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11/15 Doug Marrone on the Howard Simon Show

Nov 15, 2013|

Marrone breaks down Bills-Jets

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-- football Friday. Among the bills got a -- ER Sports Radio -- No I think. Let's go it's -- Friday you'll save coach Doug -- joins Howard and Jeremy brought to you by northwest savings bank he's. And make the switch to northwest -- -- Western New York GMC dealers visited showroom space for exceptional offers in the home. GMC Sierra and New York's only outlet liquor what -- around last. Why did it all right let's get right out Seward and we enjoyment head coach of the Buffalo Bills from the stadium dug around good morning coach -- you -- Out I am ready to go it's a little different here today you know. Normally I'm fit in here with with mark and Gretchen here today and and I'm happy. -- is much much more full of it much has much more energy remarked so I'm really fired up this morning. All right let's start with the the injuries first what is the latest on Stevie you have not sounded very optimistic this week and is available at all no. And you know you know I I I am an optimistic guy I really am I think that. You know it's proven optimists have a higher. Over overall health and optimists are basically. You know most of the time higher achievers you know pessimism on the other hand this is much more -- you know pessimist are more likely to give up in the face of adversity or suffer from depression so. I appreciate you pointing that out. You know in a way to overdo it you gotta constantly challenge you know yourself he -- And and get rid of all that any any of that negative talk for your right to -- say that you know when someone haven't practiced in two days. You know you really don't feel good about it -- he's working real hard to come back but. Again I can't officially rule -- but it doesn't look good. So so him not looking good woods has already been officially ruled out can you talk about the challenges that will face -- care and your offense. Not having those two guys out there. Next man up step up and go to great opportunity you know go into the game four receivers. You know we have. Market sees Leo have a little bit more parole. You know and do some things -- so -- have a more -- and it you know we have the time Nancy sort Chris Greg -- a couple of good things last week so. In those guys have an opportunity now map to step up and that's what happens in this game. What dumb what are -- What can you expect what would you like to see from a guy like Marcus -- Make a lot of catch him so out of -- that's -- well I mean there's not a big body work here obviously I mean he hasn't really had. On the hasn't had an opportunity had some injuries he gets an opportunity but he hasn't had a lot of catches so. Realistically you see it everyday in practice what is his potential what could he do on Sunday in a bigger role for you. Well you know I think we've seen some written a pre season you know he's made some some nice catches and in the a lot of good things and I think. You know obviously for chimera the Playboy he's doing on special teams you know obviously with a record they're going to be there will be tough for him to get the recognition that it deserves but. If you know we oh well we have more wins right now I've I would I would probably bet that he would probably make the pro -- of the special teams player. You know he's our leading tackler. On special teams so I think that you know he has done everything we've asked him to do and he has the ability to make plays and I think that will from the do that on Sunday. Wanna ask you which which concerns you more but on asking optimistically isowich are you more confident in. When it comes to the next man up you got you know easily Chris Hogan are you more confident in their ability to. And be in their mentally as replacements like they know the place or physically that. If it's playing the game got a note calls you know what you're you've got to do and and you got to -- -- itself which are you more confident from that group. But -- chimera and -- -- question is that well I mean it started just -- -- now I am 110%. Totally behind these guys I have. The 110% of the utmost confidence in them. I have a 110% that there will go out there perform. That's what they've been working for their whole entire career. They've been work in every single day learning getting better. For an opportunity. -- would you guys that. Well sure but that in the at the end of the Steelers game looked like there was a mix up on route rundown in the red zone very late right mean -- -- -- available than most of does though. When we JJJ Graham and there was a mix of armor but what the markets the leader Chris Hogan. -- God well let's get the people will wait they have they count on you asked at the request -- the right. Dot I mean if a quest published. Coach the question how much you go to your respect -- confidence in those guys you go right which is you shut -- the culture supposed to assure you that you don't you support the dream you've gone from Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods to market -- Chris -- you don't think there's a drop -- for concern about a drop off from Davey Johnson to those guys. We've got good when. We've got TJ we get the running backs we