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11/25 Eric Wood with Mike Schopp

Nov 25, 2013|

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The end of the cowboys giants know -- watched the first half again -- time. The cowboys giants game I saw at the end of that game to its its like people seem to expect Tony Romo to blow it and he didn't and he's a he's a better quarterback. In the fourth quarter then he has gotten credit for in his career. What what's it like. On the field at the end of a close game you guys have been in if you were those. Do you ever get nervous or is that something that when your. Basically three hours into a game that just doesn't. -- -- you know looked nervous and where were. You know we're definitely excited and a indicator pretty intense. In one when the games come down to one final series you're gonna get. Their best estrogen and every player -- You know event Arco or -- or they cannot ever pass rush throughout the game so personally. You know we've got to gear ourselves -- as we know confident. Director -- about you know a lot of credit and they showed his. Just saturating this here in the fourth quarter and it's pretty impressive. You think it's easier me before I have a quarterback or receiver to get nervous and alignment. Probably. But what I'm not sure exactly I guess that just goes individually but. You know there are really out there. And those -- plays in everything they do is pretty. Pretty scrutinize one way -- the other. The thing you got to be able to do I gather is think clearly. At that and those spots when the pressure's on you gotta be able to think clearly where the your lineman or quarterback. How about about Brady I don't know if you watched you watch the beginning of that team last item. I'm thinking maybe you thought New England was in her. Was on route to getting beat Eric. -- yeah. But they're gonna get destroyed and and they came back and beat the market open at halftime and then I woke up and had a couple text. About people you know arguably that just happens. And and that I got. Or curable -- mobile happens all that they wanted bin Carol Marin Bartley based on how badly played percent. Well you guys were in the game I don't know if you were healthy for this game that season finale there a couple of years ago -- 121 nothing lead. And maybe you were healthy for that game but I was thinking maybe bills players would have been. Able to -- Denver. It -- windy it was in his car is good is done beret and you guys were in a position there. We had a big lead in in Foxboro in May be when -- three touchdowns up your thinking. We're in great shape. And -- let awful that I don't know. Yeah all of those things of that game but launch a closely and and Tom Brady in Foxborough he's he's dangerous anytime you get the ball horrible reliable scorer in. -- you you can't let your guard down against anybody -- quarterback is -- this got to stop the conditions were so badly as well that'd be extremely vocal on the comeback in. -- -- -- Global world. It's somebody at the end and that they're kind of helped promote its but has -- -- traditional Buick you bet them. Get that many points. William might like the idea of thinking ahead to playing New England may be with a lot of maligned but you've got. Other game's first got to focus on this week probably. Yeah and and you know it won't start talking about how. You know we got shut this thing or only the -- -- an -- games no wildcard but what I'm looking that is forcing your reform -- -- we -- -- whole lot -- true. You know we won one game last week and and I know everyone's excited I'm excited I'm excited to get on the forward LP. There were ready to play -- let in the same sense we we can't be. Look at past anybody and it would turn on the -- Atlanta it's an extremely talented team. Last week was probably their best effort of the year that Thursday game against New Orleans and there are coming in Hungary and in. People are foolish if states think that -- just doing their role -- yes. When do you start. Planning for them is that started already. There was sort of a little bit before we we had a -- and then we kick it back up today as the other critical repair work people -- back from the buyer. Already the wall and those -- those -- on Ross and then we've we've. You know I studied film on the plane going back and forth and then in walks. Eric -- here on WGR is Monday appearances Buffalo Bills football Monday this is Mike show. What -- I don't see a lot of the falcons and that the statistics told me before the season that they were likely. To fall off this year they were sort of not quite as good as their record the last year to. But not to this extent I mean to a nine it's the worst record in the league what what do you know about them what have you seen that. That that that interest you about Atlanta. You have to want to that's contributed that is haven't you guys heard offensively. All. Game. In -- post -- today at one in the past couple years. They're not they're making a play at the end this year than. Struggled at times we've been very well well. You know they they have a lot itself when you look at frost ordered. In this for the team that it's gonna come in Hungary. You know they've played below its close last week it probably have some confidence and and you know we're definitely gonna have a dial. I'm thinking that when you play a team at the bottom of the standings a lot of guys talk about. Being good early in those games. Yet here you can really test there. -- -- -- You know the team that's got a bad record you can really just surprise you you know formerly and they keep fighting and imagine they will a lot of veterans that sure that's good leadership within -- human. -- they're not gonna just laid out for somebody but. You know we've been there before we we've got -- their record at times. Years it was sort of you know an agent and I don't teams that thought no let's just try to get people down. And and Bill Clinton that they won't think that -- we never -- what we never quit. And Eric the you mentioned the point about