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11/6 Russ Brandon

Nov 6, 2013|

Brandon talks Bills/Chiefs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Odds and with a assist along the way as well the goals scored by Tyler -- Drew Stafford Cody McCormick. And Hendrick to -- with Hudson's going to deciding shootout goal Ryan Miller 47 saves on 51 shots. He gets the win next up for the sabres will be. The date with the kings tomorrow night in Anaheim on Friday elsewhere in the NHL the Minnesota Wild are dominating these days. Josh Harding won five straight in goal. Is a one point one goals against -- -- 950 save percentage Zach Parise scored twice Minnesota 51 over the flames Antoine Brunet scored the deciding goal in the shootout SPX beats. Vancouver 32 that's five straight wins for the coyotes. Capitals get two goals from Alex Ovechkin in a sixty win over the islanders senators or one beat the Blue Jackets QB thirty to three. -- validating win for the bulls. Seven into down five and on the Mac but he questioning if they'd beaten anybody of any value Ohio. Is that statement win to this point Branden -- 249 yards rushing he's in the 1000 yard club yet again so twice in that club. During James Starks as -- to have done it twice two touchdowns for Oliver in the 249 is a UB division one single game record. I'm Jeremy White to be GR Sports Radio but if you for breaking sports news text the word sports by 5550. -- one with his weekly visit Oklahoma the -- WGR Sports Radio 515 years bill CEO and president. Russ Brandon the northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest. Why -- help time now. Healthier future. 805. And it did -- request that -- in our air Guns 'N Roses are playing paradise city. Request. I hope so now. You -- my you know my opening your -- and really pour. I can't tell you just from my perspective. If it is -- Guns 'N Roses and gob -- Metallica. To open up that something wrong to prevent anyone of those see anyone of those bands in concert all yeah absolutely. Which forced him Metallica Darian lake I -- Metallica in Foxborough where better organized so. Guns 'N Roses Metallica we export law means it will. Where -- wheat sports ruling we'll have a genuine reads -- it was old school golf. A lot. I -- -- -- I don't really tracked the music when I'm in the press box. Is a lot of Guns 'N Roses the bills' home games and are you in charge of the musical unknown that is all mark Cohen ladies and gentlemen -- Conan is in charge of the music for everyone wants a compliant. Back no idea I stay away from music as a would be all of -- Have you heard from Kiko Alonso complaining about the music because on the and of wired up feature you guys have -- -- website there's just a funny moment -- -- makes a comment on one of the songs -- the worst song ever so he does have some commentary in the way -- music so again I think you should start listen until he's pretty good player and he has pretty yet. We think you should -- Keiko cam to your website. How about that I'll mention it put a little camera. Well you can do two versions of -- camp you go -- what do those little cameras like they use in baseball on his helmet. And you could just have. A link to the video as -- as Keiko is playing the game and they could just have a camera on -- and put that any website that like I mentioned a few weeks ago our real or you know every morning and -- ask ourselves what this -- code it's it's it's it's a good plot Russell. One when the coaches are going through weekly meetings and how often do you. When you ask them what they think about a guy because I'll I'll tell you from watch in. Watching the games watch them back watching the L 42 there's no better thing to do than watch Kiko Alonso on the L 22 this week particularly when he he's just tracking Jamaal Charles in the whole game it was just. It's fun to watch and for such impact player to come in right away but this team. You talk about him run with the coaches -- What are will take Jeremy -- said on a weekly basis. We have personnel Manning's so after every game when coaches are done with the tape and they go through. All their -- mechanisms. We have a a weekly personnel mean -- reporter on the team and production and that. That takes place over the course of the season in the course of that. Is that the kind of meeting that ultimately leads to. The team has decided to release so and so and pick up who was recently wrote in rhetoric are no they just picked up Rodriguez wolf when was a quarterback -- it may be a numbers game I'm thinking along the is it after those meetings where you decide you know so and so this for the certain players not doing what we need to do. Well typically what happens on a Monday and Tuesday you do your dog where other general managers typically in town before he breaks to go on the road and ensco. The collegiate games. And our practices and Jim Morris -- director of player personnel is usually in town at that time so. When you go through the personnel meetings in the coach's coach during and we sort of formulate our our plan for the week or or are short term plan. And go over the personnel on the roster management from that standpoint. And there's a guy that's released. That someone in your organization like stated that could lead to a move to I assume it's some adopt or all of sudden like they like this guy let's go get him you got open a -- you have to get some of that. Tommy given two runs or pro department and his staff norm on that each and every day and at all. Is a part of the equation so yeah those -- those monitors as their very hectic pace in the office rust red with a still think of all Tony to. How much I mean like you got guys like Jeremy at Joseph you know Jeremy watney and a lot of the each week imposed