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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is football Friday by the way. Friday the thirteenth both of us working through on me you know superstitious that we are joined by -- around the bills head coaches out at Ralph Wilson Stadium good what are coach Dario good morning I don't let -- you're not superstitious writes -- -- it would be at work on Friday the thirteenth if you're superstitious guy I do have some superstitions. Can you share any of them to keep them secret. I mean you know a lot of time they get dressed the same way before game you know put things on the way certain type of prayer Karzai have. You know that I keep in my pocket during the course of the game. Sometimes it's you know little things that he before you know just a regular week I think. I think when you're in sports I think -- kind of the starter wanna little kid you know -- wore -- shirt underneath my uniform and -- a home -- -- federal. Sure okay. You wanna be around me after awhile he gets hit home runs they're probably smelled -- -- cameras where it's worth it for the home -- I think we all of a little bit. So look at let's get injuries in first guest is obviously people wondered about Kiko Alonso. And also drag her -- so let's start those two go ahead which won one let's Alonzo -- -- to place yeah you think yeah he was ready to go full Gloria. So they want to practice. You know and then we just took you know just a couple things often just make sure that these well rested. He's played unbelievable amount of snaps really has I think you might be playing the most apps in the NFL you're on defense service sector most in the NFL so. He but he does an unbelievable job you know especially for a rookie. Take care of body I said that you know all it took two to one of the people during a press conference. He's won the first guys in the building is one Alaska believe. -- plane you know he's he's really plan that I hired. Production level I mean he's he's really been highly productive for a -- You know he's he's taken a lot of hits you know so we gotta make sure their you know we -- -- available on we've we believe he'll finish strong so he's definitely play unless something happens between now and Sunday. You know before -- get there America -- a couple weeks ago we brought up the idea of not just Alonso but all the guys you know first -- out of college the length of the season. More so with -- Alonso because he's played every single snapped. And have you seen any issues at all the last couple weeks in terms of fatigue as far as you can tell what. You know -- you know it it it's interest thing and it's a very difficult question to answer because. You know at this time of year you do expect especially wouldn't production. Some somewhere and care does that make sense some other words you know very rarely sees don't have that many plays. And be that productive and not you know have you know this or that store or you don't need some time to just take off journal -- to get invited back ago. So I think from that standpoint I see as as as normal and I give him the credit for doing a better job of that. About Gregor Vic what's his status for Sunday I -- I'm not I'm not sure about. I'm I'm not I think you know today we're gonna he worked a little bit yesterday off to a two trainers off to the side. Hill you know I'm I'm after today the train is that you know he's in their -- tree right now -- -- to come -- with the you know possibly can do today. And then -- will take it from man I really think that the -- day and that might be game time decision. You know I don't know if we asked about this guy last week inevitably get said he was ready to play at that time what about Tony -- hockey. Yeah I like a you know he's he's done -- in practice you know. He's been he's been out -- so. We're working him back in there and end -- there is a possibility that we may bring him off in the next three weeks but if we wanna make sure that you know he's ready to go. But we're excited about him. Last week. After the game in Tampa. There was this meeting afterwards players had a chance to -- captain Stockton and you mentioned you know you're gonna get into specifics as if the players did -- They could Fred Jackson talked all that and sort of Eric Wood on their Monday segment here. I get my question would be. Led -- to the point where you thought after the game we needed to do that he needed someone to give those guys a chance to stand up and say whatever they wanted to say it was or something that triggered. Other than the obvious admitted he didn't play well with or something that you didn't like in particular. Now I mean I mean you know we play well but there been times I mean after after gains were -- -- -- short sometimes -- along I just happen to be a little longer. And that one but now -- -- Not him not then really trigger that I don't think that you're going there would plants and OK if we don't win this game this is what I wanna do I think it's you know at that moment what -- -- and obviously we all felt extremely disappointing performance. You were on when -- hours last Friday had talked a lot about you know last week getting the players past the pain of the Atlantic game making sure they were focusing on the task at hand. Trying to figure out how to beat Tampa Bay and obviously didn't go well. What are your thoughts on what you saw this week in terms of focus. In meetings on the field -- practice all that stuff were there any concerns this week in terms of how they look after last week's loss. Now in its its you know -- it's been. It's been great I mean they've come back they practice harder storming about this game you know as a coach and you struggle all the time. You know you go in there and and and and you have these good practices and people say hey how the team Marco we're ready to go -- and you go out there anyway and I think you know that sometimes you know you're thinking in your mind -- boy you know we made some mistakes on misstatements -- mistakes on that when you -- out -- you played lights out. You know don't give me -- bill that I. You have to work eat your your butt off every single day I'm 110%. In everything you do whether it's in the meeting in the training room. Watch an extra film taking -- your body obviously we all realized on the practice field. And you you have to be 110%. Dedicated to that to give you the opportunity to win. OK on Sunday and when you go out on -- field yet to be able ready to play and confidence in my mind is the biggest thing. Well enough follow up on that because there was talk about accountability this week Kyle Williams for once that it it is and where it needs to be. How do you make it better and try to improve. Accountability on the team would a lot of different things and obviously that's my role and