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11/8 Doug Marrone on WGR

Nov 8, 2013|

Marrone talks Bills/Steelers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When the -- says the football Friday it's official it's football Friday bills and Steelers Sunday and let's talk about it with a head coach bill Doug Brown joining us from. The stadium good morning mr. -- how are you today. Outstanding football Friday. Let's go get fired up by EJ back on Sunday correct correct okay how would you look. This week. I'm gonna pay the same thing I told my wife. She's like how we look at me look I said well he's been out for four weeks you know so. You do you want me is. To have to make you feel good to say he's been unbelievable every -- been on the money it's been outstanding it's great we wanna go when she said yes luckily it's only -- But but now he's had a good week. You know obviously. You know he's not made every throw you know just come on back but he's really worked hard in both he and bad. Have done a nice job so. We're working towards that you know planet perfection. It's Wear a brace on that me. I USC where does Leo nowadays it's it's hard I think we all remember you know Dan Marino Owen and Jim Kelly may have those. Those braces on it you can really see you don't mean they were people here. You know but now with you know all all the stuff that they have out there you know it really got to do it what does he Wear -- and now we're -- via the -- itself. You know he'll look to things to make sure that he protective as as. As that aware of something around his reps in on time. I think Jeremy telling us what you -- if meetings right you guys have what -- meetings yes. Have you talked about what if EJ looks rusty but what if you're you have to go to the thought that you'd you be willing to make call on that. One lawmaker called map around and do whatever it takes to win that's my job. What -- what what if Vijay wants to run the ball a lot of I don't want them. There's no what if that ambient Smart down on him and I again I got a question of the day you know. You know -- -- is that -- freak injury and you know what happened to him which I I can understand that. But I think you know at the same time you know these players like I said before very competitive but they have to be Smart. You know when we got to get the first down and we gotta say -- hit on the quarterback can get about we've got to run it as much as we can go down say the hit on the quarterback. In on now in the goal line comes to play that when you have to be Smart you know that that was a tough one you know when when you're about ready to score you need to go -- -- make sure you protect yourself and as ways to do that so. We hope that when people talk about experience. We hope the experiences that he's gone through now are David help him as we go forward and being Smart when he runs. Football and -- on a designed run I'm curious to know what common people -- went -- what I know what else -- it more I don't know would -- put -- not to scramble obviously he needs to scramble and make plays no question about being -- -- but right but what I read option like designed runs where would you tell him to keep us and run it and let the running backs take it more often well let. Dictate I mean that's dictate what do you think he's -- a -- I know but I think you -- be Smart and has ways of doing it where he's not expose this much of their immunity if we wanna do that. There's other options we can do on the outside. You know we saw or you -- Jeff tool on the read option and then throw drag the other the other week you know there's a lot of things that we can do and implement. And the same thing because you know as we're together in and the same thing with the systems you know this three's new system with the players now. The NFL that the great thing that they they give you extra time. You know when your new coach. Now when you really think about the extra time yes it benefits everyone but the person it benefits the most with that extra time is the quarterback. And when you look at the quarterbacks that we have on our roster none -- more available for that extra time so as we. As we grow offensively defensively and special teams. You're gonna seem more to this offense as it grows and we start to understand the players' strengths and weaknesses and what we need to do to win. Is though the player. Reference to another read option throws that the wanna Stevie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We love that play we are talking about the next day they just a very looked very. Like -- like battle as well as collateral -- not meant when I go back. Went as a rushing attempt yeah what goes OK it was -- -- -- -- because but let's try and I'm in the press box they announced it. Atlanta right okay that's been called now rushing attempts and traffic but but I guess -- you know really go -- let me -- close it all depends on where it is the -- quarterback is going to be held -- a little bit you know little bit. But I guess the point you making a lot of bills fans would be probably excited here is that. The offense is an ever changing ever growing kind of thing. Always always ever -- don't I mean. I mean were always looking