employee appreciation day here. And I for 1 am very glad about that I got here early I was in the -- to be appreciated. And and I IE also. Early whenever I got here in time for. Free talk Mark Cooper couldn't Ricardo we learned a bid catered breakfasts which sounded very nice I was ordered 930 a -- Obama really yeah. You're not just the whole day here. All I. Employee pre borrow -- you all wild man. I don't know breakfast burrito I I skipped breakfast burritos although there were well over in the kitchen and the veggie ones yeah. But. I all I wanted to be -- I also wanted to appreciate Michael bullies so it's nice that you know having this plus I wanna put it. That's right although it won a prize to pretty so the first section was. Breakfast burritos. And they were good. The second section was tacos and they were good. The third section is on now that's ice cream. There's an ice cream. Stations like a Sunday bar you can make your own Sundays until now this this started at 3 o'clock. -- what times are -- start 3 o'clock rise so we can't go get ice cream. But maybe Kelly will go get us some ice -- now I feel a little bit bad about asking this is really the first time we've eschew anything. Okay pride ourselves anyway the other you read things to do here at a campaign that's been your pretty busy this -- you -- so far. That's good but there really hasn't been anything we've needed I could probably think of things I would like to have someone do for me. But. You know -- just not really in that mode. Until now. They -- ice cream station down there and do you think you would get us some ice cream and just pick what you think we would like. Sure way. It's I don't give you directions here yeah on the -- -- -- place you can set -- PLO which is that you'll make sure -- you can get down there all right Kelly you'll -- are of course allowed to partake in the ice -- yourself because these give -- are you sure. It sure does anybody else -- and -- -- any -- someone. I tell you lots of ice cream this is a big opportunity here maybe. They already had a stealth early -- I saw -- -- I'd like to -- -- memory if he's -- -- -- going you know every half -- Denials that I doubt they have 31 flavors -- So it may -- -- that he rationing and the toppings are are really where were a year where your career but there's going to be on the I would think probably just a -- -- -- just -- only two flavors just yogurt or Irish cream toppings were among those are flavors. True are they -- -- only one flavor -- is now the -- -- noise okay so mobile good Vanilla if that choice you've said the sorry that you choice between frozen yogurt you know or. -- OK okay. We're both -- -- -- I don't know I don't even really know the difference so fine but then there's toppings that's -- you get to -- you get to. Experiments. And so you've been around here I don't know you have to try to do your best to gauge what he would like and what I would like. I'm a -- on addition voice. -- -- -- All right any questions where is it at your question -- Chip Kelly would probably wondered who just -- what we want but that's not for now I don't wanna do that yeah. That's that's last month that's right go ahead and just do everything is right. All right -- leader to the ice currently did you do you want things are you also Saturday at L William. Anybody on the whole -- about -- our lead is anybody else the which she's looking for us it's got a team of people. He does and he's he's he's got a big bosses and other people -- you know he would not be someone who would be sheepish about asking the intern for -- I think it did it probably use in this country that don't work they get up they get a much him every day I did yeah oh yeah that Alec. That's a good question and -- I don't have any ice cream related allergies so you're you're fine there yeah I think you -- Yeah that's that's only if she's not sure what to do all right there it is Kelly is gonna go get -- some ways it. Did you see tables you kindness Russ Brandon coming up in his last twelve minutes this is Kristi why compared to -- What you don't want she's gone at all so you're hoping for what what are you hoping for. Not. Don't like it. You don't like hot thought you like cucumbers but you don't like I don't want to. I mean I don't. -- agents at the white go -- I I'd like I mean it's like I throw up a point eat chocolate it's just not what I like Alex. What about -- not sure what about sprinkles. Sure. Rainbow. Okay chocolate sprinkles sure ideally yeah what about whip cream sure why -- -- -- scream for ice cream is a bit. Unneeded. Yes but I it's not do make me mad if it's there. -- -- -- -- -- -- that's why one but it I -- have let that go there there's a strawberry topping yet you think she will pick no I well I I I am hoping. I can only hope that she -- for -- there's you know your Eminem's you're nuts but manuals the choice of karma hot for Robert. So that's. And tumble all over the summer races so she's got a two out of three chance that there's karma -- be OK -- me strawberry would be a one. I -- just like my newspaper editors is gonna offer it for one. You have to figure that route you sure you you have to figure