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11/13 Howard Simon Show HR 3

Nov 13, 2013|

Russ Brandon, Roby Radio

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No one -- he's -- Please visit Oklahoma the bills WGR Sports Radio 550 years -- -- president and CEO Russ Brandon. Less savings now it's time to make the switch to northwest. -- -- Why -- go for Howard Jerry Matthew with you here on W journalists get right to -- credit standing by and we're gonna now find out if the bill CEO and president has a sense of humor. Good morning rush hour ago there was some guys are you know want to get a sense of humor. I don't know if you're gonna play in my opening today as you know of -- merry -- -- on Sunday well you know you think. Front runner if you're just gonna front room she should you prepare any. I wouldn't do that all -- you cutting EJ Manuel this week we're waiting until next. Are you guys is this really what -- -- I was gonna -- get a sense of humor. Well I appreciate the collapse early warning that's okay yeah well I needed some laugh about it as an Emmy Sunday it was. -- Sunday was like sucking. -- it's weird let me ask you this. One game in sixteen snapshot but. -- this season where we've had you on every week and we know we've talked about progress despite the record even though you admiral don't wanna hear that. But Sunday it was just such a punch in the gut for a lot of people myself included so much of a setback was that. One game well you know obviously Howard of wars on -- sugar -- wasn't good we didn't play well in any phase. Of the game and you know if you look at it it's one possession game -- fourth quarter basically and we didn't play well. You I think the game all came down to -- you know we had short fields early in the game. Our first three possessions and came more with three points. And that's difficult to do on the road. Knew it was going to be difficult task as it was you know that -- got a lot of pride reported. They had been struggle and coach LeBeau is one of the best defensive coordinators in the history of the game. It's always had success against our young quarterbacks. And had a lot of success in general but. You know I just a game that we couldn't finish anything and you know was -- there was disappointment. Do you. You worry at all. About how much that one game couldn't -- did team is actually bounced back it it is handled adversity pretty well this season. -- you -- -- all about that one game having a big big affect the rest of the way. I really don't Howard you know I I think you know our guys have come in and you're in in their ready to play get ready for the work week. I think I like how this group approaches everything especially we have the coach and -- Maroney and and the staff. I think our guys are excited to be home play against the jets and I'm anticipating that we're gonna bounce back. You know the team didn't play well. In that and that's what this game is all about it's about team. And I know a lot of times people focus on individual play. -- and I understand that but you know this is a team game and that was the first time this year that I -- in my opinion that. You know we just didn't we couldn't finish it really any any phase of again. Do you. In your travels around the building this week and there's always the 24 hour rule good or bad or have you noticed any heads hanging this week. Not a not at all that's something that we talk about in this building we're gonna go through adversity we knew we were gonna go through adversity going into this year. And it's what it's in and that's where leadership is you know and and I think -- Merlin has an outstanding job of that. Really haven't felt that at all that would disappoint me yes. You know I've Sunday evening and in March early Monday. -- you go through your meetings that are you know your your disappointed in the outcome you're disappointed for your fans and all the stakeholders in this organization. The people that support us and you know you that's what you do it for. You know we wanna be playing playoff football here in January and -- you'd you'd take a step back like that it's disappointing but you know we've got to get rated go and play their game on Sunday do you think. EJ came back too soon. No I mean he was ready to go. You know you've obviously medically cleared -- -- -- -- ago. He shave his head you know two setbacks this year when it comes to the injury front you know we all know we was -- and pre season and their cost of two and a half weeks and his progression was come along very nicely through the first four games of the year. And then have another setback where you know he's off the field for 45 weeks you know that that's difficult -- if you look at. Were he was heading in his first five games. You take a look at some system at the statistics. And you know the ten rookie quarterbacks have started. The first five games since 2000. You know he had a passer rating there was -- third highest among you know those quarterbacks those include Cam Newton and Andy Dalton to guys like that so when you look at it from that perspective. You know he was really progressing nicely he takes for five weeks off and then comes back on the road against -- really -- Pittsburgh team. And you know obviously he didn't play very well -- he's the first one -- but as far as what he's trying to do and his progression and that's what we're really focused on over the net. Six weeks. He -- important rusted to hammer home just how much the organization believes that this is the guy. -- you are German I think everyone knows that we think he's the guy and and that he is the guy you know that's why he was draft in the position was. And he's going head. You know six I think five games where he has started and finished. And he's Stu when three and minutes now where he wants to be there but. You know he's done some really good things obviously the you know you look records Carolina game and and -- -- world champions a couple weeks orders on some good things he's done some things. That he needs to improve on he needs improve on Sunday that was not his best effort and I know he's the first one. Scouting for next year's draft begins I don't know probably even before this past draft so and and scouts and he -- they put together the reports their port affected Doug Whaley. You know you're you're putting together everything for next year's draft that -- -- that's already underway yes and you view as a scout know what your team is in the market for your scouts basically. Which would this year that they wouldn't bother put reports in on quarterbacks. No Jeremy they put our scouts are on the road -- -- dog -- on the road every week to. They scout the entire. -- legion. Every player in college and you know you you look at it from the standpoint if you -- going through in. Yes are there different positions that you -- focus in a little bit more or keep your years open -- -- more orders it -- during the meetings. But that is not how any team approaches -- 'cause you never know what situation might occur. This is all new for you guys you know first round pick rookie starting right away and evaluating. As the season goes on. So how do you handle this like you said like Jeremy said you know it dug dug around the other day. Pretty much said to paraphrase -- is that something about you know I can't wait to tell the day when I'm standing there telling -- how great this kid's play and and he said the other day was asked about did you think about taken out of Pittsburgh and he said well he was certainly take about -- pretty strong in its commitment to each. How do you guys a valuation. Do you mean I'm not considered say rush after six games you think you made a mistake that these stupid. But I mean is do you go. A year two years three years is based on the number of games that there's a magic number of snaps how do you evaluate a rookie quarterback who's playing right away. That's good question hard I mean you look at it from the staff or -- the -- that you know like we've mentioned has played five games and let's keep him on the field least 43 years old. He's seeing things for the first time in this league. We all know it's far different and planning college. So from that point of view you know I'm excited about. Keep him on the field -- you were his growth has fired by the end of the year we're very pleased where he was heading in before his injury in Cleveland. Obviously. This past week Chris not the best effort from any of us. But I think that's where were we have to go and and see how he progresses along. With his full complement of players as well. You know we've we've we've had you know different things after more. You know -- squares and in for a good portion of time when he's when he first. -- the first four games of the year. Robber wars without this past week Stevie was -- a majority of the Cleveland game. So it is those kind of things that you know we like to see him -- this for compliments of players behind him as well. The CEO rest random and as you get an update on the jets in ticket sales in a moment but I also wanted to ask you about your relationship specifically. With the head coach and I know you have a general managers well and Doug Whaley. In terms of you and Doug -- and how much do you talk to him if at all about on the field stuff. Play calling game day decisions player usage on your fans like us you're watching the game and -- you might have a long -- ago. Of the 36 having do you actually go to Barone after the gamer during the week and talking about things that you saw during the game and you thought to do that. Absolutely we talk about everything. We meet on Monday is. And we meet every single day. I'm everything within the organization and Syria -- certainly. You know sit with me and don't wearily on Mondays and we go through a variety of things and get his feedback on situations and the communication in this organization has never been better. But would you go to him and say hey Doug gets Spiller more touches are no big dog tell -- throw the ball downfield Martinez and her. With the GM do better and that's a -- -- yeah there are -- -- I mean does that does Doug -- do that does -- it would anybody ever DeLia ignorance I wrote a baby and you back off. I -- know I will say this you know dogs would be obviously marauders and in charge of order beyond feel that traditional what happens. And that's The Who did -- he's empowered to do is