for ways that fit into the system you know like if someone said. -- need to get back down a wishbone and run the the veer option I mean why not gonna do that you know Sam -- Things that we can grow upon and get better -- would have better understanding of what the players can do and put them in better position and make an -- more. Where people just go. Up they'll line up in this formation located doing this this through this and making them defend the field those are things that we're always grown. On the veer option frank summer pretty tonight. And -- your option guy I mean that's our program here bill said coach Doug grow this year and WGR now the returner BJ coach means the return of our. You know every minute a value waiting AJ in the 2038 and he's -- beautiful and the right into the great thank you for this you don't have to worry about it is trying to about pain though we know more about every day it's a beautiful thing. But of any look good in its first four plus can't I I thought he certainly looked comfortable with the job as a rookie so going lord now as he returns to the lineup. I last you what you're looking for from him your address was would be wins. Beyond the obvious what what are some of the things are looking for from Vijay now and instant number two well first I would put a perspective on things and I think that's important. You know you're looking at a quarterback that missed time in the pre season. Okay. You look at -- a quarterback that who did get reps in the precinct so it's a little bit of a catch 22 there and then you we watch him come in as a rookie. And really. Does well the only game that I would say he did not play well with that went -- first road game. I just a man and that can happen to a lot of young players all right that's not what we want to happen. But it can't happen and it did it. I comes back in place strong the next week OK in the Cleveland game. You know we feel good about where it was in the Cleveland game being ready to win that game for us -- -- gets injured. So we saw the steps that he was taking. In getting better. Now what happens is this if we're all sitting there and and I know what we're our goal is our goals say hey let's let's pick up right where we left off for them will be okay. But that's not as easy as that. You know four weeks we've worked on a lot of the mental aspect of things you know we worked on the training the preparation and doing that. But again I'm a big believer in going out on the field so you know he's gonna go on -- field this week. And we feel very comfortable put them out there but again everyone's going to be very critical of him. And you know he's still work in progress and still pushing themselves. Know it's -- I would absolutely look at it going I expected to pick up right where he left off except you're -- why don't because that that's what generates. Great talk. Or or it's it's a Smart opinion from local talks about -- that's okay well. -- -- it's our -- area in every looking at a game with. You know we've talked about this before the year you're going to be Ron heavy Pittsburgh against the -- has as had their -- -- trouble this season just I know gonna be run well. -- -- because they're doing research on here's one little step but I found I like a lot on first and ten they're giving up five and a half yards per carry -- they can be any shock to say the five yards to carry -- first content you're in good second downs good third downs and that's the kind of thing might lead to often. Of success. I just hope your right. I why I think I think the only thing it it's like last week I think that you know we showed the ability. You know and again and only having -- bring up last week why did that -- the put me in the tank. But. Let's let us I know you sell well and I went -- here say if they bring up next week oh my -- that this thing they know we're not talking. But you know here we are but -- would rookie free agent quarterback in Jeff. Knowing that we play Kansas City there are gonna do everything they can't stop the run. You know and we're able to you know run the football for 240 yards which I can't believe you were on the ball for 204 -- you know what that's another subject. The point is is that I think and everything that you have to do because the other thing we did last week who became a little bit more balanced on first now. You know not that we were at a point where we were crazy we were like 53. Point something percent. You know running on first down forty you know six points something 47%. Wrong when. You know we will and I think we loosened it up earlier on you know by -- some throws on first now. So I think anything that you do in this game. You've got to do it -- some type of balance and you got to do we keep and the defense you know little you know a little off guard with a map honed in on on certain points. You're up against Dick will bowl week and a hall of Famer I was wondering if it's. -- give or take a moment as a kind of fun to think here's a guy who is a you know founding father of big time defensive structures in the NFL and you get to take him on like this is like a mount Rushmore of a defense kind of guy. Well I got the value -- your homework I think Panama bunched now. I