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Nov 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

By 733 that's -- it is built football like Fred Jackson on the line with -- -- Howard -- Matthew if you as well Fred good morning -- -- you don't. Our prayers are doing well at the nice actually don't take it's personally Fred but it was nice having a Sunday free of bills football. -- -- it's hard not to take that personal. Is you're most needed you almost need a break. No I just said what I meant Fred if I didn't have to work CFC I can just sit on my couch and BofA and and not take notes in tweed and you know all that stuff that's alignment. -- I mean I think we all can appreciate that you know the Baylor have a they were to sit down and you know this -- -- -- Not on a -- fortunate. So did you like plop your butt down on a couch yesterday and watcher did you take a break from the game. She's not. Big chance of also not sit down and children through their -- and their -- you know outside of its assembled Bono probably. So what what steps do you what did you what did you watch what did you see what stood out. You know I can -- -- pace stood out well. So cool as a -- sit down and you watch TV remarks on you know is it's everything in those people watch football played football football football so. I was quoted at this -- down and out -- a couple of aircraft. She is you know you I don't think you've ever had a bye this late in the year have you. -- -- know -- what do you do you like it here is this is it better than the middle of the season would you think. Are not think it is way to -- not think. Gaza preferred you know 678. Alarm mode and have a -- we I think it allows you to you know they healthier. But -- it's the way Obama over a couple of them you know that's the waiver until we got the bill. I think you go back to work today what's on your mind what's uppermost in your thoughts as you guys return to it to work at the stadium today. Article -- or you know we that -- that we had space open Ramos we -- so. Problem that no more can you do go back to work you know a -- and film and you know we -- repeat the little bit of you know what it's a promoter -- -- -- Folks are Dodd all did this thing but all the into a back here in a separate game. I would notably the sound source and overlooked -- -- You guys are four and seven. Which are one game out of the wild card playoff spot right now so we're but but however Fred they're like nine teams right now -- five and 64 and seventy here and you're in a big group what do you think about in terms of the standings what your approach that when you say one game out but look at all the teams that are around you guys. That -- what -- that we have to be you know focused on here are better you know we have to win an awful blog and that are really not that matter well. I think that's what we have to do they get within one game at a car you know in the order that the parts all of -- did. You know what they wanted to see that you know we give ourselves an opportunity. Who get into the playoffs the normal thing and we're gonna have to do more on our football and you know. They cared at -- that's what happened about partner. Fred Jackson this year bills football Monday at WGR front let's talk about the offense and I'd like -- chimera valuation so far. Of the offensive performance here in 2013 first off what do you think you guys have done. The best so far on offense. Com you're not being number one is is handled some very adversity investment that you know we've been -- you know all of a lot of injuries you know especially. You know quarterback position and I think that. We've handled that will you know on I don't know of the number what they know we have to do a bit of a plate judgment. There hasn't been consistent -- -- orbit you know haven't -- different type of starters. It's something that's tough to do guarantee them. But we -- -- and they've come on keep common work you know there's there's plenty of stuff so we can always work. But it's ultimately found that the players -- we'll give ourselves a -- not well there. I know I notice him as an offensive coordinator it makes life a little bit more difficult having three different starting quarterbacks how does that affect. The development of the offense of what you guys can do. Well I think it's. That number wanting -- -- -- offer is when you don't have a consistent player -- -- -- you know and you know. That due to injury is something that we can't control so. You know. When you guys to come and work. -- -- haven't got back there saying oh it's going to be back there you know it's easier. You know do whatever you can't make it you know as if it's possible. Now when they're not fair you know -- you have to just -- different player and they don't get back into the lead. You know it's it's you have to reach -- up the plate you know that the capabilities that they're able to do so. Putted it is definitely and it you know we we were aware of you know playing with different got back there so. All salute them. He called. How much before we get to what what the offense needs to do betterment maybe