puts up a feature. Joseph watches it and help some great out the team each week and I'm guessing. Rusty it's a good thing for the NFL because it gives fans access they've never had cut. Kids can also see things from a negative standpoint about a player they might never have seen just watch the game on TV so what. It all plays out. -- Jeremy and I have talked about this few times and I think all -- two's is a great resource for fans that enjoy watching the game in that perspective. But but the key element to it is bad. They really don't know fans don't know or are people who are watching and don't know exactly what the call was where someone should be. If they see someone trailing out of touchdown and they say oh so and so got beat on that touchdown. They may not be in the coverage at all that what's called. So you really have to overlay the whole process. To really understand what coverage are or what scheme you're running. But it does allow you to look just at the athletic ability and some different things that. Make the game great so I think that's where sometimes it gets a little skewed. Absolutely it can be tough to know. -- this is what happened you can see you know the skies opened between these two defenders you don't know if -- expect -- safety to commit -- Williams is supposed to be five steps to his left or he's not supposed to be there if by Jerry Hughes was supposed to be covering. -- Kenny stills it is impossible to know those things right. But it but I mean it's agree to a lot of people comment to me about it and iron and really enjoyed -- Ideal point two which has been -- -- -- for years and second year for them and I think one of the positives is a guy like Kiko Alonso. Who. Are you could see him a little bit on live television obviously but then maybe you watch him on the all -- -- when you see how quickly he reads at play diagnosis play gets to a whole stays with Jamaal Charles Jimmy was talking this morning about how often -- it was. Was staying with Jamaal Charles and you can't necessarily grasp that on the angle you get on your television to be our street art art it's almost impossible to. TVs go and and really make an opinion about where you see on TV be in the all 22 especially you know from a coach's film perspective. It's always about the end zone view and have to watch it over and over and over again. To really get a feel for and then -- and what the play is what the callers what the calls up from what the Beck and call list you know there's a lot of. Some echoes and Russ Brandon Willis bill's presidency -- asking the same thing -- Fred Jackson Monday granted Wednesday and I assume around the building by Wednesday it -- has moved on to the next game. Tough it was a tough one on Sunday and Fred said of of all the heartbreaking defeats he's been around this woman's right near the top of the list what about you and what was Sunday like for you. Some people may be over and I'm -- It's very difficult to get over a game like that -- dominate. In every phase of the game and except for two places and that's turnovers and points which the most important so. The team deserve better fans deserve better. With the outcome you know -- old. You know team under a 115 yards passing with zero TDs. 210 yards overall. Best team in the league Kansas City was with sacks in and we gave up zero. And to rush for 241 yards against the fifth fifth best defense in the league in a come out to I'm on the bottom number that bottom. And is is difficult today. You need another day or so. There would take me you know about Saturday Sunday it's obvious daylight so that the the tool interception I mean you know RC it sucked the life out of the stadium I was a zombie I think for the rest of the game after that play. Well you know I think that's why things are but I have a ton of respect for our guys you know -- that's a typical thing obviously but based -- stood up and -- yeah and they kept fighting men and -- what this team. Is all about I -- and what you know what made Hackett is done. In this situation where we've had four quarterbacks. You know takes maps and and in during the regular season. You know to have -- Jeff tool maker's first NFL start and bad make his second NFL start in each day make his personal start and what he's been able to do and put up 470 yards with. The job that Jeff did along of their offense the other -- is is really remarkable. But at the end of the day you know when you when you turn the ball over like we did and that's who had been the story in the telltale story of the last two games. You know we've had six turnovers that have led to 31 points. And we've had zero takeaways. And that has really been the difference. And if you look at it from an overall -- perspective. You it 82% of the games that are one are won by the team that when the turnover battle. And and that's what we have fallen down -- Alaska. I think one of the things and -- you wanna EJ Manuel back which last about a moment as soon as possible. Ball security at the quarterback spot has been a position in the last few games and certainly Harris and you know that's something that's very huge teaching point here in. Young players. And time average in Tennessee you'll reckless and and that's something that we have to emphasize on -- non football because it is through the you know especially last week -- led to the to the negative plays that have led to our losses -- that we touched on this before with you but I'd like to go through it again because this week he's the news -- -- Jay's been cleared to practice and cleared to play correct by the doctors were. Just to get to talk to the fans explain to them again the process people like me like he's gonna get a -- now I. I wanna -- now we wanted to back weeks ago. Bomb but how