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12/27 Doug Marrone on WGR

Dec 27, 2013|

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    so we there not to me. So you have a start up Peyton Manning and LA you wanted to get to know. Will host this call this all around the NFL stuff went around the NFL I think this requires some NFL news fight. I'm not against the. OK so Ross Tucker. Former bill Rust Belt. He our rights for sports on earth does podcast and he wrote the case. For Peyton Manning to LA and it's what you think it. They are looking for promotion they're looking to get fan's interest it in football
    your your. Season tickets against Los Angeles congratulations on your 45000. Also Peyton Manning to big name but if he's horrendous and they go away and savidge in might be better for them to hire him as their president or GM. That might be a good idea and it. Not just to say that he would be to face your franchise but if you're trying to sell suites you're trying to sell tickets are one thing sweets right and give them. Hey Peyton Manning is our team president he'll be in your sweet deals that idea come watch the game talk about. The football with the Peyton Manning and he'll tell you what he thinks about you know your idea. I think it via they'd be just as well off
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    stunned by the kings nine to two Anaheim beat Philadelphia for one New Jersey appropriately wins total one that. They beat Edmonton on the same night that Marty broad durst jerseys retired also Dallas beating Minnesota for three in OT Calgary with a 43 win over Toronto in football there were reports that an arrest warrant could be issued for bills running back LeSean McCoy at some point this week after he was involved in a bar fight. Philadelphia police have reportedly completed their investigation into the alleged nightclub assault. Of two of the city's off duty police officers and in college basketball UB falls to Toledo. For updates at the top and bottom of every hour or right I'm Matthew Collin WGR Sports Radio
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    that certainly earned it 803055188. By 52 bucket you wanna get back. Trent dilfer's comments on cam Newton's post game. Are interesting and new and quoted Vince Lombardi. Fatigue with the wrong way to that next and a beach here.
    I applaud him for not panic you go back to 2005 when Peyton Manning lawlessness and it was a divisional playoff game. Made one comment decree criticized protection of his team he's still regrets those comments. Trent Dilfer speaking audience in radio he goes on to say after that. He's still regrets those comments to this day and talks about regretting saying that after the 05 divisional game he said. Let's just say we had some protection issues and try to be good team it puts it waited report. And Dilfer says that it was that. Comment sticking with Peyton Manning's speaking to him a little bit. That let Manning to be. He said he he changed he wanted to then beat the best teammate he put that. It was until 2005. That loss that post game comment. The Manning decided. I can't do that anymore I've got to be the best possible teammate and I'm gonna pride myself on being that best team so. You know for anyone saying that Cam Newton might have to mature. Maybe you are right. And Peyton Manning went through very similar process that in 2005. Learn a lesson and changed the way he approached him losses in post game press. I do think you can learn a lot from post game press conferences about a player about a person. I'm not sure you can really take much away from a Super Bowl loss when a guy's facing that after what he had just gone through in the level of frustration. I do give him credit like Trent Dilfer for not making excuses and not trashing teammates. Because if he had gone into a full analysis of everything that went wrong
    story's plot for many people's decided before the outcome and hypothetically. If Cam Newton and got up to his post game press conference exude in confidence will be back. We didn't play our a game we

