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12/04 Russ Brandon talks Toronto with Howard Simon Show

Dec 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- for Howard Jerry match you with GO NW -- overtime here and will be on from may third in line with us in studio but. -- here with -- spread and bill CEO joining us from Ralph Wilson Stadium rush hour and Jeremy good morning how are you Barrymore goes toward. The better weeks now more than. We -- a 100%. I think I -- this question before most -- I believe the Pittsburgh game. How much of a body blow was Sunday. It was difficult -- difficult time however everywhere here one bills drive and certainly on our fans. You know game that. We obviously had controls early and that a slip away and you know we've got to learn to finish games repaired to mean these conversations during the course of the year it's been a a year of missed opportunities today. And in -- version very similar to what we talked spoke after the Kansas City and you know we're in a position where we dominate the game. And we let him off the hook them and we end up on the wrong side of the ledger. I think Doug -- sorry about this on Monday this kind of topic in -- -- about how he's struggling they're trying to figure out the coaches how to get team and the players. How to get team over the hump. What's preventing getting over the -- There are -- good question you know spending consistency. You know across the board you know and it's. You know each and every week we've we're strong we're playing a three -- game and I think part of the one game we've done that this year is the jets and and -- had a really good job but we -- imported all together and in each phase and it's always some -- and it has been you know during the course of the year and in -- area where young football team we know that. You know that's an overused cliche about you know we've got to find ways were they -- winning becomes habit. And you know we can build off of some good things like we had against the jets and starts second some wins. You know we can't do this every other game type of environment and you know we if we put ourselves in this position because we are in a very good position mean. And and that. -- assistant. A lot of fans aren't thrilled with the Toronto series and other outcome as a great surprise and bring that up to you right but. This week because of the nature of the game because of the closeness of the game in the way it played out I think this one sticks in the craw. Maybe more than any other loss up there in the Toronto series. So when you look at it. And we've talked to a lot about this about the business side of it and and regional this nation in the long term future of the franchise. Do you think it's possible that throughout a series could be good for business but not good for wins and -- and was Sunday and evidence of that. Well one thanks Howard I said -- you in the fans and January 1 this past years that I was gonna review every phase of this operation in this series comes within that framework. So. There's a full very Wear -- that will take place on all of our business and you know relative to. What this. You know what this series means. And William a look at it very closely. Because. And to your point you know what's good for business obviously Toronto. Has been you know positive for us down here we've had great growth. In the southern Ontario marketplace over the last five years. Back here at Ralph Wilson Stadium that has been a very a big positive. It has been a challenge to market there. And certainly has not translated into enough wins force there so. As I mentioned -- -- almost a year ago -- -- look at everything in this will be within some and I -- How much you know you mentioned January 1 will get this call we'll get the call that you know you're up there and -- one is that you know to paraphrase -- of the exact quote from you and you would prior members and she said. About brought about winning everything will be about winning in this organization is an. What will -- will get the call for the fans as well. He says everything is about winning but how can everything be about winning if you're taking one home game every year and moving it out of Orchard Park so I guess how do you balance that out. Well it's also Bobby inviolable and that's one of the things that you know we've talked about you know for many years here. You know look at a from the standpoint Howard you know where we were I don't know where we've done this year and on the tickets. We've taken a game out of the market which essentially is taken 70000 seats out of the market. And it truly only sold out two of our moments. We've manufactured sellouts and in the other four. Or five so. You know were trying to find ways to you know obviously. Keep this team the viable. Which we've done a very good job -- in this series is obviously contribute that -- that being said nothing comes of both winning to your point. And me and when I took over the reins on January 1 I said that is the number one focus. And that will be the number one focus and and that's one of the reasons that this will. Be reviewed in and a grand manner. IC's review what could you do what is there at the review process until you're in new F five what this easier one of the second five year agreement right right you can't get out of Kenya. And I'm I'm a look at everything Howard obviously attitude that. You can't even at that -- yeah. So you can actually get out of the deal. I think -- legally my focus in this organization is simple and that is to put ourselves in position to win championships. And sustain success period nothing nothing comes above that. -- Had. Russell it was a different. A different coach different voice you know obvious even dealing with the drama series search through coaching staffs you know they probably know how it works -- -- -- that -- any any conversations with. Dog or with either either direction general underdog Doug -- that have further alleged on this targeted to. Approach it like that like it needs to be reevaluated. No you are you're obviously coach from our own heading into this you know a good idea of what we're what it was about obviously we don't know where I was -- part of that so. You know it's like everything Jeremy you know training camp as well you know one of those things that. We did with coach her own and and we will continue to do is a valuation. Everything relative to