that one of us will get hot thought if there are two. -- things. But she could choose plain. I would prefer plain hot putter then it right now you don't want the sheep I you don't want play. But if she picked plane that would impress me you know -- that says. You know that's she's thinking about. There's always toppings to be easy just load up on topics here. To warm up. But it should explain for somebody maybe she's making a statement right there you know me I'm mr. French -- no I I'm I am fine with a plain Jane bold and noise though. Just fine. So -- and would prefer the hot bought. Myself but you know take -- Eminem's whatever. Well we might have Kelly soon. Did you see the story out the first pitch at the baseball game. Fisk. And -- a missed field. I saw that there was going to be a pitch to -- oh okay so this is gonna catch. Who who would be right. -- -- No close old Louis Fiat deal every five of course we -- yes that's what I saw. Yeah I did I saw the same thing I just remembered this -- remember the pitcher but TV on to frisk yeah. -- he's still I've seen him do what have you been back numerous times that he still -- the whole ball. About a whole thing you know I -- turns his back the faces second base in his windup and the whole fuel -- -- -- so because still do that idea. Guarantee. Waiting on ice cream or have Russ Brandon Sony wants to talk to us about analytics I think that would be wonderful. We also have Halloween tomorrow. Loaded up on candy today I went to the shop and kind of an interesting moment at preschool today. Bars that. I took my son to school at nine. And the rules explicitly. Say it. That kids are not supposed to come to school in costume. Rather they are supposed to have their costumes. Bag it. So that at 10 o'clock some of the parents who were coming in to help. Would help them get dressed. So this is my first rodeo okay right there are rules that that's the rule -- and well big rules house and so this is -- this is the deal were taking your costume my wife made him a mice on a dolphin dostum was great across from. So he's excited about this costume to the bag were walking into school we get in the school and what -- receive all the kids during the cost entering lake. Two thirds of the kids Spider-Man these two kids were -- in Spiderman they were just having the best time. You know enjoying that they were both in the same costume other kids policeman bell arena as you name it and my son is looking around like daddy. Like -- to bottom there holding it right. And I said we're not supposed to have -- yet. And he's asking -- well you know those kids are wearing. That's -- heaven on yet so I went to one of the teachers school starts went door to teachers and said can you help -- with them just to we just get together and we can both say to him. It's not time yet right is he thinks I'm wrong yet enough kids are in costume that he thinks I am some for some reason depriving us. I cannot predict what she's -- Sure she said you all don't find you go and put it on -- she did not. It's amazing to me she said no. We're gonna wait until time and then the other teacher went around and head that some of the kids take parts of their costume off and oh yes like one kid looked like Zorro or some thing. And she said you need to put the mask in the locker the policeman -- had to take the head off imported in the locker. You know if they were all in makeup and that we gonna do but -- the teachers were. I'm impressed me what you what you preschool. But I -- I stood there they tell you when you drop your child off leave the right Joseph don't. No more attachment just -- And today I do that today I stood there. And look at them and watched and he looked so sad you know and he's just holding that bag he wants so badly that open that bag up and put the dolphin costume on and be with the other kids in play is that he's just off by himself looking around like can I do this and he didn't. That was a tough one but he eventually I know didn't get to put the culture of course. We'll see about this ice cream and we will see about this new bills director of analytics Russ -- it was on this morning. On Wednesday mornings he's usually on but. Pete says he called in to say let me know what these guys so maybe he'll ask those questions about analytics I don't gonna happen here. But we're gonna have the bills president CEO on next. We'll have Joba -- on the five Paul -- we think late in the show to talk hockey much over the Bulldog here. Welcome back. Let's get let's get the news in. One formal one hot fudge it kind of stripped the Sunday are down it started three Kelly got -- -- four point when I was there there were peanuts and that there were not there were ground every sees -- of -- at all every night so we we kind of missed out yeah I went down -- it was all done. I'll -- ground up Greece's. Fall. As high a caliber. Top notch but gee I don't and so on capitol itself. Had to go somewhere the people Anderson's packing up and everybody I know that works here was falloff burritos. Now it poured down. Go to -- season of their bellies all of that is still out there you can still go get all of the meat in the chicken in the