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12/9 Eric Wood w/ Schopp and The Bulldog

Dec 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back on Buffalo Bills football Monday -- -- -- the Bulldog here joined by Eric -- Eric -- motor UN right now. Their great. Use. Didn't that corporate it'll be able stating. John Murphy was just with us and said that you said this morning something to the effect of we have to grow up. How cold harsh were you feeling after this game and maybe still today. Pretty bad I mean that was -- that's about -- although. You know without -- -- ourselves of all early. Little pinky up close and we really didn't. We're really get a single one ever -- in the game and donated some different wrinkles and but it wasn't excuse you know he we got actually better all around you know there was a group effort offensively. The so. Reaffirmed. You know we really got -- vehicle exhaustively. Eric were you worried in the run up to the game. That bit. The focus wasn't there admit that the the preparation to get it past the disappointment of last week's loss to Atlanta. Didn't have you -- a good place or did it surprise you that. The team performed the way performed. You know after the game last week. Probably Monday we will Rupert of adults you know game. You know we've we felt we -- -- or -- Jealous sexually that we -- and there wasn't worried about our thoughts -- on the local state going to the game was what are we just. We did next -- early and then when you get one dimensional. Against any sort of really you know we struggled offensively upload. The hospital on myself included we didn't we didn't play great. You know we really didn't make any plays downfield. Or really don't know our current situation. Eric what's it like on the sideline during the game like that is there arguing is it really quiet what would what is the scene like. You know will be some Kamal what we're trying to make adjustments and we will look at the pictures that we give it it'll blow. We tried transsexual going to lose. The water trying to get -- -- because you know. So and so wasn't working in they'd be go to showed a couple different pressure looks him. You know we were early try to get a goal and I mean there's not a lot of arguing because -- and excuse -- strict -- You know we knew we had to -- yourself fixed. Based old villains lose a lot of communicating both not a -- of yellow. So when you're saying that you feel the team needs to grow up what what what. What leads you to say because that is that's up but the harsh criticism and I'll bet the stuff that's going on you don't -- behind closed doors even harsher than Matt. -- to -- that publicly but what. What pushes you to that point like what are you seeing whether it's on the -- more while the game is going on that they -- you to that is that preparation. Is that. Handling adversity or is that all of that worked worked worked what's behind that -- Yeah I think it's everything -- think. -- we need to prepare better I think browser. Per carry but you know we obviously can do more we can. -- car that's more serious some not so we don't take its original work really hard. But demanding perfection -- yourself all week -- in the game you're giving yourself a chance to succeed in. Just really do a little saying you know approaching each day of national and that's kind of what I was alluding to bed. I'm not generalize that whole team. Myself included with all of you gotta be better pros. Did it we gotta do whatever it takes to win. And these last two weeks hopefully we can find what it takes in. Didn't learn what it takes. Because right now -- Boston. You know this you can just get a roller -- -- You know couple weeks you know three -- you were saying well you know we could make a run. -- takes Obama from the jet -- and we can we'll make a playoff push it and we. You're down when we come back up and no good founded in hopefully this is rock bottom and hopefully we played it very well yesterday. Obviously won't -- it -- there and hopefully come out and play a lot better and actually. Yeah I wanted to ask you something right along those lines this season we're talking to fans all the time and for a team that has never had a winning record. Fans have been more positive. Then may be in any other year since this playoff drought started for the bills thirteen years ago. It's not always that the fans are going to reflect the players' attitude -- a sense that there was a lot of that you've talked up. Your team some of your teammates have also. This game. Changes the mood of the fans I think that with everybody but. With a lot of them because if it's harder now to spin it positive with. What yesterday looked like and what your record is now so it might be the kind of the American it. That brings about reflection where you -- you sort of look in the mirror is a team if you will and and say right well how can we really. Defend that we've made progress when were sitting here with this record after this game. We're -- right that's what you have to do you have to look at yourself she -- -- going wells which -- going bad. And you. You gotta go well you've got you know like I said hopefully this is rock autumn in and out of the interject what kept me -- Do you. The feelings are overstated and they were about as bad as you get song from everybody you know no one's happy. Then we -- the pressure you know. We know that were paid to come here a little ball games are worn out there right now and you know will. We're fighting for victors in this city were fighting for our jobs and and you get rock bottom that you play so bad especially we'll put a lot -- -- We go look at ourselves we gotta get gotta we -- horrible way to excuse because. You know -- you let you know there was a record about partial disability in a wheelchair with its quarterly. And we've got to go up it was going to go to