some focusing on this game and a lot of people are talking about. Haven't making a run and and their being a chance here so you've heard you've heard plenty of that I guess you were saying. Yes you know we hear from the media and I got a lot of questions -- from the press you know are we excited -- world does that motivate you and your work -- this. And you know to be a position where we don't if we want a few games than that -- right be right back in it but you can't look at a few games -- -- you circle that. You'll go -- flat and that's kind of what I'm preaching in his. You know we need to take one game at a time -- -- focus needs to be. A beating Atlanta Falcons just like it was last week I believe that you are innocent and we -- so focused and so on reflect game. Knowing that we've lost. There are reasons potentially over so we gave that same attitude that same hunger. And -- and take care of themselves. And you're in Toronto this week so would I be out of line and saying you're thinking about as you deliver that speech and it's that sort of focused your teammates. Pointing out that you know the crowd is at least different -- -- a nice way to put at least different than the crowd here. Yeah there's different but you know I'm open the -- better this year and then I'll ask about that earlier today excellent. Star -- debate here and have to go over it like western. Involvement in the game -- you all excited you know it's such a big city a player we have so many bills sent a player. Analytic about port -- And -- would -- rather be sitting with a better record than it would probably more justified saying they're pleased about sport is what they're. To this could be a really awesome you'll -- the year. But you know with a record -- 47 we we we're not that justified. But you know hopefully that becomes forms. Your practice on turf this week. Yeah we've practiced inside today. Illustrate we're going to be playing in the conditions so we will -- -- -- else. The practice during the week and particularly for our civilian or regular. You indoor atmosphere of the artificial turf and -- well. Yeah I ask a question and -- I think of course the bills play on artificial turf too but it is that field different even worse than your usual field. -- -- -- -- But you know it's not an -- adjusted to him. You know are are fast players are also there's. Should be ancestors hopes that Soviet sizable. Did you hear this thing about Bon Jovi -- He had it's -- -- states you know. Is definitely a super slow. Interactions or put. Don't know about it. You know I don't know anything more than the next. International you felt that. You felt inclined to go back and intact international in front of superstar that. That's -- that's up higher a higher level of superstar I think you're saying the who have you met in music -- famously you've met in music. All the characters source. I've got the opportunity. Kenny Chesney have become pretty good friends we've got from Montgomery Gentry in. Bad analogy echo in this managers Rochester big bills and we met then this offseason but. No soda pops -- -- an -- rock stars or anything but. You know the country music and fun for me out of their country music. Over the years I've had a production opportunities or those. I've heard people say although I couldn't tell you who I guess right now that sports and music there's a mutual admiration you guys are both. Really famous people from different worlds -- -- all so excited to meet each other. Yep for sure and video although got a big sports fan in general almost love music and and it's got a global appeal that they probably killed normalcy and order court. Then there we'd love to be up onstage -- and Hillary. We think that would be off sentiment in the -- -- in. And it's it's cool have a relationship. Such appreciation for what they do it I know Augusta even for instance got an opportunity to get on. Some songs with so. So famous hip hop artists and that's ultimately comedian and -- bad guy like Steve Jobs and so talented on the football field -- -- -- museum. Got to get in there and start. It's freestyle that are a little follow you these are people mortality which is which is also for a. I don't know what to call either Choi appreciate you're not asking me what to call so it's Thanksgiving this week Erik you've just been home is that help make. Being at work Thanksgiving week a little easier. Yeah election in semi last week and then. You know this week we always -- play. Thanksgiving with a bunch of a couple of opinions and it's a lot of fun and it. It's up -- famous beer almost certainly what we're thankful for what we have. For sure and in this opportunity to be here it and it's me getting together all the troubles than. You know all like upset all the above bureau of families who make most of it -- in every Europe and here it's been extremely durable. Now we're talking about bills players especially linemen. And Koppel's American wives and girlfriends and that. That's got to be more than one Turkey I'm thinking that we're talking numerous turkeys -- -- got numerous put multiple. Yes we do we -- we only do want to argue Lester worked. We -- Turkey ham and then all the watch for the sides and whatnot but I don't Lester will be in trouble is. I guess of the day before Thanksgiving the -- -- rebel walk through and let everybody knows that and having -- ago we. That they could definitely come over with -- nice and and those few of the laws were extremely happy that it. Strong feel for far we're gonna tap out at the last second but we have looked at -- Adults fifty and extra pounds of student. -- I was quick to rub that -- -- network. A dialect you could eat half a Turkey I'm thinking without too much trouble. Yet but I enjoy the -- -- makes killer record of achievement. All of those there's such a good job. Solely Turkey up by the to do do some work. Well welcome back to buffalo Eric and good luck in Toronto. You're welcome -- would Mondays at four here on WGR bills and falcons 4 o'clock 405. Kick off on Sunday.

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