you know. But in any good organization you talk about all sorts of different things our relative to the product on the field. And are we have a lot of those conversations. Does anything come from a quorum court upstairs of course not but do we have. Conversations about every element of this organization you're absolutely -- What's going on ticket wise for the game. We've got 4500 tickets left. We are in an all out sales -- who tried to ourselves my tickets were past weekend. You know we anticipate we had some pretty decent sales movement yesterday on tickets. You know and this is a great game forced to because you know this is a salute to service month and a celebration. You know we get to honor all the the real heroes are men and women you know who serve this great country so. We you know we anticipates. It's going to be difficult as I mentioned earlier in the week. But we are certainly gonna during our power to try to get this game hustled up. And we had this discussion for one game earlier this season would you look to get an extension. Close enough in the other day when error. I think -- depends where we are or at the conclusion of today at noon tomorrow but if it's an opportunity to helpless. Get -- game -- we certainly will do that look at -- -- -- about whether you have a sense of humor about a year ago. So who whose idea is it to run the ticket crawl on the road games on channel four. Because we think that you like I can't over the game rest until you let you guys -- that once before. Like Andy got blown out at Dallas or Miami seems like the games they run those -- like worst possible road games why you called a -- there. Is that if there is their decisions that -- -- the guys don't call us a run ticket crawl. No I was they -- encounter with a harsher but to say you might want to rethink I don't watch the game on TV so it's a jinx and his I'm just pointing it out of caramel four and I want to ask you about blackouts because recently there was a story that the FCC. It's talking about maybe doing whatever they can with another sensor humorous question no -- this is serious question. To eliminate blackouts. Decides that is that is that the NFL does he etched in the FCC trump the NFL who -- the power to determine whether you can have blackouts -- -- that's always been in concert with the NFL may have seized in that hole and I've I've never really gotten too -- -- that our from the standpoint of no we live. Under the rules that we abide by the rules that is brought down on blackouts so. You know you know people ask me about blackouts all the time I wish obviously they didn't exist. You know from the standpoint of you know -- talk about all the time but. You know. I -- Sudanese have from San -- were sold out all the time but you know that there hasn't been the case and you know we focus on the experience of coming to this stadium. And what it's like there's there's nothing like it. When things there's nothing like the ball the Baltimore and North Carolina game and that's what we focus on. But as far as word that comes down from you know it's just what we -- removed -- Do you if you've got to the point where the blackouts were eliminated. Would would that help the bills that would hurt the bills -- is that the ticket sales are key source of revenue and if the games are guaranteed to be on TV I assume it could affect your game. But opposite fans who love every game on TV so well. That's is their -- good case study for that -- you know that is a different day. There was you know ten years ago when you look at what your sales not on how are you approach ticket sales. Simply because of the secondary markets now you know 1015 years ago. You can have ticket exchange and -- and some of the other. Secondary markets that -- you have to deal with now so it's -- far different process than what we go through. But I think you'd have to see how that plays out. Over time. In in a mark in a certain markets. Obviously you see you know how it affects you know other markets. And in and whether or not those ticket sales have been robust or not. You know with with -- every game on TV I think you could make arguments on both cases. Or asking that you mention some of the stuff going on with Sunday's game with the with the salute to the folks the service in -- insert a sorting of the second -- One other thing when asked about and that is scheduling fans will I think this week point out again -- facing another team coming off -- -- It is the third time this season New Orleans Miami and now the jets. When the NFL puts everything into their computers and goes through the schedule formula -- they take that stuff into account how many teams or facing other teams coming off a buying. Well I hope so because we certainly have talked to league. About this because it's a little bit on disappointing that we had six games. Where teams are coming off a buyer or a long week on this is the second time. That we proved for the jets coming off -- Thursday night game and we have played now we're playing them coming off a vote by. So -- we have. I think -- the lead. -- lead the league and the amount of games coming off the via a short week or the bye week so. It is a very very tough job you know what they