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Dec 18, 2013|

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Ross. Good morning good to have -- -- 35 I walk in graduation. Well thank you I appreciate that a lot. Fourteen days old now and already am trying to explain on the concept of cover to remain free but he's not quite there -- -- on that. Also the 23 defense so you're talking about to their home assert. We are definitely talking about that he's always he's already asked me he did ask me why they don't play enough man to man eyes and focus on. That that that's the body about the lots and definitely. -- -- donors to give them wanna know the answer right Russ 35 and rainy how does that on his you and -- your bureau inside right. Yeah you are piazza for a little bit I'm all for other levels don't -- -- -- -- -- sleet snow -- but very. Little better than we have doctor. Yeah I was just talking about how -- I ask CJ Spiller the same question his response was the same as yours and even those guys what struck me as. A guy like CJ knows that hey I might be guy from Florida I'm used to run and -- warm weather and I'm built and explosiveness but for us to -- we want it like that he it's not about me it's about giving them the worst chance possible coming up here and that's good to see from those guys. Illiteracy and other down there and you know work around him in very good weather and you know will be working out not outside temperature for the next few days and it is you know gives us a leg up in especially with the crowd and and the one -- up you know being ready for the game a ball size that it will be and -- -- beware. How about the crowd advantage Ross were I'm guessing a number of tickets to move -- were expecting that this one will not meet the sell -- You know we won't meet the -- you know in the game will be blacked out -- you know we will have a good crowd there and will be boisterous for sure. And everyone knows it's a little bit exclude -- stopped when the dolphins on the ground so. Will be ready and -- nor fans would be ready and we'd certainly like to knock some off followed a playoff perks. Is it Miami is it late in the season is it. You know when when you look at what happens for games like this is that a Miami has for whatever reason they've they've been here often late in the season it's often been a game that you you've struggled the move. And many might say that's because of obviously you know the team being out of the playoff race but have you found that -- for whatever reason Miami is tougher than other opponents regardless of record. Traders started germinate or you look back and I know we're gone through some of the statistical analysis before -- ourselves worked out there's typically. Early in the season we don't have a lot of issue movement tech support regardless of opponent. December games you go back to back than 1990s. Historically been difficult to sort which -- 63% of those games in the ninety's in December and about 67% of the 2000 and December. So it would have been difficult much like last couple weeks ago with a letter coming to town if they were here that came and out of sold out either so. -- -- you know. Part of the process what we talked about playing meaningful games in December certainly assist with that -- -- we will receive more of those dollar wrote. Can you give us a number how many tickets actually remain. About 161000 are left. For a root for and against. -- you have said -- this radio program throughout the year. That if the Buffalo Bills did not make the playoffs this year because that was the stated goal that would be a disappointing season so. Are you going to characterize this season now as a disappointment or otherwise how would you characterize it now that you are officially eliminated. But those are cynical -- and there are -- that I stand by this certainly is a disappointment for us so -- fans for sponsors. Everyone that support such. And you know Walt we're disappointed. There have been some good things -- have come out of the year you know which has. First your head coach for a rookie coordinator on both sides of the ball a rookie quarterback can. He officer defenses play it. Pretty well but our defense also has spent 71 round picks in a -- to a three set trumpet sounded as well so. We anticipated that the defense would continue. To improve under coach Patton but coach Malone. And his approach is something that were excited about moving forward. And you know off the field you know that -- minutes during the renovation and -- beginning and -- processing. And provide the better engagement for our fans -- the come to Ralph Wilson Stadium but it. No I mean -- unquestionably you know not to game approaches certainly about a season a missed opportunity. You know a couple of those games you know obviously the two games -- lost in overtime to Kansas City game which we you know obviously played very well and I didn't come out with a W. You know you look back at those and and -- so obviously discouraging but we feel like we have a good foundation to build off of. -- of bills president and CEO Russ Brandon here on WH are you mention Mike Patton and we've got a couple of questions and people wondering if he'd be the kind of guy they would. I don't get interest for other head coaching jobs once the head coaching carousel goes. Is that something that when you're an organization you you worry about when you've got someone in a position that is good may be. You know if you make the playoffs that you're gonna get poached or anything like that how does that. I don't know I don't has that process play