training camp in his at the right thing to help us win it. And we know we have a great set of the Fisher you know that spot is that the best interest team does -- when I said everything's under review I mean everything everything that. Is involved -- this operation and is under review and in in this falls within that same atmosphere and and and that's how we're gonna approach because. You know my my focus. Is. 100%. Focused on winning getting back to where our fans need to being that's -- and meaningful games in December playing playoff games. And we know we've got a lot of good things going here but the fact of the matter is for for an eight. No wants -- really listen to it. That that things are going real well when you look at your record in this format so. I feel. Great about the direction of this franchise I feel. Great about coach -- what he's doing obviously what dog -- always done some of the key acquisitions that we've made. That are probably flying under the radar like good Jerry Hughes and the Fed Lewis and some of the moves we made in free agency. I think we're poised to be very good for a long time. But. You can't say that when -- Yeah I want actually I've wanted to follow up on that as we've been having that discussion this week. But. One less thing can you remain viable. Can the bills remain viable long term if I know it's big opinion on big into hypotheticals. But if you distribute -- like you know let this drama series is jealous we're gonna play big games we need to hear -- to park in the franchise remain viable without the Toronto series. Well you know Howard we've got to put ourselves in the position where we're where we're selling games -- no matter was up and you know I wanna play and I know our fans wanna -- deep December games here Ralph Wilson. And we we obviously wanted to have every seat in the embassy canceled -- -- that's the on the business side. You know sellouts Kenyan tribe your business to drive all aspects of your business so. You know that's our responsibility. On the field and give people entertainment product that's their problem. I certainly. Feel very good about the product that's been out there despite the record and we played very exciting games very competitive games. And we've lost four games by -- fire ever -- points. Who cares Rio Group we've from the standpoint of you know it's about winning and you know we've we've taken some steps but my ears and perform -- -- what we are. -- wanna ask you that risk is huge set it -- running notion that it just a few weeks ago you while -- -- record says you are we we've spent a lot of time this season. Although it's hard to make that point after a frustrating loss like Atlanta. But we spent a lot of time saying it feels different it feels like there are reasons to believe that the franchise is heading in the right direction but. If you wouldn't and -- roaming tingle while which record says you are your record says you're the worst team in the division right now that doesn't feel to be the case. You know it doesn't Howard and you know it does and that's where we stand. On fortunately. But I do feel and I think a lot of our fans in the feedback I've received from from many people feel very good about. You know what we're building here you know obviously. Have been a quarterback can EJ who's come along after being. Few stumbles injury wise this year. The play of our O line. Some of the our young players that we brought in through the draft. Obviously -- in the league in sacks and one of the top teams in interceptions in the what coach Patton has done. You know what what Mitch -- done with very trying circumstances and playing three quarterbacks during the course of here with a lot of young players. I know we're heading in the right direction I feel very good about that. But lawyer said it's hard to sit on -- and this radio station until you guys that. When your -- These -- the rest let me ask this in the rest of the season now -- year. Not mathematically. Eliminated from the playoff race but it obviously took a major blow on Sunday. So you've been down this road before -- you hit the final month of the season and it's a long shot are you. Looking now -- winds are you looking now at evaluating other teams -- Atlanta Jacksonville Tampa to have in the same discussion and other cities. How do you approach to final four games based on. Win lose or let's get some guys in there and start valuing between fourteen. There's nothing like wins Howard and it's all about building off what we're trying to accomplish and that's win football games. In at the same time your evaluating you know there's a very well ration their cars. Each and every week you know full of valuations of every play of every player. Up and on this roster so from that perspective. You know and that's in and that's one of the things are pro scouting department personnel people go on a consistent basis so. There's always a very wishing every practice is reviewed every play and practices reviewed and in that in all goes into the overall. Part of what you're trying to do here so. But nothing comes about winning in the and that's what we're in a position to focus. Beyond wins it will what else whether it's individual players whether it's stuff from the coaching staff you with the CEO president of the team beyond the obvious of with. What are you looking for what would you like to see in the final four games what are you focusing on. Well on the field that you are just so we talked about that's consistency of playing three -- game and you know -- close and some people out learning how to take that next step and in winning close games we've lost too many close games this year so. The largest. You know that this team has played extremely hard and then they will going into the final phase of final quarter of this season have no no question about that whatsoever. But to see just really build in and take something off of often this and you'll you know we'll keep feel like you said keep trying to put wins on the board of very -- in our players and and start building for the future as well. The CEO Russ -- the CRW jargon a few other things ordering up one is the draft. This time of year early December or where is the organization in terms of the whole draft process what is going on at this point. Well Doug -- and you know Jim Morris who runs or are -- personnel and -- major rescue overseas and bush were college scouting and all the scouts. Howard