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12/20 Doug Marrone on WGR

Dec 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the bills head coach Doug morale and joins us right now here on the Howard Simon show on WGR. Coach a little bit of -- curve ball for -- today it's our linemen -- -- Jeremy and Howard Matthews is with me as well so are we -- -- hold on the line there for a couple of minutes but we appreciate your time as always no problem appreciate being on -- you guys are right let's start with EJ Manuel can you walk us through the process of what happened. As of the game on Sunday leading to the decision. To him not being able to start this coming Sunday. Yeah I think the second play of the second the last play of the of the last image actual game he took a hit it he fell and it's -- won't actually fell on top of Hutus. You know kind of -- -- crazy at that point -- You know became man and and and do you really same thing in just went ahead impact can -- After the game -- city he felt fine. Then the next down Monday and this happens and -- since this is. Natural I think through it to some extent. He -- he was difference warrant and then we thought there would be able to get this wall down there there would be fine and it just remains swallowing them it's just a matter of time process and practice time so. -- only made the decision you know he wanted to go. You know but he couldn't do the things that we needed him to do. For us to win its employees -- the read. You know those type of thing. Is it because you knew he couldn't get the proper reps in practice this week or you knew that even by Sunday he wouldn't be able to do those things. Well I think you know obviously I can't predict who's in Sunday weather would have would have been able to do -- not so it's a cut it's a combination of both I think if you have a veteran quarterback that's been around for a long period time. You know you can go ahead and sit a couple days -- and and thrown out there on your second team guy gets all the wraps. And if B if you're if you're starter can't go to second team guys Donald -- she's able to go and play. And if the starters ready to go and if so wanted to establish himself and been around for longer time. And you feel confident with -- he's going to play. You know for us we don't we don't have that right now -- -- our quarterbacks in order for us to have an opportunity to win our guys have to practice the whole week. Thaddeus Lewis obviously is going to get the start and you say EJ Manuel should be ready and he will play against the New England Patriots on Sunday and I'm wondering. Was there any thought at all just saying elect let shut EJ down now so that he doesn't have the risk of another injury before we head into the off season. No absolutely not an -- garrido wife says because you know before I've always said and I do believe this you know as many reps as we can get it it is important you know game experience is one of the most important things that you need. And and I believe him put him in there the same thing when someone had asked that question do you ever think -- taken them out if he's not playing well. He don't know were put them in there you know we're gonna see exactly -- we have as as as we go through valuation like we do with everyone. Coach I know you're asked this yesterday and EJ was activists and football players all coaches. Hate to be asked about being softer injury prone but of course now. That's exactly what theater asking about EJ Manuel can you speak to football players and specifically EJ Manuel and the term and label. Injury prone and -- may or may not apply in this particular instance. By it's very difficult to speak for others you know it's very difficult work when your quarterback has had you know three injuries you know within within a year. You know to go out there and defend them but. It all the way I look at this I don't believe so you know when you look at the injuries and have very occurred it it's it's really been. I think outside of the Cleveland one. You know in Cleveland I think it's very easy for us to see he took he took a shot right on it okay. But the other two when he talked about Minnesota -- in the pre season MF last point. You're looking and you can see it you like wild look how neat you know the position of him in the position of somebody else. You know -- and it's not a surgical. Type procedure that you need to correct. So will do in the off C news will strengthen those things to different programs to get them ready and I don't for see it being a problem. Talk about that Louis coach what did you like from what you saw out of him out of the three games he's played and what does he need. To improve upon to make sure he can get this victory on Sunday. Well you know that can go back down throw you know he really candy he's done very good job and we all know he's tougher -- and it's just a matter just keep working with. Work with them you know just -- quick with the reads quicker in his decision making. And you know give the players around him you know we always put a lot of pressure on the quarterback you know to make sure he's right. You know that'll be that'll get it right I'm positive of that man we need everyone else around London to play a threat to the level. Stevie Johnson can give us an update on hand -- yesterday said the you don't expect him to be available on Sunday as he officially out also. Arthur Moats not injury related missed practice and Aaron Williams can you go through one