out -- how to you have really kind of balance the fact that you you've got someone you believe in view. Try to maintain competitive whatever salaries or if that order come to pass in -- Heidi Heidi show that commitment verses and allowing them a coach to go on and do something in my wanna do. -- determine if that's the coach's goal you know obviously we encourage it and and support him and everywhere if he has an opportunity. Obviously look to see him stay right here. -- both books that they were really build something special on that side of the ball but. He's a heck of a coach you -- know and I'm sure you will have an interest. On the road here especially if we keep improving and and I guess that's that. You know that's the catch point two you know for a before improving as an organization as a team you're gonna have your coach as Portugal Britain. And that -- -- that it would -- a bad thing I'd rather deal I'd like to worry about that actually. Is it standard operating procedure though for any coordinator or coach you know if for him to take the job or for anyone to take the job standard operating procedure. The idea is if someone wants to talk to -- organization will give permission. That's something that others who were come through me and and don't well -- -- -- Rome but does it all depends on what the opportunity is to head coaching position certainly. Would have that opportunity. I mean I wonder about this and thinking about the sabres when they asked to speak -- -- assistant GM you know it's not often you hear that. That a that a team says no. Yeah you know German air in my beliefs and and foundation always has -- you know about opportunity for people -- you work your tail off in this business for opportunity and and coaches have that a chance to better themselves. Further career for the family it's something that tell you you rarely rarely whatever stand away from that opportunities. Bill's presidency a Russ Brandon here on W sure -- about Stevie Johnson you know and obviously it's a member of the Buffalo Bills family that suffered -- loss in his own family. What what he tells of his time frame Aziz has he left the team if he'll be in touch with the team and and what happens from here for him. Well we certainly is he's in our thoughts and prayers and -- and communication Wear them you know since Saturday evening. And what amusement deal where news. Very very difficult situation but. I don't really wanna give his private -- for him right now -- I can't anticipate what's gonna happen on Sunday -- my only focuses on making sure we support him in this man's land. And and take care and minute and whereabouts protests. This is the really the third time that you dealt with something like this Marseille last year CJ earlier this year Stevie this year now as well can you at least comment on the overall atmosphere and how you know the players have approached this in what it means to each other to kind of be there for support each other how that process works within the organization. You know it's it's report you know it has been difficult a couple of years and that and and that truly -- to focus on. Scrambling. You know we we preach family first and -- organizations. And in which try to stand up to that everywhere possible on. There's not -- camaraderie of the locker room of the organization and you know legislature. -- -- families support everywhere you possibly can and I think that's something we really were part of to a pretty good job of that as an organization but it. You know guys are all about a real rally around each other and being there for each other. And and I thank you see nothing different obviously it was studios and very. Very popular player in our room and and very. Leader with an organization. This a home game against Miami the last home game of the season. What's in store for the stadium during the down time. So we're gonna lock on on their term you can see a lot of steals going to operate now on the old administration -- Or on the east side of the stadium so there be a lot of good things that are on the with a renovation. You know starting at the conclusion of the series and these doesn't -- and around the clock and through all the weather elements. So there's going to be a lot going on over the the next nine months and we. We're excited when our fans walked in the building at the beginning in next -- or panacea are much different engagement with the building and we will have some work that goes through fifteen by a majority of the work. Will be done as we as we -- this year obviously when you come in the building to be some new video boards and a lot of different things that at the defense. And you talked like a new a new front door as the new front door gone on this year is that next year. Yeah there will be a new front door absolutely. As we shall see from a much different. Curb appeal when you pull up. Two Ralph Wilson Stadium in his. And all that's done just in -- most at least done in just this one offseason. Yet we have but whether we can work sort of we're gonna make a lot of problems. -- last year obviously at the end of the season Chan Gailey was dismissed and we focused here Adobe GR and obviously in the organization. On the coaching search in the fans were pretty much wrapped up in that I'm sure that your staff your front office was wrapped up in that. This year going forward after dug around his staff's first year we don't expect any changes there obviously. But you do have free agents that are coming up -- you have a college draft to work -- so can get the fans a little -- insight of what happens right now till the