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is the final football Friday of the season with Doug were out here on WGR the bills coach joining us more to park good morning coach at Howard and -- are you today. I'm doing great guys -- like he says it's their election on his one group take a minute to thank you guys for having me on him. Thank the listeners and season ticket holders. Well if you're bored on Fridays we're on every Friday Michelle -- -- and I was -- lines are open got nothing and and if not as he strolled into the studio there pop the Mike -- and we're here. PI or do you you have to go through bunch of people I'm in a lot of people. Pull on the different directions Scott's right here he'll be the first -- we know I have LSI RS I let let's start with the injured guys and we'll go from there and what what is the plan for EJ Manuel today. We've been participate in practice so again we're just gonna go and its viewers that today in and put -- in practice and and take this what can make a decision what are you specifically looking at in terms of your decision whether he's ready to play what are you looking for when you do that. I just wanna make sure important player out there that a you know can definitely win the game for us to do all the things that they have to do to win. And -- him it's it's basically obviously an injury. Situation. Coaches involved in the process exactly can you walk us through exactly what happens to make that decision ultimately about each -- short quarterback coach offensive coordinator Daniel Hackett. Myself. The trainers. Doug Whaley. Russ Brandon. You know we're the ones that are are the ones that discusses. And and obviously -- obviously each right. When did you ideally well you're going to make a decision to aiming at -- where you could take this route to game time if you wanna teach you I wanna make a decision -- -- I you know like I always like to make him. You know. I like it to be clear cut seek to make one and move forward I think that helps you know rather than keep things out there and here. -- -- in your thought process about what to do here how much of it is -- You wanted to be healthy in the offseason you wouldn't wanna risk another injury in the last game so we re having going into the offseason. I'm not really look at it that way you know arm camera an -- madness as you know all. You know all my focus right now is what we have to do to be doing. I mean it's it's a big big game for us I mean people on -- in the national thing you know may not meant that say that but in our football team's excited about plan -- -- a lot at stake for us we never won out there. You know Gillette Stadium. And you know it's a great challenge for for our football team and you know I think it's very important that we in this thing when in three straight. But on that note I'll come back to the injuries canal skip ahead if you don't mind because I wanted to ask you. How significant you talked about that -- -- franchise has never wanted to let. If you were to win on Sunday the bills would finish where they winning division record for the first time since 07 you'd have the best record in the division four in two of the division records. So how significant a step. Do you think it would be if you were to win on Sunday and doing. Well I think it's huge I think it's very mammoth could sit here and and deny that I mean that's. No that's been our focus that's what we talked to all about and obviously would disappoint -- where record is that we have won enough games but. You know you gotta start somewhere you got to build on something and to be able to have a warning to record your division. You know is is there's there's a great place to start. Finish off the injured guys coach Erik Williams was well ahead we'll make a decision today. Has she been he's been limited in practice this week grows on Butler hasn't been able to go okay now all right mark he's good when. They can be fun OK and in my mission anybody else and a Fred was a little bit limited right but I -- to ruin everyone else's line. Any and is is there any update in terms of Stevie Johnson you're not expecting him to be back on Sunday is that right. No. I'm I'm not at this point and you know again you know today's funeral and -- thoughts and prayers you know he's yet to be strong for her you know obviously his family today and you know like I said before it through a very difficult situation. Coach. Evaluate your one I know you've got a game Sunday and that and your focus is on that to this point can you talk a little bit about how you feel the job has gone for you when your number one -- -- this week. One haven't just talked to next Friday after the season is over so what are your thoughts on that today. I think it's very cellphone I'm disappointed and wins and losses really and as far as evaluation stuff. You know you get that question asked quite a bit that that's for I don't evaluate but I of people and evaluate myself on hard myself I have a lot of things that. But I've got to get right so we can win more football to implement that Trulia. Coach when the season ends obviously there's a lot to be done. Right away how quickly will you delve into. You know the roster evaluations think -- that is that something happens the next day via free agents that are coming up yet to get with obviously rest bring -- -- Willie about things like that when exactly what is the process of looking right at the roster and it starting to formulated for next year. The way -- work is as soon as I came over and -- on that plane. 2014 from historic. -- were relatives here on W -- bills and patriots on Sunday. When you look back at the season is there a game or will there be games if you do this that you'll look back on an oval driving crazy. Yes every game every -- we lost. Really -- no one would stand out now. You know I mean therapy and you go back you look at -- you know every game and you and you and you beat the heck out of yourself and you know you say you know how we gonna change this and how we gonna get this better that's not acceptable. You mentioned that you're disappointed with the record. How do you mean how do you approach. -- I -- there were some strides made in this area but the record trumps everything I mean I guess is is that to get to -- such a negative outweighs any positives that you might have been able to accomplish in your one. In your mind. For me eight it's going to be that way I mean will find things to build on that that we've done well because. When -- when you're evaluated. You know again it's okay what -- -- done well what it would do well -- okay what have we done well how do we make corrections to that. -- -- not lose anything so from from that standpoint. You know that that that's how that's all look at it but at the end of the day if it's not good. I -- specifics I can bring in the defense is certainly much better than it was last year. You know when you first came in and got the job you took a number of questions about. The culture around the building in the attitude around the franchise and it seems to be better than it has been in the past I guess maybe specifically. Does that can that help. Balance out OK but the record is six and nine. Now. Not I don't think you can ever get over me you're going to see Zemin and and you know you're you're disappointed and it and I think you know if you go the other way. Yes if you wanna feel good about your you know some of the things you can do that but at the end of the day if you know it's it's a bottom line business in the in the bottom line is winning and we haven't done enough of that. How come what why do you think there were more losses than wins what would you pinpoint as far as the record being the main issue consistency of performance consistency of what we've done. Coach last week we talked about you know the accountability factor in money through Saturday doing the right things to prepare you. To win on Sunday night here ER after the tip the game obviously a lot was made of the captain speaking at a closed door meeting after the game and now you want to a row since then do you think the -- team. Has been better in that regard Monday through Saturday in their preparation and focus the last couple weeks then maybe what they had been before that. I think it's a good question for them I mean obviously more with them you know we're we're pushing pushing -- that's our job I think there are things that you know you can do on your own and when you have time and what we talk about being pro day there will be better and asked that question two what's going on I'm I'm I'm Adam. -- at the top you brought up New England your focus is on New England when you look back at the first game in week one against New England from your team's standpoint. What stood out pro pro and con as you watched that game back. But we're an opportunity to win the game and and we didn't we to make the plays when needed to. And I think that's one of the things that we have to do -- -- you know -- into this game. You know I really think that that the thing that I preached all week was. You know we can't we can't get fifteen to force a turnover on us when you look at what they do from a forced turnover factor. It's really unbelievable you know how they've been able play and haven't been able to win and you know if you're doing and doesn't force a turnover OK they're eleven and seventeen. That's about the only losing record they have an Emmy category that you don't look at. -- -- about one individual before that you get back to work Fred Jackson. And what did you think of Fred Jackson coming in. Now that you've had a year to be around and certainly one of the leaders on your club that would give that a year to see him day in day out what do you think of Fred Jackson now. I think he's been outstanding. Are really don't mean. You know if you total up being a pro pick because your body you know known for its turn up all we all see it I mean he's taken -- he takes -- I mean he's tough. He plays every week plays at the same level every week there's consistency about them. This consistency about the way goes about a business. I think when you know you can see Fred you meet his family -- and you talked -- You could see why. He's the -- that he has. Those coach Doug -- -- bills and patriots on Sunday. Coach good luck on Sunday with the Whalen thanks for all your time all season long we'll look forward to. Catch and W at some point in the offseason great let's go get these guys for the new year. All right thanks like they have a safe and happy new year due to thank you Doug grow joining us from the state and brought you buying northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to northwest. By your Western New York GMC dealers.