mean I you know -- I've always said publicly I've even said. It's it's always been the greatest challenge for me in game planning was going against coach -- Not to take away from any other defensive coordinator but I've always thought that he is on the best job breaking down your protection meaning that. You know he has a good feel what you gonna do protection wise he's gonna make you make adjustments and and he's gonna get somebody free somewhere common -- -- quarterback. So for me. You know it's always been an unbelievable challenge and a great deal of respect but. I like to get to the point where I don't have to face those guys you know on a consistent weekly basis I've faced guys that really may -- don't know what to do one. Yeah at if they would be a lot better if there if they're sending. You know he's zone blitz obviously is a big thing he runs -- -- who's gonna come -- it harder on is it harder on. And the backs who have them pick up the right guys know who's coming who has the bigger challenge well. It's it's a little bit on both but I would say if if if if you're gonna say at the end of the day -- that's the hardest on it's it's the quarterback. It's the quarterback because you know bills don't pressure you and they'll they'll to trap via net and that's that's the one that you gotta be careful about. You know because if you have throws design on the outside against zone pressure which I like throwing a bombing outside vs zone pressure. And all the sudden they show you his own pressure look at -- to -- he has been -- to traffic where all the stuff on the outside and give you the stuff from the middle. So I think that's what that that's what gets difficult and you know went way as you grow in and when we see these these. What so called the league or franchise quarterback the one thing that I think is common with all the franchise quarterbacks. If you they have a -- a great deal of experience going against these type of defense is. They see it on a week to week basis people always trying to you know get to them a full ma'am. But what you see is they're able to get to plays. Okay. That can take advantage of that mass for one thing that we're always looking to grow to be -- able to check the plays that can take advantage once we know what to do. We talk put this to -- -- for many fans might not know exactly which mean it's where a defense kind of masks cover two man coverage for the drop in his own. It it's its own coverage and they run and people to the deep half of the field so there running. You know -- pick a corner and run -- to the theft of a field where normally you know you're thinking back corners at the third the the fender and -- take away earlier outside roads and and really the middle of field is where you wanna attack. So it's it's a two. -- -- is following up what watching the game so far this season but you say EG has been your best quarterback at making those throws over the middle. -- I think I think our quarterbacks have been you know that made some good throws over the middle to. You know I think each one of them throws oh you know each one of them has a certain. All that they throw a little bit better that that's ever was just like a picture right I mean hey he's a fast ball rally at the good curve he has a good breaking ball. You know so each one of those got -- different the one thing that we need all of our quarterbacks to do well I think we've seen us. You know we have two players on our team that have the ability to run by guests. And not a lot of teams have that we have to you know -- is good when and TJ Graham. And the one thing that we can't afford to do we throw the ball to those guys is it's -- it did not. Throw it further you know. Natural far enough and all the wars we can't be short on both rose and we've been short almost rose was when we throw it deep and you have the running go get it. Those two cats can go get it and school and that's the one thing that we have to do a very good job -- keep going to keep developing and our offense because. Once we have those deep vertical threats then everything opens up for guys like. You know Stevie Robert Woods are tight ends are back because. You know right now you know -- brackets steaming into his good of a job -- -- -- on him and try to take him out of the game. And and and and that's the one thing when you -- ball deep they can't they can't do both. Quick before the -- quick update health. Playing status -- feel good I'm good at that. So they're probably won't get even ask me about my health that would all the stuff that's going on what you -- because it depends how much Tommy willing to stay late with a final but at least. Show like some compassion. I it's not. It was actually on my list of things to bring up with you but the quarterback and other issues you know you gonna have to prioritize in. We got to that's going to be if you if you wanna might -- wants it like me for who I am in my character map because of my position in my title years ago. And I completely up to change my mind set then. I understand I have that the Syracuse connection I have I have I have a lot of guys -- are -- our our blood and run an -- -- -- you're a downstate guy syllable Kayla battled all -- -- -- from the Bronx