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WGR550>Topics>>11/13 Russ Brandon on WGR

11/13 Russ Brandon on WGR

Nov 13, 2013|

Russ talks Bills/Jets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- Please visit on the home of the bills WGR Sports Radio 550 years -- president and CEO Russ Brandon. Blessings it's time to make the switch to northwest and -- help. Why did go for Howard Jerry Matthew with you here on W journalists get right to -- credit standing by and we're gonna now find out if the bill CEO and president has a sense of humor good morning rush -- Oreo. There was some guys are you going to get a sense of humor. I don't know if you're gonna play in my opening today didn't you go to -- merry way -- on Sunday well you know you know. Front runner after yours is gonna front room she -- you prepare -- I would do that all I will ask you are you cutting EJ Manuel this week we're waiting until next -- Are you guys is this really what you're sunset. I was gonna -- get a sense of humor. Well I appreciate the collapse early warning that's okay yeah well I needed some laugh about it as an Emmy Sunday was. -- Sunday was like sucking. -- it's weird let me ask you this. One game in sixteen snapshot but. It's this season where we've had you on every week and we know we've talked about progress despite the record even though you admiral don't wanna hear that. But Sunday it was just such a punch in the gut. For a lot of people myself included so much of a setback was that one game. Well you know obviously Howard who was on -- pressure recorded it wasn't good we didn't play well in any phase. Of the game and you know if you look at it it's one possession game going fourth quarter basically and we didn't play well. Yeah I think the game all came down to that you know we had short fields early in the game. Our first three possessions and came more with three points. And that's difficult to do on the road. Knew it was going to be difficult task is there was you know that teams got a lot of pride reported. They had been struggle one. Coach LeBeau is one of the best defensive coordinators in the history of the game. It's always has success against Cy Young quarterbacks. And had a lot of success in general but. You know I just our game that we couldn't finish any thing and you know was -- there was disappoint. Do you. You worry at all. About how much that one game couldn't haggard did team is actually bounced back it it is handled adversity pretty well this season. Do you -- -- all about that one game having a big big affect the rest of the way. I really don't Howard you know I I think you know our guys have come in India in in -- ready to play get ready for the work week. I think I like how this group approaches everything especially -- of the coach and -- Maroney and and the staff. I think our guys are excited to be home play against the jets and I'm anticipating that we're gonna bounce back. You know the team didn't play well. In that and that's what this game is all about it's about team. And I know a lot of times people focus on individual play. -- and I understand that but you know this is a team game and that was the first time this year that I -- in my opinion that. Yeah we just didn't we couldn't finish it really any any phase of again. Do you. In your travels around the building this week and there's always the 24 hour rule good or bad -- have you noticed any heads hanging this week. Not a not at all that's something that we talk about in this building we're gonna go through adversity we knew we were gonna go through adversity go and then this year. And it's awarded to in and that's where leadership is you know and in I think course grown as an outstanding job where that. I really haven't felt that at all that would disappoint me yes. You know I've Sunday evening and and -- early Monday. -- you go through your meetings that are you know your your disappointed in the outcome you're disappointed for your fans and all the stakeholders in this organization. The people that support us and you know you that's where you do it for. You know we wanna be playing playoff football here in January and you know you'd you'd take a step back like that it's disappointing but you know we've got to get ready to go and play their game on Sunday do you think. EJ came back too soon. No I mean he was ready to go. You know they've obviously medically cleared -- you know certain -- ago. EJ instead you know to setbacks this year when it comes to the injury front you know we all know we was -- no. Pre season and their costs in two and half weeks and his progression was come along burned -- through the first four games of the year. And then have another setback where you know he's off the field for 45 weeks you know that that's difficult -- if you look at. Were he was heading in his first five games. You take a look at some system at the statistics. And you know the ten rookie quarterbacks have started the first five games since 2000. You know he had a passer rating that was the third highest among you know those quarterbacks those include Cam Newton and Andy Dalton -- guys like that so when you look at it from their perspective. You know he was really progressing nicely he takes for five weeks off and then comes back on the road against -- really talked to a Pittsburgh team. And you know obviously he didn't play very well -- he's the first one -- but as far as what he's trying to do and his progression and that's what we're really focused on over then. Execs -- He -- important rusted to hammer home just how much the organization believes that this is the guy. -- you are Jeremy I think everyone knows that we think he's the guy and and that he is sick. You know that's why he was draft in the position he was. He's only ahead. You are sick I think five games where he has started and finished. And he's to -- three and minutes -- where he wants to be there but. You know he's done some really good things obviously the you know you look back of Carolina game and MB -- world champions a couple weeks -- are some good things he's done some things. That he needs to improve on he needs improve on Sunday that was not his best effort minorities at first wanted to. Scouting for next year's draft begins I don't know probably even before this past draft