where. You know. Yeah it's cliche to say such one's -- really good. Any sort -- prepare watching film tomorrow and you know props that will be on the upswing. There was oh a long meeting the locker room was close after the game for a longer period than normal. Coach grown in his meeting with the media following that yesterday. Mentioned that -- you know you guys would be a feud -- double doubled you know what he said you guys whatever you wanna do you know make public how how different. It sounds like reading some of the accounts of that that that that his approach. Was somewhat different in that scene in the in the locker room after a game like that can you can you elaborate a little bit on that for the fans. Yeah and another -- that we could say whatever want put. About 100% sure what should be in the public what should put. The -- dental work dresses just accountability. Be accountable day in day out doing all the little things right. That that eventually lead of the game and we've been pretty inconsistent. You know with the -- throughout the week. In and legacy before I don't know what I can and can't. Talk about -- -- but. We're not we're not a cure with the little things during the week and then again they've for a while -- -- -- we -- games we have terrible games. It did yesterday it was terrible woman so from a captain SharePoint -- message what is. Got that are accountable all the time. You can rely on you play it harder for guys like that in the inter view yourself and be more accountable and then I'm not talking about. Maybe dropped sets them apart matters such -- talk about you know effort day to day effort will achieve results is more room. Derrick -- with us here on Buffalo Bills football Monday on WGR. Erik Chris grown from Buffalo Bills dot com this morning on the station made initially point he he wondered aloud. When you we talk about the bills and learning to win he says with the road this disrespect to any of the veterans we have. Who on the team shows the way. He pointed out that there really aren't veteran players from other franchises. Who can. Taking even guys who've been around for longer like yourself or Kyle Williams for example. And and show by example what has worked elsewhere. That that may not be true to a man there might be a guy or two I'm I'm forgetting in this point but. That there's some there's some truth to this point I think do you respect it do you think. The bills would benefit from having. This kind of experience. On the roster a -- you know for next year I guess. -- actually I'm not gonna say candor chance. But you know we know. We have some for instance a guy normally post on the if you don't negotiate. So there's an -- won a Super Bowl Pittsburgh. Along the comment I'd make sure that GM or players that come from guys like that will -- you who have. -- and Super Bowl he'll tell me kind of help are leaders. Spoke to people. How can -- interactive how they help each other accountable. So what example is is a guy like that do. Blog and have learned something from just based upon his experience in the NFL -- -- right we don't we don't necessarily -- -- and that's an easy point to make. But I feel like our core. Veteran leaders we have. Or got that are capable waiting endlessly. You know we just gotta we gotta play better attitude. And obviously yesterday that we got to play -- -- -- The holding each other accountable part of this is limited to big theme here yesterday and today. Can you talk a little bit or maybe a lot Eric about just. The challenges that that presents because. You know you want to be honest wanna be up front. You have to be certainly yourself performing at a certain level in order to do that too right otherwise it comes off as hollow. Just how. How challenging is it. To get after one another even if it's just in practice all week like that's not good enough we need we need better. Wednesday Thursday Friday as we get ready to play these games. Yes -- there's a touchy subject to any club you're. Your leader your outspoken you're going to be a little bit more formidable. You know I I if you told me yesterday that's unacceptable but. Won't that you could never -- for me it's -- effort in actually like gutsy that he got lets me because they note dated whether it's the -- room. Film whatever. I'm gonna give ball all the -- monopoly that got us. Respectively from that standpoint and there's a lot of guts for that child those types of guys when they speak listen because those guys. You know -- -- take place in those also stated they helped. Bring it in everything they do. But your right you know it's. You know like I get all -- only yesterday that I reconcile what they need to keep yourself well. -- -- pictured him vulnerable and sure that they could set back in the object to turn and the -- -- -- scrambles Gillick got ago. Yeah and I understand that and that's that's part of being a leader you have to be able to take criticism like that I can't. You know that's why not. People would say to me what they want. And and -- accepted it and it has those social without essential to me that I know that -- made it must also -- And any accountability not necessarily always about. You know me altered somewhat accountable and not me yelled at him on or experts. Or don't have to be. It can be day in day out. I will go pick up while we all these people have been. That's generally approach -- try to take. Is not try to bear some guy album -- -- On a game fuel for instance if more try to try to lead by example day in day out. And I guess that circles let's back to where we started this conversation today and that's the the near the need to grow up because you have to be mature you have to be. Grown up to handle those kinds of conversations. Criticisms that come with that because you're really just all trying to get. The same end result which is a positive one for the team. -- -- we