have in scheduling. -- with all the different things are going into the the former ruler as your senator and going to. You know all the different stadium commitments and all -- TV schedules. But that's certainly something that we needed and it needs to be addressed. By so what is the plan for Sunday you have the salute to service celebration what does that entail. On halftime we're gonna -- ceremony with the National Guard -- permissions are -- for. About fifty men and women of the guards so you know that's going to be the focus on. On the field. At halftime we've got. And LBO Miller will be -- awarded the rules you -- some distinguished service award which are great honor for him as well. Always -- -- -- -- -- actually Fredricka. Eating him and ask me about oh between your traffic one hour but chairman would prefer that that was my very next question -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- paper -- -- -- -- -- last game today -- -- is it. It went much better than I mean divers suits -- much for than anticipated because I've. Which really excited for but it really went very well so a lot of credit -- All the people of the shares permanent help those who Dave we and a major and our staff. It really. We had zero issues in something that will continue for this. What difference did it make me want why is it important to make those changes just expedited people. Underway now. He didn't have the traffic coming the other way. And have to stop start stop start and we just have to you know -- consistent flow. Outsiders know we talk about sometimes a little bit further to get there quicker. That was certainly the case come -- Alaska. I how badly is Syracuse gonna get pounded by Florida State. Oh that rupiah that a tough one you're supposed to stick up for the on the monitor the hour I'll never let it can't. As I don't know Jeremy where's the game I think it's at Florida State it is that yeah. I don't is that we're Joseph went yes that is is that Hillary got a skinny jeans and a dominant -- -- -- -- Syracuse I read has been pumping in the SU fight song it deafening levels that top practice this week to prepare the current us is that that stuff doesn't work though right. Worry minter I like what they really need to do is have not had team as -- not play because. Well give the the -- the good thing is that appeared good experience torn down there and it's basketball season to come and a preferred issue. Orangemen right to -- you guys know oddsmakers are really tough -- in this one it's a 39 point betting line. An idyllic so they're really not sure how this one's gonna go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- was always thanks for coming Alice always appreciate your time good luck on Sunday against the jets and we'll talk again next Wednesday appreciate the time guys thank you thank you Russ. Frustrated we'll see you on present -- this every Wednesday brought -- north with savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest. And by -- health -- -- health. Building healthier future 4500 tickets left for the jets game on Sunday. -- talking about how it will be difficult. But other. Given a make it a big push here to try to sell -- at the not really idea rule out the idea of getting an extension on the blackout deadline which is -- Morrow at 1 o'clock printed here on WG -- holding on. I'm appalled thank you. Are often called -- worrying about there we're talking about Egypt. And just don't always elect don't get it. Like you know last year so you can have a quarterback. And if we would look at the draft this year and we did take the -- -- bigger lineup up will be pretty edit that. Thought I would open apoplectic that'd take a quarterback in the draft last year. Yeah exactly per robbery well I think happens. Go -- might think they took a guy just taking guy because they really needed to yeah the bills let's say they took the guy that the law. And people are impatient that slipped sports information right branded. It's a combination of you know thirteen years without being in the playoffs thirteen years of looking for quarterback. One in the quarterback to play well right away seeing other quarterbacks -- and guys like locking Wilson in RG three all make the playoffs last year. And even though he's not playing that well people will look at the jets and say up geno Smith five and for the bills got the wrong guys -- with a combination of a whole bunch of factors. Coming together that are getting people to the point where their freaking out after six games over each Emanuel that would be the explanation for that might -- to -- is here. Literally in the series he's sitting right next to us at the table here he's coming up for the next half hour you any questions or comments who has talked to Mike about the sabres of the NHL. Now is a great time Dallas up 8030558. -- 8550 to 550 Michael take your calls with -- radio on the way and WG. No matter what's on your mind EP long summit WGR -- line and eat for 30234. Do you buy the premier group wine made easy. WGR. Sports Radio 550. General idea for quickly in 7311474. It's not clean until it's quick clean. Temperatures in the twenties no more parking on the streets. It's pretty much winter and snow on the