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10/31 Steve Ott

Oct 31, 2013|

Sabres Captain Steve Ott talks Sabres

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Feeling on the trade of Thomas Vatican this is a rebuilding team other players. Thinking long term the way that the organization it's. Well first of all. There's a lesson being away from the hockey I think that you decree personally great stranded in the let alone agree great teammate and any time you lose a guy. Let alone of this caliber. But -- personality of its top takes its former guys. You know mentally I think it is an eye opener in the sense of where things are going here and rebuild I mean. Obviously the writing on the wall for a long time in the it's kind of finally I used to say it could come together rather than waited longer maybe we thought you know. Quote you the trade deadline or whatnot for it. It in return really -- not -- and immaculate court cute you can look at a later for our. There's regulators speaker so he's got some probable solid years together already. And down you know it's the battle on the Arctic split but is it harder so the process that that he was going to. One thing to wonder -- you have the same contract status it is time as -- nursery Garrett said. When talking about manic that he had not had conversations with -- other GMs about the other expiring contract players such as yourself medic was. Very clearly not eating wanna be a part of a rebuilding and he's. Interest in going to a contender you stated that you do wanna be here you wanna sign passed this year. Have you thought about the -- the bit about how long it might take to get this team to where it needs to be to be a winner. Or you just I mean I guess what should expand on your point from our conversation last week or two weeks ago do you really believe that this will all work out. Well I I do but I also Iowa I wanna -- I mean that's that's something that. First and most important thing for myself -- -- ought to be successful Linux on arbiter the land. Do you believe that this rebuild can be a lot faster than she had normal rebuild and I. On eight achieve that you know cash strapped her. You know more budgeting issues and other genes that are. -- is that because mr. Google you know obviously that the fund and put together. What you need to do the Buffalo Sabres and -- stupidity so you know you have to you know add back population in this somehow in all the draft picks and into everything else. And you know and hopefully. Sooner than later. Speaking with sabres captain Steve hot here on WGR brought you by so lets them is in the last in the phone book is first in service and by Paul William -- PC. A poll handles your power of attorney on the the idea that you wanna win Steve has. Has the -- of Thomas and what a potential trade of of Ryan changed the way you look at all this. Well or not necessarily obviously and -- you know. What is brought with. You know in the trade are -- why there probability Ryan might be still here inside. You know long term so. And you know obviously to all those situations factors for myself personally. It's going to be you know as a major decision not actually it's a little bit from. Signing that has been achieved and are partly waiting until. It's summertime disputes the right situation and that's that's kind of what I think everybody's thinking about right now and you know it knows it's you know what. Situation -- Buffalo Sabres -- the quality. It might you know -- myself for example of an upset here in -- things as well also I mean Erica obviously it's that it's the business side of things. He -- work after it all you can do is control your weight control you do it you know it if you control what you hear and later. All the letters other -- you know -- to take care of itself. You say you know maybe you're used as an asset to south is that something you've thought of more since that -- a trade. Oh not at all -- and this is going on you know. And to have my doubts these you know when you when you put that situation there aren't you get older -- You look at the list of players that you know your assets are -- -- And here I'm I'm a realist I'm on their arms but I think it's reality based they're innocent. You know it it like -- set everything. Control you can control go out there and you'd think. Steve obviously -- -- returned dominated headlines on Monday night but really lost in the shuffle was you win against your former team you spent nine years. As a Dallas star what was it like playing against your former mates and your organization. It's definitely. It's -- a weird experience with the -- you know I I. Like I was drafted in 2000 there's been a lot of great time -- area. And guys still have a lot of lot of great -- -- insult you know maple or actually end up going a bit over the a lot of them. You know -- -- -- local -- Russia how to get tight and then. You know eagle on keeping your game is gone and there's no friends out there so you -- -- definitely wouldn't like to get the win on ballot that's for sure but all of all the a different experience but upon experience playing -- you. Obviously Matt Olsen comes over for Thomas panic we talk a little bit about losing -- but what do you seen from your new teammate Matt Olson so far. Well legal AI diagnosis ambulance attendants he replaced a few times actually when I was in doubt the last steeply against them yet or goals against. Well you're so I took even the astronomical dollar on the net. You know what I've seen in practice already. It work ethic he's in great shape be Intel arm in all the kind of changed. I I really think you know put him -- our great program great teammates threats or -- Senators captain Steve got here on WG are making his weekly spot. Steve is -- looking these looking at these rookies in the these young players. You know we've got to a guy Greg Greg going Gergen -- in their. While second year out of draft for Gergen since it's his first year in the NHL the dog is another young one along with Bristol line and -- he say about the two young defensemen to this point you they played. Handful -- games you guys are often running in the year. What -- -- seen from those -- not just on the ice will we see game to game but maybe in the locker room and practice. Are they good exits I guess I'm asking you the so young it's it's tough to know much about him. You know like eating your -- you know both kids are great kids you know they would be put in this situation that they work. -- they're handling -- you know Obama only had at that age I think I guarantee I couldn't handle it. -- I'd definitely needed a two extra years of of junior got to get myself ready so what they're doing it is you know that pretty amazing that there's definitely expression that I defensemen. And you know the plane Bible and its threats and their learning on the -- it'd be it's kind of alerting process rather than they'll probably get -- you know change in his game month a month or whatnot. They're on a daily basis continuing to improve and -- so you know all that you know like a sponge and you know football guy that -- adore Tom albeit being put in the situation and it's it's -- it's great to be -- except in the lineup like that. Steve with Thomas gone now you're the lone captain you'll Wear the C by yourself and still only one assist and a Christian -- off to your role change on now with being only one captain and one assistant. You know I don't think so I am right back like it had before. With the letter a total letter. You ought to be I'd be doing the same changed it to try to lead -- in you know all the eighteenth competed. Now obviously having the you know the -- CM extremely honored to have that. You know responsibility. -- you know it ineptitude and I wanna make sure like he's ready and you know hopefully I can lead a bunch of guys in the battle collegiate you know slowly turn things around here. Sabres captain Steve -- to Iran Indonesia ST ten thank you for -- take the title talk and actually good luck tonight against the the New York Rangers. I appreciate it all thanks to ever step and it's.

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