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Nov 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo Bills football Monday continuing on WGR will take a lot more phone calls and talk about. Yesterday's game the upcoming games. Quite a bit more today. You're just now as always at 4 o'clock eastern on Monday's. Bill senator. Eric would hire. Good. So. Politely. How does it feel to lose a game were you dominated yardage like that are. -- picture -- frustrated and you know that's our goal -- you look at the scoreboard and you can't really even -- let you know your Howland and both. You know ultimately we didn't -- to play but -- a lot of that's cliche but it. When you have. Two are when you get up to keep it sounds like we did that that is pretty obvious to see the place to work. It's also Derrek Lee -- a that doesn't make it. Wrong to talk about needing to move on you know you can't dwell on it but then like. -- have been doing this a long time and you know we had to run -- of the bill's not being very good not being in the playoffs. And a lot of these games for roll off me. I'm telling you is that play that swung the game merit the goal line interception that went back yards like it's. It I I can't stop thinking about it and you know I just do this I'm not on the team. How do you handle sort of moving past such a frustrating moment. You have to because. You know you go -- we're in the moment. -- -- surely discouraging to go tomorrow when your brother didn't score a touchdown or second. Applauded and don't put together Oakland dropped after about it and we rebounded well and we had a good attitude. You know in our mind. We felt like we made a mistake they didn't necessarily beat us. And they weren't stopping so. Mark -- -- -- -- -- all the little. -- and we did we did convert Portland two in their territory retarded to sort of put. How we respond well in the in just have to move on because. The sake don't look so that's one of potential military terms source. On the play -- I'd love to know what we're we're spending some time here. Thinking about Stevie Johnson on that play and how open he is. Can you can you shed some light on this if it is. Honest in a situation like that do you do you have a guy like Johnson telling his quarterback in the huddle like dude I'm gonna be open in the area to look for me -- He -- only the quarterback alone let him just sort of make his reads and go through the progression all that kind of thing like. Take us take us through that. In the run up to that place. Yeah we have you know -- rolled past glory outlook or platelet work. Look around look at unbearable won't throw quick catch and it doesn't really matter maybe that the -- -- -- ball up so quick. And it was good it was an all outlooks and all -- -- which is an obvious fast. Greek for tool and you know the look that he gave -- -- -- a man. You have to assume that got in Iran was -- and then the sectors here will be water open -- Steve did try to beat his -- so -- got slipped and fell. Stand up makes interception Iran could also mean. You probably soon stay. You stroke victims of -- You know it's not like. You know it -- you wanted to do and priorities all like god director -- you know that's that's a gaga bill wasn't supposed to be there and it is credit -- political playbook. You beat so bad. Right there that you did you make -- play that's that's unfortunate. Eric would you tend to think that with experience. Tool would give himself. Half second or so however much tiger really is not a lot of time. -- Take better appraisal of what his options are on a play I thought watching him yesterday you know not. The next player anything of course but I thought -- -- he look like a guy who told himself almost before the game. Another waste any time trusting what I see is sort of like -- -- the play is what the defense looks like and I'm going with the. Well possibly you know experience maybe go to help envelopes. I'll -- -- -- I think he did -- breach of trust injury and not argue too much and -- away from the game. You know. -- with the game gives too many in the party did a good job of October blitzer is here she just thought of that actually a lot of Gregory W. -- the practice in and that's just a great player -- like you have an inexperienced quarterback well. Government -- need to know what yesterday. You know if it's easy for an -- course -- set -- back there in the apple ball and maybe charging -- to become ultimately. But he did pretty good job well you know trust miseries. Door to coaches say and it and make a lot of good throws and obviously. One on the goal line yeah sure sure about that -- backed groups. They should not -- yesterday that. We didn't if we didn't have the dumb turnovers. You are definitely don't want. Eric what's the dynamic between the offense and the defense is not so much of questions stemming from any. Issue in this way on the bills that I know of anyway sometimes during -- season. You get to the middle point this season the pressure comes up a little bit. And one unit is outperforming the other and at least it's some thing that fans and we talk about whether the if there's any sort of grudge that can happen how often does that happen on a team where. Again knowing that it's probably not happening with you but just in general from your experience where. And offensive a group the guys on the offense or defense vice -- sort of have a -- frustrated with members of the team on the other side of the ball. Yeah I mean sixteen games since then a lot of ups and downs and see whether you're winning or losing there's been frustration -- Nothing in the ten team we knew pretty good job of just changing those frustrations and yeah and we respect each other we know how hard each -- -- regard -- birdies aren't so you know he is the defense struggled -- -- struggle and generally there's just more words of encouragement. Well other than. You know that he -- Talking or or at each other down because that I mean we're all prepared he noted it's -- -- -- -- -- terrible effort. You know would you rather expect -- I would expect our program is open -- to stop -- absurd he would probably -- that same thing to me. You know it's ours were playing right now our investors make in the plays him in -- -- -- our facility don't confuse effort -- result so I think that's. -- -- awards it's pretty appropriate dose. I think in the NFL immediate. Big. Of