so and and scouts and does it put together the reports there or affected Doug Whaley. You know you're you're putting together everything for next year's draft that and that's already underway yes and you view as a -- know what your team is in the market for our your scouts basically. Which would this year that they wouldn't bother put reports in on quarterbacks. No Jeremy they put our scouts are on the road I mean dog whalers on the road every week to. They scout the entire. Cohesion. Every player Kyle geno you you look at it from the standpoint if you if you're going through in -- trust me it doesn't matter who what team it is they go through and they do the reason and every single player that's eligible for the draft so. Yes are there different positions that you -- focus -- a little bit more or keep -- year's open logo -- more orders at their during the meetings. But Don that is not how any team approaches -- 'cause you never know what situation marker. This is all new for you guys you know first round pick rookie starting right away and evaluating. As the season goes on. So how do you handle this like you said like Jeremy said you know it dug -- around the other day. Pretty much said to paraphrase -- is that something about you know I can't wait to tell the day when I'm standing there telling -- how great this kid's play and and he said the other day was asked about did you think about taking about a Pittsburgh and he said well you -- take about -- pretty strong in its commitment to each. How does a valuation. Do you mean I'm not considered say -- after six games you think you made a mistake that -- stupid. But I mean is do you go. A year two years three years is based on the number of games that there's a magic number of snaps how do you evaluate a rookie quarterback who's playing right away. That's good question hard I mean you look at it from the staff or with teachers that you know like we mentioned is played five games and let's keep him on the field least 43 years old. He's seeing things for the first time in this league. We all know it's far different than playing in college. So from that point of view you know I'm excited about. Keep him on the field as you were his -- is by it by the end of the year were very pleased where he was having before his injury in Cleveland. Obviously. This past week Chris not the best effort from any of us. But I think that's where -- we have to go and and see how he progresses along. With his full complement of players as well. You know we we've we've had you know different things after more. You know marquis squares and in for a good portion of time when he's when he first. What the first four games of the year. Robber was without this past week Stevie was out a majority of the Cleveland game. So it is those kind of things that you know we like to see him -- this full compliment as of players behind him as well. The CEO rest random and as you get an update on the jets in ticket sales in a moment but I also wanted to ask you about your relationship specifically. With the head coach and I know you have a general managers well and Doug Whaley. In terms of you and Doug -- and how much do you talk to him if at all about on the field stuff. Play calling game day decisions player usage on bureau -- like us you're watching the game and -- you might have a long ago. Of the 36 having do you actually go to -- after the gamer during the week and talking about things that you saw during the game and you thought why you do that that's true. -- talk about everything. We meet on Monday is. And we meet every single day. I'm everything within the organization and Syria are certainly. You know sit with me and don't wearily on Mondays and we go through a variety of things and get his feedback on situations and the communication in this organization has never been better. But would you go to him and say hey Doug gets Spiller more touches are no big -- tell -- throw the ball downfield Martinez and her. With the GM do better and that's what we view -- yes there are certainly when or I mean does the does Doug -- do that -- -- -- -- anybody ever -- hate in our I wrote a baby -- -- back off. I -- know I will say this you know dogs would be obviously marauders and in charge of order out beyond feel that traditional what happens. And that's the new -- he's empowered to do is you know. But in any good organization you talk about all sorts of different things our relative to the product on the field. And there we have a lot of those conversations. Does anything come from a quorum court upstairs of course not but do we have. Conversations about every element of this organization you're absolutely -- What's going on ticket wise for the game. We've got 4500 tickets left. We are in an all out sales -- tries to ourselves my tickets -- past weekend. You know we anticipate we had some pretty decent sales movement yesterday had tickets. You know and this is a great game forced to because you know this is system to service month and a celebration. You know where we get to honor all the the real heroes are men and women you know who serve this great country so. We you know we anticipates. It's going to be difficult as I mentioned earlier in the week. But we are certainly gonna during our power to try to get this game hustled up. And yet this discussion for one game earlier this season would you look to get an extension. Close enough in the other day when there are being carted the parents were we are or at the conclusion of today at noon tomorrow but if it's an opportunity to help us. Skip the game and so -- we certainly will do that look at. -- I think about whether you have a sense of humor. Are -- ago so. Who whose idea is it to run the ticket crawl on the road games on channel four this and we think. That you like I can't -- game rest until you let you guys there that once before. Like Andy got blown out at Dallas or Miami seems like the games they run those -- you like worst possible road games why you called him over there. And is that if there is their decisions that ability as a call it's a run ticket crawl. Know I was so they -- encounter with -- harsher but as you might want to -- I don't watch the game on TV so it's a jinx and his I'm just pointing it out of caramel four and I wanted to ask you about blackouts