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Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The morning 804 WGR Sports Radio 550 Jeremy White -- -- jail. Matthew collar here -- on vacation this week and we bring in Fred Jackson mobile bills running back following the bills win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fred good morning it's Jeremy and sell -- I feel better after he went out imagine different. Audio. Always a better morning no -- -- do you ever got down -- all rolled -- -- so. On that little bit better. Talked about the overall game in the overall message you know after a after a game you in my going locker to hear from the head coach obviously this was. They've yielded different because the team is starting to learn about Stevie Johnson. You're also you victory Monday you have a day off so what was the message in the rumor was the feeling from the coaching staff and in your your fellow teammates following the game. Well just you know excitement you know it had been over two weeks or you know a lot -- and don't you know a lot of things that would -- there -- Very -- go -- noble wrote about it and play it and working knows you know exactly going to be able to beat down. You know doubted that you know you know that it it's hard to get wind in the NFL and I ought to be able to go down in Florida and -- get more. What happened I was very much needed you know and you know divert. Nor static about you know would -- -- you know not a Monday all know about this they're not going to work out he used to that through two games left. No we're still going to prepare we just you know on -- monitored on our own accidental. You know Augusto happy. Two to get the Wimbledon I was still -- trying to keep working the targets more than brilliant field. But you've been a part of a number of teams here in buffalo that have missed the playoffs and got a couple wins late this season. Does it do anything for yeah I mean if it yet you is they wanna finish strong if you're of the get more wins -- losses down the stretch heading to the offseason how much will that. Mean come next year training camp offseason OTAs is -- mindset or is -- a real thing where. You'll be able to point to something as this is positive this is proof. That what we have is starting to get better. It's huge you know it it it means a tremendous amount you know they don't go into an off season you don't win gold -- something that you can definitely build up well. He -- you can talk echo in. Two. The two opponents that are coming up that we're gonna see a lot of you know also. Our ability to wind against so you know folks in Miami first. It is something that we can take it all season. I'll build upon you know we got. A tremendous. Border it was and to be able to lay the foundation of -- and you know have a winning record and our division that we can that we -- You know we're focused on you know -- we know we have an -- Fred last week after the game there was the you know the captains had spoken then. There was a lot of talk afterwards in the media about accountability and Eric would use the words some guys need to grow up a little bit there was a lot of talk about attention to detail. Did you see that throughout the week a little bit more. In preparation for this game as you had maybe previous weeks. We did you know I think you've been normal want that you -- god didn't wannabe that got on and work on. When you when you have guards in order. You know you can you don't do you know and how we made we had a lot of late Heatley in the game. You know that's what we're gonna need to have to get distinct turnaround. On your gut and being focused and purple put in preparation that they need to put one up all of this. I'm we're gonna have an opportunity to stable in the -- you know. Hopefully that senator hold on one count thing we're -- there are gonna focus -- that -- hopefully we have gotten attention and they know they have to do so. -- can go to the veto -- -- political dynamic at play there and recognition that the. Because Fred Jackson here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Evaluating your cornerback Fred it's something we do each never we obviously don't wanna see how he plays and how -- how he adapts the Tampa game was a rough game probably for every one on offense were major breakdowns and miscommunication that I actually asked about a minute to. How much was preparation this week a factor in making sure that those communication breakdowns -- the the glaring errors in Tampa. Didn't happen was that a big part of what made the difference this week. There words you know him. He addressed the team you know last week or dolphins have been told us that he gonna you know work hard and he's ever worked before you know and how. You know that's sold this week here. Knowledge so that he. Knew what was going on and every situation and in target a young guy that that's willing to put an -- extra work in note that he has to it's gonna make them better. And -- they don't build as we know he eat he played really well force. You know there there's always stand America that are gonna need improvement. But -- is it part play part of getting anything. You know but. -- lucky continue to play the way you played this -- you know we're gonna have a but the tremendous amount opportunities and we have four ball and it. I'm