course between the -- because that's still comes from efforts. And that's -- that's writing -- initial post. Are you pretty confident Eric -- guys are gonna stick with this here I mean I don't it won't load dislike it like your season is over your 360 you mean you still are alive. But it is still you know it it it's you have to get on a pretty healthy run here to be a playoff team are you are you confident that this group is going to be. Given the credit. For battling. Right here like down down the stretch the seven games left so. I mean that I have a lot of comfort so we're gonna battle. These next -- now and then down. Yeah I mean our our record tells you -- working as you know we always or get a total -- to win this business. So what we've gotten better as the year goes on we've played teams in the games we've. Come out -- -- do we do we want -- know. But in a game like yesterday it really tough to swallow because you know we really eloquent uploaded on. And I don't think anybody can reload Sarah but they they deploys. In moving forward. If we can stop turning the ball over. Think we can get up around here is I think everybody feels a little world frustrated -- off. In which you know what that's what Jim thank you -- -- -- -- that it was motivation make you work order so that when the placement presented to you or somebody else well you're in the position they export. You don't bet that's really the goal line situation because that's not the first time you guys have had a tough time down there. The one of the two yard line the bank will gain you guys had a series of foreplay is reading get in. And turned it over on downs like what. And you're right in the -- in the middle of that obviously you're the center what do you think is is the problem you guys are having in no short yardage goal line situation. Well and I -- so you know we had a great game against Clinton won. We all right in on -- -- Have a really stout defense and then just let you can see you're able to do it. Tokyo yesterday you know what's -- -- -- yesterday. -- on the 21 goal until that. And they have an extremely stout on defense they've been. Old people all year -- to a really good job would you recommend anyone to be physical. Then down. How could afford we've drawn first -- -- better -- In the second quarter we wanted to nurture -- information. We ran the ball left tackle and would Kirstie did -- -- load up the three techniques so that that there chart looks a little bumper on the back side. Which is -- -- -- think what we've really got to protect -- off the ball. And then you know a lot about it over the well he shot the backside which charitable work out document. We're outnumbered on the front and so on your total corporate storms and at least that's so much about. First play they split up the overall and they live and then there was some of the pick and -- -- -- -- -- and -- have to address we talked about today you know -- plus -- and are there approach on the bottom. We -- touchdowns just. The other it would give those leaders are -- -- in the past few times we've been honored in Cincinnati occasionally we we have outscored. In some ridiculous. Eric fans in my experience. From talking to fans for so long fans like was the case yesterday. Sometimes don't get it. When. The bills when a team like the bills throws a pass so close to the end zone. And that was you know the play that it really was the biggest play of the game if not the season this this interception. How how -- the players who the players come from the same world really which is you know you've. You hear from coaches. For for years you grew up hearing them use the same sort of cliches in the same sort of attitudes about. You know take the points be more physical. All this the same kind of talk. And I think the fans are echoing the players when they talk like that. And your annual -- minute that I wonder if there are players either. You know yourself teammates now players you've played with who hate it. When your team goes to pass play you know in tight. Yes. You know we definitely would -- -- -- one -- the -- those those -- on rushing touchdowns on. A moderate motto at this situation. The way he currently are nowadays. Especially you know when you're released without knowing that one a one out there let them outnumber you in the box and is it big and strong as he took a lot of them are veterans are now there's. Is -- it and that you might sound well. Green to say -- that it -- to getting those yourself to go on those safeties have -- deep breath. That's why they're climb in the water scrimmage and you -- don't usually talk about the value of the most part the rockets -- week. Limited under the goal line is saying look outside and number in the talks statement and then probably -- -- that's short for all -- and it didn't exist or double leveraged for a touchdown and -- do we need. You know maybe who maybe goal line. Formations. And senate split them admitted that the suit yourselves like yesterday militia that opened and in front. It's gourd that was you have to address because. We can't just keep the forward dornin in that succeed in down there. Eric -- with -- us here on WGR. So you've talked about this a little bit already but you've got. Seven games to go. For any chance the playoffs probably need to win at least six. And I think fans are probably counting on guys like you veteran guys who. You'd want to be your leaders and just you know keep their heads to be talking -- that possibility to keep the team for not giving up. Yeah come on board and you know we've we've given away game expert. More confidences chicken. You know we know that it region. We can you know play defense program previously run the football like we -- -- and it's as we can just make a player to other real. Syracuse has doubled real vertex which we get about seventeen to thirty. At our place in the crowd Golan. I think there's absolutely zero chance that they talk about from a -- it and is and that's circumstances but. You know moving forward will make that play. You know what we win that game and into those -- from their bullets you know we're going to Pittsburgh this week we're going incompetent. And you know we noticed that struggle like we had to -- a -- water starts at the moment. -- coming off a game when they devote most want to purchase history in the northern part of -- so we know approach rather. You know it's a