end of the year what is the process and then rolling into the draft where is the focus and how does all of that work. That's exactly right it's in our focus it's nice not to have that focus has. Question award for sure but you weren't full valuation mode and everything that we do an organization. When it comes to winning and that anything that we fielded dozens assist -- -- that process obviously we're gonna you know maximum amendment so that. Number one number two you know obviously done well -- Jim -- personnel staff have banned. I'll scouting all through the college seasons so the fact that comes to conclusions and all of the the ball games and the outcome mines and the pro days and all that information all along would create history of the league year will be again in the beginning of march. So you know free agency won't begin until that period. Between that period starts march 11 I believe it is so there's a lot of work to be done. The -- January is. A very hectic month we've seen a bull. In all the -- circle around that so. While we don't have the coaching search. This year we will have a lot of very -- action -- Outlook for hands on back of a question about the stadium the construction. Will there be any changes to people who have season tickets anything like errors all aesthetic and outside stuff that they'll see anything in the -- anything that affects ticket holders in any way that they need to be aware of for next year. Now I would perceive locations so the longer that we talked about -- in the renovation was the two main things that we feel very good about the building our number one silence. We feel. We have the -- so -- lines in the league when it comes to the actual seat location. Second we -- really want to maps where it was noted and in the process that we have around it and the land that we have so. Those are the only two things that were basically untouchables. When it comes in this seat there won't be any any difference but there will be. A different level of follow what -- with taken from a content -- Based on the new boards and some of our prayers are we're doing -- in ball. Went so when -- -- into -- haulers get. You know renewal notices and things like that -- can they expect to see stuff like that in their mail. Beginning of February 1 macros so we'll have some communication pieces -- go out to our season ticket holders prior to that but in -- all they usually beginning of February. And rest up before I let you go here to -- asking your thoughts on all the Texas balls -- he's going there and the -- -- treatable obviously UB have a nice partnership with them now when they played their game against Bowling Green at your stadium the Ralph a couple of weeks ago were your thoughts on them another bowl game in post season appearances. I'm very excited for those guys obviously you know we were close to return any white coach Quinn and you know to achieve this success we've had this year and in the local guy at quarterback Joseph -- whose sister actually works for us. You know as great proceed and you know they're building something special there and that's a great. Credit to those seniors and that if I have an opportunity to play at a ball game. And you know -- over -- -- through it was certain additional common off coast we've been Kosher -- and -- job and in keeping -- together so you know it's good for a local football scene for sure. Before let's go Russ -- few weeks here we talked to you is about. Reevaluating the Toronto series is that something that's in the future is that ongoing has that already happened. That is ongoing and in -- as I mentioned. You know weren't full evaluation mode and everything and and that's certainly very you know within the next so. You know where we do that Germany at the conclusion of the years it is -- were actually in the process of doing it right now. We usually take the month of December and take a lot of business initiatives and in Britain goes down so that's an ongoing process several months certainly difficult time. How -- what's gonna happen. -- -- the oldest is rank as possible what's gonna happen. -- -- -- -- We're gonna we're gonna you know like us that I I don't know what's gonna happen at this point but markets that a promise. Our fans and and our people that I certainly would go look at everything that impedes upon winning. And you know obviously that's also in the pocket as I mentioned to you on the show couple months ago -- couple weeks ago. Look at every single -- -- -- dog well NC if it if it helps us win and that's that's how we're looking at every right now. And any. Estimated timeframe on month. Three months a week before we -- -- play -- radio lodges was one when we should expect a resolution or when you wanna say don't ask me in until -- prevalent. Okay I turn off the thanks very much Ross thanks for us it -- and I can't YouTube bill's presidency a Russ Brandon. Currently ongoing stay tuned. Try to find out you know some hotels is going to be a change like -- when when genetics. They -- -- well he didn't say there would be a change well he said he's going to evaluate sometimes you evaluate you don't make a change in. I'm sure many bills fans don't wanna hear that there won't be changed to that agreement but here's the issue. According to reports that we've read and what would make sense and we don't know this out of the contract the problem obviously steel works. And lest the people in Toronto said okay we'll let you out of it -- that's what he wanted. How -- happens in your in your contract for millions and millions of.

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