I will do a good job. Is that up. Operation like the team being prepared because a lot of times with a young team we'll talk -- you know they'll learn how to win but is is learning to prepare a part of becoming an NFL player. Absolutely. Absolutely. Do you feel like. Maybe not individually or as a team was that part of the biggest was that one of the big part of the problem for the Tampa game. No I mean it's it's it's. It's it's everything I'm -- everything type guy you know filled with just one thing and you haven't found that problem to a you can go fix it and shame on you. You know there there are a lot of things in -- Let's let's make sure we're clear and you know. This is a process you know of a book there's a lot of things that we need to continue to get better. To get ourselves into position where we win period -- and I have to exhaust every opportunity that I have I have to turn over every rock look at every cranny. And figure this thing out get this thing done and that's that's a 24 hour you know job and that's every single day in my life. How assortment it was a civil war of the recent past my preparation of things we we wondered about us going back and watch the game we knew you'd mentioned that. You you're proud to put on tape the other couple plays -- looked like the offense especially was not on the same page different. Receivers running something different on the quarterback in the what were the breakdowns -- communication was it in understanding -- and on some of the plays that where I mean it looked like a jump off that that people were not on the same page. I don't disagree. And communication. Communication from. Players to player player to player somewhere somewhere -- the communication broken down with a play called and not execute when there was what to do. Do you the last two games when you go back and look at Atlanta and Tampa and we've talked to you about you know progress and all -- other stuff and and and taking steps forward and so to speak. The the last two games today make use. Did you think your further away now that you had -- -- originally thought I guess at the last couple games how they affect you. -- the last two -- to get a big picture. -- First of all it is the only way to do it affects is obviously -- disappointment of not winning that that's that's with big and you know. Where do we have to spend the time to get ourselves right now not by any offseason. Not not -- what do we have to get better day what do we learn from this season what are we what are we learning dated date from this team what do we learn from game to game. And what do we do now in this moment for us to win that's the point fan I concentrate on I don't try to look at it. Eight in this overran you know analyze this thing that's that's for efficacy and right now it's it's more of a priority of what do we have to do -- -- we get to you know ourselves to win a game period. Biden in that vein what the DJ Manuel have to do better on Sunday what what do you need to see from him this game against the jaguars. Well he has to play better obviously you know in in in in what he's doing in the you know what he'll it. You ask him he'll tell you that and I don't think it's a secret and you know you know. And he's worked extremely hard but it's not just them you know we need everyone and it's just not the often it's the offensively special teams we need this whole team. OK to play better we have to coach that I have to coach that. You know everyone has to improve. -- and that's what we have to do and if we all improve. OK we should what we should be able to went specific Lanny. Can you talk a little bit though. In terms of his do you think that he's getting jumpy and all that he looked -- you at all like you know maybe he's lead in the pocket to earlier seemed a little jumping on Sunday against him. Well I'll I'll say this OK is that you know whether I was with Drew Brees. Okay weather's where Chad -- fan or Vinny Testaverde all three veteran quarterbacks okay when they get hit early. Okay all right or something changes on them. All right they've they've all been at least in my experience or stroke. And one of the things that you learn with the processes. You know we've got to do a good job of settling him down. You know when things happen early on considered I look at you planning and is there were great spurts of power play mineral land again. OK and everything was going on the father though many of the Tampa Bay game and he gets you know things happen early. You know whether it's greens different coverages getting hit this many factors and it. OK and then you see which you know which you saw -- gonna sit here and deny that it's on it's on tape because -- the fans have seen on television. And that the one thing where we have to do is keep improving on all the years so that there is a better comfort level so he can be able to to perform and it's part of a process and he's gonna get better. It seems like. Like the the big war would be to frost. For him or for a pretty quarterback that you've got to trust. The line you gotta trust that the call trust the receiver because it's one of the things that I think Nathaniel Hackett doctoral -- on the sideline. When they Wear when they met after the Steelers game and he came down for the jet game that he needed to be a trusted you gotta you gotta throw -- -- closest yet is that the biggest thing for for a young court elected to just to trust it. Trust is funny. We trust has to be ever wonder what they're supposed to do better you know run and right route doing the right thing to Macon and protection and making sure that their block and having everybody picked up. Okay then it becomes to the quarterback to have enough -- you know. No trust to go ahead and throw the football -- on its own gonna get it's I do think it's it's it's said that that overall. Picture what. And it is part of that is part of that hanging in the -- we don't yet yet protection problems against Tampa but it seemed a few times and he was he was just kind of getting out early. And plays broke down in part because. I mean you you would know better than than we would what what the boxer trying to do it seems like what's happening now as teams are trying to come with a with pressure act. Your quarterback directly adamant trying to move him left and right in right and that worked against -- in for Tampa at least. Right and we have to do a better job inside the normal one thing the principal. And the pin and it's not a secret everyone knows in this league the principle of of a protection for us is to make sure. You know the view outside people or charge at a depth of the pocket obviously -- tackle they're in charge of with a pocket so. You know for us to wait won't you know we -- quarterback is that you know when the pressure come to you should always have the ability step