other day. That means your furnaces on that means that you should have your ducts cleaned if they're not already cleaned out call quickly 7311474. That's 7311474. The have a fleet of trucks -- when your house. First off the thing that you gotta have done is have them look inside your doctor and you can see with the fiberoptic cable show you on -- monitor and things in there and you'll know right away or well maybe they look further banded around -- core -- major obstructions he dirt dust standard debris. Disgusting crime who knows what's in there get. Quickly come out 73114 -- 400 dollars off -- their holiday cleaning special but to the truck comes out it. Sucks all the stuff out those stocks they scrubbed and clean. And sanitized and as -- 73114 -- for help with heating efficiency help with allergies help -- cleaner air. Breathe clean with quick clean 7311474. It's not not clean until it's quick. Well. Richard shoots we're. Everybody that's got to shoot out in the LA kings. And it is time to talk sabres hockey was micro tie and ruby radio. Like this in studio brought you by your -- their GMC dealers GMC we are professional grade -- open to wanna talk hockey with Mike sabers and -- NHL related. You can call 803055088552. -- -- this is the better of the two segments we have little more time in this segment as opposed to the second segment of this half hour. So call now or are. We brought back a very popular feature. We know sometimes people are intimidated to call you up. Because you're just you know big bare. Feet. I don't understand could you. Why did you have not you have I have documented evidence that you actually -- heads off human -- all the people at madame -- as people and I'm soft snow out there weren't reading ever hear crank my. I'm always sensitive to people's feelings. Did you come from I've senior -- -- -- -- are I have done map but I mean I don't have playing that's a rickety. Anyway you know so if you're -- or loss or shootout anyways or any way lets -- I love the shoot out and you know what I love it even more just anger you are what is it. -- -- text your questions or comments to Mike you can text him chew up. 55550. The AT&T text like brought to buy AT&T the fastest and most reliable four GL TE network. Are now one in the same AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable -- LTE network I have opened up the text window. So if you have a question you'd like to text and Mike. Texted -- we'll get to. North of poppies have grandchildren. And try to reach out to people. Attempts. I don't know that all that ought to add -- are spent. But I didn't -- that you're spending that's merely saying you know a year where in your head let's just act. Mike. The hockey expert. How they win the game last night you know other remind me of the Irwin consequence played. Those games yes I did a -- -- -- five to fifteen and you go well. One thing it was almost like -- with playlist New York one goal if you get the first school. What are the chances the other team scoring two competing you're very very doubtful you really needed to -- to -- that was good enough and that was the situation last night. Anyway as I can tell too early US tracking the park. And he was aggressive. It's charging the shooter it's really almost over aggressive but. Maybe you're feeling right you do you do things like. You know and great people watching them play last of course this team USA Ian. It's impressive to everybody wants to put themselves into -- pressure situation. They wanna be good wanna play along with the flow but if you really wanna be. The person in the biggest stage in the world in the Winter Olympics and that's exactly -- and right now. Says I'm willing to do that -- and take that on. Because if you fail. But that. Under that magnifying glass at a tidy he'll never live it down and you hear about it hear about it. But to put yourself there have the guts to put yourself in the position also. To make a difference he has very impressive. Well yes all right asked to do is but I hockey hall of fame in Toronto in every time election there you can see his. His image frozen forever in the picture of Sidney Crosby -- the article which the public alternate route anyway. But -- you don't I -- Jeremy were talking about -- before the season began they were going through the Olympic tryout camp. And you know Miller was mentioned with what I want quick and Anderson men and maybe Schneider got -- Jimmy Howard. And I thought -- -- gonna have a hard time making the team because you know they're they're not gonna be good this year he's coming off of a down year last year. And the way he's played Mike I think he is absolutely locked up the spot -- he's gonna start. I assume to be quick but I think he's absolutely. Pulled team USA. Hey look he's the best thing this team has right now the sabres I think yeah absolutely blocked off locked up -- very well this with a very few exceptions including. While last Friday against and -- You know I I biggest -- to you know you'll bring bring -- back where you're talking about before the season. Think that was very iffy whether it be beyond the team. How significant he could be if he was on the team. Because of where he was the last couple years verses