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12/09 Fred Jackson on WGR

Dec 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Few lines open right now actually at 803055888550. To 550 -- -- -- how -- -- -- about the -- today. They're going nowhere yet again. Let me see how the rest of the season plays -- voted OGR 550 dot com we've talked a lot about EJ Manuel struggles the offense yesterday and how bad yesterday was all round. You can chime in as well and we'll get Fred Jackson thought the bills running back joining us right now no Eagles football Monday Fred it's Howard Jeremy good morning thanks for coming -- -- The -- you know that's I. Certainly disappointed. Thank everybody is locked room. Out almost -- -- -- yesterday you know is -- to have anybody. You know. That have anything good to say about us and we know that you know on that that that's not a problem that we have to. Or that we we are. Can be proud you know so plural gentlemen we gotta we gotta get better and we know that even. We we noted in this locker room you know gaga stepped up got to get better and play better than we did just that. How did trying to explain how a performance like yesterday occurs. I mean they're glorifying him you know we just looked completely you know like -- you know we look at. All that's the whole we didn't do anything well. You know there's there's not one thing we do well also we didn't pass the ball well we didn't protect -- -- well we didn't run the ball well it. An economy due dates which are digits and abet that situation room you know they they chipped in it could you know we gave. Tampa -- you know. Ample opportunities and our on our. All of our -- if -- and they did everything in -- to keep them out. No keep us from their -- You know any time you put some decent Tibet situation like that not talk about it. Do you think. That apparently is some of the guys -- about how wasn't a particularly good week of practice do you think you guys basically had to hang over from the Atlantic game couldn't shake that loss. I mean you know being a young team you know that's always a possibility. -- -- not think we displayed. Like practice you know and you know we can't play like not -- you know we will get that correct no art art. Part of a lot better in the team showed up and played on Sunday. And I you know compared to going to be tested you know written. -- -- if that's the type of performance you know we're gonna put on tape we won't be here next year -- open. No you know wrote the note coach Malone no they won't bout that wanna Whipple ought not out there. No bulletin -- we won't be back -- help. We've got to go out there and get that corrected and we'll see what. You know the hardest thing is the character and his team you know it's gonna come out in at the amount not to performance like that would bring that -- -- You so that you won't be a part of you know winning because no work -- had to know he's gonna evaluated in northern convert supporter. On that point Fred oh I'd love to get your perspective on this because you're one of the veterans you've been around here for quite some time. I've been saying that I I I honestly did feel different this season that I felt that if you could necessarily see you you couldn't see it in the record. But there was a feeling that you know you guys were headed in the right direction. There's no way. I can make the case after yesterday and after last week so here we are in December and another season is going down the tubes do you feel it's any different or does this feel like every other season you've had here. That's who built this game and last week in our -- -- Foreign art scene you know the last two weeks have been art you know on I'd -- take step back for anything because the net you know. So pollute like we did that we can -- and come out and impairs an -- It's something that we're not Prada but it has -- the -- there's been games. It all season long that we we've been hearing on competed in and everything. Like that. -- that we're we're trying to we're gonna get -- turnaround yet. So that means you know I can't ask people that -- of the performance we put out you know yesterday. But this sit at the same thing that no law I've been a part of bird you know this and by your column. They they're gonna change you know and everybody in this organization is working force change in -- that's gonna get it done and evaluate all of Almonte self imposed. And make sure working Tribune and didn't extinction you know. That's what it's gonna come out of you know got -- got to keep working you know we have to keep plugging away. Column you know we got redundancies and let him we've got so open offered old and or you know their -- might change them. Fred Jackson this year com. What when you have a game like yesterday Fred. Obviously the loss is disappointing but. The perception is prompts from people watching the game you talked about guys have to show up is that the team didn't show up. How discipline is is that. -- is -- well first off did you feel that way and if you did is that more disappointing than anything else it's one thing to get beat it's another to look around and say denial that we showed up today. Mean it's definitely disappointing when you we walk. Like he punched the button you know not rebel -- You know and I -- not -- that's what happened not so what we. Who walked out that in -- mountain. Lou we didn't recover from. You're on. That's what at this point about it is you know we know how talented this is all the talent we have everywhere you -- on the field reports. To be out there and you know. I'm not make plays guitar and you know not every everybody not everybody. Didn't so what we had our defense played well you know it doesn't it below par but our defense played well. You know we we had turnovers and all of that that put them and that the twenty yard line. Not a bit everything record total to vote any time a decent but when that we have to do better than not that we don't give up on and off from yesterday. And they got out of so you know that that's almost all of -- The game yesterday you know it was probably the worst offensive -- form thump and a part of up in buffalo. You know any time we played -- bad. You're gonna get beat like we did on scoreboard this. It you understand you've cut -- -- and some pretty bad offensive performances unfortunately over the years that -- say that you think this song was the worst the some pretty hideous games you've been and unfortunately right. Yeah and you know we come and we had turnovers we we couldn't protect he did you know we got or that what -- -- today. You know we didn't run the ball work late. We'll tell you today and you you become one dimensional got to go to tee off. You know unfortunately for you did you know you can which has them mostly eat today or. We don't do anything to help themselves. You know that was a bad performance -- you know we we better. Did -- turnaround soon. You know edit its -- promised -- -- make sure that. No god so this week to practice you know more focus and get a chance Obama. Drexel or we can have a repeat performance right there there's