up. Always have the ability step up when you do that. There's a lot of things that they've done studies that but it that's that's what we're trying to get accomplished and we can't get that accomplished we're in trouble. With with. With the journey young quarterback. When -- and they had a phrase is the right way because I don't think you actually just say don't take chances or don't take chances of current and say so. How do you balance out. Trust he -- wanna make mistakes but they're gonna be some time treat you have to take chances -- maybe the guys -- clearly open you have to throw home opening up the throat into a tight window. But nobody wants to have interceptions. What's the balancing act like what are you tell or Nathaniel what do you tell EJ Manuel about that what's the philosophy again of the. You know it's it's like any quarterback you know you have to you have to know you don't know who you or know what you can do and and and go ahead and and and throw that football do you believe that I think. Where I think the management starts as you know OK it's third and third period and your run in a couple plays that are five -- a couple of players to run a five your routes and around the time ago. Okay well the percentage of -- five around the guys open is pretty darn -- -- -- ago in and I think that's where you have to. Two to really managed to quarterback on what what rose to ago. If you feel that don't come and open and you trust that receiver he's gonna make that play. And and he has the guy on him. And you think that you can throwing -- -- -- can catch -- you gotta throw that football if you sit back there you start thinking. -- -- -- -- Shadows or things like that -- he gets spooked or any thing you know a lot of that comes from. A lack of experience. -- out there. And I think you know the ones deck and overcome that. And and keep getting better on their vision of the field become very good cornerbacks. The ones that can't. There you see them struggle throughout and the thing about EJ which is different. In the reason why I don't I take you know. It's it's a little bit more for me that trusted it's it's you know I I have I believe amount and I have faith and -- is that he has shown he can do that. What we haven't done is done consistently enough because. People are switching up more on us. OK then what they're showing app that what we're preparing him for during the week so my point and that is where preparing for the coverage that we see you know before you break down. Well then all of a sudden -- which cannot be -- further on it on the kid which is yeah that that's a good thing that shows you that they we've got some guys that can make some plays. But we again -- our teaching we got to keep him coming along at a faster rate. They're doing things definitely I assume the games that they're they're doing things that are against a veteran quarterbacks and -- face you guys have a rookie quarterback and that's why they're gonna do well all -- well it's a little things you know we've we've put you know we put Goodwin and and and TJ out on the field. Okay it's in and in Atlanta and also may play cover two they haven't -- coveted. And -- -- -- too you know every now and then and then again. When you go from you know one coverage to another coverage to another coverage you know. That's the way that that's where you have to be good receivers routes when it's man you know running running around to be man. You know running around to be its own. You know the quarterback going from taken -- match of Samantha taken his progression in his own and that at the same time it's not just about the quarterback and receivers. Back to picking up protection on pressure their run to make sure we can get on all of and the other news coverage we have to get the quarterback the proper amount time. So there there are a lot of things are going to -- and that's what we have to do a better job. And is is this entire thing lead to think the idea that that's why you want to dictate what the defense does. Well it you don't what you you definitely have a -- report. No matter who you are. When you have that ability to do that and and and normally. You know that's that's when you're pretty darn good and that's what -- working for. You know if we were no longer we put. Four receivers on the field group we -- gonna get open coverages mean and that that teams are going to be we're gonna get to thank you going to be open coverage of the people to come after us. You know I think when you you know when you play -- you know these elite quarterbacks you've got to make some serious decisions for years. He always it it's difficult if it's a difficult thing because they come pick you apart. The last thing I have four eon REJ and we'll wrap things up. Though the -- reads in the progression and everything he's got to go through and every quarterback has to go through. Can you talk a little bit about how do you feel it's coming along with that -- curious is that. Is that more about preparation during the week and then being able to make those -- and progression because of what you study during the week. Or is that all about. It's split second tier guys coming match you've got to make a rush decision how quickly does he make that -- -- how how well does he make that snap decision. Well again you know that is this a little Sioux word again where we're in the process -- a -- The you know the preparation. And everything gives you the knowledge so another words you know it's okay this happens I do this this happens I do that. OK so now you know that you sit in the room. And now you get out there. And it's 325. Pound guys you know -- -- right and there's a little bit of disguising going on of that pay they've shown me that's not a ball -- now it's bam bam bam bam bam. And and and you know what and that's that's what we all go through it's not just EJ Manuel. You know. Everyone's going through that you know with all the young quarterbacks every single week. You know trying to get them to see that do you -- do a better job recognize -- be able to pull that trigger. You know so that they can make that play and I am and that's it MM you know you get to that level those top 45 guys and you know what after that you never have these conversations. -- -- this year on a WGR as always thank you for your time Doug good luck in Jacksonville on Sunday yes I appreciated thank you guys. Football Friday with Doug wrote and his signal this every football Friday at 810. Brought to you by northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest. By your Western New York GMC dealers. Visit to show -- today for exceptional offers on the all new. 2014 GMC Sierra and buy New York's only -- -- what's your. I will what do you have blown out here that look in your face like of.

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