got the tie it and it's a team effort yeah that -- -- out -- out there that have hurt the team of course it does but you know what. What are we gonna do you wanted to cry about it you wanted to say. Oh powered Jeremy. Steve he's not gonna play when are gonna go page you don't want don't even show up for the game we're not going to be able to win on man let's go low. We gotta go play again energetic it is what it is. I can complain about the schedule complain about the injuries like you complain about the weather you know and then and -- economic me. I gonna make we all look at the coach he's making excuses he's humanist hey it's what we have to deal with -- have to make the best out of it looks like we've said before. You know optimism pessimism. You know optimism. I think you'll live up here and I'll tell everyone it's listen if you have a more optimistic approach about things it's doing a life I promise you we will live longer. How that pilot asked you this that since I'm guessing you have the utmost confidence in TJ Graham he has sixteen catches in ten games what would give you the reason to have the utmost confidence in -- stepping up in a lead role on Sunday what why would you say why. Don't know fizzle who used to lead -- -- -- I think I think we need a collective effort by everyone does that make sense so in other words. You're right we can't really say OK that was -- on third down we go to Stevie or -- gonna go to Robert Woods you know and really try to work that. Matchup does that make sense yes you can we'll guys you would like to target -- right to exactly so we have to do and -- has done a good job that he's not a guy he does spread the ball around. So for us we need we need to collective effort of everyone and then long when he turns and he looks in the opportunity presents itself with the coverage in a matchup. We're really gonna need those guys to step up -- make a point. What about Spiller as a wide receiver at times it's been it was you know they did with the previous coaching staff would you guys feel comfortable doing that with CJ Spiller. Put in my water while I think I think in the backfield you know that that's where he you know it's easier it's much easier hand on the football that is to throw on the football. You know especially vertically down field and immediately had no problems you know screens and -- routes and things like that but it's very it's a little bit more difficult to put that ball down field to -- backs. You know any position -- really the only route that the -- run that put vertically down the field and most offenses around athlete. And you see it would Darren Sproles and in the Reggie Bush are pretty much those wheel routes. So coming out of -- -- as opposed to lining him up okay. What -- your quarterback what do you think EJ learned in the first match up against the New York Jets would think he gained I think I think probably more of justice that was his first road game you know and again it's a very difficult defense dramatically to go to to to go against which you know some. Some defense is in this -- dramatically are a little bit more difficult and you -- put a lot of time and and it gets a little bit easier as you go -- that comes with experience. It's on defense is just lineup let's say the civil war plan and what's going after us so that that tends to be a little bit easier at this point this is it's development. But I think you know you do are a couple things you get a feel of how to play get a feel of the speed to get a feel of how they. That Preston in the corners and receivers and and really you know when people talking about AJ it's if it's a lot of our players you know because this -- that we have obviously is a new scheme you know that we presented to the players this year. And again as you see it going in combination against the or opponents or where they're getting a better feel for the experience of. How much did you see any hanging of the heads from anybody after the Pittsburgh game did you have to do anything this week to make sure those guys didn't get too down from that game. Yeah I think we're all that I'm not gonna idea I think we're all high and as I think we were all disappointed. In our performance and and it's really. You know it was the first time you know since since I've been here. You know that we had that type of performance and I think yes we all their hang our heads and I think that's natural I think if we didn't. I'd have some serious issues and I have some serious problems so. Yes we we did talk about you know get tobacco we did talk about you know a lot of things and and and I'll test you guys how many guys. I am a little rusty now because when I look at my grandmother taking -- -- In the morning and some -- deficit through the Latin mass -- -- intestinal some Latin I'm just gonna pass right now okay prefer it at a Dora. -- hit TV. Put Derrick -- -- you sits on about watching you prefer to watch dollars on TV though be patient a tough someday this pain will be useful to you. And I hope that meth that's what we're trying to get now what we know it's painful you know when we play like the way we did it's painful to lose games. You know we have to take that pain and and create a positive energy about a cells. And we got to go out there via. Pissed off for an upset football team and go when a game and and that's