three or four years ago so. He has changed that this year. And put themselves back. In to the position memories while the more league goaltenders the national like -- It's pretty amazing when you think of the consistency of having their many shots against you. Night after night after night is based in -- tell us -- Natalia. You know the Plymouth fire also with this guy I mean I'm -- -- enough. That see he's not. It comes a point where you just can't do it anymore if they just the chip which shots and -- -- beach up movement. Here -- your thinking changes your mindset all the stuff comes into effect. So -- you know they've got to ride and take advantage of goaltender this playing as well as he can employ. Right now because she can expect that that happened with complete season. Which calls ceremonial -- 550 wanted to follow up on that though when you talk about yet I don't have the numbers but I think maybe half -- games he's faced forty plus shots. But couldn't beat -- if it's forty plus shots in your stand on your head and constant barrage is posted some -- -- how many from the perimeter they're just point -- there just for some nights it's going to -- gets forty shot night last -- read it right but there could be forty -- -- three -- just -- not being asked to do as much right or some other nights yes. There -- many many games are like yeah just you know as predicated upon how Europe. Of the system probably is setting up and where others putting these players -- a position to take those shots. So some answers complete breakdowns the most shots become really good shots commits a -- Partner Brian after the game news that the news this was a a quality night for Miller from -- Japanese. It was -- a you know -- 45 shots this is some serious shots from -- his players. Looking at talked about players that can score we have the ability to put themselves into good positions to score. But. Now he was very -- full value last nights and -- -- to. Met him but another month or so weird you'd take a look at right he's probably gonna have big black. Rings around his eyes and indeed on Obama and 45 -- before the season's over. They've got a big huge -- -- and he's not. You know. All of that muscular and and the season really plays -- -- because of that he just it it it just. -- concerned about how long can continue to do it but that hasn't got the ability to have put. Probably god couldn't keep up this. Situation yeah. We'll get to get to called it syntax I wanna bring up with you country and text about it too. What the GMs are talking about yesterday throughout changing tweaking the overtime format reducing the shoot out. Jeremy brought us infighting the point system the awarding of points. So get that to Bobby in the -- your I would like -- -- on WG jogger right ahead. Hi guys how will be I want to talk old sabres fresh economic Israel. Quickly got an old Saber here so I yeah. My buddy and I were talking lashed ninety kind of shocked me and I -- know this is true or not. He said as we could've drafted my back feet and that instead punch in my sector after mixed feelings. And it directly to what he said is true weak -- -- had copper couple cops like now because he wants what she islanders captain Mike often they won four. General -- -- you know he went like sixteenth fifteenth ticketing yes like -- illiterate upon it seems that gonna draft that Mike Bossy and and I'm not not no offense -- it's great player. But also it trot GA and pot then and Billy Smith I mean it's anyway but he went -- there were -- you know one of the dozen teams that could draft yes. While -- -- -- in my -- you know take a real close scrutinized so olestra choices you can play that game -- church and always -- and everybody at this point I'll tell you might bots whose appear goal score -- believe anyone -- his goal scorers -- play the game. But there are holes in the -- also in this game and their Lotta things he couldn't do. -- was a very physical player exactly they'll let him know he's -- others you know defensively it's our it's -- But. You put him in the right situation. With the ray player like probably most underrated some of her play the game is. Was that attracts and he would some -- it was just magnificent. And you had the big bro -- as far as -- like Arizona's -- everybody on its right. And probably the toughest -- to play against the most solid player in the cut. This guy's legs from Adelaide. Was a proxy. I mean hard. I've. These has dreamed about catching guys come across the middle of the ice -- the heads down and just. I hit him so hard so many times where myself. I it was just went about drops are -- struck -- the only UPQ -- room followed that's all kinds I mean use generally big guy right that's right religiously get made it to the big talk it up but rhapsody. You hit him it was like. But it tuning fork union buffalo. It was like a live band ball. Skating around a park and you could not my room and you just hurt yourself through it I'd hit him when he was even looking right and I would still it -- -- and you are off. And it's just -- shoulder. In its best estimates that best rank the yet. What a huge guy you know member right now it is -- -- I -- 192 under par is both fight flipped