Politico. On on now I get it. And now. How it all -- That's your annual salary -- guy I thought I I was on Long Island you know -- you know don't you know guys have clearly will -- -- -- -- one neighbor bought a boat the other neighbor had a bye to your -- and -- on the other it had to -- a better car as well -- on -- on network I was gonna -- -- like that the Bronx though -- period and couldn't -- -- so we voted you off to the Bronx and -- not just -- but if you're willing neighbors fewer minutes I apple believe me -- it we're here it'll -- I don't wanna hold you for meetings. I'm here. I -- you'd guys that it's important now want to make sure the fans you guys the guys have great responsibility good question that the fans want now. I have a chance like Geiger felt -- Tommy can't be after game angle on -- podium and all the fans they mimic an ethical questions. Quick update on some of the injured guys Spiller woods Goodwin. Okay go to war thriller -- Spiller fully healthy. Good yep but I don't know if anyone's ever fully Daniel but but projected to -- seemed really good last week obviously good to go woods. But I feel good about. Goodwin good okay. Are right now there was -- actually did when -- about the stress of the job with what happened with John Fox that would that would have with Gary Kubiak don't don't don't don't try to be nice to me now. -- so -- not like product which -- I mean now like if I list of questions. No. Cut now -- I don't you know it. Don't -- I don't wanna put you on the spot and not do that here's my notes on the show becomes not -- -- here's my question. Here's a question for years we've heard about coaches in the long hours and the sleeping in the office and all that stuff. My take on it yes it might could get done this shorter amount of time okay precious what you put yourself -- we don't know. World profession that we chosen OK I mean I chose this profession it's obviously -- no you know what the perfectionist but but he but I think the men and women of our military. Okay the debt that's pressure okay surgeons that I have life lifesaving surgeries that that's pressure okay. All right. How about the families. Where both parents to work in. You know they of people picked him up there is that trying to get them involved in sports which -- feel in an economy that's tough. That's pressure and pay all the bills to me that's real life pressure. What we do -- we chose to do it. And you know -- if we can't handle it you know then that maps on us as individuals. To you don't think the job could lead to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I bet you your job if you don't take care yourself you know Stan you can say that the that the stress of the job I mean when -- rate has come out quarterly fees guys. And you tell me and I stressed that a little bit of those ratings start to go down and people start not to listen you guys. All the sudden it's like rule what are we -- to where we're going after this you know coming -- -- -- things uncomfortable but I don't I don't wanna make it. I'm a big believer hate what part of a pressure let's talk about the men and women in the military what their families go through. You know when their over fight in another country for the freedoms that we have. And let's go to the families that are that are working two jobs three jobs doing everything we can't single mom -- doing that whatever it may be. In my life the way I I look at -- that's pressure. That's real pressure OK all right and and and some of it's not chosen. Least at least we chose the professional war. I last question for -- -- -- -- answer no I could just I was in person right is it. Other coaches might approach it as ever it's the end of the world that I don't you know get a -- now -- me what what what what I don't. What hurts me. Is is I feel. The the pressure that I've put on myself. Is that I feel like I have a responsibility. You know for the region you know for Weston you -- for fans so. So -- I have this visualization of you know. You know when we don't win a game. You know our people -- people are and Monday morning you know people like what's going -- the bills they had fifteen doing you know a lot of pressure -- now you re engineer and when I get around town I I feel you know why I I feel bad and I I feel awful and it. Physically it hurts it really does hurt me and and I think that that's the one thing that I have a tough time deal -- because. You know as far as myself I I'm doing the best job like I know that but but I don't I don't wanna do for myself. I can you know yeah I care about winning -- -- -- but it's more important me to do it for the fans and the people around. And and that's how I've always approached this game. I got it and he just confirms something. In high school you played baseball right. Did you really that clean up behind Bobby the -- know Bobby Bobby is a year old enemy. You don't make tweeted me this morning this and we're trying to. No -- I think the order it was a great story. It was a great. Urban legend we both played for the same coach -- Bobby was a year old enemy to you he was never on that you're now on the team -- we were I was on the team after the puck and after him but you know with a great -- -- route