of the times -- the Stevie. Sure obviously Stevie situation our thoughts and prayers are with feminist family and it's a very difficult situations so. You know we're here to support Stevie. Again if it's daily you know my conversations correspondent obviously your private he's going through very difficult time. And I just hope that everyone could understand that so again. We don't know we -- I believe he will not be available for this Cameron said that. But I think more importantly we should our our our thoughts and prayers should be with them as far as Deron Williams I think it could go to game time decision I think it's 5050. You know whether he can go and I think he's one of those players at fault that category where he's ready to go. We would put him out there even though the other practice because he has he has shown to play that position feel good about it and be productive. Arthur Moats just had. A personal situation where his family that he took care of feedback he's fine no problems at all everything worked out well. That's good to hear limited in practice was Fred Jackson just stay in normal limit for him there's no concern there. No concern -- normal -- so let let me ask you about Miami week because you've been here obviously the head coach only for one. Year and I get a full year yet but you know what Miami -- means I think by now. To the fans how important would it be knowing that your out of the playoffs to at least not be they walked to the playoffs for the Miami Dolphins and the kind of ruin their chances the Sunday. Why in -- I probably look at a different way I really do I look at it this way that we have we have for the first time an opportunity went back to back games -- received something that we haven't done. A look forward as a way for us right now you know with two and two in the division. With two division games left it's important you know our goal is to have a winning record within our division that give us a better chance of winning the division. For the either all the little steps that you know I've been talking to the team you know that we need to do so when people say. You know -- come out there they got the playoffs you know they have a lot -- -- -- -- plan buffalo they have nothing to play for except for maybe pride this a -- that that's that's not true that's a -- we have we have a hell of a lot of things -- -- -- Eight Doug -- here we don't talk very often but I am always here. Like Jeremy I'm into the advanced statistics and reading a lot of the advanced football's sites like football -- so forth. A lot of them rank your defense is one of the better defense in the NFL the traditional stats like just yards overall points against don't have. That your defense in the top I mean when you personally evaluate how good your offense or defense has been -- mean. What are I guess some of the things that you look at whether it be statistically or just. When you when you personally are going back and in evaluating them and looking how good that they've been so far this year. Whalen knows me for a while most look at everything. I really do I look at every single thing you know and here you sit there and you can mitigate you know arguments for either one right now we're going to this Miami game knowing that. They -- gonna have to stop the run better than what we have given up the big plays on the run. Okay memorize our third in and and and long you know a third a long does it make sense really when you look at it that's the one thing that. You know he or you you know you top -- team that stops tackle for a loss you know interceptions per play doubles things going combo of the conversion rate. You know for offenses against our defense it's almost. It's it's it's ridiculous because it's. From third 47 may have a much less chance of converting in this for you know seven Marie plus. And I think that those are things that we don't we've got to get better -- improvement but I think obviously it's been more consistent on that side of the ball -- year. There are things that you don't make no mistake about it we're working on today to get better and every single day well we have the players and everyone here. We noted direction we're going. We're excited him and we can we have to continue to get better we have to play better. Coach I have a question here that it's got to get -- be a little bit long -- to set -- -- from analysts are so I apologize about that but I'll get to the question okay. I want to pop culture a little bit in changing a culture because since you arrived in buffalo at the beginning of January. That's been the buzzword change your culture and you know we need that here in the organization considering there hasn't been the playoffs and so long and your captains this week came on WGR -- set in the locker -- would Fred Jackson. Just talking about the little things in the culture and guys preparing the right way Monday through Saturday not about necessarily. What they're doing on Sunday but getting to the point of making things in doing things the right way. In order to win on Sunday now you have experience changing a culture I'm a Syracuse guy. I watched the program up close and personal when you took over the program they were even though you might not say I'll say it. One of the worst programs and all of division one football. You change a culture pretty immediately there went to a bowl game within two years apart of the culture change was people might not know this I believe about what kids are so. Left the program