do you but I know -- -- this -- said you know you have to make the Smart decision the right decision so what are all the factors how does this all work. EJ head coach the doctors as he readies cleared so it's okay how does all this work out. We'll doctor Marshall who's ahead of our -- -- medical operations is clear DJ and and he's full ago. You know -- the practice field when he's when he comes out today so you know he's been rehabbing. And last week it was really wrapped up his coach Marron said. And he responded very well. And we anticipate that he will continue to respond well to a full workload practice so. As Eric goes on each and every day -- him coach moral wound where it is progress. -- coach -- and and if he's ready to. To roll on Sunday. He'll get the green light. It's yes it does know is did a pretty cut and dried decision or is there any error on the side of caution. Well we're all were cautious from all the guys that are a little nicked up you know certainly but in less he has any type of setback. Throughout the course -- week of practice on he should be ready to go on Sunday. I don't ask you a little bit about some some other things around the league I certainly wanted to talk about. What's happened in Miami a lot of teams are getting questions now about hazing in bowling and -- of one of this -- your thoughts -- that we're gonna bring it up -- -- -- Friday to but I also wanted to ask you about siege. And lost in the gut wrenching defeat was perhaps. You know CJ looking like Egypt when he twelve the other day. Yeah it was great to see obviously he looked explosive. Last week to a quick procedure -- you mentioned. No he's been. Dealing with you know the different version of an ankle sprain in his it is -- coach -- mentioned -- Felt really good throughout the week of practice last week and I thought really showed up on the field for him on. And for all of us on Sunday and we've obviously wanna see him keep progressing and keep getting healthier and you know I'd run for 241 yards -- Fred didn't you know once again there's a tremendous job. You know what I the other guys don't ask about his mark he's Goodwin who obviously had you know that he into hooked up on the beautiful bomb for a touchdown. And I know -- you know he's been injured -- said the deal its emissions with that do you anticipate seeing. More a larger role for -- scooter because he looks like a guy who can really be a big player in your office he certainly explosive. And you know we knew that when we drafted him. He didn't see a ton of time on the field at Texas. And you know -- well in body had identified him early on someone that could really. Big game changer for us and he's come in and done everything more than everyone anticipated. Great complement to what we have at the receiver position with Robert words about a tremendous rookie acquisition. You know and obviously with Stevie and and what we've been handled in and we TJ you know that's a good young group to. -- to keep developing so. If you listen -- cases as long as he's healthy I know that your he'll be on the field and they make players. Or now having said that do you think you guys need at the receiver spot. A guy with size -- guy big like like bowl comes to mind or the other day. Chicago. They -- Chicago yeah I'll Shawn Jeffrey they they throughput McCown -- the past he has a house on Jeffrey basically the quarters in front of them. But it just goes up he's got to grab the ball from the guy and he uses height advantage to guys feel that you need a bigger receiver in Europe. In be a better question because for coach Maroney united we've got a lot of guys -- -- can make plays -- and you know those guys -- present matchup problems you know certainly but we think -- presents a matchup problems there's. -- is some of our speed you do not have two guys in the league to believe that run like Markey said TJ. And they really present problems and obviously. I'm Steve he's almost impossible to cover the end -- presents a lot of problems for a lot of people so you know we think we've got a really good young group. Jet the first get jets take an update what's the latest on that we're about 7000. Left for the jets are we made an impact over last. Ten days -- since we talked last week so. We're gonna keep Salant and hopefully. And get that came on TV and you know the he has the experience over here at the stadium has been tremendous and all the different changes we've made in and help our fans really enjoy the experience so. We. We certainly hope that we get that came down and sold out. All right I wanted to ask said I it will bring it up with Doug -- because I think it's probably more of a coaching thing then as CEO thing. But that -- -- -- went down in Miami. Teams all around the league are getting questions about hazing and rookie dinners and an -- she beyond hazing bullying. Is there -- policy is there was there a speech or is there something the bills have told -- like that some of the rookies got like crazy haircuts. At training camp at saint John Fisher -- is what is the team policy and all this stuff is there one. Well there certainly is a policy and how are you treat your fellow employee of people in the business. You know this is. Yes it is not head coaching question or CU questions and organizational question Howard and you know we we spent a lot of time and emphasis on and having a responsible workplace. And that goes for every employee in the organization not just the quarterback but the person who works in marketing works from stadium operations and you know that situation that we when we focus on players directly. No league does a really good job with the rookie symposium. In introduction into the lead. But you know we have a full time individual here Paul