it's consistency but how much of a boost to think you guys will feel coming out of the break based on -- last game against the jets. Hopefully it -- you. You know I think he made tremendous strides you know we had some young receivers -- -- -- will we get a lot of guys back healthy. You know or not I think that's the number one billion the iPad and all the guys out there that we want to be you know starter so to speak. You know and given note about not gonna go on LBJ I think it artist and that we're looking for. You know world we got a get a lot of weapons that you know have a lot of weapons that are vocal. And I'll -- all gluten brought their country or replace or. So you know you brought -- consistency and a I was maybe that's the answer I was gonna ask you Fred conversely on the offense what -- Is their liking number one area in which you guys need to improve the last five games. There haven't exactly you know compared with they're consistent and everything that we do want them and we definitely you -- economic. Improvements you know one in a ball we haven't. I'm glad that we have a run ball well at all you know -- -- to bet a figure out and a lot of pressure off EJ. And you know about the war there are also so. We have to be more consistent. Down the Kurtz you know go to winning football games -- we're looking at a dark. What do you think initiative with the run game the last couple games I know you've played good run defense is jets were number one. But what else anything else you think about. I thought I can't say that it's anything goes you know we have a situation. Innocent that the chances you know and it's a lot that they're they're you know they're really there. You know and what you gotta get go nuts for this last week you know I can't say that there was. -- -- that we did in particular you know they just did a tremendous you know proper room last week in. That's suspect and -- we had you don't realize that we're gonna let you often. -- we have to step up to -- counted in are are also did a great job heat up on the ball last week in that took a lot of curse off our well. You're it's something that we just have to be aware of the so we have the more -- at peregrine remarkable. One of the stories that real continues through Detroit thirteen season Fred -- the struggles of CJ Spiller some of that injury related maybe maybe large part of that injury related but -- how. So what's going well and given how much do you guys talk about how much does he come do you or do you go to him now how does that relationship work with you two guys. Everywhere open book but he -- it always is on -- each other and you know. About anything you know I don't particularly want being in particular or quirks. Some. And that's holding them back you know he's he's just. He had made the plays that he has made him in the past there you know -- repair repair. Some earlier this season you know that's where you live united I -- haven't people that bothers you you know that's gonna slow you down. You know we have five games left and I did it in you know -- spectrum some backed separatists there -- we can hit the ground on you know. About it and a lot that he wants to get done and a lot to prove that. About that I think we've got to step up that are -- you'll make that many -- as possible -- so you know -- -- -- and there's not so you are of that opportunity Indian oil. Do you think it if you could -- any insight into CJ Fred for our listeners do you get a feeling that he is frustrated or. You didn't get any feeling at all that he's he's been in the doubt his ability because runs aren't happening -- they did last year. Not at all not your. You know you know always going to be confident. I don't think she's frustrated you know in any. It is like those. Production so obviously I think he's more frustrated Indian movement Obama dance that's just the fact barrier you know you're -- rather Carter not army. Big play you know or her own -- -- Reasons C governor -- -- abundant source and -- like hackers got estimate and become aware you know got it and continues army placed Orson. You know god that we're real you know we know there were gonna he is picked by ability or somewhere -- very good. You know we know you'll keep going up to work in. You know where we have no doubt turns in in his abilities and our culture he currently. Fred Jackson with a couple more minutes here bills football Monday and WGR the Elena asked about I don't know if we've actually brought this up with you this year. The way the defense is playing the way the defense has improved. Last year not gonna have -- I know I mean have you like throw the other unit under the bus but. You know they were given up so many yards as so many points I think it put a lot of pressure on the offense what is it like for you guys this year. With an improved defense knowing that you know you guys have some room for error so to speak. So it's huge force and all of pockets you Omar license -- -- Gaza that they and you know how much of of -- so limited says no that we have a he's stansted is. You know our best and -- really you know when it can't stop people create -- over there they're -- -- -- It's solid debris you know ace that hole when. You go out and struggled and had an offer secure. To be totally minority group like art you know an outward Carter about -- -- -- -- -- -- about it you know their -- The best speaker -- unit option you know and up here you know with the bills. Also competent so this talk on the topic Carter about you know -- and I -- to be apart you know low -- you know gotten almost sidelined him. You know hopefully their current compared. Well let's show what -- bring up with is Sunday's game we talked at the top four and seven and you know you're in the hunt there -- budget teams that second wild card spot now you have the Toronto game you've been through a number of these red you know it's obviously not the same environment that you have at Ralph Wilson Stadium. But you haven't necessarily played you know holed some meaningful games up there this is a very important game so what about dealing with the game in Toronto on Sunday. -- it's a different environment. But you know it's Florida we we have importance and border when you have to go out with them -- -- you know. We know that you know not we're not gonna have that probably that would have oh well we'll spend a couple of you know we'll get -- -- followers you know we're -- -- up there and you know the American whatever we can't get to where we know that Atlanta gonna comment you've played up. In all walks them or that we and there are good defense you know they've got guys that come down you know. They're greater oracle -- but we have to be ready to put the ball whatever your -- may be. Rejectionist bills football Monday. Fred thanks for coming -- always nice to talk to you good luck against the the falcons -- we'll catch up with -- again next Monday morning. Thank shoppers are there certain -- You -- -- have a good day. Fred Jackson this year brought to -- northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest and by. Can't smoke shop hitting you between the up rights open 24 hours trading on. Are they have a team meeting at 8 o'clock to -- brought up a little bit if you missed any of the interview we'll get it to you in on demand audio -- can listen to it in its entirety at WH ER 550 dot com. For this week's games in the NFL. If you're wondering you know hey we got through this past week go to Europe for a if I want the bill to make plants throughout root for the -- -- went on Sunday. And one is the bills. After that. -- -- That's Indianapolis you're rooting for Indianapolis and -- San Diego Cincinnati you arrived -- that to lose yes San Diego Cincinnati rooting for Cincinnati to win that game. Thursday night is the first one also to really pay attention to Baltimore and Pittsburgh. You're rooting for Baltimore to when that game the bill's chances of making the playoffs are approximately according to sports clubs that's 3%. Very unlikely. By comparison. Just to give you an idea of you know where the -- stand you may have thought that this this team is gonna get back it didn't. In other getting closer the bills are 145. Times more likely. To make the playoffs at 3% and the Buffalo Sabres who are at point 02. The sabres have to -- approximately 36 games. Mean like this season the act more 36 more are six more games -- back into the discussion for the final playoff spot okay well let's. They're they're looking really really good for a number one of one or two overall pick they're looking really really good. Let's see this 57. Games left in the season so 36 -- -- -- that's a bit of -- -- how many they get -- -- Out of 57. How many will they went. Everything right you talk about a shoot out over time all the -- right. Fifteen with the -- fifteen. If they -- to win fifteen games they've finished with 48 points -- -- -- -- sports clubs -- icon does she got 1535. And seven. We'll be the worst team post lockout. And I guarantee at the number one lottery spot none of seven number one pick for the number one moderate spot. How good they have to be to screw up like a top three pick. They can win 22 games from here and still be a lock. For the top Hillary. Q&A 57 with them they've won five of their when he five games. The watch. That's. And and sensitive. Shall probably not get -- when he wins but after getting him you know fifteen 57 isn't a lot. Very talented as we get text group for the NHL. You -- timed pass. Yet when those favorite of the competition yeah yeah that the sabres already have a pretty good lead on them. Five bought the five points Philadelphia's winning that's a good thing sabres -- five points back of Edmonton Edmonton is a game in hand. So that's in -- rankings are pictured on the right way. Little but good thing. I want to -- coming up in the moment and micro title will talk all sabres who talk a lot of bills it is bills football Monday 8030550. Feet to join us. Talk about what have you saw yesterday -- -- the NFL but what what are the last five games all about for you in this -- 2013 season. -- join us at 830 sabres lost to the red wings yesterday. And Paul Hamilton joining us at nine on WGR.

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