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12/02 Fred Jackson on WGR

Dec 2, 2013|

Buffalo Football Monday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They don't Fortis Buffalo Bills football Monday Howard Jerry Matthew here on WGR Fred come up just -- second we got folks on hold hang on because again we'll get your calls. One when we wrap up with Fred 8030550. To join us your bills football Monday. Bills running back -- right now Fred it's Howard Jeremy good morning sir hi hold not. But more -- not to you know I don't know. Complained -- actually played in the game I just watching at home but it is. There is pretty depressing Fred this just ended the the lows are so hard to handle I'm sure they're taken. How fans feel about it how do you handle a game like that those lows. I mean it's it's definitely you know talks. You know while we go out there you know we -- bought starboard you know you see guys you know working day in and day out coming here. Notes on a dirt then we can get a win and to go out there play you know well for most games and those still come up -- so you know I know that. No doubt a lot of fans that are disappointed you know a lot of people in the community in all there. But I can promise you know there's -- the film and an old cardinal locker room not a lost art that. When -- on. The bus coming home I mean are you. Are you -- IR they're just plays -- sticking your head how are you go back over the game I mean what what is what is it like when you've. You showered you met the media now you with you know you're on your own on the bus there you got you thought yourself are you going through that game what are you trying to get -- out of your head. You always you know go to the game you know I think the number one bit. You know a lot of guys do you know what I news you know -- Arctic that the -- -- -- done better you know could have done in different situation. And you know plays that you feel like you could have made Moraga. They give us an opportunity. Not to be in other plays that that -- You know game not to go the way you wanted it to solve all of those always stoppers self reflection you I think the number wanting you gotta do it. Figure out what you can do it that teammate you know there appear to help your teammates around you. And I think what's got the door and all that -- I think the part that turn a little bit better in our favor. Fred what happened how did you guys lose that game it looked so good you're out to the quick start it's. Fourteen nothing at 1770. Off its plan well the defense gets off to a really good start. How did you guys end up -- the game. Well they don't order anything you ought to do. You know AmeriCredit you know they're better and and erected in -- -- know a lot of people and that there. North American worker who will vote this year so I mean they're they're a lot better than their record and they owe you got to give them some credit. But at same time you know mistakes. You know when. You make mistakes and EU. Have turnovers and and they've like that it's gonna make an article apple -- game. We get it ourselves we shot ourselves in the -- Yesterday and any time you look good team not only does it take advantage of that Merck gonna come back a bunch and Budinger. Fred what's it like to be the guy and that's about whether it's steadier Chandler today that wakes up and in this Phelan. Like he may have cost the team the game and whether it's a fumble or whatever it is because sometimes can be a different kind of play when you're the guy in that spot. Are you into our teammates come over to talk DR they kind of just leaving it leaving you be. Well -- -- government and go you know the guy you know. There are guys who go up to and you can take some torment. Are you know they'll. They'll take it you know in the listen to whatever it is you gotta save some guys either gotta let him let him alone you know that nobody beat themselves up more than they -- Com and it's it's a tough situation being you know and it's just a situation alive. You know don't wanna be an hour or you. Don't you -- -- at all. It's all the also you know yours that you do everything you can out. I'll make a play for you to make it and you end up coming up short you don't know that there's no way to -- expects -- our board you know in the W we've got the guys that we have in this locker. You know we expect on the comeback in you know continue to find him. That's the just the type of -- and we you know all as we have a game so opinionated and compete you know got an analog up and give their all. That's some good thing about being honest and. But on -- -- here if you're listening throughout the day or if you well -- it Stevie Johnson is a guy that is a polarizing figure among fans are many that. Are are quicker maybe isn't quick tip to jump on him when he makes a mistake it is is he the kind of guy he played the for a long time. You take up for Stevie Johnson and that spot as it does it bother you to hear that. What are you know you got are being you know able to play what sort of last six years and a daughter out walk on marking you know got it out wall. To have an opportunity to make a play in the game. I'll when it comes down across you know and he didn't know that -- Warner -- -- and it. You know. You go to air lot of negative stuff you know and this is people -- people you know. Look forward scapegoat. He's going to be one at a time when it -- -- -- -- that the he's drawn up and keep paranoia equally you know. Everybody in this locker room -- you know he knows he's gonna catch a lot of -- You know that this public the territory -- -- inept they'll know people are gonna need something strong wanted to point it. On the -- that got you on the but don't do what they don't know about. You know thinking become so commercial. Go to work and won't get behind him will rally behind him let him know that we. You don't have all -- in the world -- -- you know bomb on -- go to bat for anybody in the locker room you know and he's definitely mono monologue about four. How about one other thing that's you know there's a bunch of different personalities obviously got a big football team lots of players lots of personalities. Many wonder if he takes the game seriously enough what would you say to those people. Without a -- you know there that forgot that. Com there you know he's constantly watching film you know talking to a quarterback picking their brain about ordered it they won't from the get it done. You know talking you know I try to -- this -- targeted. You know play as well as he can. You know we needed you know and either got -- There is always working on the street you know always going to be better not talking. You know different receivers