you know every week there out of the office and there on the road at its schools throughout the country. Dodgers got back from a 22 and a half weeks now. From being out on the West Coast and hit all the schools on that front so there in the what their processes is during the course overseas and there are constantly out great players in college and so on and so forth. Leading up to all the things that will talk about in first quarter of next here would come lines in the pro orders and so on and so forth but and then we'll have meetings come off of off of the year Palm Pre come by and where will go through all of the draft a ball players at that time. And and that through the work that they're doing now so they're putting all the grades on on the players is they see them and spend a lot of time on the road a lot of time in school so -- really -- meetings this time a year sharing information that comes later. Now you know you get some you know but. Some hallway talk about some things -- nothing formal. Until we get post this season when we have all our scouts come in town. Prior to become mine as we prepare to go to the -- the there it is one of the guy I expression a way to dislike but obviously when they're a hot issue this week is Stevie. And his -- the other day are you concerned about him at all after the fumble. No I mean obviously it's typical play is at a difficult time in the game and and that's what the focuses between. It's it's easy to be a point fingers at that and but you know it's also reason to point fingers at the production that it has supporters in a position. To be in that slot -- with some of the big plays in May especially on third down so. Obviously you know he -- this point it's got cameras disappointed. We all work. That the ball was on the ground but you know you have to look at it in the -- Well let me get the talk big picture about Stevie because people bring up. The fumble will will bring up memories of you know the drop against Pittsburgh in the drop against New England. And the penalty against the jets and I'm trying to -- that the penalty against Cincinnati improbably even one or two of the things out. You know where I'm going -- -- -- stuff the big picture with Stevie he is still is he still worth it in your opinion in terms of his value to this team. Certainly you know obviously he's also you know you can say all those things I understand it as people are frustrated. No questions. And and I appreciate that and understand it. But at the same time we also have to saviors join -- in the history of the Buffalo Bills -- have had 31000 yard seasons to. So you know it if you you have these people. You know players put themselves in the position. And situationally pressures on a game. And every single play to make plays and he's made a ton of plays and he's had a few -- -- have Ron that he'd love to have back but when you're an athlete. And you put yourself out there. There are going to be times that things do not go your way and unfortunately on Sunday it -- go his way and the at that time frame of against. He is considered at least by outsiders I would assume you guys do consider him a leader of one of the leaders on this team -- of one of the veterans on this team. How is his behavior then and glasses that it was what a couple of years ago I'm trying to were called. If he's had an issue with flags -- -- else how do you think his behavior has been since he is considered BA leader on this team like we bring it up with Fred Jackson clearly one of the leaders and and some of the players will look to -- what about Steve. Yeah I think that's one of the things Howard that you know sort of goes unnoticed with them you know I I I've I've heard that a few times about his leadership and the other one thing about Stevie is when he comes he plays heard all the time he works his tail off. He's always upbeat he's -- you know I can't say enough about his approach. And how he you know comes to work every day so. You know from that standpoint you know I I I gave a little bit confused by that -- but -- I get to see him every day and see how he approaches things and certainly have a lot of respect for how he goes about his business. Couple of the guys who wanted to ask Europe where let's get going. Again kind of back to a big picture thing you talked about when asked about the team -- you wanna -- but the final for games you talked about consistency and closing out games and winning these close games what about your rookie quarterback EJ Manuel. I thought it said because in in the loss on Sunday one of the things that's lost is Eddie. On a game winning rally inside the last two minutes for the second time this season but that went out the window so from him specifically the last four games what would you like to see in his development. You know just building off of what he's done you know you look back at Sunday and if they would of went our way I think the big topic of the week -- would have been exactly what you just mentioned. You know he put us in a position. A couple of times to to close I came out. And you know from very happy with -- his progression and how he's approached each and every week. In a very excited about the future with -- court. The other last -- asked about Stephon Gilmore do you think he has taken a step back this season. I think he's been it's been typical year for him based on miss in the amount of time you know others. Obviously you deal with a wrist injuries are very physical player. As you know and in and also being off the field for sixty weeks you know interest. Conditioning wise and all the things that he would. Jump back in and and and try to get up to speed and you know I think he'd be the first -- -- he wants it. You know take another step up to worry he was and you know obviously he's very very good player. But you know I think he's been -- you know with some of that nagging injury coming off that early in the year. You -- one home game left what are the chances of selling out the Miami it was a pretty much impossible at this point. Don't you don't feel good about Howard you know we're gonna vote for a thousand seesaw for McCain so. That's a long way to go in two weeks right. Our -- as always thanks very much for the time and good luck on Sunday against Tampa back. Pursuit compost Russ Brandon bills CEO and president joining us to be joined us late you're gonna wanna.

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