him. And scared the daylights. Only about and I have to check of let's Seneca you Allen will be here on WGR go right ahead. They I guess from. -- is Canada's assuming that Miller is going to be Garmin. In our industry and I think so too. Well my question is who. And Europe is gonna you know Oakland replace them and he has been playing in the evening. Don't get me wrong but I just don't think that it. And -- is going to be our goalies. They can. You know last long enough I don't think he's going to be more than just 23 years just. Because of this size so I feel -- you hit stop I you know allowed it seemed like almost every -- every global. That would you're you're. -- -- knows him he's never had the opportunity. How many -- he put together and for how long and spent a year spent an odd trip for that kid you know it's you must feel very strong minded minorities and good for -- -- But today it's. He's been sitting on the back in for a long time behind a very good goaltender needs them more than patient man at this point in time not to know. Absolutely 100 -- -- sure that he can deal with what the callers talking about. Ms. Kennedy you know it's hard to believe after all this time in the NHL you're still you still have people that are wondering I mean. I wondered about him I wondered by its you know the same thing the caller was very you know but I don't anymore he's one and ever reliable yeah I I think. I mean I bought him the Jonas and -- not to the play's going to be right -- do that type for the type of thing for the organization but I think he's a competent goaltender. That. You can trust and put in there and think you're you're going to have a good chance to win some hockey games and I wasn't sure before but I am sure now. And very supportive. Role as anybody's gone through you know -- -- Well we radio here mics that are offered other segment your calls coming up we'll get Mike's thoughts on ideas being kicked around to reduce shoot outs and change the overtime format. In the NHL 8030550. To join us for -- radio. I got fortunate few. As cross the -- -- -- throne room it hit me aired I knocked a piece of it so. Mean that's that's most nights so our I got by traffic in front of their team -- the common and I had to register from Natalie had a chance so. There's going to be some way there and -- you know close. Pretty of the sticks so -- -- -- -- tip pucks. You know they're good job -- on their guys and keep the sticks and now let's institute. Probably radio on the air like rubber tie here in studio brought you by your question your GMC dealers GMC we are professional grade so we got a few texts with the same question and one teacher you know we talk about this earlier so NHL GM's net yesterday. There are not happy with the number of shoot outs they want to bring the number down they've talked about. Changing the overtime format. And talked about underway after it. -- to do that automatically. Automatically just flip lately that's of anomalies socket opting. -- So -- talk about changing the overtime and instead of just the one. Four on four. Maybe go seven minutes eight minutes are not up to ten minutes maybe even go three and three not a horrible. -- -- come on rhetoric I shoot out guy so I certainly like the idea of a longer overtime. And and what an idea -- issues -- goofy in this highlight sure that I would I would with the format residents. Like five minutes four and -- that's always exciting sometimes you vehicles sometimes I might. But I -- sure it's -- -- through all of us that the essence you are desperate to make it just the -- apartment the essence of the game is -- three on theory. Well or fourth -- to five on five. It is very -- a lecture me it's 321. I'm like the idea of if -- if they wanna cut down on the shoot. Them if foreign force pretty exciting and it's -- I mean that is one time I mean it TV stays as a matter of fact the game goes on I hope report for an open and up and -- I'm loving it that much fun neighborliness yes. -- it's based on music that's fun with TC three tree. You talked about wide open helter skelter. I mean she lost. If you're looking for excitement and in our opportunities chances. Great stick handling. Beautiful passing. Sneaky plays fancy plays three entries even better for four. For tonight but the larger point is it they should be an -- unless there are no laws format of vehicles could face a little -- -- shooter approached. -- spend less time about the the shoot out the format and more time about the points system because in theory right if you go 321. Would more teams be pushing at the end of regulation I got three points I can. Would that reduce nothing which we wouldn't change any nothing but it thank you could say that teams with a political with a lead. We try to hold a lock it down they already do yeah -- nothing would change a cup -- be trying to win and you knew you would just be rewarded for being better so Iran. Brian's -- a -- -- history shows it's not -- you know I don't know that he pulled it off last night its records. -- -- -- I think that's a greater damage you know you'd like you'd feel pretty comparable. Going into -- shoot. Knowing them purses. Last night. -- -- comes cold call immunity. Is a trucker that. If