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11/1 Luke Adam

Nov 1, 2013|

Adam talks about his 8th goal of the season

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The period through through your. This point that. What was the issue in getting the puck out of your own zone. In the third period first two periods in like a lot of success getting up to the wings getting to me through I mean I see that they were down a comfortable and their. -- we know they're gonna -- -- You know they're here consume -- when you're down league games you know you view it brisket and you're near his own walls he's having trouble. You know within -- -- Big some prominent power play goals but. Too many and done too many chances. He gets good guys they cut. Opportune terribly. You know it's not going to be good millions here yet here and there's -- -- I want my kid grows government plane going down. -- climate there is this job and it gets good chemistry and it's very well but now it's. They take events that are apparently it. They've managed to that lecture organized that they get so. Just find ways. They can happen I mean there's no way you're usually in game 41 in the NF. And Iran ended its -- Take one -- your own -- all that was. And this kind of went up in the air and I don't know what happened and the rest that I guess you could skills and those -- and -- my head pretty good that is being incher is. Know all there before I got up and -- all their nothing's -- -- I mean I guess that's. That was every insurance. Click clicking the open congress to do it and it's a different -- if it. Well anyway AI. 88 in eight games and and I'm sure that if you. -- throughout that were thought hey good for you pat on the back and so it's little bittersweet it's silly name games and it's -- well there's no no doubt about it. I don't know before this season started -- -- -- and have a -- after eight games. Know personally it it's going. I think a pivotal vote tonight some certain areas of the -- any Bill -- offensive. Couple formal talks but that's gonna happen especially if they're in fact this. It's -- tough place to play and you know eventually to. Which of your offensive success in your credit to them. Watson and anytime anywhere -- success. You know a lot of data on its. You know like to think that he he gives me credit for his success and C news this look at it and you know see he's playing great series that veteran presence and you know he's he's really terrible. But he has a lot of good things holds a lot of space and I are pretty comfortable as a line and now I'm. You know both those guys are good players do you feel especially good that. It's all your goals of public -- standing right in front of the goal and it's not like you're just more involved in the Golan. Yeah yeah -- any edit it those areas and those variables and good shot but -- tonight. That's something we were kind of practice giant that I'd tell him I was lucky enough to get their goods that comment. It's. Of the -- their five game overall actively helped you guys and then yeah he did an army -- game. And I don't know if that happened last time this morning at -- and that was a great. There's no way you -- in the you know a lot of credit goes away people say you know a second there and he made the city's he -- -- made it to make somebody. Those guys that's bigger and they.

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