not single person an organization that's not gonna run -- on -- but you know we know he can play. We're fired up and got -- -- and a feature. If you mentioned TJ addressed the offense right. There's just so so. What it when he does that was is that a matter of kind of because what we could see one watching back the -- game -- a number of miscommunication whether it's receivers thinking it's Iran play when manuals looking to throw it out to have Robert Woods or Stevie. Or miscommunication in general look like there were some major problems in Tampa was that. Was that manuals weigh in your your opinion of basically taking it upon himself taking an accountability and wanted to make sure that. That it's up to him that the offense is on the same page. You know Annette that's what Sudanese and a quarterback he's the guy that. Then again everybody in the position to make Torre no I didn't know let them know when you have a doubt that that's that's -- to that. No plate and says you know I got to get -- in the right situation and I got to make every make sure everybody is on the right eight. You know they're not all -- on you're ready to see what he's made other. That's what happens we know -- took accountability port he'd he came in. You know prepared you know did everything he could throughout the week -- practice -- I know that you've got to put them on the same page -- When they can come play on Sunday. It's so so you know. That just you know the maturation of of a local quarterback it. Hopefully continue to you'll continue to grow in we can continue all of your money I'd give argument. Making is that we can't. Bills running back and captain Fred Jackson joining us right here on WGR this morning Fred the run game a hundred in 98 yards on the ground it's been a while since we're able to get this thing go on the way you guys want it to like yesterday eighty yards for you 67 procedure a 37 for EG and that even frank Summers contributing. With fourteen and back -- I saw him line up at tailback at one point what was the difference with the run game was it really just a magical or was there something that went into more physical at this week compared to last three weeks. Looked into it it you have to do our options on a lot -- popular. You know one who do bear some you know -- -- we could also don't last week in Tampa. It looked soft and they took -- you know make it a tremendous job open and -- post or. I would ever sued to block and out there and any time you get -- You know that the nation's you know wouldn't sell the data to know -- in part he said he -- on -- -- and it -- sound is going to be hard to stop its own. We're on the same page and -- yesterday it was -- some Internet that can beat you don't know we just have to. No not take we saw Nolan -- -- trucks to say that but. There's there's weeks where we go away you know we're not playing as hard as we need to and you know that trauma that often community. Our home we gotta get that corrected. And more we get that corrected -- would put up the numbers that we put US so. Hopefully we we have our our our with about it and looking like they're. Well it will -- quite. Eric -- when talking about this last week said the basically what you what you wanna do is weed out. Any guys that might not be giving it our all our might be falling into that group that you're you're just mentioning sometimes you know you're -- up playing a charge you need to. It when you look at the team DC. And all -- an AK and a reason to think that might be the case or is it more about. Understanding -- note I don't know everybody be on the same page it making sure that it's a collective. Attitude from the team. Well I think it's it's about god has been offered or promote -- -- Packard last week you know. Doesn't gonna get called out -- You know that seem so you know god showed up this weekend. That's communication here on out who isn't you know Woodward being evaluated every time except from here. You know could go about it bears and Tampa. You know we had to show up on -- -- very attractive real you know our -- you know everybody in the organization and on the spotlight. You know god is tremendous you know responded you know and you know all we can continue to world. Like we did yesterday in our home in debt the -- would just got sore no. Prepare and I'll play hard every play you know more and more to do it got to -- -- You know can be pretty good -- Fred when you talk about the word accountability everybody uses it it's kind of a cliche in sports but is it fair to say that. It's really more important be accountable to each other in the room and your teammates because that's the guy the you don't wanna let down we talked about. You know accountability dropping a passer a fumble or something like that but. Accountability of your doing everything right Monday through Saturday it's incumbent upon everybody else to do everything right isn't that is that the kind of accountability were talking about. Without -- -- you know. Somebody there aren't you know that that's not what we get paid -- we get paid to come to work. Are Monday through Saturday you know and bet that's already that's where you the most terrible -- teammate are you prepared and you're at practice what you don't talk to -- That's the thing that we need to be accountable law. When they're comfortable on the play on