what exactly what we have to do so there was a lot of that going on this week. Doug -- here Willis bills and jets on Sunday okay. I wanted to ask about your defense would last week -- -- pointed out a couple of things you wanted to work on one was red zone. Which we talked about what you. I think the other homeless takeaways you got the bird picked the other day against the Steelers on Sunday. I think it's one take -- now in three games any ideas as to why the defense is that you know I had some problems in the ball back. Well you know I mean -- know overall that they've had a couple of good it's good good its -- meaning that. You know you -- look at a game at sixty plays and and for you know. 56 of those plays who played outstanding. You know so we've got to work criminals those those four place you know of what's going on we have to do a better job. Offensively what's interesting here here's the thing that I was struggle. OK on third one this year when we -- to run the football and we hand the ball off. We're number one in the NFL converting third ones in running situations OK meaning that we handed the ball. All right but yet where goal the goal on the one -- -- yard -- we can't -- today. You know -- that's the one thing that we addressed with the team this week you know of how we're gonna do a better job there and do and that's vital though. If it's the offensively as much takeaways. You know you gotta make sure those opportunities present itself the ball has been on the ground a couple times and we've we fell short of of being around it or. Not having the right now it's okay so the ball and out a little bit more than actually the takeaways -- but we just haven't been able to recover. But I'm more concerned about the golden goal opportunities you know what we -- right now went nowhere and you'll have to do we have to score. So when you when your -- our defense is fifth in the NFL in goal the goal opportunities. When you look at the third and one. You said a third and one in the field somewhere vs the third among -- ago what was the difference what did you see while I think the guy. Or get a little bit with who get a little bit better push him and again -- linebackers coming down you know it's this it's this last surge that we get that third one that's like talk for the -- about. Was third one in the field to keep the drive going again with a that a surge -- it's the same type of situation meaning. You know everyone's coming downhill all the gap to take him here a week ago. And now when you get to the goal line now it is a little bit more people coming in there but there's still a counted by other players. And we just need that that that pushed that we get in the field we need about a push and we get down and Google. -- let's talk about the jets for let's go and what kind of challenges are presented by. Their defense obviously you guys had a tough time -- over their defense in the first game. I think I think there is there a tough matchup for us now America America sit here and say say that they're not you know as one of the tougher matchups that we have I think. You don't upfront that defense alliance is is playing extremely well. You know focusing kids probably as as do five technique and I've ever seen you know honestly the way he's playing right now. He's good against Iran he's a really good pass rusher. He makes a lot of budgets -- -- -- he really dominates the guards because he's big and tall so you use lose a lot of swim moves there on them. I think the children reducing kid is really planned wolf form inside as a as -- run stopper reporter. They put a lot of guys up there and a box you know so you have eight or nine guys you know that are up there constantly all the time. That put a lot of their corners -- -- corners are out there man a man you know what not a lot of help so. That's where you gonna have to win to beat this team. The other guy when asked about the jets out of -- geno Smith. You know -- Shyamalan ecology some -- obviously against the bills this season what how does he look do you can you compare -- now to -- vs college does he look any different. Well they obviously it's much different because as of this this scheme you know I think that. You know he has he has more than war -- believe it or not I think in the NFL. I think you know we played against them in and in college you know we felt you know we had a couple strategic things that we can get after a whiff. That they weren't able to to handle and we did -- -- fortunately were able to get home where a lot of the pressure of stuff. Here I think if you saw our first -- they did a good job they blocked everybody else predicts threw the ball -- and they -- -- you know couple times and that's what led to the big scores. But you know you see someone that you know he's he's he's fought like a lot of the young quarterbacks he just keeps coming along -- and didn't get better get more comfortable. You know he's surrounded by a real good you know good offensive line the two running -- -- running -- -- so that that's really helping him right now. And and there as a team there weren't a lot of football games as a team I don't think it goes out to you don't want to players. A Dontrelle Willis bills of course taken on the jets Sunday one of the guy wanted to ask you about. Is if I remember a few weeks you're brought up marshaled