noticed chicken. I want to ask about each day obviously because he he was. He was so bad yesterday. How much I know you said it's not just DJ. But let's face it the offense and the team really follows it's it's a cue from the quarterback so how much of a step back was yesterday in his development process. Well I mean it definitely hurt you know it's stuff up and down examples of a -- young quarterback. You know when will we don't know anything that help limit and often units. He's got a stroke you know when he didn't hit you know every time he dark -- as the ball that's going to be -- but you know and either young guys that that just been purposely doesn't have children Easter present different instructors. -- column. You know Tampa to a lot of different looks you know they've they've started a rugby shirts or -- we make it's that they make it's so. You know it's. This. Good -- bad part of being you know and let's hope for a better you know when you lose you're gonna get the blame when you win you get a -- -- Unfortunately a lot like yesterday he's gonna get a lot of blame you know with with the way that you know like China. You worry about a young quarterback like that and how much his confidence can be shaken after a day like that. -- always. -- -- -- -- I have a performance the way you know not only him you know us as an office unit we have to come back and I'll continue to go to worked out I'm talking this morning and already. You know he's ready to so to go back and look at what he can do better. He's article wanna meet with the -- So no I'm not worried about him. You know not at all you know he's gonna continue to work you know as a finger at not taking them trying to keep them -- -- -- yeah now that trigger does that. You know you got -- we're gonna all over this season you know you know and therefore actual so. You know we got to keep him and you know and I hit it won't -- -- -- do -- You know woody young quarterback it's -- and a veteran captain on the -- and he's somebody -- -- that we stated in the amount of where we're bottom an -- back on percent. Fred Jackson -- as those running back your bills football money your calls coming up and a few moments 8030550. So -- Marron. Kept the locker room closed for a little while after the game yesterday apparently gave. You when your teammates a chance to clear the air vent whatever have the floor what did you guys talk about. Well I mean I wanted him to veto this because a lot of this you know we wanna keep an -- out but it was just about you know being that we needed to do. You know to get this thing turned around and what we thought of you know what was going on its. He gave you know people go to the floor you know and right now put it out there awarded and that they've got to be there are. To get this then turn around a little -- so. You know that that was just the gist of you know. -- that's why I know that you know gotten her are in history to win. We believe we will find out what -- made for the rest of the season. When -- -- to come play you know and I think we we have a team that's a resilient team and we -- out there. Maybe this goes back Fred to hear your comments. In all about the team a few moments ago but I was -- do you worry at all about previous teams and how you feel this team is still different. Do you worry at all when you reach this point. Really to gut wrenching losses one was close and really -- this when you just were blown out. Do you worry at all about finger pointing and guys had and some internal issues now cropping up when you get to a point like this. Not at all you know I think. Certain important is -- gonna get anything done I think it's about. With fifteen -- -- Gaza gonna. Are actually gonna you know Gordon being in the opposite direction not a got an -- at fox sports are not going -- gonna. I'll do whatever it whatever it is that they can't to make you know their teammates up easier you know enough. That's what I expect from listing of you know and not being in this locker room know been around. Not I have no role you know. No question -- got -- gonna show up you know not point a finger at anybody else and you know look at themselves an American Amir and see what it is that. We can do is injured individuals to make this team that. Fred Jackson is for a cup moments here on no bills football Monday the running game never got going yesterday Fred what happened they had any ideas why. We only got five carries total which I -- follow up in the second but overall you guys weren't able to get going any ideas why. Basically we just didn't stick with it early in the game in the Arctic -- -- -- of one dimensional the only time media you know it's hard to get things start. -- Well we don't have a lot of plays on in general you know or corporate not yet turnovers that they like their anger at. There aren't going to be many touches for anybody so. You know when you get behind that they were behind 1731. Point you know you gotta start on a curveball and get back into wouldn't. You know that's another reason running game and in what -- did and didn't get go. So the five carries was not I I was wondering if maybe if the game gets out of hand -- think and I don't need to have Fred beat up. -- the five carries woods was not related to that. Might not not that I know you know I wouldn't think that he not been known billionaires -- -- competing anyway we -- You know it don't matter what the score is -- gonna try and a football game and you know I don't think -- you know part of the reason why don't. One let's say when asked about -- I thought Fred he's done a good job this year for the most part of getting the ball out seemed like yesterday there were times where he held on. Too long. Where where may be had a pocket -- enough time to get it out. Even the one on the low snap I thought he recovered and had some time to get the ball out and didn't did you feel that that that he was holding a little too long yesterday. At some point you know. It yet again we gotta give Tampa Bay's coverage you know velvet -- -- Covert action. -- really just have to get over it get open receivers. You know he'll continue to work on stuff like that you know that at least -- that they evaluate today looking at Salomon. -- where I got there we didn't do anything and well you know the outcome -- You know we gotta get that taken care for him be successful. Fred as always thanks for coming all of us appreciate your time this morning and good luck getting things back together this -- good luck at Jacksonville. Thanks opportunity haven't -- My my pleasure Fred thank you Fred Jackson joining us here on bills football Monday and if you did joined in a little bit lane and you wanna hear the entire conversation we will be available on demand audio. At WGR 550 dot com -- segment with us each week brought -- you by northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest and by. -- smoke shop hitting you between the up -- now open 24 hours football Monday also included we get the phone calls here and second industrial 550 football Monday reminder will also include. --

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