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11/1 Chadd Cassidy

Nov 1, 2013|

Cassidy breaks down Rochester's 5-4 loss. Brayden McNabb, Luke Adam

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Exactly would you suggest they don't let them get it you don't room. We played our way for two periods we played their way -- one and -- good enough that we'll be today. What did happen. I thought evens in part this actually started sit back it's like we just want. To know your pets you got. There's it's like yeah it's going to locally the clock stopped playing the way we wanted to play good enough price there -- -- started. They can play 200 feet. We think the game set aflame downhill -- plane up earlier this fight in our own zone to get out and then they get a line change. Went to get upset it's cycle starts ago it's -- What was the difficulty getting it out here and zone. It was something specific that. He's different from the first thing because first it's like kill zone exits were out there today. We really get in and I think the difference was the first two periods are you went back guys they just got it up right away. Whereas in the third period we did -- they obviously have come into the had to make up two goal deficit. I've got him he tried to make a little too many key plays coming out of our zone is supposed to Skinner kept flowing again and out he gets the puck in the neutral zone. And -- coming back to bite us. Weird you know you know we know in definitely -- -- goes right he's the for a team -- -- play. Neutral zone play we're going to be keys we can lead into our fore check. You know like I said there are probably. Two thirds of the game around there. -- -- Pretty strong -- SA today that is really getting deserve a lot better. You know it's. -- -- -- played OK in front on the first two periods and -- -- in the third. What he decides to share. Mean it's good. He says doesn't always doesn't. They're trying wrong meaning it was kind of yeah kinda lost again next shot clock and kept my own words -- losing out like she lives of those who play in the -- just stays on the stack. You know you see these guys -- Balkans. It's hard to get the -- from them. You think chaotic -- they get it back -- but steps. In getting those guys can be difficult in the they obviously he -- small place tonight. It it seemed a little bit like after he made a couple plays it was kind of like everything we had the puck like. Little bit like you don't want to attack him because so quickly that first step in and clean and again that's not me that's not guidance. Players like day and take the space away. We gave yet I'll watch a little bit sit back -- just kind of retrieving and they get that momentum or their clients Internet in your stated flatly trying to defend these days ago. McNabb. Talked about -- offensive game going chew clock and we won't happen on the Adam Goldman -- Pretty solid game yet offensively so that's the yes and I was real good tonight especially early in the game -- that -- was real confident that the plot. The Blue Line on the power play and even on our exits out of the zone I think is really good tonight understand whether we had a player. We didn't he just got to neutral zone yet he got a great way. Which is kind of what. You can debt exactly and that's where he needs to go actually -- times. You know just understanding of the plate and make it. Disciplined. And loopholes for everything else -- I hope he keeps going explainer on the net -- a couple of other good chances. You know if any -- doing the right thing so he can. He can continue to do great things he gets himself a good chance to do that win. Tell -- it. -- -- really just the fascinate didn't have that apparently Bob's big time play. In the Phillies really -- candidate quarterback of our team. It's like speaking to their old system. He's been really productive. The fact that they didn't think thanks.