ours in use I think -- that -- like under the radar. I think he'd throw this guy in there as well and that would be Jerry Hughes can you talk a little bit about his play his addition this season. Obvious he's getting some sacks he's creating some some good situations for the defense just talk a little bit about what he's added to the defense well. You know the one thing went when Jerry came in here that -- we knew that he had very good pass rush ability and I think it's a great productivity. From last week. Because of the fact that we use to more just specifically on on third down nickel situations -- quarterback and I think that's what his greatest asset it is. You know what happened went out Carrington was injured. You know we had a plan a little bit more normal situations normal downs against Iran. And M and again that wears you down a little bit that's why I think you know Anthony Weaver defense -- -- has been doing a good job you know substitute most players because. You wanna make sure those plays a fresh when you need -- you need him on that down to get off the field on third down. So you know what would which Stephon Charles come along. And taken -- extra refs were able to push very little bit more back in a nickel situation and that's really helped. My final question as they weather related question -- 65 degrees point five mile Perot wins. -- affording. Gusts to forty ending right so we have so while we're out there the other day -- -- -- come off the Pittsburgh game we're in with about 35 degrees right of -- five mile -- that's why I ask you how much whether it's passing game punching kicking you how it affects your game day decisions what what do you dealing with when you're dealing with winds like that. But he got -- you know you gotta watch the you know -- how you pushed a ball vertically you know say if you you know obviously you're thrown ball a lot of iron underneath this you know. What's amazing I'll tell you I don't know why people can just sit there are clips now. And I guess I guess some might be tough to see from TV cameras put on our film it's -- if you could see it. I mean it's like it's like curve balls up and I mean even even from the snapper. And I think the thing that I get most concerned about it probably Bryant yeah you know Bryant you know hold -- -- ball because he he cradles the ball. You know so when he cradled that ball. You know when you get those wins going in the ball -- for him to kick it move just tip it up ball starts to move up in an and that's where I think if source says -- your -- concern about it. That's the one concern I have because the other stuff you can control. Like you could control an immediate balls you can throw slant you can throw things you know in the wind and and that's the one thing that when we went out look for quarterback. You know we wanted to quarterback that normally the bigger your hands are and and arm strength helps you in this type of weather. So where build on this team like I said before my my my goal. And and and my visual that I have for it is you know a home playoff game. AFC championship. You know here we are in January. It's a blizzard it's a thirty mile per hour wind and we're gonna go out there and play and that's what we're building this team for. Not to get too personal but how is the size of BJ's hands big areas like ten something he's like as those the second largest fan. At the comma or the first so much -- -- one -- two. I dug as always thank you for your time good luck against the jets and we actually I think you're off next Friday with a bye weeks how about a little offer mr. Wilson. The guarantee and the sellout this week. The beautiful thing we love games on TV so fans can listen to Marmol radio watching my TV and talk about and how about a for the network could whose show is this anyway is it. It's much earlier show. It's -- -- side -- of its web sites but it is not my show -- -- the -- or a segment on our side Michelle okay who just give a -- and salute to people in service men women sure go ahead -- this week and that's obviously it's a big week in western new York and we appreciate what little people do for a so I think that's important thank you coach good luck on Sunday at the little enthusiasm for the people in the military tomorrow with ago. Okay thank you cut all right thank you UI but. Steve -- joining us right now sabres captain sabres playing Toronto tonight Steve it's Howard and Jeremy how are is there. What's new this -- anything happening in your life. -- think it's a lot sort it out of parties are open. As a bat so when you first find out about everything. You know what I am -- -- and that -- actually I believe we had a lot locker and thirty practice. And that he -- its editors and that there was an announcement that made her pretty significant announcement but. Goddess that never really thought much governor but to be either. You know level on the harbor front was going on -- or not there and yeah you know it obviously note the word spread pretty quickly what was -- not so. Product Marty again you know like -- you know most of the other boys watched the press conference there and figured it out what was going on. There's no you guys had no inkling at all Tuesday night when the game is going on right or after the game anything.

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