beef and -- We're gonna put under I was going chicken we're gonna -- that -- -- it was delicious -- me about it I just hit a Kindle that's right. Some of the -- numbers. -- well Bulldog is eating here's Russ Brandon hire us. I carried -- Obama actually. -- ever green machine protein shake it sound matters -- you guys are. Thrown out over -- sure you must have this ice cream bar in your office at all times. Well no -- no more vote protein shake. That we have around -- and I mean we don't have records up like you perhaps. We don't yet you can make that happen probably -- so what's the occasion for this Ross. I don't know the storm to cause anyone to share the -- so I am happy jumped solid. So now we got the impression you wanted to talk to us is awkward is that wrong is we just leave now -- -- what do we do Bulldog well I. I don't well I think about just leaving anyway because I heard you refer this is the short show this morning saw my -- I don't know not only that I -- -- with you. I would never do that well -- Mean it happened in the tournament -- feel -- and if you don't you don't want analytic so I mean I get what you you have all of our life. I -- there are giving us some questions about and so this development. Hey have you big man's name is Mike Lyons. No -- in surge has reduced down. Analyze. The guy who's gonna lead our department name is mark Lyons -- more accuses. Directly from the awful word from -- world. And not run an analytic ability and over the church for twenty plus years and comes hear from the Rochester and and MIT and also. And then be from the island school refuel there are so. -- and have mark -- brought over here how long have you known him. I've known them for roughly. Hum a few sponsors started the process so interview the -- before. We -- has opened my big mouth -- -- -- -- first there were 2000 Reza managed. Who. Were the people that say your resume is were they from. One fielded particularly analytics is relatively. It's a relatively new word and it's far reaching. And or did you get a lot of resonates from people from like all kinds of jobs. -- that position if we received Ramirez -- over here relative to be no worse position. Far rich and from all walks through because industry. That work -- into those positions. From the sports world. People -- who work -- up and that it -- recent. Also you know from all -- sort of -- -- are on the fortune 100 companies. That private matter in three years and years. So received you know. -- -- -- -- Well -- -- analytics are committee internally that race and the interview process that we took it. Stick and methodical approach to. And and close the person -- -- himself when we -- a lot of great candidates. Can I ask you this and doing it in a moral will what he's going to do and what your what your envisioning for this analyst department Ross but how all open minded. Is your coach is your coaching staff. Do this I guess fans might be thinking of I'm thinking and asking the question so we can shed some light on it for listeners. Of all the money ball example where you've got the analytics guys. We're doing it one way and the scouts are also the on going like you know with -- stop watches the public sort of their butting heads how is Maroney two to this impacting his team. Socially Bulldog I did see that movie and it's is much different capacities then and really it is. Well -- all and in have you heard of you know one of the things weren't there's still an out of him in the interview process and his -- -- program is this is very. Political portion of many students is. He's built his own division -- Syracuse University. Steven Brown who works for him. It works for us. We runs and I was so within the first of the decision are you more closely -- Mike. And the world is a very old school slash new school approach. Of how he looks at banks and was evident what was talked about this. Second story when he was -- and also mode gym all the door and go well in our football side. Also wanted to -- -- of approach so. That's it from day one. My responsibility. Here to provide a good decision makers in this organization. It is much permission as possible to make informed. Decisions. Some impact his orders to move forward. And that was one of the Russians wanted to increase our. Adapt and within the -- elements of what we do here. And that's where we are they would aren't -- Russ Brandon put us on WG Art Ross was anyone from. Football sort of speak on this analytics committee that was involved in hiring. So we. Committee might go because of people and I don't -- were on the committee. Comes around or mention earlier was on the world -- I don't candidate so he's out there -- And suffer all -- then. But -- possibility moving into the future you'll also accomplished so many of our business elements as well. How many teams to your knowledge have someone in this kind of a job now. Smart in all and full. It all depends on how people. How to go about the process. He gets in and who we will get started and now we have. Some -- -- words that work within our -- character decision here now the world for Jim that the door. This spent a lot of time you know and analytics world