throughout from the union -- is you know they do it is to help them succeed so. Home again and got it on the old. So you know puts in the work you know I get to watch him work every day I would come out come see I'm working. Watching how he approaches his game you know lets me know that he at a rapid has taken seriously and into Oklahoma went Obama. Fred Jackson -- this year on the Buffalo Bills football Monday and WGR. I -- let's get to the elephant in the room you guys win that game if it's at Ralph Wilson Stadium in not in Toronto. There are going to Toronto isn't the reason we got pregnant you know you know granted there is not there like planet at the route. You know and part of our own chance you know we're gonna support that we get from most. But that's not the reason at all you know you know we will -- -- triggered this today. Bought some mistakes we made you know and that this planet for Rocco is you know an opportunity to place somewhere else you know to build up -- -- you know and we we enjoy that you know. One you know like -- fit planet erupted there's nothing like it you know and you know hopefully we cannot. Double Morgan this year you don't know who can take advantage. I think Fred one of the many things it's frustrating about the game yesterday out -- she'd lost. But lost in that is EJ Manuel who didn't have a great day. But when push came to shove at the end of the game he's making plays and he's got a chance it looks like he'll have a second game winning drive inside the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. But that goes by the wayside with the fumbles on the loss. I mean he he he did everything we could ask them you know. Even broke four time -- what he meant as a game well you know and that's great to see from a young guy you know and he's given us an opportunity you know and that's all we can as well. -- program. You know quality continues to grow you know he's developed it developed her game and -- -- what he's due to work our government from a -- and not think he's gonna. You know be a great player for a alone -- foursome. You know he walked away just like everybody else so you're gonna keep common work not just saw me on and watch them now. Topic you know everybody's brain and see what you can do barrier and I think that's what we need to do with the -- There weren't really any downfield throws until the one possession it was late third quarter you guys tried to deep balls on the same possession -- is good when. Was were they not called where they're just not place to be made can talk a little bit about the vertical game. Well that. Former speaker is that they a lot of defense that they were planning if they're trying to take satellite is because they know you know what what type of speed we have at receiver. You know they were -- Keep -- to keep taking those shots and we -- down there you know being backed up against our our goal line. They would figure we were gonna come out running and opportunities for small people when there and we try to take advantage of that we took diplomatic front and we do you know that -- again you know give us a great opportunity to put points on the board and charm to the bitterly. Fred Jackson whether it's good because of the moment Fred Willis here on bills football Monday and WGR and one of backtrack. To the beginning of the game you're up fourteen nothing -- things are going well do you think. It's going to be -- do you think there was any. Complacency do you think guys thought this is going to be easy this one's in the bag and maybe that came back to get -- We are -- you know. It's been so you know nothing ever -- you know and we know that you know we've -- -- -- this is a a young -- for a moment. Home we we. Didn't -- -- -- in different situations -- you're so either learned that you know and one of things that we -- -- I'm not gonna ever gonna come he's not only to hammer out fourteen nothing. -- finally get some good football team. And you know guys know that and we -- sort of keep plan and we just think it's -- you know yesterday and I. We know that you know you know we put ourselves and a bad situation you know mathematically we're still -- -- you know we need a lot of help. But you know got to go on record -- the fight you know ball we have a reason to step on the field and compete we're gonna step up that he can be. A couple of things spread your crossing routes were very effective yesterday even though ultimately Stevie catch the ball in fumbles. How come those result factor was that something you guys saw during the week that you thought would be some you know something you -- have some success with against Atlanta. I guess someone that they that they did they'd like a lot of to manage. Anytime you play you know it's gonna play a lot of man defections. One as it is going to be able to run on the -- crossing -- and of those uncle who wanted to take advantage of not something we worked on all weekend. You know it workforce would have been out and support. -- Fred Lester -- about you know the running game obviously you guys got the running game going -- they CJ had a big day I think getting him going over the last. Five games of the season is important you guys just talk a little bit about this day yesterday and Diddy -- look you know 100% healthy -- -- was finally 100% healthy. So you know it was you know evident that you know he was out to make -- premiere of -- you know an -- -- four. Our Katrina -- how importantly the spirit you know in terms finally gonna give us. A great opportunity -- Escobar -- you know a guy like that that's that explosives and can take the ball you know eighty yards and RP. You won't -- -- you're kind of you know on it didn't see them back you know all Oakley just stay healthy and continue to play like that of course this year. Five Fred we appreciate you coming on thanks very much for your time is always. Good luck against Tampa we'll talk again next Monday. Not a problem that's revenue from. By Fred. Fred Jackson -- this year both of those football Monday brought to -- north with savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest and by. -- and smoke shop hitting you between the upper right now open 24 hours get some calls here 8030550. As we. Dissect the loss to Atlanta docket yesterday who you put the blame on the most yesterday and we talk a lot this morning that surprised me about. Stevie Johnson and what do you think the -- plans for Stevie should be going forward. And owner Robert here they told Leon Robert and welcome to the show here on WGR. -- you don't. Okay for a long. -- -- getting collecting at all so OK I mean if it was a lot of popular people don't stand in front of how to do things.

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