Lancaster. Who is our player programs director. And different educational elements to everything that we do as an organization for young players -- for veteran players. I -- daily consistent basis. And it's also comes down to senior leadership and come within the locker room and you know listen I play college ball in the locker room it is you know sanctuary we all know that there's a lot of ribbon that goes on and that's -- the fun part of it. But senior leadership. Is really who to who you know carries the water around that. And something that you know we're really proud appear with the guys we have that are our captains Fred Jackson and Eric would -- -- who really set the tone for the entire building. That's what I was and ask you -- you can have like you said it's an organizational thing you know you can have checks and balances set up in -- system but how much of it does come down. -- and dug around to stand up there the first day of training camp saying. I'm doing that you can do this you can't do that. But how much of it ultimately comes down to the leaders in the room and the players that are singing of something's being done. They ultimately have to step in more so than coaches are GMs are CEOs. You just have mailed our that's exactly -- works you consider a parent of all the speeches -- want. But it comes -- -- the number one were we talk about here all the time of course moral preaches and that's accountability. And it's not only accountability on the field but it's accountability. You know to your fellow teammates into your fan base and and being a good citizen responsible citizen and that's exactly the kind of message that -- were very fortunate that our captains. They turn them on a daily basis. You guys beyond the haircuts there was really is there any hazing that goes on with the bills. No I you know I mean you listen there's there's some foreign stuff that goes on when it comes -- to pick him up shoulder pads and I can't you see that or. Or when we travel on the road rookies usually have to stop by and pick up some. Some extra food which we all enjoy the or -- or drive you to Mattel account yes there that but you know generally it's it's just don't mail on Cuba. OK now I've got it off really really really off the wall question that I picked up on the Internet this morning to ask you how does that seem to answer all of them one of the message -- this morning and they said maybe you know you guys can ask maybe they can ask -- this -- a shot but it fine. So these guys are talking about how. The sunlight stadium shines on the visitors side. And that you're on the home side you're in the shade and it's colder and the reason why bring it up -- lead and -- laughing there a reason why bring it up as -- years ago. Switched their sidelines and Turner Gill said one of the reasons why he moved his players -- the other side was. The sun shines on that side of UB stadium why should the visitors be colder than we -- Anything while how about I was off the wall -- Analytics. Yes. And it into it. I'll turn their superiors -- yeah good point -- ever denies that ever been. Brought up I mean I like it I'll have to how to bring up the court admiral you're blowing me off a nice ads ads as an -- but he brought it up I know it's crazy but. I I've actually have heard -- before a long time ago whenever her bed and in a wild okay now as the president CEO you would have to worry about the season ticket holders that say but I like to sympathize Ellis at the consumer and then you it's able to switch everybody and it's a but I do also like yes on. So I -- Yes it's answered no when to put -- there's no there's no rule right to the league rule says hold you've got to be on the press box side or anything. Now no note no reform all right hey Howard I would do -- jump -- on one thing. Finally you guys are talking about basketball. Today which -- heard about and which spent a little bit more time on that baseball it's a whole other topic well when that's a good again we'll talk more based world's -- and I want a girl basketball -- that's gentlemen thank. But it is absolutely a milestone. It's not well yes is a -- you can scored ten points a game played at Fisher for 510 points a game 500 straight games for LeBron like you to that is an -- for 500 and that's you know it is longevity you know -- injury free you know all the different things are going to that. And I have to disagree with the that one I'm trying to think. All of football analogy for this one and at times like third is a sermon I think for a first down 500 State Street -- -- say it's Brett Favre the touchdown pass and our many consecutive games as always have to be -- -- it's harder to get a touchdown pass from Brett Favre -- for LeBron scored ten points in forty plus minutes pitcher scooter talk cool group so it's good that you broader -- Like -- I look loops and -- indeed talk about it or watching the knicks in that regard you wanna talk a little extreme sports that's Mets when we want to hear we'll see about my hopes goes ebbs and flows with the knicks. They were good last year so I was back the other one in three and now they're not so good again and stuff so very Marty Charlotte Bobcats dad that's very that's really puzzling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you at least fighting the good fight now. The -- -- mowers on your side of human did you tell my clients to work on some quarterback sneak analyst he's working as I'm and his respect. You go all right Russ thank you emigrate there again -- next week -- Russ Brandon what is weekly segment here at WGR and -- -- -- -- president brought -- -- -- Which -- northwest savings bank is trying to make the switch to northwest and by collider health timeout -- health building healthier future wanting me.