could have told beforehand and and that we have people and in these roles. But my main responsibility is destroying the -- ago there and in our department and grow and be progressive into the future. Is it possible that more teams than you know we'll have it in just having been as. Transparent about their resistance. You doubled our guy I talked all my peers are pretty much -- -- -- who doesn't. But yeah. You know I would trust and sewer water and this is something in that regard. It is. I'm going to market a little bit of play and in some markets it's really self promoter. And something we want to move forward I mean this as -- the women are. Who organization and -- like any other important wolf we -- were within our system then. You know and it's something that would be sheep. Move forward you know until you play a big role and our our football and there's operating. These are going to be holding press conferences and always right yeah I I asked the question is -- I don't -- you know usually have whatever advantage it can happen if a team thinks it's to their advantage to have this they wouldn't. Necessarily wanna. Give the idea to someone else like hey they did this maybe I should I think there's pretty don't miss -- have president George doesn't change and I know of you know have. I didn't within. Or business division a run -- about what's an example of some thing that wasn't getting done that he'll do. Question Mario you know we can do little things on the football side but during the work closely rude with coach Malone and and our culture Stefan in the season and really broken -- -- A lot of different tendencies and thoughts. -- didn't and and -- suited up in knowledge that we wanted to see movement forward. And this and playing with certain server management nervous situation process. -- you know lowered lowered him and ended in those different programs and and stretches we move forward so. And -- look forward to. Brings to the table -- -- coach to open minded enterprise near where it is too you know you think he can do to assist. In this systems -- capacity of course wants to know. And that's what he will be here or you'll you'll provide broad depth to our bench. And to provide as much information -- -- wouldn't. -- might I I wanna say this I think -- interest thing in this because you are football and business. I think in in sports right now we've got this growing. Enterprise if you will with you know analytic we've got this growing. Appreciation within sports teams for what the statistics can tell you. -- they pertinent on or off the field I think that's good I think. The more that the teams embrace is good for teams. But there is this loggerheads that. We hear about all the time maybe you read the greats. Grant when peace from a year to go on the raptors. I wasn't it awesome. -- credit the raptors let. Press in to see how they do analytics and the technology in basketball is incredible. And they talk about how the coaches went yeah no. We're not gonna shoot threes all day it aortic. There's a lot of the raptors to disturb them not as good a time but I wanted to shoot threes every time of the court. And more guys said. They don't basketball guys don't wanna hear coaches don't wanna hear it but the Miami Heat offense will be better if LeBron James shot a three and every possession. So you know every sport has their own examples of this and I I don't know I'm just sort of going on here but I think you're adjusting is sort of a person in this because you if you will come from both worlds. You know I come from golf world for sure and you know -- is as I mentioned earlier I wanna make sure. There were given ourselves every advantage to be pro -- move forward and coach -- statistical breakdowns. Well and different issues that we can move forward that future opponents subdivision -- that averages. Recognition. What types which we. Between the first and second and incorporate. Different you know offensive -- -- numbers in Burke wrote to approach this equation. Along those lines they watched. My job to make sure there delivered. And it's our job to debate can. The relevancy. Of what's important within within the first more progress and -- will have abortion. You know within our department to rub it could add to what we wanna do to the and to provide as much information that is coaching staff managed well. More thing so say hypothetically someday dog Malone. Goes away from what his instinct is. And uses advice from Mike Lyons. And goes on fourth and five in the middle of the field in the second quarter. And his teammates after the game the bills lose the game teammates that the players I mean look at across side. Does like it it comes down to moments like that that's when. This will all really be a part of things -- terms this one area on the field can you see that day coming soon is it. You just maybe -- more -- a better question speaking generally about the NFL and about your team. But -- weeks are we close to a point where coaches will be able to look the other coaches in the eye and say no this is really what we should do because the new guy told me. I think were were giving their name and variety of ways