Sunday you know that's the ballpark that's word irony the other as -- In the evolved over put in the preparation. You know the work that we need to. Not studying acting on militants even thinking about -- They have been accountable -- teammate in that's the most important part no doubt it's in the foxhole with you that's who will. To know that you have been the most terrible and as we reported that preparation on we had a lot of most of what took -- you know so look. And you know we were ever go out put the other women. North of the lot better than -- -- that. It's not the same is to be Fred but still Miami week means a lot to a lot of people here you've been here long enough what does Miami week mean to you it starts today. I mean this is you are one of our biggest rivals -- reason -- this is. A big game ports and have always been forced. So you know we're excited about it you know we're going to start today you know we. We got a tremendous opportunity it's a typical garden often -- -- To order a playoff chances a little bit so. Someplace for all you know we would look down at her house and not only -- soldier did not come up their target a little. Know who can get a lot and the rotten. People got -- we get you off on. And Fred for a let's go and you tweet this and thoughts and prayers to Stevie Johnson and his family what top. All the team do to try and just help him through this time and in what is it you know looking back to yesterday and then this week. You know we yesterday -- of yesterday's day where it's it's not easy to come back from a but I would imagine that -- it'll be a battle for him. For the next two weeks as well as the season plays out. End you know. I don't know I just it's where you all marketing and it marks that you know we really appreciate or. We're doing what he did you know that that's got to be an artist and in the world no one of the -- -- in order to do what does that do at the -- of modern. You know we really do appreciate per common optimistic ordered. You know well we've all we can do that from what he needs -- -- you know and that's what we'll do it. You know our disdain in his it's is boring and no peculiar brand of ward it is you need to look completely unlikely that. You know he's gonna need it soon you know that's -- you without the dissident you know that's what. You know cut a deal with some like that in go to work or what. In one B and their football player to that but it -- or trouble. Want to go and ask -- also was was coach Maroney because his story about see you start out sitting and talking with Ron Brooks and good for and is it also coached her own talk about life. It strikes me that -- football coaches often when you're. Coaching at any level other if it's high school or it's college in -- way to college of football coach is gonna be a person that. Influences your your life in your parents wanna believe in the coach the playing four on the pros it. Gets to be a different animal what when it comes to coach grown. How much of him and how much of what he has here with with this -- this team and he's building is about that personal relationship the ability to. To sit and talk with someone in in that spot -- mean are all coaches -- felt like everything that's something that might be different with coach tomorrow. Is that in different from coast a coast. Record alone you know he is the guy that but it has been where we are well. You know he knows the climate we -- to you know what to do you know that we've we've put ourselves up there with you know weaker than we gathered in a -- I think he's definitely more personable Coke now you're Coker to you go -- -- approach and talked to about intent -- You know that that -- as an example you know he will also be kept in the -- awards one all with you know he won't know. Not to keep our personal lives from a not so. He -- -- -- give -- devices people who like each year. You know our output -- to any situation whether it be helpful -- a and a arsenal on on the home you know it will also be a part of that it that's when you noted medical if you love the plate full you know and that's also lol or so. You know gotten an expert -- an investment. You know what he says about not having a conversation with -- you just because that the coast put on it. Fred Jackson here on the lead GR in Buffalo Bills -- on his -- thanks very much thanks Brad enjoy a victory Monday. That so I'd projects here on WG -- as the bills -- -- move to five and nine. And will next host the Miami Dolphins might currently sits in the six spot in the AFC. And that changes tonight on Baltimore's game tonight -- ravens at -- if Baltimore winds. That puts the ravens in the six spot. And Miami would drop to seven because. Baltimore won the game that they played head had sold. Baltimore's in a position controlling their own destiny to make the playoffs. If Baltimore loses and Miami becomes the sixth seed right now controlling your own destiny either way. The game on Sunday while it's not necessarily important for the bills in standings in such a 59 officially eliminated from the race. Remember how that was going to be a massive distraction that was supposed to -- derailed their season I thought it would. And it they've not -- over the losing players that we're going to be playing for them but. It's in.

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