because recently there was a story that the FCC. Is talking about maybe doing whatever they can with another -- -- question no -- this is serious question to eliminate blackouts. Decides that is that is that the NFL does he -- in the FCC trump the NFL who has the power to determine whether you can have blackouts -- -- that's always been in concert with the NFL may have -- in that -- I've I've never really got into foreign of that hour from the standpoint of -- we live. Under as a rule that we abide by the rules that is brought down on blackouts so. You know you know people ask me about blackouts all the time I wish obviously they didn't exist. You know from the standpoint of you know -- talk about it all the time but. You know. I -- Sudanese -- from San -- -- we're sold out all the time but you know that there hasn't been the case and you know we focus on. The experience of common to the stadium and what it's like there's there's nothing like it. When things there's nothing like the ball the Baltimore and North Carolina game and that's what we focus on. But as far as word that comes down from -- is what we -- removed -- Do you if you've got to the point where the blackouts were eliminated. Would would that help the bills that would hurt the bills -- is that the ticket sales are key source of revenue and if the games are guaranteed to be on TV I assume it could affect your game. But opposite scheduled love every game on TV so well. That's is their -- case study for that -- you know that is a different day. There was you know ten years ago when you look at where your sales not on how you approach ticket sales. Simply because of the secondary markets now you know 1015 years ago. You can have ticket exchange and stuff been some of the other. Secondary markets that they're you have to deal with now so it's -- far different process than what we go through. But I think you'd have to see how that plays out. Over time. In in a mark in a certain market. Obviously you see you know how it affects you know other markets. And in and whether or not those ticket sales have been robust or not. You know -- with -- every game on TV I think you could make arguments on both cases. A wanna ask you that you mention some of the stuff going on with Sunday's game with the with the salute to the folks the service. In and -- -- -- the second putt. One other thing when asked about and that is scheduling fans will I think this week point out again you're facing another team coming off -- -- It is the third time this season New Orleans Miami and now the jets when the NFL puts everything into their computers and goes through the schedule formula. Do they take that stuff into account how many teams or facing other teams coming off a buying. Well I hope so because we certainly have talked to league. About this because it's a little bit on disappointing that we had six games. Where teams are coming off a buyer or a long week on this is the second time. That we approved -- the jets coming off of Thursday night game and we have played now we're playing them coming off a vote by. So -- we have. I think we're the lead. Who lead the league and the amount of games coming off the -- a short week or the bye week so. It is a very very tough job you know what they have in scheduling. When all the different things or go win two the former ruler is your senator and going to. You know all the different stadium commitments and all -- TV schedules. But that's certainly something that we needed and it needs to be addressed. By so what is the plan for Sunday you have the salute to service celebration what does that entail. Well on halftime we're gonna have the ceremony -- with the National Guard reaffirmation ceremony for. About fifty men and women of the guard so you know that's going to be the focus on. On the field. At halftime we've got. In LBO Miller will be awarded the real -- Wilson distinguished service or which are great honor for him as well. Always like jail my favorite pills actually -- Rica eating him and ask me about -- between your traffic one hour chairman would portraits that was my very next question -- -- I'm on there at my paper and I have traffic changes last game today helps. The -- get to it. It went much better than I mean I received so much for than I anticipated because I've. Which really excited for but it really went very well so a lot of credit cruised. All the people of the sheriff's permanent help those that Dave we and a major and our staff. It really. We had zero issues and something that will continue for this and what difference did it make me -- why is it important to make those changes just expedited people. Under way now. He didn't have the traffic coming the other way. And have to stop start stop start and we just have to you know -- consistent flow. Outsiders know we talk about sometimes a little bit further to get there quicker. That was certainly the case come analyst. I how badly is Syracuse gonna get pounded by Florida State. Oh that rupiah that a tough one you're supposed to stick up for the alma -- the -- I'll never -- it can't. -- I don't know Jeremy where's the game I think it's a Florida State it is that yeah. I guess is that we're Joseph -- yes yes is that Hillary got a skinny jeans and a comment that and a little Syracuse I read has been pumping in the SU fight song it deafening levels that top practice this week to prepare her annoyance is that that stuff doesn't work though right. -- -- I like what they really need to do is have not have -- winds and not play because. Well -- be. Good they're bigger thing is that -- good experience torn down there and it's basketball season to come and a preferred issue Orangemen right. To -- you guys know oddsmakers are really tough on this one it's a 39 point betting line. An idyllic so they're really not sure how this one's gonna go. Yeah there right now trying to organize it should be a vaunted matchup would -- A all right Russell as always thanks for coming -- always appreciate your time good luck on Sunday against the jets and we'll talk again next Wednesday appreciate the time guys thank you thank you Russ. Frustrated they'll see on present -- this every Wednesday and brought -- north with savings bank it's time to make.

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