you know I think it's a great point. More more aware -- you would have never saint and opinion and five years ago. -- -- -- -- -- Communists and a couple of times this year. To me it's six and also in six and they are opportunities -- no -- statistics and say hey you'd you'd desperation duties would never happen right. More more that belliard people are reducing the implication that provided that. And injured and some of the guest work potentially a bit. And giving here's an opportunity. And not have existed in your -- before you're here you're opening your mind to new things and you know there's always a better way to build a box and if it's one thing helps us win the game here then just -- successful. If the fans understand why a coach does something like this it's better for the coach. So part of it is doing it and part of it is being able to sell it no Russians so I agree on a all right I enjoy that protein shake. I will do enjoy that aren't in our poll out I'll -- that I 38. Number four sort of bought -- I'm getting their -- I got I got to thank you Russ good luck Sunday -- guys appreciate it thank you thank you Russ Brandon. And the bills' home to Kansas City who will be the bills quarterback Newton. We have estimate that I. -- -- All right the latest on the bills at quarterback it's messy again will talk about that right after this timeout which opened the -- WGR. Guys along with the capitals of country. Everywhere put up down. Toronto Edmonton and what do we have their Ford offering. -- Toronto wins in Edmonton. Is there can we just keep trying to. Get Edmondson to play with -- us. Before they realize they're not that bad can we keep just -- them did they could crack relief maybe we just need to keep -- Miller. Morning -- right I guess you could trade something else for a couple. Maybe I'm all for it I don't know you change his mind from their losing -- I don't know I think Edmonton will be fine. They have all -- they have Gagne hurt. They're they're good they're just not winning -- was back last night -- he was a bit. You know what I -- ice watched part of the game I never saw him but I listened to some of the run up to the game. A Canadian radio and all the talk was he was going to be back. So I expect that he did return did you see any volley to thank you know what Cassell scored a goal. Awful of of a bounce off the back wall. Just jewels. On the gold side of the goal line W and a whole the hall. Was it ever -- and Ricci played with this I mean like just. Got a controlled it lifted in like just that. Instant. And didn't have very much room and he just sliver into the top was incredible. Great great great -- he is valuable. -- BS you've been going nuts really since he got the contrary to what he's not taken a -- all seven of. Or start your idling Toronto's a very good team the record is great I think Edmonton is a pretty good team and their record is terrible it's still early. That is and that's in -- I have to be right but that's those are my opinions of those two teams I'd rather have Edmonton's team and trials team has not close. But last night. -- and -- I think was a final for Italy's what do you want to know they were. Although it advanced statistics last year really bad too and had a really good year. Mean it has playoffs you know they bit so it's it's it and see if like if they can continue to fly in the face of kind of being a failure at. Being good at the stuff that most of the good teams are good -- but yet still have a good record that's right this year there'll have to play 82 games not 48 or. Fourteen or Europe through this year. That's right. The bills quarterback Thad Lewis missed practice it's a big -- to be at practice. Wednesday. -- -- installed. You start to get to work for the upcoming game having had BS that the day before off yesterday off. But Lewis did not practice with the bills -- sore ribs and is sick. So we'll see -- owns a 5050 for Lewis. So to me like he wanted to get to Lewis the -- laid out his quarterbacks in the clip that I heard he mentions -- the end. But he did say to do that these more familiar with Jeff tools so he would probably be the choice if need be over Matt Flynn. I think I'm guessing I think -- really wants to get to Lewis. Yeah will be manual Joseph give us the whole rundown here about 1015 minutes but the way Joseph said it earlier. Was. Basically. Louis they Blake Lewis to practice tomorrow. But Maroney and said. Well if he can just drop on Friday but you know if musical influences and throwing up and is an end. -- permit the ribs I think you know he'd be towards. I don't he's got to the whole Lotta practice to this insanity they want to point. Joba -- joins us is bulldogs' side after sports we'll talk more about this and the bills chief's game then so moron tanking. Is taking. Respectable. Paul Hamilton beyond from our new York at six much over the Bulldog here this is WGR.

Are you sold on Robin Lehner as the Sabres #1 goalie?
  Yes. His play the last 2 months has sold me.
  Not yet. I need to see him play well/stay healthy the rest of the season.
  No. He's not the answer. I wouldn't re-sign him.
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