totally we're trying to make a push is about to get a run determine the cost. How's the team feel about the snooze about EJ Manuel you do happen and they killed player -- player do you think that'll still be determined sometime later this week. I'm sure and you know so little about -- asserted. You know we just because. Just you don't in the it's not you know these because we haven't done a good job of prominent. Managing the game well. It didn't prepare well throughout the week but. And obviously there are starting quarterback and whenever we feel like -- ready to go order where exactly welcome back. -- on another front Richie in -- ego ESPN is all over this today and a lot of football media are he is banned now from the dolphins. Just for listeners who may not -- I don't have time to. Go through the whole thing but. Bullying talk of a prank on another player in -- going voicemails hurt using. Racial slurs and just swear and this guy opened down. My first question for you on this would be if you if you sense as a team leader if you sense that within your team. There is a problem like this or even maybe. Not as serious as this. Potentially that could still be something where you wanna. Get involved what is it right -- -- -- know when it's right for a a another player. Outside of the situation to get involved Bill Polian -- ESPN basically blamed -- veterans for this situation. And I didn't know what you are better players are gonna give you or you know especially if that's within your position group courts or maybe your -- ball put. You know Richie definitely -- -- on them. A lot of people say that there's no place for. You know maybe rookie night Serbs phasing in the game today -- not think there is some. But many crossed a line with some of the language that -- used in and I know Richie will. We have the same agent he was here to note not a book or let it. How might know Richie. You know he's come across who -- you -- -- -- -- I think each other problems that. This judgment. Here especially with the voicemail he left the only evidence. You know really that you can go by -- Inherited it seemed like Jonathan -- probably. Probably more than taking a well and other public that you you know a couple runs on it and it's it's it is a situation. Especially with security problem leading to go to treatment now. Yeah I guess I mean the the this voicemail that is surfaced. Is from is from April I think and then of course there was just something that happened. Last week I think. -- that we get you guys played them that something happened in the lunchroom in maybe that was the thing that just finally broke the you broke the thing open and -- just had to had to leave the team we just really couldn't take it anymore. You know how column. How much experience have you had with this sort of thing if you ever experienced a situation where a guy just wasn't taking the what I guess would be intended as good natured team building -- -- I don't all of them some kind of skeptical that but. What's the worst the worst it's seen you've experienced in the. -- -- I don't I don't know that we'll have the spirit sort of like that. And you know to toe loop hole has been pretty good about it you know we get haircuts this year and of you know for instance one dad. And tomorrow and it says. Or that Russia's it's no doubt pulled apart solidarity that Baghdad doesn't -- -- -- is no longer to these -- -- You know also read that -- All I'll let you know cost you know is still like reboot so -- Would that pretty mature team leaders your work. You know the public that when you're really gonna try to expose acute. Shouldn't -- you know expose -- man in -- in the -- position some Kohlberg action and we really had nothing nothing bad here you know -- You know it's fun you know we have a lot of -- with a built -- are your part that you recognize barker are -- are a large army -- just want gamer. Like that in it's always good nature we applaud. And I think you can deal team unity. Accusing each other. It is noticeable -- given it back in someone's in the military unit to our units -- important to understand that that's. That's not how they absorb what their crimes and and he really used good judgement about you're like in this situation. -- just. It's more like any judgment was used. That sounds just right to me. Good good to hear you say all that the -- also a guest said to pay fifteen grand for a Vegas strip he didn't take him in that sounds pretty crazy. Yeah you know that it that it talks and you know we do rookie night in the -- they're expensive dinners but. -- those that are saved her skirt you know. Some players in the way I looked at -- -- I had to recognize -- the first round the real it will be true -- brother went to lucky night out. Got invited to Austrian Gilbert and killed at a Republican order of reds starter Roger source. Terrible to be restricted how important. You know I I got I got Cheryl. Are eating rodeo you know rookie hazing. You know -- -- -- rookie nights in those guys knew that I was going to be in the NFL so all the -- they're. You get to enjoy our search error quote free meals and it is. You know the total more etc. kick put. Well yeah that's public outlaw and having them paper trip that he didn't get to enjoy. I think I would expect that he wasn't going. -- that's a pretty expensive trip and that's pretty elaborate but the fact that he wasn't going probably. It is a good deal. Dinner for the whole team on new witnesses training camps that's a big team. These are football players how much money is that Eric. All this look real one so we want to we want the PS change it and down. That you -- a couple thousand dollars just -- and I don't remember a lot from it. Do distinctly remember. On each other very Gupta dessert tray and they show you this thing that's been out yet from until -- so -- that -- -- just burned out or those. And -- -- every dessert yeah surgeries. He had a bad -- that's military that I really remember things. Before you knew it was on new. Overall the dugout they're are covered. -- -- -- -- the the ocean that are of the year it was a dealer council on bullet hole I got invited to -- -- post very excited. If I wasn't quite excited Monica. Okay well Eric you guys are due for some better luck you're gonna play teams with four records of the teams have been -- -- works out for. It.

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