and say could Bobby -- Me the big guys like my sides and you know we've always try to you know you wanna come out play football you know on and me. I'm not gonna brag about myself but I was. A great baseball player -- say that you know I batted you know. For 98 now I mean I was like 300 pounds with a because I was -- -- a lot of -- I think adults you know to. So. The the reserve Elijah was -- -- if I would have batted you know. Before him and he -- at -- me that I would have been pro baseball player that that never really occurred that's a that's an urban legend a good story. -- can we change it to make it a real story would you mind if we just -- -- little in this -- an age you can remain humble and where my -- demand I'm going into their -- there and all -- don't -- our own quote the -- owes his baseball career to me close upload Mel McDonald no not at all not at all never come on the whole all right fine and where to get in trouble. Such a stickler for truth I you know I am a mystical for truth and I'm -- for rules are right. Well coach thank you as always for your time -- hate got a good job there Brian thank you I'm just that we we're asking the same questions your wife is asking them that was a good sign but I'm just telling you I mean I that's what -- saying -- like it because it's you know she's asking questions of people arrested. And your dogs okay. Can you believe that you're you know -- trying to give people a sense of you know how you feel you know without without. You know -- going crazy I mean I mean but that's how you feel and literally after the game. I was I was sick to my stomach just literally. And I left the locker room when -- in my car. I -- a little bit and got behind the escort and and I got out quickly. I went home I really and I just didn't want a distant wanna talk I was -- -- a -- -- felt awful related to the next week's game is a lifesaver. You can just look at our original game and the what's tough is what's tough is when you're in that position that you don't want CP EP you don't want people to feel like that. Because you're you're the leader rag on them saying -- can't see you down they can't -- down I can't you know the players the coaches organization fans you know they can't they can't they can't see that part of -- so. And people say. You know -- is -- -- at the top that that's when it becomes law only win when you have to take those moments. To to to feel that way you have to take them by yourself. And I think that's what is that the top part of the job. Because you know when I come back and you know -- a lot of good things that we deal I mean you know when you look at what we're doing here what we need to improve law. Red zone touchdowns which was 31 in the league right now at 42%. Okay. We have to do a better job we're gonna make some changes in what we're doing in the -- okay starting this week. All right. And then the last two games we played we -- of all over okay we've have been minus three internal well. He can't he can't win playing football when -- minus three and before that we were taken away the ball least twice a game we have taken the ball away -- the last game. So we've got to get that stuff right and do the things that a necessary to win and that's what I have been preaching to the players I'm sure you'll tell me I'll ask but I got Tommy what changes you're making in the red zone kind of it's I'm not argue with what what -- what do what do you identify and make some changes that are red zone and if we don't score you're gonna be like. Got it and you make any change -- don't know well is still is still not doing now we score. And we were on the same stuff -- -- -- those changes -- -- believable what you identified as the problems there. Where we're gonna do some different things I mean we're we're gonna we're we're gonna going to some different. I would still -- Oakley we're gonna do some different things and you know because if we keep doing things the same way. How -- answer the questions that we. Coach you make any change gosh he's not doing it you know so when when you're doing well song and you know he can't keep doing the same thing we've always talked about that. That that's insanity. You know also you know you know you don't make drastic changes. But you make you make you make some changes where paid -- and -- this a feature that are made them change the formation a little bit. You know and do something that give ourselves a better a better opportunity right in from us. I just wish you guys care about anymore but 50. I mean that I had to bring that up I should have to bring I guess it is at least get on and the commercial break -- say. A coach DOK there's -- ever getting that from you guys. -- now feel from. I let the he can't apologize it's not unrealistic -- -- -- idealist and it's not high enough how's that okay well I just thought EJ Manuel and and you know that Dick LeBeau and all of us. Talking about you hear while. You Dick -- I had the molester Jeremy brought the question about Dick that's put. -- -- we care about your cabinet sweetheart thank you I appreciate that. She thought and value our god -- can't let we talked about the unspoken Syracuse they use.

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