there's ever chance of him losing it's going to be discrepancy it's able to Americans and -- So so you go you're OK with a UN forum for and try three and three for five minutes before you even got -- -- knowing you know. For -- treatment for. That's that's you know that's us that's the -- and it's eagle four. And I think if you wanna cut down the shoot -- Going to three and three cents at 44 always run up the back. Sure coming out of regulation three -- I mean you can't let -- go -- forever there's time restraints as. NBC has of the bigger things than mine. -- aren't they -- they also did time 10 o'clock you've got a great you know they have a series joke evident in the majority -- the world watches. I'm. So there's lot of -- story if it gets really -- And then there's. Went -- doping point. Eagle real 515 to join us 88550. To a -- -- I mean ten minutes now. And it's now. You know the only player a gazillion games a year. Now confident we go from five to ten minutes. -- Go to JP and Clarence here with -- and WGR gonna projecting. I might you Korea. Personally I gotta tell you see you're you're the best you're the greatest it's always excellent tots in need to hear you and I love it every time you -- -- -- you tell people that thanks for talk and talk yet looked. Talk act. Get a couple quick questions real -- -- -- you'd think last night you know the quick poll -- a groin injury because he didn't wanna go you don't wanna I wanna I wanna get so Miller to look for a possible shot at the Olympics right -- -- saying OK whoever wins the shoot out -- the Olympics. Now wouldn't come down it would come down to about him that quick and as -- has been under a lot more pressure situations what he was dealing with last night that's -- you know let's just cannon fodder anyone Conn -- and a cup you know you have reacted to take on Ryan Miller any day of the week is Ryan will be undertaking among. And you know what I hope both these guys just beat each other's brains out to be number one. It is just going to mean that all the better for the US team because they're both very capable they're both exceptionally good goaltenders. That have you know stood the test of time. Probably the most impressive thing. Love me about -- that he's fought back to be worry -- rate now. Be so much easier just kind of release and let go and whining complaints. You on -- on a good team everything if they would've did this organization. Says he's just five back to put himself in this position nobody gave a total. Does every night because their belief real once put the puck behind that circle -- is to be -- -- Okay second question and I know you don't like the shoot out too much I'd love to -- entry entry myself. Well when it comes the shoot out I think it's great time for individual achievement. And who was the greatest guy you have adversity. Handle parts. Comment on a breakaway score I think I know but I got ask you area thanks much for handling my questions guys. Others and there are so many I could -- a torn government certainly Gretzky without Perot was just. When -- used to commando and a breakaway and is so lateral -- immunity it was just. It was like some guys to move last -- may be a shift of four or five feet. And -- was a different world altogether he courtly fifteen feet and come back the other way though losing any speed. And in -- shift gears again and go back catches the other way and by that point your -- scrutiny of the -- you couldn't even you know. -- or stay with ligature and post. That's who I would say two guys it's just phenomenal. Well what about a load up what about right now we're about right now is there one guy that you think insist. In the modern. Current crisis it's. Yet to viruses. -- to thank him really -- like well what's interesting is that a lot of the great -- our players are not the superstars. Some of the superstars have really -- -- that are now about an ice -- the -- -- talking about guys in return for a line players are some of the -- and Louis Ericsson is. It is one of the best and HO and though. There are exceptionally good at some burden for a -- players who just excel now. You know what that does sound like much but it the end of the year you know that means 23 maybe four points to have this guy so if you are never got to be on your fourth line. Or third line at best but you can really he -- relating handles scoring opportunities and shoot it's. It's a real bonus it's like. Two to four points in your pocket but things are tight that looks pretty -- Our time has come to know what just talking hockey stick around seeing their -- I can't pay you but arsonists are telling me the well you noted he's taken -- you know we actually when I think. Yeah it's round nobody thought he got to leave you -- as the -- outlets I love avenue -- -- you can split shall Russ Brandon -- OK that's OK with me or after football season you get the full hour and a it will talking next week. For -- -- economic.

Are you sold on Robin Lehner as the Sabres #1 goalie?
  Yes. His play the last 2 months has sold me.
  Not yet. I need to see him play well/stay healthy the rest of the season.
  No. He's not the answer. I wouldn't re-sign him.
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