within the first year and a half because they weren't able to do the things that you want them to do to get on the right track. Obviously what you did was correct so my question is. How hard or different is it. To instill a culture change in the NFL when guys are adults at different stages of their life. Multi millionaires in many cases guys who have a union backing them up as opposed to doing it in college to a bunch eighteen to 22 year old kids. I think and if the easiest way to answer that their question. -- yes. How badly do you wanna win. And it's yet so you think that it's up to the person to take responsibility. It's really is much as you may try they have to take that upon themselves to have the responsibility to want to win and -- -- themselves. You have to have the responsibility. And to want to win for a for a greater. A greater cause than yourself. I really believe that right hard and you you have to. By and through the process of this is this is how this team is gonna win. And and I'm on how mall and and it's and it's winning winning make no mistake about it. All right people -- about change and culture and your comments are about changing -- culture is when they went right man Mecca when -- changed the culture and so on goes in and they don't change and they don't win. -- go to Rebecca and change things so if it's about winning football games and are you willing to do whatever it takes to win. When you say yes and yes to those questions. You got a chance. So Doug I mean how do you tell whether a player has that are not is -- just something that you know instinctual leap from being around the game for so long are -- -- certain indicators. -- -- Where they do exactly what you want to move. When we talk about accountability because that's been the buzzword last few weeks. We are we talking about. Passes on Sunday and fumbles are we more talking about. Showing up on time doing the right thing putting in the work Monday through Saturday is there a balance there is more about one or the other may have told us that it. -- and obviously people have known me how about I'm about doing the right thing be in the best every day and everything that you do. It's you know and it I'm I'm I'm extreme to. Through that really I mean. My wife so that's reclaim this though. -- you know I mean because shall say it takes my own personal 1520 minutes a picture around half via our -- I want to make sure it's right in. But but but that's what that's what -- -- two point you know to where you can go out there. And and win win when every little detail every little thing matters and you believe that every single situation it is it's part of a process that creates winning. You have pride in what you do and pride in how you prepare private beat you can't you can go out there -- -- -- it can't be hey you know what. -- may give everything I have a football today and I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna be you know at half and half I can't say on -- but I half way. Good husband -- halfway good at it either all land or you're all out you know all in on everything you're doing a life for -- all out on that stuff so. Especially when your professional athlete and in your your a football coach. I remember when it went great channel took over in Tampa one of the things he said which struck me was. It's so different coaching guys were at different stages of their lives summer young kids coming out of college summer adults with families. And when you go from college eighteen to 22 year old where they're all pretty much in the same. So period of their life compared to go to the NFL you have NFL experience obviously before you came back the league but do you find that a challenge that it is a little bit different and you have to handle the team as a whole differently because of those differences. In those personalities and guys at stages of their lives. I totally disagree with that. Why is that because I just remember because football's football people are people. You know are there any talk about your young man in -- you know you're working on helping them -- -- -- they're able to become you know. Obviously better football players -- and prepared for life and you still doing the same thing. That's the mistake in my opinion of people make you still have an opportunity to better people. I mean time here hey when you go out there today can you combat its own life pay you can't. You know my job at winning football games I have to get this team better at winning football games at the end of the day. That's that's that's really what this all the other stuff in -- people get confused on. You know patty do this how do you do that heavy chains that are you think tiny issues the right way is it is is gonna help you win. Well you see you talked to John Wooden he'd say yeah that's the first thing -- to teaches me how to pilot shoelaces. Coach I appreciate the time this way for election go a little self serving here Syracuse does have able -- -- Minnesota next week coach -- did a nice job this year -- -- -- -- players that you recruited are to be in that -- that's -- -- make you feel good right. Are absolutely I'm excited -- direction of the program and you know that women who know when it -- him it's a big game for them. -- thank you very much coach good luck on Sunday we appreciate your time as always thank you so thank you Matthew. I that is head coach Doug we're out of Buffalo -- interest responses there you wanna chime in on that feel free -- a real fight fifty.