are -- -- in all of our goals to win and and it could not somebody's called. Ross you know -- do anything it takes to win. Our coaches -- well that says you know we're we're here to win ball games that's the only. They were worried about it guys. Who are worried about that over weeded out in. It and I think that if they showed usually you know we've got a lot of guys -- there's been a lot of competition within positions to those women around here. It is what we need to do what were you are generally bearish years ago. Eric Wood with -- us here on WGR. Well all this should provide some motivation I would think for a game that might otherwise lack. Some reasons for motivation you know to -- nine teams but. It sounds the way you're talking -- can I can hear -- or intensity coming through. So that may be if it speaks for the rest of your teammates. Then the bills will be in a different -- next week at least we can hope. Yes it is Democrats that I didn't feel like we came out of politics that it. And you know what Lester or give us intensity that -- be against the New York Jets when he smoked -- I think it's just about execution. And I can't speak for everybody but we just have to make sure preparations are. York since you throughout the week -- and those things will carry over it. And get your right to form our teams square off this week that these are two teams that have been founded. You know that we both want efficiencies and Cheryl. And I know trust in particular. You know or -- well it happened this week. You can bet we're becoming -- fight next week. What -- a loophole Kirk. Would you a lot of the Cincinnati game. We want. Yeah but it was an overtime game it was a. -- yes. You know -- robbery -- You know they generally play pretty tight but. Facilitated ritual of the great job at the end try to put people on the pakistanis make him play as well it. You know we. Watching the game -- -- -- preached that stagnant. And waltrip picked up the tempo of the second temple also absolutely able to -- that treatment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you put the ball in the hands of a guy like -- territory at the end generally speaking you're gonna happen. It. Yeah I work out the global in the out are considerable trouble Soviet LC until. The other cities since. We Washington walked in the building. You think he's going to be great. The great. Yes I mean I think he has what it takes. It's hard to project a guy like that especially young years he's probably torn you're 21 years old. What you've got all the tools you look for. There's a great kid. Real good about football. Been -- a lot of adversity in life and entitled to role that Ronald. I don't see why he would be able to succeed. Put direct position and so. Do they know where they're going -- like they gave the work with their with their bowl game is going to be utters not decided. Then they accepted a -- to the Russell athletic ball right after. We've beat Cincinnati date we have our shut the BCA. Given that. Game go to Orlando and play Miami Hurricanes which we had a couple good battles with the walls and well. I was gonna ask you what the Russell athletic pole is but he said a little bit of play Miami it's in Florida. Yeah that's good place for one QB he's going to Boise. Erica radical urban to Boise. I haven't -- Yeah blue Jersey medical board member of the church. The blue the blue field. All right what are we not asking you were hurt -- what what -- -- -- a bad day but. They're -- very good -- -- What I don't know one thing that more wanna ask you from the game -- its okay. What what what was your view on the long touchdown that was called back. Well -- threw a flag and called on the Robert we both of our drug locked up on assault -- I'm assuming you meant the column he can you do for like about direction. -- a terrible call. Have my hands inside of the guys -- Iran's past and we got bruised hand in the air the ref looks at the runner. She's very strict in what it turns back there on the personal -- did. A mere tabloid that it takes every. Ounce of your being not to just go to that -- did. Just off of few choice words war but. You know that's not -- so that that's so -- it -- it. OK so you think even though they call that we're talking about this earlier they called down on Robert it was a sign of you do you think through the the fall was called on -- Probably a -- it could have been given the nearest river and -- got locked up put. I mean it was in my correction my got -- -- -- in the air once we get past and so I'm assuming was from being. Today's -- these -- replay a closeup view on that and I don't know I never played but holding is so stupid for me like you've got you're talking about keeping your hands inside. You know talking about whether or not you're actually holding them but isn't that how they call -- they call based on where your hands are not now what they're doing. Yes and I never told -- I'd never -- or similar direction est my body completely square between him and the ball. That's all I can really either I mean there's. In a situation like that there's literally nothing I can do suffer let him go my way. I mean that's that's tough for me to do it doesn't -- holding call. He just got washed out of pocket the Margo has drawn a lot of game looted. Isn't. I -- -- got -- got on AJ there for trying to pull a little bit. So obviously talking about told -- you know Egypt doesn't take and other investors show in the game which. You know -- -- you'll you'll you'll look back at the game of mutual all the calls. -- it's extremely frustrating. For a player you know but like his view on -- tried before and after a game that that really that some cities -- music. Hard to live with right. Okay -- coming in -- we'll talk to next week a good luck Sunday. Are. OK welcome Eric Wood every Monday for.

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